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Port told to apply for new land-use permit by Mayor Murray ahead of Foss and Shell Oil use of Terminal 5

This morning, during a fundraiser breakfast for the non-profit Clean Solutions, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced that the Port of Seattle will need to seek a new land-use permit before Foss Maritime can use Terminal 5 as a staging area for oil rigs this summer.

In a transcript released to the media the Mayor said “To prevent the full force of climate change, it’s time to turn the page on things like coal trains, oil trains and oil drilling rigs. It’s time to focus on the economy of the future: electric cars and transit, green homes and environmentally progressive businesses. I expect the Port to obtain all required city permits before any moorage or work begins at T5 on off-shore drilling equipment. While requiring a new permit may not stop the port’s plans, it does give the port the opportunity to pause and rethink this issue”.

The controversial plans by Foss Maritime to use Pier 5 as a staging area for Shell Oil drilling rigs headed to Alaska has garnered a firestorm of negative reactions from environmental groups and citizens alike.

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