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Patrick Robinson
Josh from S.A.F.E. was the primary speaker at an press conference held just outside the office of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on July 21. The group is hoping to prevent the eviction of Jean and Byron Barton from their home in West Seattle and asked that while the matter is in the legal process, that the Mayor order that no arrests be made for what has been called criminal trespassing by the authorities.

Barton family eviction protest heads to City Hall

Mayor Murray issues statement; Orders police to wait until court proceedings are resolved

Meeting just outside the Mayor's office at City Hall, protestors for S.A.F.E. (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction) held a press conference to ask that the City of Seattle stand down, and more precisely that Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council order the police to refrain from arresting Byron and Jean Barton. The Bartons were evicted from their home last week by King County Sheriff's deputies in accordance with an eviction notice from Triangle Properties LLC.

Protests at the home by S.A.F.E. members and others blocked authorities from taking the disabled Vietnam Veteran to the hospital (where he was offered shelter for 5 weeks), so he was put on the sidewalk, the locks changed on the home. Access was later gained to the home and he and others have chained themselves to his hospital bed hoping to prevent either eviction or arrest.

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