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Kimberly Robinson
This car, according to Seattle Police struck a Seattle Police SUV as it made a U-turn with siren and lights on in the intersection at 35th SW and SW Barton in pursuit of a car jacking suspect. Among the passengers in that car was an 11 year old girl who was taken to the hospital after complaints of pains and potential injuries.

11 year old girl injured in accident as police chase car jacking suspect in West Seattle

Carjacking suspect descriptions released

A Seattle police officer in an SUV that was making a U-turn in response to a car jacking that made its way to West Seattle was struck by another car at 35th SW and SW Bartion about 6:30pm Monday night.

The male driver had come out of the 7-Eleven/Exxon at the intersection, behind a line of cars that had stopped. He then attempted to turn right on 35th and struck the Police SUV. There was another female passenger in the car who was uninjured. The driver of the car was given a field sobriety test, placed in handcuffs and arrested.

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