A benefit for Amanda Knox will be held at the Comedy Underground, January 27th.

Amanda Knox fundraiser to be held Jan. 27

Amanda Knox Appeal Fund Benefit at Comedy Underground

A fundraiser for Amanda Knox, whose recent trial in Italy for the murder of her roommate ended in her conviction, will take place Wednesday, Jan. 27, 8:00 pm- 10:00 pm, at the Comedy Underground in Pioneer Square. Money raised at the “Amanda Knox Appeal Fund Benefit” will go toward the cost of her appeal, a one year process. Her family is already in debt nearly $1 million since Knox was first accused, over two years ago. Six professional comics will perform for free, including Renee Perrault, also the MC. They will avoid political jokes involving any aspects of the trial.

Perrault, a Renton resident, worked with Amanda’s father, Curt, and step-mother, Cassandra, at the downtown Macys corporate division, then the Bon Marche, in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. They have remained in contact.

“I was part of a large circle of work friends from Bon Marche who have celebrated many major milestones in life together, including a baby shower for Curt just prior to Amanda’s birth,” said Perrault.

“Renee came to us and said, ‘I have this idea,’” said Cassandra about the fundraiser idea. “We thought it sounded great. She’s done everything. (It was) her idea, her brainstorm, her everything. Our family is of course very grateful to those who organize fundraisers and to all who attend. We appreciate Renee and the comedians who want to help bring Amanda home.”

Cassandra said many of Amanda’s family members will attend, and Curt will say a few words of thanks.

Perrault believes that laughter has its place, even in the wake of the emotional tumult Amanda’s Arbor Heights family is experiencing now after her guilty verdict and during her appeal process.

“Comedy and tragedy run close to each other,” said Perrault, who retired from the corporate world over four years ago. “There is humor in all aspects of life.”

She also added, in a humorous tone, “I wanted to help, and I have no other marketable skill to offer.”

The Comedy Underground is located at 109 South Washington Street. (206) 628-0303.
Tickets are $50.

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The REAL victim

Will proceeds go to the family of the victim of Amanda's drug-fueled violence?

RE:The Real Victim

No kidding. Is this just more money to be raised to pay off George Marriot and his PR firm? Are you on the payroll too, Steve? How about a fundraiser for Patrick Lumumba? How about a fundraiser for Lyle, John Jr., Stephanie, Arline and John Kercher. How about something for their lives, that were destroyed by the THREE people who took part in the murder of Meredith Kercher? People do remember Meredith, don't they? The only name that matters in this entire affair is hers and you would do best not to forget it, Steve .

Girl vs. Woman

Amanda is well into her TWENTIES.

She abuses illicit narcotics and sleeps around (6 Italian strangers in 7 weeks).

So why all these photos of her when she was 9?

Laughably transparent ploy.

Grave hysteria

How about this for a perfect casting job: a production of Miller's The Crucible with the entire cast made up of members of the True Justice for Meredith team.
Dja get me? It doesn't matter that Knox is not guilty. As long as we've got someone to focus our scary reaction on, we'll all be happy, sombre, gools.

But she IS gulty, and will

But she IS gulty, and will remain so, unless, for some unfathomable reason, her conviction will be overturned in either of the two appeals!


I agree with the previous posters, the funds of the fund raiser should go to Amanda Knox's victim's family.

Amanda is after all the murderess not a victim.

Why should some of the

Why should some of the proceeds go towards other victims of this sad case? Meredith was the victim of the convicted killer Guede and justice was served. Knox, on the other hand, is the victim of the racist Italian kangaroo court system and the chief bully prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, and her fight for justice still continues.

I am for justice

I am shocked and dismayed at the callousness of some of these comments. Her case was not so clear and conclusive, that she cannot now appeal it -- that is her right according to the law. Not surprisingly given how much it costs, her family are hoping for some help.

There is a huge problem I

There is a huge problem I see many just spout out stuff. Things of hate and misinformation. To say the facts are wrong, is simply not justyou attacking these 2. It is the attack of very many high ranking scientists and law officials and lawyers here our the entire world as well. Are people so consumed with hate that they are to blind to simply stand back and look at the whole picture. Are you making a rational statement from what the guy down the street said? Think. there is more to this, the more is the fact there is none. There is no evidence, towards them. If this was you, would you want all of us to say these things about you.

Amanda is Innocent

The Knox family has every right to fight for their daughter's release. She's innocent and obviously so. The so-called PR campaign is legitimate. That is how democracies respond to kangaroo courts.

The pro-Amanda camp has always wanted to reach out to the Kerchers but it is thought to be unwelcome or inappropriate at this time. We all mourn the loss of Meredith as much as anyone. Please understand that.

In Italy's trial of the century, the justice system was broken... Period. Since Italian law does not permit full public access to the trial record, we must depend on media reports of the case. The fact is that the evidence reported by major newspapers and television outlets provides overwhelming evidence of exoneration.

The evidence is that Rudy Guede did it and the various scenarios that have AK and RS participating are in the words of New York Times Correspondent Tim Egan "preposterous and made-up."

Finally remember that the Italian police had every opportunity to prevent this terrible crime. Guede had participated in three separate break-ins (armed with a knife no less) in the weeks before the murder. The Italian police were made aware of these crimes and did nothing to take him off the streets.

nothing funnier than helping a murderer get away with it

The sick irony of comedians raising cash for the family of a convicted murderer should be lost on no one.

This is far from a "laughing matter." Please send all proceeds to the Kercher family.

She did it. She knows she did it. The truth will come out once the appeals of all three are exhausted. Her family cannot be blamed for backing her proclaimed innocence, which is just another lie by the sociopath.

The Intellectual Pecking Order

One thing you find in this case is that the higher you go up the intellectual ladder, the less debate there is about Amanda's innocence. Commentators for major US media outlets are not mincing their words:

Doug Preston (Author and commentator for CBS )
“This is a case based on lies, superstition, and crazy conspiracy theories and that’s it”

Paul Ciolino (private investigator retained by CBS)
“This is a lynching … this is a lynching that is happening in modern day Europe right now and it’s happening to an American girl who has no business being charged with anything.”

Timothy Egan (NY Times correspondent)
“The case against Knox has so many holes in it, and is so tied to the career of a powerful Italian prosecutor who is under indictment for professional misconduct, that any fair-minded jury would have thrown it out months ago.”

Peter Van Sant (CBS correspondent)
“We have concluded that Amanda Knox is being railroaded”

John Q Kelly (Guest on CNN Larry King Live)
“This case is probably the most egregious international railroading of two innocent young people that I have ever seen… This is actually a public lynching based on rank speculation and vindictiveness. It’s just a nightmare what these people are going through.”

The Innocent Black Man

Apparently, Amanda's supporters are STILL unable to take an OBJECTIVE look at the damning circumstantial and physical/ forensic evidence that inculpates Amanda and her two 'boy-toys', Raffaele and Rudy.

Denial can last for a lifetime, I suppose.

However, Amanda's accusation of an innocent black man, Patrick Lumumba, is an undeniable fact.

Amanda wants to lay blame entirely on her interrogators, but she was not water-boarded, electrocuted or subjected to thumb screws.

Even if we take Amanda at her word (and, at this point, it's not much), the WORST that happened to her was a tap on the back of the head by a female police officer.

And, no, it did not take 40, 50, 60, 100 hours of questioning. Amanda spontaneously implicated Lumumba right off the bat - as soon as the police told her that her 'boyfriend' wasn't covering for her anymore.

A 21 year old woman is not an infant. Amanda is directly responsible for permanently tarnishing an innocent man.

Will there be a fundraiser for him as well?

Interrogation Tapes


Let's see the videos or recordings of the interrogation. You weren't there so how can you make detailed conclusions about what was said?

Police throughout the world tape important interrogations such as this one to protect both themselves and the subject. The police in this case were bugging all the principals in the case so it's hard to believe they wouldn't have tapped this one unless they had an agenda.

Patrick Lumumba's complaint is against the Italian police -- more on them in a moment.

Fund Raisers

It seems with each word of a fund raiser for Amanda, those who are against her ask about proceeds for someone else. So, go ahead and have a fundraiser for someone else.

Intellectual Ladder?

I got a good laugh from your decision to include Paul Ciolino's name on a post entitled "Intellectual Pecking Order."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it true that Paul Ciolino was unable to gain admission to university and unable to qualify for work as a police officer?

As far as I can tell, he holds no degrees and may not have graduated from high school. His atrocious grammar certainly militates in favor of drawing this inference.

An online/ mail-order Private Investigators license takes only a few weeks of home study to obtain, and can hardly be called an "intellectual" or "academic" achievement.

In light of Ciolino's previous charge for attempting to pass himself off as a P.I. without a license to do so, it would also seem that Paul has struggled with the rather modest "intellectual" undertaking required of people seeking to pass the P.I. licensing test.

Shortcomings of this kind may explain why Ciolino insisted to CBS News that Amanda "never met" Rudy Guede when, as Amanda herself admitted on the stand, she'd partied with him on several occasions during her 8 short weeks in Perugia.

Then again this misrepresentation could flow from the fact that Amanda's parents pay Paul Ciolino to represent their drug-addled daughter - that is something that Paul appears to have in common with everyone else on your "illustrious" list.

Italian Police

The Italian police are complaining that they have been slandered. They haven't heard anything yet. But for their incompetence, Meredith would still be alive.

According to the link below, Rudy Guede had had three run-ins with the police in the weeks before the murder.

On 27-Oct-07 Rudy was caught having broken into a school in Milan and was found in possession of property stolen from a law office in Perugia. He was armed with a knife. Instead of arresting him, they simply put him back on a train to Perugia where four days later he killed Meredith. The Perugia law office breakin is important because of its similarity to the break-in during the murder.

Also according to the article, Guede was found wandering around the house of Christian Tramantano on 27-Sep-07. A scuffle ensued in which Guede brandished a knife.
According to the article, the police were aware of all three incidents -- two of them involving knives no less.

Let's also take a look at Guede's statements since some are saying that he's never changed his story.

From Rudy's Prison Diary:"I tried to help her [Meredith], she who squeezed my hands. She was strong. "Don't leave me alone," she repeated to me. I told her don't worry "I won't abandon you." Damn if I had only had my cell phone with me."

Now for the Police monitored Cell phone call prior to his arrest: "Listen, you know I knew those girls, I knew them both, Meredith and Amanda, but nothing more, you know that. I've been to their house twice, the last time a few days before all this business, but I didn't do anything. I have nothing to do with this business. I wasn't there that evening. If they have found my fingerprints it means I must have left them there before. "

Meredith would still be alive if the Italian police had done their job and arrested Rudy Guede prior to the murder. Their incompetence has also harmed Amanda and Patrick Lumbumba.



Subverting Justice for Meredith is No Way to Make a Living

@ PhanuelB

You stated:

"Patrick Lumumba's complaint is against the Italian police -- more on them in a moment."

Apparently, you are not aware that Patrick filed suit against AMANDA KNOX as well.

(But something tells me that you ARE aware of this fact and elide it because you are paid to blog for Amanda's cause, in which case, SHAME ON YOU.)


If Amanda Knox were innocent, then why were there no finger prints found of Amanda Knox in her own room?
She was living there for weeks/month.

Did she remove them?
Or did Rudy Guede remove Amanda Knox's finger prints but left his finger prints at the murder house?

Do you really think that intentional misrepresentation is accept


Do you really think that intentional misrepresentation is acceptable behavior?


The claim that I am paid for my blogging is as preposterous and made-up as the case against Amanda.

I have donated to the cause and will do so again. I have never met anyone associated with the cause. My support is grass-roots in nature.

Yes Patrick filed suit against Amanda. We all know that. His claim SHOULD have been against the Italian police. They are the ones who wronged him.

Making Money from Murder

Beware, "PhanuelB" may be the big-nosed Seattle food blogger that's attempting to parlay a blog about this case into a book deal.

Amoral hustle of this kind is bad enough in a twenty-something Capote-wannabe, but it becomes GROTESQUE when displayed by an untalented 'never-was' on the verge of sixty.

Sadistic sex offender

Why have a fund raiser for a sadistic sex offender?

Do the Knox's not realize how wrong and inappropriate this is.

After all, she was convicted and the jury was unanimous.

Those interviewed by police who did not lie to police had not be charged.

The convicted the right people.

Amanda Knox was the instigator and the two males were accessories.

Sadistic sex offender


Why have a fund raiser for a sadistic sex offender?

Do the Knox's not realize how wrong and inappropriate this is.

After all, she was convicted and the jury was unanimous.

Those interviewed by police who did not lie to police had not been charged.

They convicted the right people.

Amanda Knox was the instigator and the two males were accessories.

PhanuelB, come clean


Please answer honestly, are you the infamous food blogger who used to write pornography for money, then started food blogging and now turned her food blog into an "Amanda Knox is innocent" blog?

Intentional Misrepresentation?

OK, if anyone thinks there's intentional misrepresentation, please identify which items below you think are false.

(1) Rudy Guede prints found at crime scene
(2) Rudy Guede DNA found in victim
(3) Rudy Guede crime scene DNA indicates sexual contact with victim
(4) No corroboration of Rudy’s claim that the victim had agreed to go on a date with him
(5) RS did not know the name of Rudy B4 the murder
(6) Rudy Guede flees to Germany shortly after the murder
(7) Rudy Guede feces found in bathroom
(8) Rudy Guede footprint found at crime scene
(9) No cell phone contact ever between AK and Rudy
(10) No cell phone contact ever between RS and Rudy
(11) Rudy Guede seen dancing at night club after the murder
(12) Photo of Rudy’s hand shortly after capture shows scaring
(13) Rudy claims defensive wound to hands were in protecting victim
(14) No defensive wounds to AK
(15) No defensive wounds to RS
(16) No DNA or other biological material of AK in Meredith’s room
(17) No DNA of others identified underneath victim’s fingernails
(18) DNA of at least 4 different people identified on bra clasp
(19) DNA of at least 3 different people identified on bra clasp
(20) DNA of at least 2 different people identified on bra clasp
(21) Valid test for presence of blood on double DNA knife is negative
(22) Rudy Guede DNA on Meredith’s purse
(23) Hair of black man found in victim’s hand
(24) On 27-Sep-07 Christian Tramantano finds Rudy Guede in his house with a knife
(25) Christian Tramantano reports the break-in and identifies Guede to police B4 murder
(26) On 27-Oct-07 Maria Prato catches Rudy Guede in her school and calls police
(27) On 27-Oct-07 Police take Rudy into custody and find him in possession of a 10 inch knife
(28) On 27-Oct-07 Police find Rudy in possession of laptop stolen on 13-Oct in Perugia
(29) Police decline to arrest Rudy on 27-Oct-09 and put him on a train back to Perugia
(30) Barbie Nadeau describes Rudy’s 13-Oct-7 break-in as “identical” to the one at Meredith’s cottage
(31) No recordings or videos have been made public of the AK interrogation
(32)Rudy says in a police monitored phone call that he wasn’t at the crime scene the night of the murder
(33) Italian law permits inspection of non-sealed court documents by citizens or media
(34) Italian law does not permit scanning or the publication of court documents to the internet
(35) Giuliano Mignini accused Doug Preston of being an accessory to murder
(36) Mignini’s interrogation of Preston was not motivated by a search for the truth

Why did Amanda Knox rearranged the murder scene?

Why did Amanda Knox rearranged the murder scene?

Why did she stated that Meredith was killed in front of the cupboard when at the time even the police did not have that information?

Only the murderer/murderess had that information at that point in time.

The trial was fair and proper, there was no mishandling of the case.

The thing is that Amanda Knox was convicted for what she did and she doesn't like the verdict and neither do her relatives.

Is she related to Charles Manson?

Rearranged Murder Scene

She didn't rearrange the murder scene. The police found it implausible -- with some reason -- that someone would have entered the cottage through the broken window. But that is a very long way from saying the AK and RS broke the window to stage a crime scene.

The problem is that the police knew of Rudy's previous break-in at the law office. Barbie Latza Nadeau described that break-in as "identical" to the one at the crime scene. That is serious hard evidence people. Barbie Nadeau is biased to the bone against Amanda so it means something when she says "identical."

Another note: Glass on top of or below clothing doesn't prove the window was broken from the inside or the outside.

Inside knowledge of the crime? Let's see the videos or recordings of the interrogation. Or better yet, break Italian law and give us the original unaltered trial document that talks about it.

Edda Mellas = Cindy Anthony

Curt & Edda are in DEEP denial about their drug-addled daughter.

They have become Seattle's answer to George & Cindy Anthony.

However, I do agree that a

However, I do agree that a more recent picture of Amanda should have been used for this article.

She is Guilty

Marie Pace Fan,
Love your name!...you have read her latest poem? Interesting isn't it? I have been saying that same thing about having our special brand of Geo & Cindy Anthony. I wish the Know/Mellas family would just GO AWAY.

The media in the US is at it's all time worst on this case. I guess they can't be bothered to translate into English.
I can not stand this support for Amanda.

I have spent hours and hours reading about all the evidence (fluent in Italian) and it is as obvious she is guilty as it is for Casey Anthony.

Can't wait for the sentencing report to come out in March detailing how the jurors came to their decision, it should clear up any doubts people have on this case. I have also read up on Italian law and it is heavily weighted on the side of the defendant compared to the US. She is damn lucky she didn't commit this crime here!! She should consider herself lucky because the Italian courts are very lenient and she will probably be out in 15 years or less!

Need a Roomate?

All you people that think she is so innocent....Are you going to sign up to be her roommate when she gets back?

Mental assessment

Has Amanda Knox undergone mental assessment?

There is nothing to laugh about in the death of Meredith Kercher

There is nothing to laugh about in the death of Meredith Kercher

Intentional Misrepresentation

Guest says:
"There is nothing to laugh about in the death of Meredith Kercher"

Nobody ever said there was. Talk about intentional misprepresentation.

Marie Pace = Proof Amanda is Insane

The fact that Amanda has penned yet ANOTHER story about a young woman that gets injured at a drug-fueled orgy is proof-positive that Amanda is insane.

I don't imagine her lawyers were happy to hear about that one!

It's interesting to see how Amanda's supporters avoid ANY defense of this incredibly insensitive and ill-timed foray into creative writing under the name of "Marie Pace."

Paul Ciolino

Paul Ciolino's credentials are listed on his company website.

Some highlights:
1) 7 year Army veteran
2) Former Chief Investigator for the Child Homicide Team for the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services
3) Adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University and Columbia College.
4) Has lectured at the Yale Law School
5) Author of one book, co-author of two others.
6) Licensed Private Investigator
7) Past President of National Association of Legal Investigators
8) Board Certified Forensic Examiner
9) Louisiana "Investigator of the Year" in 1999

LOL's post pretty much defines "intentional misrepresentation"

LOL: Please post your source for the claim that Doug Preston, Peter Van Sant, Tim Egan, Paul Ciolino, and John Q Kelly are paid by the Knox family.


More Ciolino

GRD: "Has lectured at the Yale Law School"?!!!!!

What part of "lectured at the Yale Law School" are you having trouble understanding? His company website says "guest lecturer."

Don't you think that in an adversarial legal system like the US that he would get in big trouble if he made false claims about himself to the public?

No college courses? "Disinterested students" snack on free pizza while he's talking? How would you know? This is just snapping facts out of thin air... kind of like the rest of the case against Amanda.

BTW.. I am at this moment not far from the Yale Law School. I have known many faculty members there over the years.

"Lecturing" is for Professors - "Speaking" is for Guests

When a law school presents a non -lawyer, either alone or as part of a panel, to speak about their work as a police officer, 'private eye', CSI, etc., they are NOT "lecturing," they are "speaking" as a "guest" of the school.

To wit, law students are not paying top-dollar to hear their thoughts on the intricacies of case law in advance of examinations or writing assignments prepared and graded by them.

It is a merely a brief SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT in an extracurricular context, not a formal LECTURE in the LAW from a learned legal scholar in a course for academic credit.

Ciolino is a huckster with a high school diploma, not a lawyer or law professor.

A mail-order P.I. license and a pamphlet or two on how to be a 345 lb. 'Magnum P.I.'-wannabe won't change that.

BTW: If Ciolino knew his job, how do you suppose he missed the easy-to-find online court record of Amanda's arrest and conviction for a party run amok/ rock throwing incident at UW just before she left for Italy?

Indeed, how do you suppose he concluded that Amanda "NEVER MET RUDY" when, as Amanda herself was forced to admit on the stand, she'd met and partied with Rudy on several occasions during her 8 short weeks in Perugia?

(Seems CBS News made the right decision when they fired him. I'll bet he wont put that on his C.V.!)

Convicted due to an ilegal interrogation

It is just so obvious what happened in this case. The lead prosecutor had his heart set on this case being a sensational Halloween ritual, satanic ritual or sex orgy case.
The police interrogated Amanda in an illegal manner---without a lawyer present and without an official interpreter. She was a young, innocent American girl in the hands of a prosecutor who had already shown his ruthless tactics in the Monster of Florence case. She was hoplessly in over her head when being interrogated by these people. In panic, fear, confusion and stress she made false and incriminating statements.
After that, the prosecutor tailored the case to paint Amanda as the real villan--while ignoring Guede's fingerprints and DNA for a substantial period of time. Amanda would, after all, make for a much more sensational story than Guede.
The foundation of the prosecutor's case was laid during an illegal interrogation. While the Supreme Court of Italy barred some of Amanda's statements from the trial, much of the tainted information flowing from the illegal interrogation made its way into the trial--something that would not happen in an American court. This was a kangaroo court proceeding and a horrible tragedy for the Knox and Sollecito families.

Fund Raising

I am 100% in agreement with the Guest who wrote:

"It seems with each word of a fund raiser for Amanda, those who are against her ask about proceeds for someone else. So, go ahead and have a fundraiser for someone else."

How much have you all donated to the Kerchers and Patrick Lumumba?

LOL and Get Real Dempsey, have you guys ever had a job? You tend to learn a lot on them, often more than you can learn in school.

Outraged American = Misinformed American

The "outraged" American is just another MISINFORMED American.

If you REALLY want to understand what happened, do NOT buy the disinformation being put out by the PR company that Amanda's family hired.

You need to spend some time looking at the true facts of this case - I found excellent translations of the Italian testimony & evidence on "Perugia Murder File" (just Google it).

Perugia Murder File

The PR campaign is legitimate. That is how democracies respond to kangaroo courts.

The True Justice and Perugia Murder File sites are lacking in substance and spend most of their time attacking journalists who have done reporting or commentary contrary to their agenda.

According to the Perugia Murder File site, Italian law does not permit digitization and online publication of the trial record. What could possibly be the reason for a law like that? What trial documents are out there are selectively leaked by a corrupt prosecution team.

What disinformation? I gave a list above of facts in the case. Please identify which items you think are false.


Bottom line is, that it is STUPID to write online about your private life. Stupid to not think ahead that if you are in a foreign country studying you need to respect their culture and morals. If Amanda was too young to consider these things then she had parents to teach and guide her. After the fact is too late to do damage control. I think she was a little tart that thought acting like a grown up would take her places. You play, you pay.
She is now sitting in jail in a foreign country, very likely justifiably so. I doubt the italian judicial system is so ignorant of international politics to prosecute someone carelessly. Believe me they were aware of the ramifications. Americans need to shut up and quit coddling their youth.

The murderess killed Meredith Kercher

When I look at this case, I feel like the murderess clan members are celebrating murder.

I wonder what they say if their own clan members were killed?

No Celebration of Murder

There is no celebration of this tragedy.

We have every right to fight for the release of two falsely accused young people.

www.friendsof amanda.org

In response to the poster who referred others to a website which attacks Amanda and tries to paint her as guilty, I would like to refer folks to a website that presents the other side of the story. Check out www.friendsofamanda.org The friends of Amanda and the Knox and Sollecito families and in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. The truth of Amanda and Raffaelle's innocence will eventually come out.

This event is BEGGING for HECKLERS

This event is in EXTREMELY poor taste

A COMEDY club for God's sake?!

I'd gladly pay $50 for the chance to heckle anyone that tries to "bring the room down for a moment to talk about poor little 'Manders' and her legal bills"!

Show some respect to Meredith's family

I wish to register my disgust at the timing and content of this fundraising event. The trial is barely over, was deemed fair and proper by senior legal minds, and Ms Knox found guilty unanimously. Nineteen independent judges reviewed the evidence and found it to be overwhelming at all stages of the process. Italy's legal system is renoun as being heavily biases in favour of the defendent and Ms Knox and her accomplices failed to dent the prosecution case, not least because Raffaele is NOT supporting Knox's alibi. He would also not testify. These two facts alone should cause intelligent people to pause for thought, and question what these two have to hide.

To have a comedy fund raising event after the horrific murder of an innocent young woman seems to be in the poorest possible taste. I urge Mr Knox and Mrs Mellas to consider whether it is quite decent, and whether indeed could be viewed by some as insensitive and crass.

This family is really starting to give the US a bad name. Their continuous hogging of centre stage is starting to make them appear to be in total denial and peddalling hard all the while.

Pleae, spare me this english

Pleae, spare me this english crap...i understand that you're pissed, beacuse an english woman got killed...it's sad, yes, but AMANDA KNOX IS INNOCENT. Rudy Guede is the one who killed. In perugia we had a witch haunting and nothing else. The police and the prosecutor from the start thought that Knox is guilty no matter what. The evidence was POOR, not overwhelming and you know that. It's just your wishful thinking...Please, have some rest and return with open mind.