Photo courtesy Janet Huff
VERDICT SOON TO COME. Amanda, now 22, spent her last two birthdays in an Italian prison. The verdict to decide her fate will be read between Dec. 4 and Dec. 6. She is pictured here with her young cousin.


Italian TV just anounced Knox verdict to be read at 3:00 pm Seattle time


UPDATE: The verdict of the Amanda Knox murder trial will be read at midnight in Perugia, Italy, 3:00 pm Seattle time, according to West Seattle Herald news sources in Italy. According to our sources, when the verdict is ready, jury members will inform the clerk of court, who will inform the defense at least an hour before the reading of the verdict. It is possible the jurors already know her fate.

Now, Amanda is in Capanne prison. She has the right, if she wants, to be in the Courthouse at the moment of the reading. She's being informend in these moments.

It is nine hours later in Perugia, Italy where attorney Luciano Ghirga, one of the lawyers on Amanda Knox's team wrapped up Knox's defense in the Italian murder trial today with an emotional appeal to the court to acquit her of charges that she murdered roommate Meredith Kercher. Today was the final day of summations in the nine-month long murder trial which is expected to produce a verdict by this Friday or Saturday. Seated in the courtroom were Knox's father Curt, her mother, Edda Mellas, and the oldest of her three younger sisters, Deanna, 20.

Today Ghirga spoke of Amanda and how he has daughters just like her and has gotten to know her well over these past two years. He told the jury that she is genuine and lovable, unlike what the prosecutor has said about her.

Attorney Dalla Vedova was Amanda's lawyer who spoke in court Tuesday.

"The radio announcer described Vedova as a figure behaving affectionately towards Amanda, as a grandpa," said Alessandro Fino in an email to the West Seattle Herald moments ago. He is a student of physics at the Università DI Bari, a college of about 4,000 in southern Italy. He is immersed on live radio and TV broadcasts about the trial, which have been frequent this week.

On Monday, well-known Italian defense attorney, Giulia Bongiorno, spoke in court on Knox's behalf, characterizing Knox as a naive young girl and not a killer. Bongiorno is a member of Italian Parliament and successfully had defended Italy's former premier Giulio Andreotti. She attacked the prosecution for their vicious characterizations of Knox.

"These three attorneys have done a fantastic job, hanmmering hard on shotty police work," Janet Huff told the West Seattle Herald this afternoon. Huff is Amanda's aunt. She will remain in West Seattle for the verdict while caring for her children and nephews here.

"They had her convicted before the trial started," Huff added referring to the police. "The prosecution got reamed this week, looked foolish, and made a lot of errors. It was good for us." Knox's family texts Huff from the courtroom with minute by minute updates.

Immediately after Ghirga concluded, the prosecutor addressed the court. He asked to give his rebuttal right away, an unusual move. He was already scheduled for the following morning, but witnesses say he was visibly shaken. The judge allowed it.

Within a few minutes of his address all the power went out in the court room and he was forced to stop. However, the power was restored about 10 minutes later, and he continued for two hours.

On Dec. 4 or 5, it is expected that verdicts will be read in Meredith Kercher’s murder trial in Perugia, Italy to decide if West Seattle’s UW student will be set free to enjoy her Christmas holiday with her family back home in Arbor Heights, or remain in Capanne prison for 30 years or more.

If found guilty, her defense team would appeal. In Italy, the appeal process lasts over two years and costs over one million dollars.

Saturday, Nov. 28, Amanda's parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, were charged with defamation by the Perugia Police department for giving an interview with a newspaper months ago recounting Amanda's statement the the police struck her head, deprived her of food and water, and refused to provide her with an English translator, As we reported here.

Knox, who turned 22 on July 9, has already been in prison for two years on suspicion of sexually assaulting and murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher Nov. 1, 2007 during the third week into her college studies there. The trial began Jan. 16 of this year. Also accused are Raffaele Sollecito, her boyfriend at the time of the murder, and Rudy Guede, who was already found guilty of the murder and is serving his sentence.

Closing arguments were being made by Sollecito's lawyer Nov. 28. Knox's lawyers will make their closing arguments Dec. 1 and 2. On Friday, Nov. 20, Perugia prosecutor Giuliano Mignini gave a seven-hour closing argument claiming Knox’s motivation to stab Ms. Kercher to death was personal animosity toward her roommate of three weeks. The following day in court the prosecutor also showed a movie graphically depicting a computer generated Amanda killing a computer generated Meredith. The animation would stop and a gory still photo of Ms. Kercher would be inserted. He “demanded” that Knox be sent to jail for life.

"The prosecutor's final presentation, which included a computer animated movie showing Knox murdering her roommate, is as imaginary and fantastical as the case against Knox," said author Maine-based author Douglas Preston, who has been closely following the case. His best-selling book "Monster of Florence" describes his own entanglement with Knox's prosecutors on a different murder case, this one involving a serial killer who struck between the 1960's-1980s. In his book, now in production as a movie starring Tom Cruise, Preston experienced threats during his interrogation received by the prosecutor as his findings of who the "monster" was contradicted the prosecutor's findings.

"If the jury and judges reach a verdict based on facts only, she would have to be acquitted," Preston added. "Public opinion in Italy has been utterly poisoned against her. If she is convicted there will be, I am afraid, a tragic miscarriage of justice."

Knox has testified that she was visiting Sollecito the evening of the murder and arrived home the following morning to find police on the scene. Her defense team and independent investigators have stated that some of the stab wounds they studied on a recent autopsy of Ms. Kercher did not match the knife the prosecutor claims was the murder weapon. Knox, her family, and defense team has stated that she was friendly toward Ms. Kercher and that no friction between the two existed.

Amanda’s family agreed to share some thoughts with the West Seattle Herald as the verdict nears.

“Amanda and Meredith were very friendly,” said Janet Huff, Knox’s aunt. “Just two days before (the murder) they attended the Chocolate Festival together and had been out together to local pubs. There were quite a few photos of the two of them together in the days before her murder on Amanda's computer. Too bad the Italian police completely fried it when trying to get into it and were not able to retrieve a single thing.

“We’re terrified and hopeful at the same time,” added Huff. “Things have been nuts this whole time,” she said, referring to the two-year ordeal of her niece. “I feel hopeful if the ruling is based on the evidence only. For logical people that’s what they’ll do. Our stomachs are in knots all the time.”

Another motive, money, has been brought up in court. Guede claimed that Knox fought Ms. Kercher to steal $200. However, both Knox’s father and Huff said Amanda had enough money in her bank account and a theft of $200 would have been unnecessary.

“Amanda had a good amount of savings in her bank account from her three jobs she worked before she left, so why would she go after a brand new roommate for a couple hundred dollars that she did not need,” Huff said.

Knox’s case has been grueling for her, and for her sisters, parents, extended family, friends and supporters. Most of her family will be present at the trial. That includes her father and stepmother, Curt and Cassandra Knox, her mother and stepfather, Edda and Chris Mellas, her sisters Deanna, Ashley, and Delaney, and her aunt, Christina Hagge. Some will have arrived Thanksgiving weekend in time to hear closing arguments from the defense teams of Amanda and Raffaele.

Her aunt and uncle, Janet and Mick Huff, her uncle, Kevin Hagge, and her grandmother, Elizabeth, or “Oma,” will stay home and watch Amanda’s cousins. Janet expects to field media requests for family statements.

“I’m feeling pretty good from the perspective of the verdict, assuming they are only listening to what has been presented as evidence,” said Curt. “There’s been so much misreporting from the press during this long, eight-month trial. I’m still uncomfortable the jury will remember this.”

The jury consists of six citizens and two judges. Curt refers to Italy’s system that allows jurors to return home at night from the courtroom and go to work during the week. This gives the jurors the opportunity to read the tabloids and watch TV entertainment news that may be prone to sensationalize the court case and influence their opinion based on titillating reporting.

“It’s been a very long journey and I’m hoping that they get it right and we can bring her home,” said Curt, who is unemployed and was part of Macy’s huge corporate lay-off a year and a half ago.

While some have perceived Amanda’s father on TV news interviews as calm and unruffled, he acknowledged another side of himself.

“Of course I feel as emotional about my daughter’s trial as the others in our family,” he said. “I just may hide them better than other people do. People might not think I wear my heart on my sleeve, but it’s there.”

“She’ll have quite a support group over there,” said her aunt, Christina Hagge. “The stress is getting me a little more emotional as the verdict is getting close. It certainly brings sleepless nights.

“It would be nice to be with my husband and kids sitting around the table for Thanksgiving, but supporting Amanda is what really matters,” added Hagge. “And we’ll be a little more thankful when this comes to a close.”

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Misleading article

This article is pretty misleading. For those who are unaware of the facts, the hard evidence against Knox and Sollecito is overwhelming. The defense has failed to make any dent in it, and any verdict other than guilty is highly unlikely.

I wonder how many other crime stories rely completely for their information on relatives of the accused?

The forensics say without

The forensics say without any question of a doubt that Knox is GUILTY. She is going to prison for a very long time and quite rightly so.

Hopefully, the Knox family members will learn that attempting to confuse the facts with their 'smoke and mirrors' has just cost them money they don't have. Especially considering that the Kercher's will win their civil case also.

It is a shame that the Italians don't entertain hanging.u

No Evidence

One of the previous posts stated that the forensic evidence proves Amanda's guilt. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The lack of any evidence placing her in the victim's bedroom proves without a doubt that she is innocent! Add in the lack of a believable motive, we then end up with a most abusive prosecution which only got this far due to a rogue prosecutor and his complicit judges.

The article is totally

The article is totally misleading, for example for space given to passages like this:

' The jury consists of six citizens and two judges. Curt refers to Italy’s system that allows jurors to return home at night from the courtroom and go to work during the week. This gives the jurors the opportunity to read the tabloids and watch TV entertainment news that may be prone to sensationalize the court case and influence their opinion based on titillating reporting. '

Who writes a description like this seems to be completly ignorant about the legal system and the cultural reality in which the trial takes place. This article offers pure slogans instead of facts.

Just because she's

Just because she's attractive, American and jailed abroad doesn't make her innocent as all of the local news coverage seems to want the public to think she is.

True Justice For Meredith Kercher

For anyone who is interested in the facts behind the media spin, and who cares to learn more about the victim of this terrible murder - Meredith Kercher - there is an excellent discussion board

as well as an interesting blog

These online resources are not for profit. Anyone can read and/or participate and people from around the world do. They have followed this case since November 2007, and are in no way related to Amanda Knox. Nor are they her friends.

The Seattle Ripperess!

Agree with the former posters, overwhelming evidence will send Knox down for 30 years and rightly so.
What disgusts me is all the talk of this Foxy Knoxy murderer whilst hardly any mention of the victim Meredith Kercher is made.
Meredith was entirely innocent in the whole affair and lost more than anyone
I would jail Knox for at least 5 years for trying to blame the bar owner. He was jailed for 2 weeks and lost his business over the affair. Knox has a lot of blood on her hands.

Still can't fathom the hate

Still can't fathom the hate generated by Amanda Knox. The web sites listed in previous posts are only 'hate' sites which immediately delete any favorable information posted about Amanda's innocence.

One can very quickly determine the hate sites when they cloak their 'hate' for Amanda with statements to the effect that they are just looking for justice for Meredith Kercher.

Convicting innocent people does not buy justice for the victim!

These 'haters' can hate all they want, but there is no getting around the facts that there is no evidence of Amanda Knox in the victim's bedroom and there is no motive. The prosecution's whole case was based on 'why didn't she . . .' or 'if she would have . . .', or . . .

The following website offers links to other more 'Amanda friendly' sites which offer a neutral perspective not tolerated on the 'hate' sites:

A previous poster complained

A previous poster complained that Curt Knox doesn't understand the Italian justice system when he (Mr. Knox) said the following:

' The jury consists of six citizens and two judges. Curt refers to Italy’s system that allows jurors to return home at night from the courtroom and go to work during the week. This gives the jurors the opportunity to read the tabloids and watch TV entertainment news that may be prone to sensationalize the court case and influence their opinion based on titillating reporting. '


What is there to understand? Mr. Knox stated exactly what happens in Italy. By some sort of magic these six citizens are supposed to be converted to 'professional' judges immune from prejudice. If you believe that, I've got some ocean front property that I would like to sell you in Eastern Nevada.

Sad to see this hatred directed at Amanda

I've been following this crime since 2007 and have no allegiance to either family, however Its obvious to those not blinded by a hatred of Amanda that this court case is a sham, with an overzealous prosecution team trying to cover up for the mistakes it made early in its investigation with flawed evidence. Every piece of prosecution evidence mentioned in other comments has been discredited. There was only one murderer of poor Meredith and he has already been convicted. Enough!

Wasn't the PM's closing arguments imaginable?

Funny how the PM resolved himself to use words like "probably" "could have" etc...etc...even inserting words as to what Amanda was saying while the murder was taking place.

It is almost like he was asked to imagine what happened that night. Oh yeah, I forgot....isn't that how this all started?

Mignini is a coward and a chump! I liked him when he stared as the penguin in the old batman series with Adam West.

just because she is pretty

just because she is pretty does NOT make her guilty either

I had a hard time with her

I had a hard time with her behaviour after the murder. Lingerie Shopping, Make out Sessions with her beau, cart wheels and splits at the courthouse. No, none of this convinces me she is a murderess.....But she is whickity whacked.
i am not completely convinced she is innocent .
An innocent person would not lay the blame on an innocent man.

Amanda Knox

Reasonable doubt- acquit

"What is there to

"What is there to understand? Mr. Knox stated exactly what happens in Italy."

Knox does not say "what happens in Italy" but only what his imagination works out of it. The reason why the article is misleading in thise description is obvious. The Italian system is based on written explanations of verdicts, that's the ground where courts can be confronted with possible prejudice, who writes omits this basic element.

Another fact is that Mignini is called the prosecutor - in fact Mignini is one of the two substitutes of the leading prosecutor - ad the fact that Amanda was indicted not by a prosecutor but by a professional judge (a chain of professional judges in fact) the same who judged on Rudy's guilt.

Further, there are no tabloids speaking about the case in Italy at the present time, a short google research will render all Italian press releases on the case, which you can verify is absolutely neutral material rather than sensationalistic (like this article instead is). Hence the very misleading spin of words like "press that MAY be prone to sensationalize".

Another fact that everybody overlooks is that the jury in Italy works on the written evidence file, a fact that itself defines their relation with the "sensationalistic tabloids". In fact the jury has an amount of material - if they look for any kind of "prejudice" - which is incomparably rich of information and suggestions if confronted with any press issue.

obviously guilty

I have followed the case very closely and I have NO DOUBT that Amanda Knox is GUILTY of MURDER and I can't wait to see her rot and die in prison for what she did to Meredith. To her family and friends, I'm sorry that the TRUTH hurts but you are all in DENIAL.

Let's review the facts..

1) There is overwhelming physical evidence
2) She confessed to the crime
3) She covered it up with a fake break-in
4) She falsely accused an innocent man
5) Her alibi was proven false by computer forensics
6) Her DNA and the victims DNA were found in the murder weapon
7) Her behavior after the murder was erratic and phony
8) Her boyfriend's DNA was found on the vicitm's bra
9) Amanda's boyfriend's bloody footprint was at the crime scene
10) Her story has changed so many times.. first she was there covering up her hears to drown out the screams.. then she was never there.. an innocent person has but one story and it's called the truth.

You can try to cast all the doubt you want.. but the physical evidence, confession, swiss-cheese alibi, strange behavior, DNA on the weapon, botched cover-up etc etc all points to her GUILT.

Anybody who thinks she is innocent is in denial and either blinded by bias or simply retarded (or possibly both).

Kiss your friend goodbye for life. She deserves to spend every day of her life in prison for the murder she committed and then cast to hell for eternity when she leaves this world.

True Justice For Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito will be convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher on the strength of the evidence. The Italian legal system is very fair and cautious. 12 separate judges, including judges at the Italian Supreme Court, have examined the evidence carefully and decided that there are serious indications of Amanda Knox's and Raffaele Sollecito's guilt.

Amanda Knox's DNA was on the handle of the double DNA knife and Meredith's DNA was on the blade. Amanda Knox's footprints were set in Meredith's blood in the hallway and in Meredith's room. There were five mixed samples of Amanda Knox's blood or DNA with Meredith's blood in three different locations in the cottage, including Filomena's room, where the break-in was staged.

Incidentally, Raffaele Sollecito's forensic expert, Professor Vinci, claimed that he had found Knox's DNA on Meredith's bra. Apparently, Vincenzo Pascali, Sollecito's chief forensic consultant, also found Knox's DNA on Meredith's bra.

Raffaele Sollecito left a bloody footprint on the blue bathmat in the bathroom and he left another in the hallway. An abundant amount of Sollecito's DNA was found on Meredith's bra clasp. Meredith's bra was removed some time after she had been killed and Rudy Guede had fled the scene.

Amanda Knox admitted on several occasions that she was at the cottage on the evening of 1 November and she voluntarily admitted that she was involved in Meredith's murder in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007. This confession has been admitted as evidence by Judge Massei.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have both given multiple alibis and lied repeatedly. They still don't have credible alibis for the night of the murder despite three attempts each. They have no credibility as witnesses. Amanda Knox has been flatly contradicted by the corroborative testimony of numerous witnesses.

Amanda is all smiles

Amanda is the first defendant, I´ve seen on pics, charged with murder, and is all smiles.

Some lunatics perhaps, but Amanda underestimates the jurors, by behaving, like this in court. Every gesture, every word,could be dangerous for her.

And then takes the stand, telling the court, that the case is prosecutors´pure fantasy!

If not life, then directly to a mental hospital.

this is truly sad

It is interesting how big of a gap there is ion the facts between the American News and the European News.
The Americans depict her as an innocent girl just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Europeans believe she is guilty as sin.

However, the facts do not add up. I think we can all agree that there is a justified reason for Amanda Knox to be tried.

And Yes, im sure Amanda Knox's Home Newspaper is going to be skewd. However, guilty or not, I feel really bad for everything her family has gone through. Emotionally and Financially this has been a terrible time for their family.

Only Rudy Guede DNA was

Only Rudy Guede DNA was inside Meredith, only Rudys footprints in the bedroom, only Rudy's dna in blood on the purse of Meredith, only Rudy Guede admitted being bloody and transferring the blood to the bathroom to get more towels, only Rudy Guede was broke, unemployed and a known burglar without a cellphone.

not to forget.. only Rudys

not to forget.. only Rudys fingerprint in Merediths room in blood on the pillow, only Rudys visible bloody footprints of his Nike throughout the cottage (no luminol needed).

Tick tock

I can't wait until she gets sentenced to life in prison. She deserves to be locked up every day until she dies.

Plenty of Evidence

What about her footprints in the victim's bedroom? There's also plenty of evidence about the cleanup and staged break-in and her involvement. What about computer and phone records? What about non-existent alibis? I don't know about the motive, but there are really a lot of crimes with no apparent motives, and when the accused don't confess to the crime the motives remain for ever unknown. In this case you can at least speculate quite convincingly - like the prosecutors have done - that there was great animosity, hate and resentment towards Meredith by Amanda which hate manifested itself when Amanda was drunk/drugged/stoned. It is not unknown that otherwise nice people commit terrible crimes when inebriated etc.

The motive is not essential. What matters is the forensic and other evidence pointing to her.

I'm sure that Amanda is quite a nice person (at least towards the people she likes). Still, for me it looks like she together with Raffaelle and Rudy was involved in a terrible crime against this British girl. I, of course, have to admit that I have not seen or read the over 10,000 pages of documents and evidence that the jury and judges have access to, btw have you? But I have read reports and analyses from several US, UK and Italian newspaper and other web sites to the extent that I think that I have gotten a very good understanding of the case. I have even tried to read the judge's report (in Italian) where judge Micheli tells why Rudy gets his 30 year sentence. Amanda and Raffaelle are also featured in the document to the extension that I have no doubt that they were involved in this crime:
(in Italian, try some web translation service, if Italian is not familiar to you)

True Justice site has translated parts of the above report into English:

As the evidence seems quite convincing to me, I expect a guilty verdict both on this first level and on appeal.

I would recommend these articles (+ comments sections), Clint Van Zandt tries to be balanced and humane in his analyses (although I think I may have spotted one or two factual errors in his analyses as well - but that's nothing new knowing that most newspaper reports contain factual errors):

Oh Boo effin Hoo for her

How does it help Amanda to just ignore the evidence that she may be in real trouble, emotionally and psychologically? How does it help her to for her supporters to deny the evidence that she may have had a scarring, horrific experience? Denying her involvement, without being able to account for the most damning evidence, leaves her facing the harshest possible sentence; remorse would likely reduce her sentence.

Remorse reduces sentence

Too late for Amanda.

She probably will have the stiffest sentence, according to Italian law. The only question mark will be the 9 months in isolation.

Her behaviour in court, smiles and lies, just help the jurors to come to a verdict.

If it is true, that AK and RS, went back to the house, trying to clean up, and MOVING the dead Meredith in her bedroom, then Amanda is very sick.

A 20 year girl, normally, is scared to see a dead person, even if it would be somebody close, dead of natural reasons.

It is a pity, that Meredith had to die, before the Seattle psychopath was caught.

The verdicts in Perugia

The Knox and Mellas families do not achieve anything, by jetting into Perugia, like Romanian gipsies.

About 10 family members will attend, when the verdicts and sentences are announced.

They cannot do anything for Amanda, so if they are already broke, they should spare the money for the next years to come.

Only Rudy Guede DNA was

Only Rudy Guede DNA was inside Meredith, only Rudys Nike footprints in the bedroom, only Rudy's dna in blood on the purse of Meredith, only Rudy Guede admitted being bloody and transferring the blood to the bathroom to get more towels, only Rudy Guede was broke, unemployed and a known burglar without a cellphone, only Rudy left a fingerprint on the pillow in Merediths one else, only Rudy.

I agree

I agree, one hundred percent, there's isn't one shred of evidence that suggest that Amanda was guilty of anything. I have followed this case from it's very beginnings and have worked in law here in the U.S.
For previous poster, show me one piece of evidence that was submissable in court that would make her guilty.

Agree on guilt

Commenters #22 and #23 hit it on the nail for me. There evidence is there for guilt. I don't think there was any "plan" to commit murder; I think it was a fight that just spiraled out of control. Then everybody panicked, the fake break in was staged, in a lame attempt to "cover up" things. Aman. and Raf. don't have clear alibis; I read she said she was w/Raf all night, but he "can't remember" if she was or not. I am looking forward to hearing the defense closing statements.

Justice isn't the only motive

Some European posters here and elsewhere have stated that the US media believes Amanda is innocent and practically every European believes she's guilty. This is supposed to imply US prejudice in the face of European "we know better." In fact, I've seen many posts from Americans who believe Amanda is guilty and just as many from Europeans (many of whom were Italian) who believe Amanda isn't guilty. To whatever extent there are more Europeans who believe Amanda is guilty, we can just as easily suggest European anti-Americanism as Europeans can suggest US prejudice. Let's face it, this trial for most people is about an American girl who allegedly killed a European girl; if Rafaele simply fell out of the trial, many people would hardly notice. Had the slain roommate been American, there would probably be no interest outside of the US and Perugia.

Justice in December

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Amanda Knox was the instigator of the sexual assault and the person who stabbed Meredith Kercher.

Anyone who is not paid by Amanda's cheerleading team can see that, and the cheerleading team can see that as well.
However, when there is money involved, that changes the equation.

Amanda Knox will be found guilty and rightly so.

she might wanted to experience how it feels to murder someone.

I don't think the two males had any intention of murdering Meredith Kercher but based on reading Amanda's own publications on the Internet, I have concluded that she enjoys extremely violence especially when there is a sexual element involved and I can certainly not exclude the possibility that she might wanted to experience how it feels to murder someone.

well, it is down to the wire,

Well, I have not read all evidence and quite likeley will not
but it seems to me no evidence of her in house at the time
I feel badly for Amanda 's parents, it is such a tragedy..for both families.. it is in the courts hands now, and I really dont think she is guilty, I will pray for her that she gets a fair trial.


There is no forensic evidence against her.
Magnini should be disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct.
The crime was committed by a repeat violent burglar.
He broke into the house, raped and murdered Meredith.
The forensic evidence is conclusive.
Set Amanda FREE.

Only Rudy?

#33 When it comes to Rudy, the evidence is 100% ok and not tainted but as for evidence pointing to Amanda the same evidence collectors have managed to bungle it up totally?

For me it seems all three are equally guilty.

I don't understand why Amanda's family wanted to have this kind of PR campaign -do they get paid for interviews and use the money for Amanda's defense expenses? Why didn't they use a state-appointed lawyer or does Italy not have those for people with no finances? In my country, Amanda would be viewed as an adult as she was over 18 and be legally on her own. Which does not mean that parents don't help their children in cases of emergency, just that they have no legal responsiblity for kids over 18.

Italy's trial system reminds the system in my country where we usually have a judge and three lay judges giving the verdict in criminal cases. But they are not just any lay persons out of the street as in the US and UK, they need to be well respected citizens to be able to apply for the job. You can also have criminal trials with three judges or just one judge depenging on the nature of the case. When I first learned of the US and UK justice systems (propably from Agatha Christie detective novels), I found your court systems rather theatrical. It seems to me you are not trying to find justice as much in the US system, main thing seems to be winning the case no matter if justice is served. And what baffles me is how can you let people with meagre knowledge of law to sit and judge others in your juries? Knowing (at least, something of) the US system, I can understand Curt Knox's comments about the Italian jury not being sequestered and being able to read the Italian newspapers and tabloids. At the same time I'm mildly amused by his comments and his apparent ignorance and non-existing willingness to even try and understand other kind of justice systems.

Here's some hard evidence

#34 Check this page for starters:

How come the washing machine was just finishing a round if she'd just come? And why did she wash Meredith's clothes?

Why did she have a shower if the door was open - as she claims - and not search the house immediately for any disturbance?

Some trial testimony from the link page:

# The communication police noticed that there was a washing machine in operation and they could hear the noise of the centrifuge. Soon after, the mobile-squad police found that the machine had finished its work a few minutes earlier, and the clothes were still warm.

# Filomena testified that the washing machine was still warm when she returned to the cottage and that it contained some of Meredith’s clothes.

# Filomena said of Knox “She told me: ‘It’s very odd. I’ve just come back to the house and the door is open. I had a shower but there’s blood everywhere. I’m going to get Raff. Meredith is nowhere to be seen. Oh God, maybe something’s happened to her, something tragic’.”

# Filomena said she replied “But Amanda. I don’t understand. Explain to me, because there’s something odd. The door’s open. You take a shower. There’s blood. But where’s Meredith?… The door’s open. I go in. There’s blood. I take a shower? I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think that that’s normal.”

# The police were curious as to why Knox’s lamp was in Meredith’s room, especially as there was no other light source in Knox’s room.

Seems to me that the audience came too early when the cleaners and washers were just leaving to go to Raffaelle's house and that they wanted Filomena or the other Italian flatmate to find the scene.

Justice is the main motive

#36 You are on the right tracks. There are Europeans who think that's she's innocent and Americans that think she's guilty.

But in my (European) country, this trial is not covered at all by our national media. There were some reports in 2007 that an American girl along with the others was arrested for the "Halloween murder" as they called this case. I think the news was picked up from the coverage of our neigbouring country which also called the case with that name.

It's mainly the UK, US and first and foremost the Italian media that are following this case with some minor reports in other European countries. USA is not the whole world. We have our own court cases that we follow to some extent but we have no crime reporting industry as you seem to have in the US.

It's interesting to follow the media reporting round this case. There's certainly some very biased reporting around, with US media being overwhelmingly patriotic in this case (not all but most). The British media is more balanced, amongst the for Amanda negative reporting I have seen also pro-Amanda stories, letting her parents cry in the human interest sob witness stories how awful their life has been since the case started, for example. BTW: I would like to ask them if they want justice for Meredith? I think it's fine that they support Amanda but why are they trying so hard to discredit all the evidence? Why can't they just tell Amanda to tell the truth and face the music? Do they value truth and honesty?

I think Meredith Kercher and her family need justice. If my kid did anything like this, I would support him but at the same time I could not deny the evidence.

Psychological explanations re motive

I think Amanda may be a catathymic killer. Certainly the following analysis from Miss Represented's blog seems to provide a rational explanation as for the motive of this crime:

Especially go to the section called "Rationale for discussing the psychology underpinning this case"

Amanda is innocent

I've been watching this case very closely. It's a shame that an innocent boy and girl will possibly be sent to jail for the rest of their lives for a crime they did not commit. My heart and condolences goes out to the Kercher family, but it's crystal clear that Amanda and her ex-boyfriend are also victims of this heinous crime.

The DNA Evidence is very poor.

Amanda is innocent. The evidence is not strong at all.

1. DNA evidence only works in cases where you find DNA from an individual who should have no access to the location. If you find large amounts of DNA from in semen, blood, scrapped skin, hair follicle, or saliva on a cup or stamp and the identity matches an individual who has never been in the house/apartment and has had no significant contact with the victim, then the DNA proof is conclusive.

Thus, the finding of Rudy Guede's DNA as epithelial cells in Meredith's vagina and on her purse and body are conclusive proof that he was there and had contact with Meredith. He had never been in their apartment before and had very little contact with her.

Finding DNA from someone who has been in the apartment does not implicate anyone. Skin flakes off in high amounts from everyone (think dry skin flakes and dandruff) and will be present in the dust of the apartment - the amount depends on how much skin the person sheds and how much time the person spends in the apartment.

Also, it is very easy to contaminate samples with DNA in the field when collecting and in the lab. This is a very common problem and requires very strict controls and protocols to ensure that no contamination occurs.

These are the problems with the DNA evidence in this case.

First, it is not surprising that small amounts of DNA from Amanda and Rafaelle were found. Both had lived in the apartment.

Second, the bra clasp with Rafaelle's DNA on it was not collected at the time of the crime. Instead, it was collected 47 days later after it had been swept into a pile with other assorted junk with the white material turning brown from dust, etc. The technicians did not handle the evidence correctly in the field. There is a video showing their collection ( This video shows how one SHOULD NOT collect evidence for DNA testing. They pick it up with their fingers in dirty gloves (, lean over it, breath on it, and then place it back on the floor!! I don't know what they are doing since any of these maneuvers could have contaminated the clasp.

Just that one collection shows that the technicians seem to not know anything about collecting DNA evidence. You would never do any of these things if you want to have accurate PCR results. The technicians also scrubbed away several footprints from tiles during collection of DNA evidence (without extensive photographing and measuring). In the US, they would have taken up the whole tile to take back to the lab for testing.

Even if you do everything right, you could get positive DNA results for any of the people living in the apartment or who have visited the house. However, only this one piece of evidence has Rafaelle's DNA. All of the other samples collected at the time of the murder did not show his DNA nor did it show Amanda's.

The DNA on the knife is even worse evidence. Here there is vanishingly small amounts of Meredith Kercher's DNA on the blade (not blood only DNA). To get a match for Meredith, the technician overrode the built in controls on the instrument (which are there to prevent spurious results that arise if you amplify DNA too much). There were no internal controls shown to ensure that there was no lab contamination of the sample. This is a must when performing low copy number DNA testing. Also, the sample could only be done once and was not repeated to confirm the results. All other samples from the knife were negative (they never tell us how many other tests were run on the blade).

There was no DNA from Amanda Knox found in the room.

Given the amount of blood at the crime scene and evidence of struggling, there should have been more evidence of Amanda and Rafaelle as hair, DNA, or footprints if they were there. None were shown – the footprints were shown to only come from Rudy.

Thus, the DNA findings were really poor. I doubt if they would have been presented in a US court. There is no concrete evidence that Amanda and Rafaelle were in Meredith's room during the cirme.

2. There was very little blood in the bathroom when viewed in ordinary light - only some specks, some smears on the faucet, and the faint footprint. The pictures shown are all after luminal treatment which greatly enhances images.

3. In terms of the other evidence against Amanda, most of this is based on her behavior after the killing. First, Amanda was know to be a "free spirit" - singing in the halls of her high school, taking yoga, hiking. As an honor student from a middle/upper middle class background who attended an academic private high school, she was not "street smart" and would talk to people on the street that she didn't know well according to her friends. In other words, she was somewhat naive about how badly people can sometime behave and not a mentally "tough" person. She would not know how to behave when questioned by police and probably would act unusual under pressure.

Second, she had not known Meredith for long – they had only been roommates for 2 months or so during her time in Italy so she may not have been as sad as if this had been a longtime friend. Also, she was in the midst of a new love affair with Rafaelle (only 2 weeks) - likely in the infatuation phase. This probably explains her kissing her boyfriend in public after the murder – in the US a kiss and hug would not be that big deal even under the same circumstance.

4. What was the motive for the killing??? How many times in the US does one college roommate kill another???? Especially, when they are still friendly enough to go out drinking together the night before. How many times are there college educated women killers in sex murders?? Almost never! There is no evidence that Amanda had been violent before. Her former boyfriend says there was no major problems (and he looks pretty clean cut). Amanda might have slept with a few men while in Italy but that is not a crime nor that unusual. Why would she murder someone over a measly $200 when she has $4,000 in the bank and parents that would definitely send her more money if needed?? Why would she feel the need for group sex when she was in the infatuation phase of a new romance with Rafaelle? How would she have contacted Rudy (who she barely knew) when Rudy didn't have a cell phone or computer?

5. Why couldn't Rudy have acted on his own? He was a likely criminal and unemployed man without family. He was spiraling out of control at the time of the murder. His wealthy adoptive parents had recently disowned him for lying and general shiftlessness and were no longer supporting him so he was desperate for money. He was found sleeping in a kindergarten in Milan with a large knife in his backpack. At the time, he was in possession of a stolen computer (on which he had installed a picture of himself on the screensaver) and a cell phone taken from a second floor office in Perugia which would have required scaling a wrought iron fence to access the window used for entry (see pictures Rudy was very athletic and played basketball for a local team. The window was broken with a rock just like in the case of Meredith's apartment. He said he bought the computer in Milan. His DNA, footprints, and feces, were found at the crime scene. He fled the country after the murder. His recent detention for being in possession of a stolen computer and cell phone might explain why he did not steal computers from the apartment and why the cell phones were thrown away after the murderer had walked a mile or so.

Well, I could go on and on about the poor evidence and wild inventions of the prosecutor in this case but the bottom line is that Amanda Knox is innocent.

For some, justice isn't a motive at all

To #43:

"USA is not the whole world."
Where did I imply that the US was the whole world? Or do you assume that, since I'm American, I automatically hold that view?

"There's certainly some very biased reporting around, with US media being overwhelmingly patriotic in this case (not all but most)."
This is exactly what I was talking about. The US doesn't believe that its people are above reproach when overseas. When the American teen in Singapore was sentenced to be caned several years ago for vandalizing cars, there was no denial that he was guilty as charged. Some people believed the form punishment was barbaric (not just for an American, but for anybody), but probably just as many supported the caning. There are many similar instances of an American getting in trouble overseas and the American public believing that person needed to face the music. In Amanda and Rafaele's case, many Americans aren't beyond a reasonable doubt based on what they've seen - a requirement we take seriously - and see clear signs of a witch hunt. It isn't about patriotism or some insidious American underhandedness.

"Why can't they just tell Amanda to tell the truth and face the music?"
Because they don't believe she's guilty.

Re: The DNA evidence is very poor

Post #46 is absolutely correct. It provides an excellent summary and is logical and factual. Hence, none of the haters will accept any part of it, if they bother to read it at all.

I found post #14 intriguing:

"Being English I have kept up with events via our long established very reputable newspapers, The Times being one of many. The American 'reporting' is biased drivel, probably because their audience is guaranteed to be made up of unintelligent dimwits like yourself."

I like to get information from The Times, too. In fact, if you want to do any research about the case, go back and look at The Times issues from the first weeks after the murder. The paper offered stories just about every day, recounting what the police had told them about the crime.

For example, there are several headlines proclaiming the guilt of Patrick Lumumba. There are headlines announcing that the murder was committed with Raffaele's flick knife. There are articles saying that police had enough evidence to keep all three suspects in jail, even though at that time they hadn't even tested the DNA from the scene of the crime, much less from the kitchen knife or bra clasp.

Do we blame the Times for getting their facts wrong? I don't. They were only reporting what the police, prosecutors and judges told them. Now that I know, however, how wrong The Times was two years ago, I know it is not smart to take what I read about the case at face value.

There is no reason to believe that the information we are getting from the police, prosecutors and judges today is any more reliable than the information they dished out two years ago.

Who cares?

Amanda will get a life sentence and Americans will be very eager to tell Italy, how incompetent they are in Italy.

Then there will be the appeal phase, and Americans again will try to tell Italy what they should do. Up to then Amanda will be remembered as a victim.

Money will be raised by FOA.

When the appeal will not help Amanda, THEN she will realize, if ever, that she will have to face the fact of being forgotten by both Americans and Europeans.

Her only chance to survive is to plan a future in an Italian jail, as a deputy manager of the jail.

Meredith R.I.P. You were innocent, and could not anticipate that your flat mate is a murderer

For me, justice for Meredith is the main motive

"Where did I imply that the US was the whole world?"
You didn't. I was talking about the media in my own country not following this case because USA (+the UK and Italy which I forgot to mention) isn't/aren't the whole world. I suppose I misunderstood your point somewhat when I was answering the first time.

"Or do you assume that, since I'm American, I automatically hold that view?" Yes, I actually might assume that. At least, some of the Americans I've met think so. And USA is, of course, the biggest nation in the West, no denying that. I personally don't approve of US foreign policy that much, especially your way of invading foreign countries whenever you feel like it or you need to make sure that there will be enough oil for you in the future. But Britain is not much better on the imperialist colonialist front, so my view as to whether Knox is guilty has nothing to do with my political views.

You say that it's not about patriotism and ethnocentrism. If not, then it must be due to the fact that the Knox PR campaign (why does she need to have a PR campaign?) with its many lies is working.

It may be that her parents have bought her explanations, or it might also be that they have advised her to lie to get away with it all. I don't know which is true. Based on my experience following the OJ trial at great length - I had cable at that time and had access to an American channel showing hours of court room video from OJ trial - it seems to me that if you are rich enough, you can get the best lawyers to lie for you in the court and get away with murders and double murders. So to me it looks like that is precisely what Amanda's parents are trying to do now. And btw: if the glove does not fit, I think the glove has shrunk due to being soaked in blood or some other liquid. If the jury bought that punch line, it was some stupid jury. The OJ case shows that with American kind of jury trials you don't get justice but lottery. With proper law degree judges involved in the verdict as in Europe your chances of getting real justice are enhanced.

And I'm not so sure that all Amanda's relatives believe her to be innocent. At least her aunts said in a blog radio broadcast that they hope that she will get away with a time served verdict, that it was maybe only something that she saw. Here's the link to the broadcast which otherwise was full of inaccuracies and lies (for there is evidence against her, lots of circumstantial evidence showing that she was present in the house when the murder took place if you are not willing to accept the DNA evidence which I have understood incriminates her as well), right at the end around 40 or 60 minutes point her aunts say those words I quoted above:

Once again: there is plenty of evidence

There is just no way that Amanda Knox is innocent. There's way too much evidence that tells otherwise.

As for the DNA, are you a DNA expert? I am not, so judging DNA evidence is difficult. But some comments below anyway.

"DNA evidence only works in cases where you find DNA from an individual who should have no access to the location." I don't think that's true. I've read that today's sophisticated career criminals can actually plant fake DNA on their crime scenes. But as this was undoubtedly the first scene of an amateur group, I don't think that needs to be feared in this case.

Basically I feel that the attempt to discredit DNA evidence in this case smells of OJ like lawyer tactics. Blaming DNA contamination is a rather lame try to save Amanda.

Are you trying to say that the crime scene analysts breathed Raffaelle's and Amanda's DNA to the bra strap?
I find claims that their DNA could be transported from the floor to the strap equally ridiculous. Is that even possible? If so, wouldn't that prove that Raffaelle was in Meredith's room where he was supposed to have never set foot on?

In any case, it is evident, that there has been some washing and cleaning going on for a long time so Amanda and Raffaelle have washed and changed the crime scene to remove any DNA evidence that could implicate them. And the assumption re Meredith's room is therefore that they have managed to clean it somewhat. I can even imagine a scenario where they have placed Rudy's hairs to Meredith's hands to implicate him further. But I don't think that really happened.

I was willing to accept that Rudy is the sole perpetrator as there was so much DNA evidence of his presence. Unfortunately, the evidence just does not back up that assumption. And it's not just the DNA evidence which you want to discredit so much, it's the cleaning and washing machines and phone and computer records that implicate Amanda and Raffaelle. How do you explain their cell phone records with what they have said about their whereabouts and when they woke up etc? Amanda, Rudy and Raffaelle have all behaved like typical criminals in that they are only willing to admit the facts that the police already knows and can prove. When, for instance, police confronted Amanda and Raffaelle with their cell phone records, they were forced to change their stories.

I have understood that the DNA on the knife cannot be disputed: it's Meredith's DNA even if there was only a small amount of it left on the blade and it was difficult to analyse it.

What do you have to say to these testimonies quoted from

"There were five instances of Amanda Knox’s blood or DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in three different locations in the cottage in Via della Pergola: the bathroom, the hallway, and Filomena’s bedroom.

Amanda Knox’s blood was found mingled with Meredith’s blood in three places in the bathroom: on the ledge of the basin, on the bidet, and on a box of Q Tips cotton swabs.

Dr. Stefanoni testified that it would have been “strange” that three traces of blood with both Meredith’s and Amanda Knox’s DNA would have been left at different times. "

Here's more evidence of Amanda's guilt, her multiple conflicting alibis:

It also looks like Amanda and Raffaelle have tried their best to leave all evidence incrimating Guede (the feces, the pillow with the bloody hand print) when they have staged the scene and cleaned the house. Evidence shows that Guede cannot have been the person who did the cleaning, he was disco dancing.

I have explored other scenarios. I can very well imagine a scenario where all three are partying at the cottage and Rudy Guede goes to Meredith's room (where she is trying to sleep) and tries his best to get into her pants and ends up raping and killing her. But if that had happened while Amanda and Raffaelle where there, as Amanda's confession seemed to prove in one point if you change Mr Lumumba to Rudy, then why didn't Amanda and Raffaelle run out of the cottage and call the police to arrest Rudy? Why would they have stayed and helped Rudy to stage and clean the scene if they were not involved with him in the criminal activity?

I also don't understand Amanda's testimony the next day. On the other hand she says that she cannot remember what happened that night due to smoking cannabis. Then on the other hand she states that prosecution's claims of her killing Meredith are pure fantasy. How does she know that if she has had a memory blackout due to apparent mixup of alcohol and cannabis? What she said in those first interviews with the police about having flashes of scenes rings very true in my mind as I have also been young and have (unfortunately) drank too much on one or too occasions, but I have never used drugs so I don't know what it feels like as opposed to being drunk.

As for Amanda's sex life or Raffaelle's or Rudy's for that matter, that's no big deal. Quite a lot of women (and especially men) in my country, UK, Italy and Europe behave like she did. Amanda's drug usage, on the other hand, is more worrisome. In my mind, that drug usage is behind this crime. Unless the crime was premeditated. It's well-known that drugs and alcohol make you lose inhibitions and you end up doing things you would not otherwise do.

However much one wants, there is no denying that there's plenty of evidence to convict all three. I just wish they would tell all that happened that night so that Meredith's family would get some closure.

Biased US reporting

#48 Times did not really get their facts that wrong; proclaiming the guilt of Patrick Lumumba was their only erroneous fact but that fact was due to police reporting and all other newspapers got it equally wrong. All other reported facts were true and still are.

When talking about biased US reporting, it is usually referred to the fact that the only message that is getting through is the one coming from the Friends of Amanda organization and Amanda's family. Wouldn't you agree that the view is a bit one-sided?

Only Clint van Zandt and NBC dateline have produced about the only balanced stories that I've seen re this Perugia murder.


Hi I just wanted to correct the quote from Janet Huff. While I appreciate she may be carried away with the emotion of the trial, she is not stating fact. Amanda and Meredith did not attend the chocolate festival "two days before the murder" as the festival ended a whole 2 weeks before the murder. In fact the festival ended the very same week that Amanda allegedly met Sollecito. Two seconds and Google would have shown Steve this was untrue. The girls were not friends. Meredith told many friends in the UK how Amanda's behaviour was disturbing her and how she wished Amanda would move out. I believe Sophie & Robyn testified as much in court. I wish the Knox family would be quiet. Did they not hear what Maresca said in court today? The anti- Italy/anti-victim stance of the Knox family is upsetting for the Kercher family; but then, they would have to care about Meredith Kercher for it to have any effect. Amanda herself has said she does not care about Meredith or her death; she just wants out of prison. Disgusting and shame on the West Seattle Herald for printing such untruths when a 5 year old could check the facts of this case.

Mark, you are a pea-brain.

Mark, you are a pea-brain. Do YOU have the facts? You know nothing. Shut up and go back to watching Sponge Bob.


#46 Re motive, point 4.

Prosecution's job is to speculate re motives but in my opinion you do not need to show a motive. At least there have been a few court cases recently in my country, where the motive part has not been essential. It has been enough to show the guilt of the perpetrator, and when the person has proclaimed their innocence right in the end despite an overwhelming amount of evidence, the court can but speculate as for the reasoning behind the crime. There was recently a case where a young nurse killed several handicapped and old people with insuline injections. They don't even know how many she killed because all the deaths looked like normal old people's deaths. The whole thing was discovered when she tried to kill a relative of her husband, an infant, with a similar insulin injection. Luckily the child was saved. When investigating the child's case, the police uncovered similar cases from the nurse's recent background and even dug some graves (first time that bodies needed to be exhumed in this town!). But they could not find the needle marks in year-old-bodies. So it's probable that there were more deaths.

Apparently she is guilty. But as to why she did all those things: she is not talking. But it's probable that the child incident happened because she hated the child's mother and did not get along with her, there's evidence to that effect. But as for the handicapped adults and old people, it's not clear why she did it. It does not look like she had any so called benevolent motives such as to ease their suffering.

Back to Amanda. I don't think the money theft can have been a motive. I think the money was taken after the crime to stage the event as burglary gone wrong. Or maybe Rudy took it to travel to Germany? I can imagine several scenarios. Maybe the three went there to scare Meredith due to Halloween or the Day of the dead, to get back at her for causing Amanda to lose her job (as Amanda maybe thought) and the thing escalated out of control.

Maybe Meredith was trying to sleep (although the evidence does not support this as far as I can remember she was fully clothed when the attack started) and the threesome was making too much noise partying, drinking and using drugs, and she asked them to keep the noise down and they started arguing about that and the thing escalated and so on. Or maybe Meredith was having a drink with them and they started fighting about something which led into the killing due to Amanda's inner resentment toward Meredith. Or maybe Rudy is actually telling the truth in this case and there was a fight about the money? Maybe Amanda was telling the truth about what happened but instead of mentioning her accomplice Rudy's name she accused Mr Lumumba who is also a black guy?

By the way: why didn't Raffaelle testify? That's a strong implication of guilt to me. And if Raff. is guilty, then is Amanda as well as they were together all the time. Phone records prove that on the day Meredith's death was discoved, Amanda and Raffaelle had not phoned to each other at all. Why is that, if Amanda supposedly came on her own to her house to shower and then discovered the small visible blood stains? Would she not have called Raffaelle then?

Why does not Raffaelle testify that Amanda was with him all night? He says now that Amanda was away for ca 4 hours.

Apparently Amanda's lawyers have told her to talk about "my friend Meredith" every time she mentions Meredith's name. It's rather obvious. "I don't know when my friend Meredith came home." " Meredith was my friend. I did not hate her." On the other hand, her supporters have pointed out that Amanda only knew Meredith for 2 months (or should they have said 1 month?) and why would she cry for a person she really did not know that well etc. etc. That's somewhat conflicting. Although, not everybody cries when something shocking happens. But somehow I see Amanda's behavior showing signs of joy and happiness after the hated Meredith was out of the way.

This story made me cry for Meredith's sake (the Lumumba stuff is obviously all wrong in this story due to Amanda's claims):

This guy, Giacomo, had just started dating Meredith 10 days before the murder, but they had known each other since the end of summer. Could it be that when Meredith got a boyfriend, the competitive Amanda had to quickly find someone as well and she chose Raffaelle? Maybe Amanda herself was interested in this same guy that chose Meredith?

Anyway there are plenty of possible scenarios re motive, only Amanda and the others can tell why this happened.