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Gwen Davis
Map displayed at the meeting shows which areas of the Junction will need to subscribe to the zoning changes — called the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) requirements.

JuNO land use group to the city: "Affordable housing plans are too much, too fast, please put us last.”

By Gwen Davis

The city’s new affordable housing plans are coming and coming fast. Packaged into a program called HALA (Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda), the city is about to take a leap into changing zoning so that residential areas will become more dense, leading to capacity for more affordable housing. With tens of thousands of new families projected to move into Seattle within the next several years, city officials are determined to make Seattle an affordable place to live for everyone, no matter what one’s income bracket.

However, many people in West Seattle are saying: “We agree there needs to be more affordable housing, but this is coming to us too fast! Give us time to understand the plans and provide feedback.”

The new West Seattle Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) is doing just that.

The latest JuNO meeting took place Thursday evening at the Senior Center.

“I want to welcome everyone for coming out on a dark, wet Thursday to talk about land use planning,” Carl Guess, the vice chair of JuNO.

Guess first asked how many people knew about the land use changes.

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