Friends, family show support for Amanda Knox

A fundraiser was held Saturday night at Salty's on Alki for Amanda Knox's legal defense fund. Knox, 21, has been sitting in an Italian prison for over a year awaiting trial for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy which took place in 2007, the day after Halloween.

So far, only Rudy Hermann Guede has been convicted. Knox's boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito is also accused.

Nearly 120 supporters who believe she is innocent of the murder charges joined Amanda's parents, step parents, sisters and extended family. Most are West Seattle residents. A group of about 10 of Knox's close friends from college sat at one table.

The suggested donation was $100, and included a buffet, and an hour-long lecture by Chicago criminal investigator Paul J. Ciolino. He became involved while starring in a CBS "48 Hours" episode about her case, and is now involved pro bono. A silent auction was also held.

"Paul came to us and said, 'You know your kid is innocent?' Then he got personally involved," said Amanda's mother, Edda Mellas. "He's great. Amanda would be amazed at this overwhelming turnout of support. Someone is always over there with Amanda. Right now my sister is there."

Amanda is allowed about two visits a week.

"The support of everyone here is phenomenal," said Curt Knox, Amanda's father, who later told the crowd he has spent nearly half-a-million dollars on legal fees and expenses. The family is trying to raise that much again, and has two Italian lawyers working on the case in addition to American attorneys.

"I was asked by 'Friends of Amanda' to help turn around this supertanker of bad press over in Italy and get the truth out about Amanda's innocence," said Seattle attorney, Anne Bremner. "The prosecution has no forensic evidence at all. Zero. None."

"Everything coming out of Italy is nonsense," Ciolino told the West Seattle Herald, following his interview on Salty's outdoor patio with the "Geraldo Rivera Show." His lecture was titled "Twenty Reasons Amanda Knox is Innocent."

"They got the right man in jail, Rudy. The prosecutor had a problem. Rudy didn't identify Amanda or (her boyfriend) Raffaele. I have six children and they are no more guilty of this crime than Amanda."

Ciolino, Bemner, and other legal experts helping the Knox family believe the Italian prosecutor's evidence is bogus. He is Giuliano Mignini, and has been criminally indicted in Italy on several counts involving unrelated cases. Counts include illegal wiretapping, obstruction of justice, and harassing newspapers with illegal investigations.

Amanda supporters say he is using the high-profile Amanda Knox case to improve his dicey reputation and further his career. They say some in both the American and Italian legal field believe Mignini is mentally unstable.

"The Amanda we know is one of the kindest, gentlest human beings we know," said David Johnsrud, 22, a close college friend of Amanda's.

"Because of how her case has been handled I have lost a lot of faith in justice in the world."

Large television monitors displayed a slide show of old Knox family photos.

"There's me, Princess Jasmine," said Deanna, Amanda's sister just one year her junior, as a decade-old Halloween slide appeared. "And there's Amanda, as Pocahontas," added Deanna, with a wistful gaze at the screen.

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Just finished "The Monster

Just finished "The Monster of Florence"- anyone reading this non fiction would have serious doubts about the ability of Guiliano Mignini to separate his own weird cultish views from his third rate prosecution which harkens back to the days of witch hunts and dark ages. I was thinking of sending my kids to Italy for a semester abroad too, but the Italian legal system is just too scary. Mignini has absolutely no oversight, which in itself is horrifying. I would be afraid the kids would be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up like Amanda. The interrogation system used by Magnini is akin to our water boarding methods. Anyone would tell him anything to make it stop. Italy may have the veneer of being a modern country, but it's legal system is stuck in Salem. Read Preston's book if you think this is an exaggeration.

The people who are writing

The people who are writing articles like this are doing Amanda Knox the biggest disservice possible and do so under the notion that, as the previous contributor quite correctly states, naive and self rightous American-style indignation will win the day.
To pour ridicule on the Italian system of justice, demonise prosecutors and belittle public opinion will inevitably make Amanda's acquittal harder to achieve.
My advice to Amanda's family would be to ditch all the self-serving hangers-on, tell them to pipe down and go to the seat of the problem - namely Italy - for a little PR exercise to try and mend the damage aleady done.

Appalling article written

Appalling article written with extraordinary bias.
Better to allow justice to take it's proper course than listen to the rants of ill informed individuals out to make a name for themselves. As a lawyer Mr Ciolino should be ashamed of himself.
Finally, what about the grief of the poor victim's family? Try and give some thought to them instead of showering yourselves in the sugary bile of American self rightousness.

Who paid for this article?

Who paid for this article? Was it the Masons of the Rose by any chance.

She is guilty.... has been

She is guilty.... has been since the beginning and her family support her knowing this.... shame on you all a complete disgrace to the memory of Meredith Kercher


Giuliano Mignini is the same

Giuliano Mignini is the same prosecutor who gives credence to the ravings of Gabriella Carlizzi, a paranoid Italian conspiracy theorist who believes that a Satanic cult, with connections to the highest levels of Italian society, is responsible for the murder of Meredith. Mignini also believes that a Satanic ritual was behind the murder, as ascertained by journalists. He believes that Meredith's murder was ordered by a Satanic sect called the Order of the Red Rose, one which Carlizzi claims that both Meredith and Amanda belonged to. How is that NOT crazy? Give me a break. The man is raving lunatic.

This case should have been

This case should have been closed over a year ago when police intercepted a phone conversation made by Rudy. He admitted being with Meredith at her apartment the night in question. He also confessed over the phone that there was physical contact of a sexual nature. Rudy was a known drug dealer who lurked in the vacinity and probaly knew his customers in the apartment below were away for the holiday. He was a preditor and had no business being insdide Merediths apartment as he was not Amanda's or Merediths friend or contemporary. Both Meredith and Amanda had new boyfriends so it is highly unlikely that Meredith had invited him home. Police have his DNA in her, on her, and around her and a recorded conversation placing him at the scene of the crime. Four months later in a jail house confession Rudy tries to diminish what he has done by pointing the finger at someone else yet again. Remember he first tried to accuse a bushy haired Italian male. Everything to date out of Rudys mouth has been ridiculous. According to Rudy he was on the toilet listening to tunes when Meredith was murdered...than later he went to a nightclub. He says he tried to save Meredith but that makes no sense as her door was locked from the inside. If Rudy wanted to save Meredith wouldn't he have called an ambulance? At the very least he could have called from a pay phone. The following day he fled to Germany where he discarded evidence, his shoes. The only final piece of the puzzle left is where Rudy threw the knife. It seems incredulous that anyone would believe anything Rudy says at face value. The evidence clearly shows it was a sexual homicide committed by one person, Rudy.

"Amanda supporters say he is

"Amanda supporters say he is using the high-profile Amanda Knox case to improve his dicey reputation and further his career. They say some in both the American and Italian legal field believe Mignini is mentally unstable." - This is garbage

Ah, daddy likes his little

Ah, daddy likes his little boy's article! How sweet!

So, Steve Shay, what is/was your relationship with Amanda Knox and her family?

Who paid you to write this totally biased, unresearched "story"?

I think that a serious

I think that a serious journalist should cite his fonts. You may not as Mignini hasn't been indicted at all.

Amanda acted like a useless,

Amanda acted like a useless, coward, cold blooded murderer spinning on drugs and sex. She did the crime, she deserves the 25 year time

Susanna: Isn't more than 1

Susanna: Isn't more than 1 year enough for evasive defence talk?

I find it absurd that

I find it absurd that anybody would believe that Mignini is using this trial to increase his popularity. Nothing good will be gained by this trial.
Amanda is in jail for having lied so much.

After I published my

After I published my pro-Amanda appeal "Bella Ciao" under I received the first threads, after the WEST SEATTLE HERALD was charged by that sex-crazy judge with diffamation.

This is a beautifully

This is a beautifully written, informative investigative story in the tradition of the old Life and Time stories of thirty years ago.Shay has brought the participants to life beyond their telling quotes. This is excellent journalism the Robinson papers should be congrtulated upon.. As Steve's father and a veteran investigative journalist I know how difficult the task is, and am proud of his continuing his heritage.

Awful jounalism

The article is to be considered the worst 'serious' news piece in recent times.
It has been a while since I have come across a woefully biased "report".
The fact remains that the already convicted Rudy Guedo WILL testify against AK and RS.
Now. Prior to his conviction Guedo stated that he did not know RS nor AK. As he wishes to have his sentence radically cut, I predict that he confirm that he knows them both and shall reveal all.
Put simply, his testimony will no doubt concur with the evidence collated so far against AK and RS.

There is always anxiety when having a loved one or a friend incarcerated overseas. However, Italy is not a banana republic and the constant hysterical smear campaign against the prosecutor and the judiciary will not assist AK one bit.

internet death page

I began researching a emergent disease Morgellons when I ran across a web page after a goggle search ,
Morgellons Lizard skin because of a bizarre hexagonal pigmented pattern that appeared on my sister's leg after a bath in dead a salt.
The page had wording about Morgellons that led me to believe that page was written to conceal information by adding additional words . The page had what I believe is secret information about that disease.

I copied the followingword group from that page ,

Force use copy find
and relevent words regarding morgellons and other topics came up in that same style. These were on about 6 different web site addresses.

I felt I was onto something as these pages associated Morgellonso the same things my research led me to conclude, such as lysosomal stage diseases, Andersons disease actually it directly co-insided with pages from the N.I.H. rare disease pages that at one time contained a Morgellons paragraph. If you google Morgellons 1q42 you will see sites that explain this.

I researched these pages over a period of about 6 months.
They were like a childs word puzzel in which you had to drop words to make them make sense.
I am convinced these are secret pages but by whom I do not know.
The were all about disease , fires , deaths.
They had one on the 2004 fires in Carolina , Italy. They had one that seemed to be written by a biological weapons expert under Vladimer that was an opinion that the Haarp is a weapon of destruction.
I tried to check them against current news and applied for a goggle news alert
Something like,
dead scientist.
An alert came thru on Meredith Kurcher in the middle of the night.
On a whim I used
Force use copy find Merith Kurcher.

a page came up that seemed to be calling for her death and it also had her dormatory number on it.
I alerted I believe it was Scotland yard to no avail.

The only connection I could find or should I say interest in common between these pages and Meredith was the foot and mouth outbreak that occured in Surrey , England and her father is a reporter there, is that correct? I read one of the reporters hopped a fence and got into some trouble.

Jennifer Miracle