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Jennifer Streit has been a psychotherapist, a masseuse for people and is now a trained and experienced animal massage expert. While she normally massages domestic animals, providing numerous health benefits, she says that technically there are no animals that cannot be massaged.

Personal Profiles: From people to pets, massage is good for everyone


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When people get a massage they can communicate where they need it most. But Jennifer Streit works with clients who can't talk.

She massages animals. She is also a Reiki master working purely with "life force" energy. She came to her current career as a natural progression. She first became a licensed psychotherapist and practiced for 13 years, then chose to learn how to massage people and finally took the training to massage small animals.

Her business is called Hands to Paws Massage and she is well versed in how to bring the health benefits of massage to many different creatures.

"It stimulates the immune system, makes their coat look shiny, it's good for gastrointestinal health, flexibility, and helps relieve pain and other muscle related ailments," she said.

She has four dogs of her own and all of them are the beneficiaries of regular massage. One of them, her beloved daschund Buddy, suffered from paralysis due to a herniated disk. After surgery Jennifer did regular massage work with Buddy and now he is fully recovered. It was this experience that led to her present career.

While she only works with small animals, technically there is no animal that can't benefit from massage. From a snake to a box turtle to a blue whale Jennifer maintains that "as long as you can reach the soft tissue" all animals can be massaged.

"The director of the school of massage went to the zoo and massaged a giraffe during surgery," Streit said.

While she has helped hundreds of people's pets, she also gets something from it.

"Unconditional love," Streit said.

For more information on Streit's work visit the Web site.

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Pet Massage article

Thank you for profiling Jennifer and Hands to Paws. My dog Pushkin has been a very satisfied client of Jennifer's for about a year now. I am always impressed by her unique ability to sense and connect with him, her professionalism and knowledge and how well my dog responds to the treatment. Pushkin has made a remarkable recovery this past year from both liver disease and a torn ligament in his knee, and I have no doubt that Jennifer's massage played an important part in his great recovery.

paying someone to pet your dog

It seems like paying some to pet your dog makes it seem like you shouldn't have got it in the first place. It makes me sad that hard working people are out of work, yet this clearly useless business is around.

Reply on 'useless business'

well - since this is a business that hasn't gone under, it's obviously not useless. Seems like a hard working woman is keeping herself in business by offering a unique service that helps animals.

If you've ever had a professional massage, you can tell that it is vastly different from a pat on the back/pet.