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The Comedy Underground in Seattle's Pioneer Square held a fundraiser for Amanda Knox's appeal process. She was convicted Dec. 4 of murdering her college roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. Knox's parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, pictured, thanked the audience of nearly 90, the club, and the five comedians who performed for free, including Renee Perrault, who MC'ed, for supporting their daughter. The show was Peerault's idea. She is Curt's friend and former co-worker at Macy's Corporation.

Amanda Knox's family: "Comedy night fundraiser a welcomed break"

Nearly 90 people attended Amanda Knox's fundraiser Wednesday night, Jan. 27, held at the Comedy Underground in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. Tickets were $50, and raffle tickets were sold, to raise money for Knox's appeal process which follows her Dec. 4 guilty verdict for murdering her college roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy Nov. 1, 2007. Money raised goes to

Five stand-up comedians performed for free, including event organizer and host, Renee Perrault, a friend of Amanda's father, Curt, and his former co-worker at Macy's Corporation. Several raffle prizes were awarded. At the event's conclusion, Curt and Amanda's mother Edda Mellas briefly thanked the crowd.

The comedians' topics varied but none made reference to Amanda or the trial. Many family members were sprinkled in the audience as well as supporters from Amanda's West Seattle neighborhood. One audience member said he came from Connecticut to offer his support.

"They have a strange system of justice in Italy," said said Tony Comito from Ballard, an Amanda supporter and professional magician who said he is Italian-American and has been following the trial closely. "You would think they've had all this time since the Roman times to develop their system of justice and this is what we have?"

"It was funny," said Chris Mellas, Amanda's step-father. "It was good stuff. I'm surprised how many people turned out. It's pretty cool."

"I grew up in West Seattle, and went to the UW study-abroad program in France," said landscape designer Blair Constantine who also happens to be the brother of King County Executive, Dow. "I would recommend France over Italy to anybody. I kind of relate, since I was also a student in Europe, and feel very, very bad for the family."

"I had a really amazing time," said Madison Paxton, a close friend of both Amanda and her sister Deanna. "It really touches the heart to see all these people here. It was really funny. I also thought it was really funny and I'll definitely come back here a lot."

"I scoped this place out on my 21st birthday," said Deanna. "The comics here are hilarious." She said she would "turn beet red" if she tried to do stand-up comedy on stage.

"While it was a comedy event we're dealing with a very serious situation," said Curt. "Absolutely the greatest loss was the loss of Meredith's life."

Curt said his family welcomed a break from the day to day anguish of fighting for his daughter's freedom.

"it was actually kind of nice to venture away from the stress involved with the situation," he said. "It was extremely nice to have all of the people around us and it was a great event."

Although some media earlier reported the possibility of "anti-Amanda" protesters gathering outside the club, they were a no-show.

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I am from england and i can assure you all that this stunt is viewed as sick and lacking any form of respect for the kercher family, and realy sends out all the wrong messages, I mean what next from you seattle dwellers a fundraiser for ted bundy a free charles manson open air concert.

I mean guys fair enough the family have every right to raise funds so they can visit there sibling but a "comedy night " come on for gods sake get real she is a convicted killer.........

Such a Tragedy

Although I'm inclined to believe that Amanda's lies and DNA traces are indicative of guilt, my heart goes out to her family when I see them trying so hard to hang on to their belief in Amanda.

Unfortunately, the abuse of illicit narcotics can make people do unspeakable things that would NEVER have crossed their minds when sober.

It's a shame to behold the destruction they've wrought in this case.

God help us all.

I am sickened by these perverts.

Is this representative of all Satellites or are the Amanda Knox supporters in isolation?

Totally perverse!

sad, sad, sad

I hope the reality of the bad press and feeling they will have generated with this venture will give them a reality check. The energy would have been better spent looking within themselves to see how they have gotton into this mess, and how they can help Amanda by seeking to get her to tell the truth, then real healing can come out of this sad, sad, situation.


About 90 people, huh? Does that include the waitstaff and the comedians? This is the most horrifying spectacle ever. We have over 100,000 dead in Haiti and these people are giving their money to a murderer. Only in America.


I find it praiseworthy that people who believe in Amana Knox's innocence (and they have good reason to do so) stand up and take action to support efforts to assist with her appeal. There is no disrespect to the memory of Meredith Kercher in this. It may be that the greatest disrespect to her memory if two young people were wrongly convicted and effectively have their lives taken away.


Marijuana is not a narcotic. There were no narcotics involved. You are entitled to your opinion, but I sure which you people would not invent your own facts.

Laugh it up, you sickos.

Laugh it up, you sickos. Your daughter/sister/friend is a vile murderess. She's a liar and a psychopath and is lucky to be in a humane Italian jail instead of serving hard time here in the US.


It is wonderful to see that there are still people who have the courage to stand for what is right in spite of the intolerant backlash it will undoubtedly bring them. I have a deep regard for Amanda's family, her friends that continue to believe in her and these performers who have the guts to do what they know they will be screamed at by "the haters" which every opinion page seems to be filled with.

There are multitudes of rational people around the world who have looked at the facts and used mere common sense to determine that there is only one murderer of Meredith and that murderer is Rudy Guede.Those of us who see this clearly realize that the only route to fighting the injustice of putting Amanda and Raffaele in prison is money and the best way to get it is through entertainment. If that bothers some of the haters then they have the problem-which, after-all, is not much of a surprise.


Well said and right on. It's nice to see someone post that's articulate and sounds rational. I was beginning to wonder if such people still exist.


I wonder how the Knox family would feel if Amanda was murdered and Meredith was convicted of doing so and the Kercher family held a COMEDY fundraiser.

Wait a minute, no I don't. Judging by how much the Knox/Mellas family is reveling in being TV stars now, I think they would even use their daughter's death as a way of filling their pockets. They want Amanda free because she is worth more money that way. Though they will still get a lot out of the book or books they will invariably write.


I would suspect that alot of the people who attended this comedy have also given money to help those in Haiti. Do you truly think it is important for the world to stop because there is a calamity somewhere-if so then we humans will never be able to do anything but grieve and wring our hands. Haiti is a calamity-the newest calamity-in a world where calamities never stop. The world is working on it as well as the world works on disaster. However your strange idea-nieve really- that the entire world must stop still and do nothing because there is something horrible that has happened is odd. What can we do for Haiti or the Haitians but send money and pay our taxes that give our governments the money to send the help of those who won't get in the way and will help.
Yes only in America is so much given so often to the needy the hurt and the sick. Whenever there is a tragedy we are one of the first and best responders.Ask anyone from a foreign country that has a calamity which country they would like to have arrive first. Sweden you think? Russia? No, The United States is the number one country that people want to see. Because we get there and we get it done and although it's never perfect and it always takes longer than those in pain and agony want we are the best and do the best. Read your stats Melissa, and open your mind.


Dear ANONYMOUS guest (and family member),
Get over yourself already. You're giving money to a convicted murderer and you're calling me out? Give money to your local animal shelter. Hell, tip the person who serves you at McDonald's. A fundraiser for a murderer is bad enough but a comedy fundraiser is beyond the pale and anyone with any sense of common human decency can see that. The whopping 90 supporters (and that's a liberal count apparently) prove they are operating with no moral compass. How many of those (rounded up) 90 were friends or family of the comedians? How many were friends and family of Ms. Knox? How many included the employees of the comedy club? We can rest assured one of them was the completely neutral and unbiased Candace Dempsey who is writing a book to profit off the murder of Meredith Kercher. You spin it anyway you want to but to the average human being, this is a slap in the face to the family of the murdered woman.

Very interesting post on

Very interesting post on youtube. "What if Amanda Knox was black?" What would the media support have been then?

rsvp to Melissa#11

Melisssa, Melissa, Melissa. Tch, tch,tch.Have you no compassion,no kindness, no understanding, no sense.Amanda's parents love their daughter.Her aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters love Amanda. Her friends love Amanda.If you have actually read anything you know this is true. Amanda, no matter what her reputation has become due to the tabloid media and "others-we-won't-name-or-we-might-be-sued-for-pretend-slander"has always been one of those good people that everyone has liked at least-and more often loved. I believe this is one of the reasons that she has been vilified so thouroughly by "the haters" who have no love in their own lives and try to destroy those who have.

rsvp to guest #14

If Amanda had been black she would have gotten the great treatment that Rudy Guede has gotten-kid gloves and forget-the-facts even though his is the only DNA evidence all over Meredith's room and Meredith-and all over the apartment even though he never had visited the upstairs before in his life-so all the prints came from that one night-the night of the murder.


I'll save my compassion for Meredith Kercher's family, thanks. I've yet to see one 'friend' of Amanda's that she knew prior to 2005. Where are they? As for her family, they have behaved in a harsh and extremely upsetting manner with all the couth of a wild boar. They have admitted publicly they have yet to offer condolences to the family of Meredith! Who does that? Really, if your child's roommate was murdered, you wouldn't offer your condolences? Sorry but I don't see "good person" ANYWHERE in this family. But maybe all those 20/20, Dateline, 48 hours shows are just reflecting them in a terrible light. Trying to paint their daughter as a victim while erasing the actual victim? No compassion from me.


Sad comment on just how delusional parental love can become.

She was convicted by unanimous verdict of 8 jurors who spent a year listening to evidence that 19 separate jurists had unanimously declared sufficient to bring charges.

Get over it.

Your abandoning her as a child, and being forced by Court Order to pay her child support will not be excused or mitigated from your Maker by this exercise in futility that stupidly are now continuing to conduct in the Public arena.

rsvp #13 Melissa

I am not a family member nor a friend of Amanda's- I simply have followed the story and done alot of research and have determined through facts that Amanda and Raffaele are innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher. If I hated Amanda I would still, as a person who truly believes justice should be blind, know her to be innocent because of those same sticky facts.If she were black or an alien she would still get my vote of innocent. Being incarcerated, being convicted does not mean the person is guilty. It means they were found guilty-not that they are guilty.
The difference between us Melissa is that you, based on what I don't know, have decided that Amanda and Raffaele are guilty and I, based on facts and common sense, know they are innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher.So you look at this fundraiser as an insult to Meredith and I look at it as needed to free two people who have been wrongly accused and convicted of a murder they haven't had a thing to do with.



When you revise or alter an original story (such as by adding the last line as you recently did) you really need to note that you have revised the story. That is just good journalism, friend.

Be that as it may, I am surprised there was nobody protesting this event. If I lived in Seattle, I certainly would have and offered an alternative to donate money to a worthy cause rather than trying to free a convicted murderer, found guilty by 9 jurors and 19 judges. If this is anti-Americanism, why was an Italian also convicted? If it is about saving face, why release the INNOCENT black man she framed and hold a PRESS CONFERENCE to do so? That doesn't seem like the action of an evil empire, determined to 'save face' and put that American in jail. Use the brains the good Lord gave you already.


You've gotten your 'facts' and 'information' from the FOA website, Doug Preston, Candace Dempsey and the US media.

Trust that there are many differences between you and I, anonymous. Thank God for that! Scott Peterson also thinks he's innocent and there wasn't any physical evidence. How much have you donated to his family and friends?

The Knox family is practising daily for their own reality show. Jerry Springer will seem quaint compared to this family.

The last word

Rudy Guede is the murderer of Meredith Kercher: the rest is all stuff and nonsense.

True that

Rudy Guede is indeed a convicted murderer, right along with Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. 26-25-16. Looks like AK and RS should have gone for the fast track, too.

For 'Truth'

Your egotistical unequivocal statement that "you +know+ Amanda and Raffaele are innocent intrigues me.

Would it be possible for you to bestow on those of us less blessed mere earthlings your 'knowledge' of why the above mentioned 27 unbiased observers unanimously wanted to send the 'innocent' son of a well respected Perugia family as well as an innocent American student to jail for 1/4 a century ??

After listening to some of the highest defense talent available in all Italy, why would they just decide to send these 'innocent' kids away to jail ??.

Help us, O Gifted One to understand the 'why' of what you 'know

America, America...

...when will you drop this DREADFUL family! They represent everything that the rest of the world despises about America, but try to overlook. We really do. It's hard, but we kinda want to like you so we try. It's the refusal to take responsibility, the casual rudeness and disrespect shown towards other countries - who can't POSSIBLY be doing things properly i.e like Americans would. Have you no idea how this plays to the rest of the world? I once dined with a young American and discussed various political issues and the view of America abroad - which was at an all time low at the time. He said "We don't care. We don't HAVE to care". I was so shocked. But it is how it seems. America grew up when it elected Mr Obama. The world just loved you for it, and was proud of you. Now please, continue your growth. Quietly leave this issue, this family, to its private grief. They are not heroes. Amanda is not a role model or a heroine wronged. She messed up. Big time. Don't show this disrespect for Italy and the jurors who gave a year of their lives to reach this verdict. Have the grace to accept it. Grieve for one who has been lost, and one who pays the price. But don't make yourselves smaller as a nation any longer by showing the world your fear of the outside world. You're bigger than that now. We need you. Come on.

to guest #24

It all comes down to two things: facts and common sense. Hasn't anyone ever told you that that's what you're supposed to base a guilty or innocent verdict on? If you think that the A/R trial was fair and based on facts or that the "evidence" was good (in any way) that led to their incarceration then you have not been delving into the matter very deeply and have probably been getting your information-and opinion- from the Italian and British tabloids. However "The Gifted One" forgives you and hopes you will do your homework better in future.

All real facts and all the DNA evidence lead to one killer, Rudy Guede. Amanda and Raffaele may be convicted but that does not make them guilty.They may be in prison but that doesn't mean they aren't innocent.

There are many references (by people who were in the court) to the fact that the jurists and prosecution spent alot of the time in court sleeping-when they weren't at home or on vacation reading the tabloids, talking to friends and neighbors and forming their opinions.Perhaps you would feel comfortable having such a trial but I would not.

More for Truth

Again,As I said, you certainly 'know' more about the case than the 19 judges who spent months examining evidence, and the 8 jurists who then spent a year listening to both sides of the evidence.

So granted you (not I) 'know all there is to know.

But per chance you missed the question....WHY...did all these people who 'know' about the evidence much more than I, but of course much less than you ...UNANIMOUSLY say they were guilty.

What motivation would prompt people(who know so much less than you) to send kids to jail.

PS: the only person who commented on 'sleeping jurists' was the same 'ditzy' dimwitted close relative who also later states she now hates Italians because they smiled at her in Court then decided her kin was guilty.
Please spare even those less gifted than thou any more quotes from this source.


This comments is deeply disrespectful to the jury and the Italian legal system. Get yourself an education. You sound so ignorant. WHO TOLD YOU ALOT OF THE NONSENSE YOU SPOUT? 'Alot' of time sleeping? Really? I don't think so dear. Grow up.

To #25

I am an American and I have been waiting all my life to be accepted and loved by people just like you. What do I have to do: put up with injustice?ok. Turn on good people and condemn them because it's polically correct? Oh, that's ok.Call black white and white purple? Why not. Accept the spewings of pompous asses? Sure, why not?Waste inordinate amounts of time making decisions but never really coming to one?Yeseree.There now I sound just like you and have sold out all my beliefs so that I can get along...righto. So now I can be your friend?

for # 29

Does your mother know you are playing with her computer ?

Talk about your fantasies

Let's see. Who told us people were sleeping in court? Candace Dempsey and famil y members. Oh and that middle-aged guy who lives in a college town and hangs with college students (gee, wonder why) and writes a blog dedicated to Meredith Kercher yet bought and sold to the Knox/Mellas family.

Sure. I'll believe that.

Who leaked Amanda's diary? No, not the prosecutor. HER OWN FAMILY. Who is sick, huh? Jersey Shore will have nothing to shock once this family gets their own tv show. Let the plastic surgery begin!

There were jurors sleeping

There were jurors sleeping during the trial? That is BAD!


Bullseye, I was actually addressing the slightly more intelligent members of your nation. Go away. It's the brighter ones that will lead you into the modern world. Wanna beat terrorism? Start getting yourself educated. You can stay in your pit forever, but you'll always be looking up for those jet planes...

You don't care about the rest of the world? We noticed Bullseye. They'll make ya. Thank God your fellow citizens had the sense to elect Obama...


You know, if some of these people who support Amanda would honestly admit that a Comedy Show to raise money for the family of a their daughter or sister or friend who happens to also be convicted murder and who will appeal, was in bad taste, and probably a very very bad choice for furthering their cause in the public's eye, we just might be able to have a conversation.

Italian legal system

Posted: "This comments is deeply disrespectful to the jury and the Italian legal system."
As they should be. How does a court find guilt when there is no believable motive, there is no evidence of the convicted in the victim's bedroom, and all so-called witnesses discredited themselves?

How does a court consider a knife to be valid evidence when it was 'magically' selected from a drawer full of knifes, when it doesn't match the victim's wounds, when a bloody silhouette on the bedding doesn't match, when LCN DNA testing was performed, when the testing lab withheld information from the court, when the testing lab is still withholding information, and the court refused an independent expert to examine the testing of the knife. In addition, LCN DNA is not admissible in a U.S. court. How does the court justify this? How does anyone justify this?

The trial was a charade with the 'guilty' verdict predetermined before the start of the trial. Shame on you Italy, shame!

Italian Legal System

Witnesses discredited themselves ??? HUH ??

The only people who discredited them selves were the people convicted.

I mean, lets forget all the pseudo CSI Forensic babble from biased amateur sympathizers above.

Lets just look at the guilty parties answers to that ever so difficult question....
Where were you at the time of the Murder?

The scattershot self contradictory answers ranged from:

A: Raffaele's "answers":
1) At a party with friends
2) OOOPS that was just "Rubbish to protect Amanda's lies"
3) Amanda was with me all night after we smoked pot and screwed
4)But Amanda did leave for a few hours that night.
5) I was so high last night i still cannot remember where I was or who was with me

Amanda's "answers"
1)I stayed with Raffaele all night after we got high and screwed
2) Raffaele said I left ??
OK I was in the kitchen holding my ears while Mr Lumumba killed Meredith
3) 1) I'm so confused from smoking so much pot, I do not know where I was

But this is all circumstantial evidence..they are innocent.

How to heal

So sorry to hear you are sick, Guest. If you developed a sense of humor it would do wonders for your health and outlook on life. You might even be able to see more clearly.

Amanda may have been convicted but she is not a killer. Too many Europeans hate Amanda because she respresents the all-American girl. Good at sports, intelligent, good-hearted, religious and still able to enjoy life (Americans like to think we're all like that ...we're not). She's so "perfect" that it pleases you to think she is a killer and is now being punished ("That'll teach you, Miss Goody two-shoes.") I'm sure she has a flaw or two but killing someone is not in her repetoire.

If you'd stop being so hateful you'd be less sick and it'd do a world of good for your karma.


Still waiting to hear from anybody who was friends with her before 2005.

She does indeed represent what has become the all american girl. Spoiled with a sense of entitlement, shameless self-promotion, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, loud and crude.


. . . if some of these people who support Amanda would honestly admit that a Comedy Show to raise money for the family of a their daughter or sister or friend who happens to also be convicted murder and who will appeal, was in bad taste, . . .

Your righteousness is vomit inducing! The first Knox family fund raiser (which was not a comedy show) many months ago attracted such nice crashers that some were seen stalking the two younger Knox girls in the bathroom! What disgusting examples of human beings.

Why would someone wish to crash a fund raiser for a family attempting to raise funds for their daughter's defense? Why would someone wish to crash a fund raiser for a family attempting to raise funds in order to visit their daughter in an Italian prison? And to top it all off, two or three of these crashers were actually seen stalking the two young Knox girls in the bathroom!

Almost forgot, the infamous Jacksons were so crass that they saw fit to dis Amanda and her family in a short TV interview. As I said previously, "your righteousness is vomit inducing! "

Oh I love this site

We get a free Dr Phil Wannabe psychoanalysis by E-Mail in addition to an assinine analysis from CSI Forensic wannabe phonies.

May I with all due respect suggest to both of the above that the only "sick" people who harbored "hatred" sufficient to brutally murder an innocent young woman will have about a quarter of a century behind bars to heal themselves with their own "karma".

Best Regards

to #35; You're right

Your post and it's response from the next one,36, remind me of the question "Are you going to believe what you see-or what I tell you you see?" #36, wants us all to believe her even though the evidence and all the facts are against her.She, and others of her ilk, will never change their minds. In that they are just like the prosecutor of the case who's mind closed tight like a clamshell as soon as he thought he had figured out the case..No amount of facts, plain dealing or attempts to convince based on fact or anything solid will ever get past that fortified prison called their brain. It is ever so with such people.Might as well try turning coal into precious metals-or a pigs ear into a silk purse.But the attempt was worth the try.

"Witnesses discredited

"Witnesses discredited themselves ??? HUH ??"

Yes! One so called witness said Amanda was wearing a red coat. Everyone put on the witness stand was questioned as to whether they ever saw Amanda in a red coat. The answer, NO! Also, she doesn't own one.

Another witness said that Amanda has gaps in her teeth. Right. The whole world knows this to be untrue.

The shop keeper claiming to have seen her the morning of Nov. 2, 2007, was discredited by his own employee who said that Amanda was not in the shop that morning.

Then we have the homeless man who can't really recall the night nor the time.

Discredited witnesses, all of them!

Alan - More PR Bull$h!t

Gogerty Stark Marriott making another rounds at synthesizing a “Nation-wide” support group. I love how they made sure this had just enough "Italy is base" and "go to France instead of Italy" snippets in there. Very Objective.

This is what Marriott PR is doing in the news (taken from their website):

Media Relations

Understanding what makes the media tick can be essential to the success of many high-profile projects. Gogerty Marriott helps our clients develop media plans that provide reporters and editors with information needed to understand the issues and to help clients communicate appropriately when there is controversy. Instrumental in these plans are the following tactics:

***Briefings with reporters and editorial writers
***Events that attract favorable news coverage
-Media kits including press releases, fact sheets and Q and As
-Producing and placing op-eds
-Letters to the editor campaigns
***Placement of positive stories
-Media training for client spokespersons and message preparation
-Internal research and risk assessment to help anticipate and prepare for potentially negative coverage.

You may as well raise money for Charlie Manson...
This is awful. She is guilty, was declared so in a fair trial in which NO COMPLAINTS WERE MADE BY THE AMERICAN CONSULAR PRESENCE, and come appeal time, when she is convicted again, hopefully we'll have an ounce of remorse and an apology to the people of Italy, the other group of victims who have had the names dragged in the mud undeservingly.

The only people who write in support are lame, go-nowhere editorials, such as this one.

This article is subjective, unbiased and irrelevant. This isn’t news.

@ Loretta: Maybe 'Europeans'

@ Loretta:

Maybe 'Europeans' (if you chose to ignore the majority of the US people who also condemn her) dislike her because she's a murderer.

That could be a reason...

Incidentally, she's not religious at all, or intelligent for that matter, judging from her behavior and comments, though she does seem to enjoy life :P

In case anyone is wondering,

In case anyone is wondering, Truth is the same poster who posts under John Winters. There are almost as many hits for his name + Amanda Knox as there are stars in the sky.

Nice to see you're still out and about John. I hope you're at least getting paid by Gogerty Marriott rather than for the pleasure of beating off to a murderer.
When she's convicted (AGAIN) you can totally send her letters in prison. I hear lots of people dig murderers - just ask any convict in prison!

Bye for now and see you at the next post!


"Too many Europeans hate Amanda because she respresents the all-American girl. Good at sports, intelligent, good-hearted, religious and still able to enjoy life"

WHAT????? Religious? Shagging a stranger on a train in the toilet while her liddle sister waited? Taking drugs? Seven men in six weeks? Lying to police? Lying and lying and lying? She's a trollop!!!! All American girl!!! This is hysterical!!! Claim her if you want, as the embodiment of your young American women, I'd prefer to claim someone slightly 'cleaner' in their sexual habits. You can have her, America, she's as sick as you are!

Lindsey Graham - is she another all American girl? Abu Ghraib? Is that an example of American justice? Water-boarding? Is that an example of American interrogation techniques? The death penalty? Is that an example of American justice? Barbaric nation. You will be made to learn, believe me. All of you. Your hypocrisy stinks and this disgusting family embody it.

Amanda Knox is a sex offender and a murderer.


Who holds a comedy evening when a family are still weeping by the grave of their daughter?


Why doesn't Raffaele support Amanda's alibi if they are innocent?

Who is the looney tune here?

Guest # 39. You know what I am talking about. I am talking about a Comedy show being the venue for fund raising for the Knox family. People who want to can give via paypal 24/7 so WHY A COMEDY SHOW??? when Meredith Kercher was murdered? What planet are you on?

Alibi important?

Because otherwise you just look like a liar. So if you say you were at your boyfriend's house and he says, "I am not sure if she was with me all night. In fact, ignore the load of rubbish I said before. Amanda told me to say it and I did not think of the inconsistencies; she went out and came back around one am", then it suggests there is a disagreement about alibi. That is what is known in the detection trade as a WHOPPER. People who are being questioned about a murder who tell WHOPPERS are treated as suspicious. Just a cultural note there for you guys. Is it different in the US? Do you release people who tell lies about where they were on the night of the murder? Sheeesh, it must seem really unfair to you, all this professional detective work then. No wonder you're annoyed. And Amanda's blood mixed with the murder victim? In six different spots? You'd let her GO in the US? Jeeese, it all makes sense then! Don't worry, you have twenty six years to get used to the way things are done 'elsewhere'. It's a long time....She'll be 48...

Posted: "You can have her,

Posted: "You can have her, America, she's as sick as you are!
Who holds a comedy evening when a family are still weeping by the grave of their daughter?"

How refreshing. An American hater. If you don't want Amanda Knox, then free her and send her home. Quit playing games with your charade of a trial!

Also, if you haven't noticed, there are victims other than Meredith Kercher--Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and families.

Most countries require evidence to convict someone of murder and sentence them to 25 years in prison. Obviously this doesn't apply in Italy's 3rd world justice system. You may despise America, but be assured that the feeling is the same for Italy!

Since this is an American blog, why not find somewhere else to post your hate!