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The Comedy Underground in Seattle's Pioneer Square held a fundraiser for Amanda Knox's appeal process. She was convicted Dec. 4 of murdering her college roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. Knox's parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, pictured, thanked the audience of nearly 90, the club, and the five comedians who performed for free, including Renee Perrault, who MC'ed, for supporting their daughter. The show was Peerault's idea. She is Curt's friend and former co-worker at Macy's Corporation.

Amanda Knox's family: "Comedy night fundraiser a welcomed break"

Nearly 90 people attended Amanda Knox's fundraiser Wednesday night, Jan. 27, held at the Comedy Underground in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. Tickets were $50, and raffle tickets were sold, to raise money for Knox's appeal process which follows her Dec. 4 guilty verdict for murdering her college roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy Nov. 1, 2007. Money raised goes to

Five stand-up comedians performed for free, including event organizer and host, Renee Perrault, a friend of Amanda's father, Curt, and his former co-worker at Macy's Corporation. Several raffle prizes were awarded. At the event's conclusion, Curt and Amanda's mother Edda Mellas briefly thanked the crowd.

The comedians' topics varied but none made reference to Amanda or the trial. Many family members were sprinkled in the audience as well as supporters from Amanda's West Seattle neighborhood. One audience member said he came from Connecticut to offer his support.

"They have a strange system of justice in Italy," said said Tony Comito from Ballard, an Amanda supporter and professional magician who said he is Italian-American and has been following the trial closely. "You would think they've had all this time since the Roman times to develop their system of justice and this is what we have?"

"It was funny," said Chris Mellas, Amanda's step-father. "It was good stuff. I'm surprised how many people turned out. It's pretty cool."

"I grew up in West Seattle, and went to the UW study-abroad program in France," said landscape designer Blair Constantine who also happens to be the brother of King County Executive, Dow. "I would recommend France over Italy to anybody. I kind of relate, since I was also a student in Europe, and feel very, very bad for the family."

"I had a really amazing time," said Madison Paxton, a close friend of both Amanda and her sister Deanna. "It really touches the heart to see all these people here. It was really funny. I also thought it was really funny and I'll definitely come back here a lot."

"I scoped this place out on my 21st birthday," said Deanna. "The comics here are hilarious." She said she would "turn beet red" if she tried to do stand-up comedy on stage.

"While it was a comedy event we're dealing with a very serious situation," said Curt. "Absolutely the greatest loss was the loss of Meredith's life."

Curt said his family welcomed a break from the day to day anguish of fighting for his daughter's freedom.

"it was actually kind of nice to venture away from the stress involved with the situation," he said. "It was extremely nice to have all of the people around us and it was a great event."

Although some media earlier reported the possibility of "anti-Amanda" protesters gathering outside the club, they were a no-show.

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Agreed about the alibi.

Agreed about the alibi. Pretty basic stuff. And why is the DNA evidence good enough for RG but not for AK?

Anyways, I hate seeing this 'story' in the 'news'. It's not even on major news sites, why is this still relevant?

I say give the money to Darfour, not Haiti. Or the poor. If the family is going to raise money and benefit from Media, they should give some money to Meredith Kercher related memorial stuff (even a token donation of 50$ or whatever) or one that deals with violence against women.

Posted "Do you release

Posted "Do you release people who tell lies about where they were on the night of the murder? Sheeesh, it must seem really unfair to you, all this professional detective work then. No wonder you're annoyed. And Amanda's blood mixed with the murder victim? In six different spots?"

- - - - - - - - - - -

The lies must be put into the context of what was asked and what the response was. Also, how many times had the same question been asked? Was the interrogater threatening? How many interrogators were there? Was there a language problem? How long had the interrogation been going on? Over how many days?

Also, there were not six different spots with Amanda's and Meredith's blood! DON'T LIE! There might have been one and only one in the bathroom. Surprise! Amanda left a drop of blood in her bathroom at some time. Blood cannot be aged! Amanda had pierced her ears! Isn't this all so very incriminating?

@ Posted: you can have

@ Posted: you can have her

Italy doesn't have a 3rd world justice system, get over _your_ hate. You are so ignorant and bigoted, and thankfully, limited to this arena. How about you get a clue and stop spewing your BS?

Ohhh, anti-Americanism , how refreshing! That line is tired and trite, and seems to be the last thing FOA cling to. Here's some news:

I'm from Portland, went to Toscana, Italy for a 8 month architecture exchange, and the worst thing about Italy is it's expensive and you get hit on. Other than that, the people are friendly, polite, helpful and educated. I am truly saddened at the slings aimed at them, when they should be made at the real bad apple.

Posted: "Anyways, I hate

Posted: "Anyways, I hate seeing this 'story' in the 'news'. It's not even on major news sites, why is this still relevant?"


I hope this poster was just jesting. 'Why is this relevant'? It means nothing to you that two innocent young people are to spend the next 25 years in prison? How can you say that? Not relevant?

Incredible and disgusting!

Italians vs. their legal system

.The Italians I've known are generally-and this goes for the ones in the US as well as in "the old country"fine people: easy-going, friendly and kind-hearted. It isn't the people that are the problem in this case, but the justice system that's developed there. Alot of systems in Italy don't run in a brusk and understandable manner to alot of us from outside. Their political system is in-com-pre-hen-si-ble to anyone but them. Or at least to me- maybe you can understand it...
And now we are all trying to comprehend their justice system. But the systems in a country are not the people and it is a bad policy to put them into one basket.Viva l"Italianos!

"Most countries require

"Most countries require evidence to convict someone of murder and sentence them to 25 years in prison. Obviously this doesn't apply in Italy's 3rd world justice system. You may despise America, but be assured that the feeling is the same for Italy!"

Yes, this is the problem you see America. Lack of education. If you can't improve the basic logic and reasoning of your school kids what hope do you have? Italy, on the other hand...well, where do we start! A wonderful, rich, ancient culture. Q: What makes 9 Italian jurors and nineteen judges better than this poster? Education. It's a bit embarrassing. Dear poster, (Is it Deanna???) I am trying to help you. I don't despise Americans, though you make that quite hard, but lots and lots of 'foreign' people do. They see your fear and your hatred of all that is not American and they pity your weakness. People like you have shown yourselves to be ignorant, aggressive, xenophobic, disrespectful, lacking in grace and are brash, cruel, hypocritical and arrogant. And you are louder than the decent thinking people of your country. You drown out the good.

This isn't what I think, it's what the world secretly, and not so secretly, think of you as a nation. Because of posters like you, and because of people like the Knox family. The disrespect they have shown towards the family of a murdered girl, to whom they have not even extended their condolences simply cannot be understood by decent right thinking people, of ANY culture.

I know a majority (as evidenced by the low turnout) don't support the Knox family in this endeavor, and for that much thanks. Please spare a gentle thought for the family of a girl who isn't ever coming home, and say a prayer for her.

Poster, you simply ignore the questions about your own justice system because it suits you to. You cannot win that argument. Morally, internationally, you are weak, and you will fall because of it.

This case is causing really bad feeling between nations.

No point in debating here any longer. I will leave you to your thoughts poster.

Curt and Edda, hope you're proud of your night of fun. Don't ask for any sympathy any more. You have forfeited the right. Curt, you are the only one with any feeling. Please try and sort this situation out. Thank you for mentioning Meredith. I noticed and it is appreciated. Small things make a big difference. But you should not have agreed to it. The damage is done.

innocent bystander

Sorry your love life is so bad, such that you need to sock parade every night. Do you love a sock puppet also? LOL

Well said #56. Quite

Well said #56. Quite diplomatic, and gentler that most deserve.

Maybe people will lose the ego and think about what you've said, and gain from it. Maybe not.

It was nice for you to thank Curt for mentioning MK. How gracious.

love from Canada

Has Curt found a job, yet?

Has Curt found a job, yet? Is his new job looking for tasteless ways to get handouts in the name of his criminal daughter?

Some people in the US are sitting on death row with not one iota of physical evidence against them. Purely circumstantial. There is physical evidence against Amanda. Amanda will some day be released from prison to live with her Family.

Alas, her victim will never go home again.

blah blah blah

Amanda Knox is am0ng the likes of Jesus of Nazareth not ted bundy...People who believe she is guilty are DUMB ..lacking intuition and a brain... sick very sick


It is absolutely despicable to raise money for the rightfully convicted murderess Miss Knox.

She received a fair trial, she had ample opportunities to explain the evidence against her but instead wasted valuable time with baseless accusations.

The appeal will not bring the result the Knox's are hoping for and neither will the second appeal.

Amanda Knox is guilty, for she murdered Meredith Kercher.

Dude, your Jesus is not the

Dude, your Jesus is not the same as my Jesus if you think Amanda is at his level.

My Jesus was a humble, compassionate guardian of humanity and the world who healed, loved, educated and saved, NOT a pot-smoking, trollop with no remorse or morals.

He is selfless. She is selfish.
He raised the dead. She murdered a young woman.

And by the way, intuition is the wrong word my friend. You don't know someone is guilty or innocent by intuition. You need proof. Now who's DUMB?...

re: friends

whoa, did you just insult the entire American populace? Wow. This is a meaningful discussion indeed. Well, I take comfort knowing that even if we are all "spoiled with a sense of entitlement, shameless self-promotion, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, loud and crude," that it still doesn't make Amanda guilty of murder. Comments like yours, guest, simply fuel the perception here that Amanda was a victim of character assassination, and do little to earn sympathy for your cause.

Re: DavidGuest

Unbelievable! If you would follow the case, you would know that the DNA evidence against Rudy was infallible, while that against Amanda was deeply problematic. Wake up! And who gave you the right to tell people where they should donate their money?

To # 63

To # 63

Having a comedy act that calls women cunts is pretty crude, actually.

And no, being spoiled with a sense of entitlement, shameless self-promotion, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, loud and crude doesn't make her (Amanda) guilty, but a conviction in the court of law does.

I hope when the guilty verdict rings out in the appeal trial that this family and their supporters drop off the radar. This is totally played out beyond belief - no one even sticks to the topic of the article anymore!

Just ignore this family, and the problem will solve itself. The attention they get is from staying in the news - like Paris Hilton... remember her?

to #63 RE:RE: friends and losing the way

# 63: Oh that was well-said and oh, so right. All of this gobblydegook has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

This isn't supposed to be about rage and hatred and prejudice. It isn't supposed to be about religion, or which country is best or worst. It's about the truth of who killed Meredith Kercher and whether it was apropos or not to have a fundraiser to get money to pay for lawyers to defend Amanda in her appeal.

There are two groups in this: the Amanda-haters and those who believe she had nothing to do with this murder, was convicted with voodoo evidence by a meglomaniac prosecutor and the tabloid Italian and British media.

The haters believe she has no rights and therefore this fundraiser was obscene- no matter what the venue would have been. The pros believe that she deserves an appeal due to the many problems with the trial and realise that Amanda's family has no money and must find it where they can. Donations are coming in but lawyers are expensive.

The people who came up with this fundraising idea are entertainers and commedians. They make people laugh for a living-that's their talent. People who want to raise money do what they're good at and if that means being funny then that's what they do.There was no disrespect meant- and rational people wouldn't see any. It was nothing more than a well-meant attempt by entertainers to get a little more money for Amanda's appeal.

If that is offensive to people they are looking to be offended.

to #63 RE:RE: friends and losing the way

Again, typical condescending tone, I'm not surprised.

Maybe you just don't get it. There are a lot more than 2 groups.
There are haters, of course, and the polar opposites who are Amanda fanatics who you probably wouldn't want arguing for you cause either with their slander, xenophobia, and general ignorance, which end up embarrassing both parties. There are the people who think she's innocent based on the ample evidence . There are those who believe she's guilty based on the ample evidence. And there are those who want the events to play out where they belong - in court, in Italy, and for people to respect that, as others respect the choices of America.

Regardless of what you believe, there have to be certain things that are respected, and that's just not happening here - from both sides.


If your you or daughter were on trial.. what would say or hope your daughter would say???

Perhaps, in my mind, MOST EGREGIOUS OF ALL...
Her first "spontaneous comment" in court? What a golden opportunity (not afforded to defendants in US courtrooms!!!) to set a tone for the rest of the trial.

If it were I there, and I had this privilege, I would have stated the obvious: MY INNOCENCE.

"Ladies and Gentleman, at the outset of this trial......let me state unequivocally to you AND TO THE KERCHER FAMILY... I was, and am deeply horrified about this tragedy.....
...I had nothing, NOTHING at all to do with Meredith's murder. I want to look Meredith's family in the eye and tell them this, etc. etc...

Any innocent person would have done that.

But what does Amanda do? She squanders her golden opportunity to talk to us about her pink rabbit vibrator?


I think Amanda will have access to support in prison - psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists. She may have an underlying condition such as depression, or even a mild form of personality disorder.

I feel that considering her involvement with drugs, alcohol and sex that she may have issues. Maybe there was some family trauma involved in her childhood. Its none my business, or anyone else's really.

But if there is, she will be receiving help while under surveillance, and kept away from the booze, sex and the drugs that have undoubtedly influenced her.

i also feel sorry for

i also feel sorry for amanda, but not because of her conviction, but because of her choices. considering her behaviour before she left seattle, she should never have gotten involved with raffaele, bar tending, becoming a sexual object to men, heavy drinking and the likes. she went abroad to study - she should have been studying!!!
what serious student really spends so much time in extra curriculars, and those unrelated to school!

her parents have failed partially in her education and are scrambling to make up ground. young girls (and men) should take a lesson from this and keep their noses clean.

The Haters

The Amanda haters are out in force tonight since Mignini has been convicted of abuse of power and the tide is changing.

The vile emotions which drip out of these people are truly amazing...they excoriate Amanda and her parents but nary a word about Rudy Guede, the only person who has admitted to being at the scene and who, at a minimum, left Meredith to die.

Amanda on Drugs vs. Amanda Sober

As the photo choice suggests, Amanda's family remembers her as a sweet young girl (age 14?).

As we now know, however, Amanda was not so sweet by age 21: She was cultivating a dark side that included using street drugs to the point of memory loss.

Hunter S. Thompson summed it up nicely:

"You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye."


Anyone who has looked at the evidence cannot fail to see Know was involved in covering something up even if she 's not a murderer. It's her refusal to tell the truth in the face of her supporters' campaigning that's her main problem. She should be told it's ok to tell the truth.
Please, please study the evidence before responding on a purely emotional level dressed up as insight.

You all know as well as I do

You all know as well as I do that if it was the reversal and Amada had been murdered by Guede and Meredith had been framed by the pig Mignini, then her parents would be doing the same type fund raising that the Knox's are doing. The pig Mignini made up a motive just like he did with the charge that brought him down and innocent people are paying the price.

Fund Raiser

You all know as well as I do that if it was the reversal and Amada had been murdered by Guede and Meredith had been framed by the pig Mignini, then her parents would be doing the same type fund raising that the Knox's are doing. The pig Mignini made up a motive just like he did with the charge that brought him down and innocent people are paying the price.

Chris Mellas

Chris Mellas you are a disgusting LIAR! Over a year ago you posted on Perugia Shock that "we", as in your family, had requested a 'closed hearing trial'. Disgusting LIAR! It was the Kercher family that requested that! I'm sure that you would have liked nothing more than to see humiliation brought upon anyone in open court who disagreed with you. It really sickens me to know that a disgusting creep like you has probably seen crime scene and autopsy photos of Meredith Kercher and no doubt have described them to your slob tavern rat friends. You make the Kerchers own words seem like your own. You truly are a slimy and sickening human being!

" As a sidenote, the court proceedings will remain public. We have requested that there be no pictures, video, or audio taken, in order to quell the media frenzy as well as to preserve the privacy of Meredith. As for those who wish to lock everyone out and have a completely closed trial, well...I doubt Italy will be amending their constitution any time soon for that to be possible.
Certainly there will be times when it is not appropriate for people to be in the courtroom...we agree that at these times, the court should be emptied, but only during these times.
I can't wait for people to see the real case.
The first 20 or so hearings will be Mignini's finest show he can muster, but then he has to sit back and bite his tongue as we dismantle his world. We also get the final word.

She is innocent.
So is Raffaele.
November 25, 2008 9:12 PM "

Hide the evidence

Is Chris Mellas' motivation to try to hide the incriminating evidence against Amanda and at the same time control the flow of information so that deceptions is easier to accomplish?

Furthermore, if journalists were not allowed to report on the case against Amanda then that would make the Knox / Mellas family members more valuable to journalists in their quest to obtain information.

They would then likely be able to dictate to journalists what they can or can not write about the case or they simply will not receive any information from the relatives of the murderess.

In addition, this would also increase the market value of the information as simple economics teaches us that scars resources will achieve a premium in the market place.

In other words they might be trying to maximize the profits they can achieve with television and radio appearances and book deal.

To put it differently, one of them killed an innocent person in the most deprived way and the rest of the family is trying to profit from the crime.

Absolutely disgusting and it should be outlawed!

Great legal minds at work

Here is something kind of fun. Frank Sfarzo of Perugia Shock interviewed Prosecutor Manuela Comodi on January 19th about the slander charges against Amanda. Her responses give us an indication of how carefully the trail evidence may have been reviewed by the nineteen judges:

"As it usually happens in case of crime committed in the courtroom, in this case too the proceedings was sent to the same prosecutor of the trial, Mignini and Comodi.

The latter was so kind to give us some details.

Q: Who did Amanda slander?
A: Some policeman at the trial.
Q: For the law, slander is when someone presents a lawsuit, a complaint or a request in order to blame someone for a crime that he knows is innocent...
A: (checking the code) Lawsuit, complaint, request... yes.
Q: ...Did Amanda present a lawsuit, a complaint, a request? Did she give a name?
Q: No, but the interpretation...
Q: Did the Supreme Court interpret that even when you just say that by responding to a question you make a slander?
A: Yes, and since the beginning, since the law was made.
Q: Maybe there exists another Supreme Court ruling, maybe more recent and of a higher section, that says the opposite.
A: I don't think so.
Q: So, what did today happen?
A: You know that: she received the notice of conclusion of investigation.
Q: What was done as investigation?
A: Nothing, what should we have done? She did it in front of everyone.
Q: You didn't think you could maybe investigate if what she said was true?
A: And what should we have done, interview the interpreter?
Q: The interpreter and all other witnesses, the suspect, the victims. Run the investigation, you know how to make them.
A: Please... there's nothing to investigate, she did the slander in public. And everybody was already heard at the trial.
Q: So she said that, in the courtroom, and Mignini asked to send the acts to the prosecution office.
A: We asked to send the acts to the prosecution office. He spoke because one has to speak, but we decided together.
Q: And to which prosecutor did the acts arrive?
A: You know that: to me and Mignini.
Q: Just to you and Mignini?
A: Yes, it was sent to us. But if you know that why you ask?
Q: It's particular in this case, I wanted to hear it again. Are you going to press charges?
Q: We'll see."

Amanda Haters?

'Amanda Haters?'

Grow up. It's called skepticism.

Considering the amount of unanswered questions, I think a healthy dose is in order.

I think more than a few parties involved in this case are keeping quiet about a number of things, keeping mum because at this point, switching stories is going to look a whole lot worse.
For example, if Amanda knew that Rudy/Raf did it, and kept quiet, she could be charged for conspiracy, which could still result in jail time.

Its possible that she didn't commit the murder herself, but was involved in the attempt to conceal evidence about it, maybe to protect Raf, who's family's reputation could have been damaged his involvement with drugs and acquaintance with drug dealers.

When the appeal comes along, I will be very interested to see what evolves out of the hearing... very interested.

drugs are bad, m'kay?

drugs are bad, m'kay?

Amanda is Innocent

The Knox family has every right to fight for their daughter's release. She's innocent and obviously so. The so-called PR campaign is legitimate. That is how democracies respond to kangaroo courts.

The pro-Amanda camp has always wanted to reach out to the Kerchers but it is thought to be unwelcome or inappropriate at this time. We all mourn the loss of Meredith as much as anyone. Please understand that.

In Italy's trial of the century, the justice system was broken... Period. Since Italian law does not permit full public access to the trial record, we must depend on media reports of the case. The fact is that the evidence reported by major newspapers and television outlets provides overwhelming evidence of exoneration.

The evidence is that Rudy Guede did it and the various scenarios that have AK and RS participating are in the words of New York Times Correspondent Tim Egan "preposterous and made-up."

Finally remember that the Italian police had every opportunity to prevent this terrible crime. Guede had participated in three separate break-ins (armed with a knife no less) in the weeks before the murder. The Italian police were made aware of these crimes and did nothing to take him off the streets.

Considering her lifestyle

Considering her lifestyle while away, Amanda is lucky she didn't end up like Natalee Holloway.

And had she, her family would be calling for a boycott again, like the Holloway family did, saying the police weren't aggressive enough and should have gathered more suspects.

If you look closely, this case is a bit similar, only the other way around. And this Natalee case had many Americans crying for the arrest of several people on circumstantial evidence much like this case.

"The Twittys were accused of actively stifling any evidence that might impugn Holloway's character by asking her fellow students to remain silent about the case and using their access to the media to push their own version of events."

This is quite familiar sounding. Even Natalee's case was eclipsed by Katrina like AK was by Haiti.

The point here is you make your bed, you sleep in it.

The point is this: Act right, do right. Natalee was naive and out of control, and it caught up to her, and she paid the price for her indiscretions. Amanda is now facing the same curtain call.

Maybe we need to lower the drinking age here and legalize, so kids don't have to try and sneak around in other countries to get their kicks.

There is an important nexus

There is an important nexus between the Natalie Holloway case and Amanda's but the similarities aren't there.

The Natalie Holloway case was one of the most over-covered stories around. Her family understandably wanted everything possible done to find her but they really didn't have a right to dominate the news media in the way they did. Television professionals recognized this at the time and made their opinions clear. Amanda has very much been hurt by the backlash over this. Her story has been under-covered.

As best I can tell it's not been established that Natalie Holloway's death was even a homicide. She may have drowned or perished from alcohol poisoning. Those around her probably knew more than they let on. But I don't really know either.

There was also excellent support from US and Dutch law enforcement and early intervention from the US State Department. In Amanda's case, corruption and incompetence of public officials was front and center. Just imagine what would have happened if competent investigators from the US had come to Perugia.

No way no how did Amanda bring all this on herself. College kids have flaws. The first thing I would say to the Perugians is that if you don't love the young people with all the flaws of youth then maybe you ought to get out of the University business.

Last Post by PhaneulB

The previous post (#84) is by PhanuelB.. Sorry about that.

David Guest DNA

@David Guest: "And why is the DNA evidence good enough for RG but not for AK?"

What? All forensic evidence against Amanda was dubious at best. The physical evidence against Rudy was massive and overhwelming. Where do you disagree?

Undisputed Evidence
(1) Rudy Guede prints found at crime scene
(2) Rudy Guede DNA found in victim
(3) Rudy Guede crime scene DNA indicates sexual contact with victim
(4) No corroboration of Rudy’s claim that the victim had agreed to go on a date with him
(5) RS did not know the name of Rudy B4 the murder
(6) Rudy Guede flees to Germany shortly after the murder
(7) Rudy Guede feces found in bathroom
(8) Rudy Guede footprint found at crime scene
(9) No cell phone contact ever between AK and Rudy
(10) No cell phone contact ever between RS and Rudy
(11) Rudy Guede seen dancing at night club after the murder
(12) Photo of Rudy’s hand shortly after capture shows scaring
(13) Rudy claims defensive wound to hands were in protecting victim
(14) No defensive wounds to AK
(15) No defensive wounds to RS
(16) No DNA or other biological material of AK in Meredith’s room
(17) No DNA of others identified underneath victim’s fingernails
(18) DNA of at least 4 different people identified on bra clasp
(19) Valid test for presence of blood on double DNA knife is negative
(20) Rudy Guede DNA on Meredith’s purse
(21) Hair of black man found in victim’s hand
(22) On 27-Sep-07 Christian Tramantano finds Rudy Guede in his house with a knife
(23) Christian Tramantano reports the break-in and identifies Guede to police after murder
(24) On 27-Oct-07 Maria Prato catches Rudy Guede in her school and calls police
(25) On 27-Oct-07 Police take Rudy into custody and find him in possession of a 10 inch knife
(26) On 27-Oct-07 Police find Rudy in possession of laptop stolen on 13-Oct in Perugia
(27) Police decline to arrest Rudy on 27-Oct-09 and put him on a train back to Perugia

(1) Christian Tramantano reports the break-in and identifies Guede to police B4 murder
(2) "Double DNA knife" has DNA of victim
(3) Bra Clasp has DNA of RS
(4) DNA assumbed to be of RS on bra clasp deposited by innocent means
(5) No recordings or videos exist of the AK interrogation
(6) Giuliano Mignini accused Doug Preston of being an accessory to murder
(7) Mignini’s interrogation of Preston was not motivated by a search for the truth

Let's make it a sell-out!

For all my fellow friends and supporters of Amanda who couldn't attend the fundraiser ----
Why don't we work towards making this fundraiser a sell-out? I couldn't afford the time or money to make the trip from Texas to Seattle, but I can afford to send in fifty dollars to buy one of the unsold tickets.... I'll bet before the next fundraiser all of us can sell-out this theatre by working together to support Amanda by snapping up these unsold tickets.
Best Wishes,
--- John Michael O'Loughlin

If it were true that Knox

If it were true that Knox had been railroaded, especially to the degree that her fans would have everyone believe, there would be HUGE pressure from the top to have her released.

There is zero.

She does not have an iota of support from anyone of importance. There is not a single murmur from your government of any wrongful conviction; this is because they know she is guilty.

To all of the sad supporters aggressively supporting their fabricated version of events, knock yourselves out. Your time is no doubt just as well spent on this pathetic cause as it would be on anything else you could muster in your ignorant little worlds.

Fair trial, rightful conviction?

Some times the question comes up did Amanda receive a fair trial and was she rightfully convicted?

The answer is in the affirmative in both cases.

Buy why??

I have read all the arguments and kept score of the battles won by each side in this case. There are enough lies and half-truths to confuse a Perguian jury. But one compelling question has to be answered. And that is WHY. Without an answer to this simple question, there cannot be an intellectual conclusion to this matter.

Was it a delayed Halloween killing as Mignini originally proposed? There is no evidence to support that theory.

Was it Satanic in nature like Preston writes about in the Monster of Florence and Magnini proposed, based in part by the Halloween costumes? That theory has made Mignini look pretty foolish.

Was it a theft of money from Kircher's handbag? Knox had worked three jobs to finance this trip and she still had a 4 figure balance in her account, so this theory does not work for Knox, although Rude Gaede had no visible means of support and his fingerprints were found in her purse. The 250 euros would be pretty attractive.

Was it a dispute over bathroom habits (namely the proper use of a toilet brush) and male visitors, as has been advocated? Probably not as there is absolutely NO evidence of discontent on Kircher's part? (There may have been messages favorable to the defense on one of the three computers destroyed by the Italian police.)

Was it a sex game gone bad as Mignini has so gleefully proposed? Well, I can tell you from personal experience that smoking either (or both) cannabis and/or hashish does not make a person violent or aggressive. Oh yes, you may attack a box of cookies but to be on a drug fueled sex game is illogical. Neither Knox nor Raffe had shown any history of sex games or violence. Raffe didn't know Gaede at all so why get in a sex game with him?
On the other hand, Guede had shown an interest in Merideth and his DNA was found in her private area.

But the last theory may work. That theory is the "just because" theory. As the assistant prosecutor stated in the trial (paraphrased) 'Violence happens for no reason in this day and time'. This is hard to argue against until you look at the suspect's history. Neither Knox nor Raffe have any violence in their history. The priest in the prison, who has come to know Knox in the two years she has waited for the trial to conclude, had vouched for her by saying that she is not the evil person that the court tried to portray.

However, if this "just because" theory is good enough to convict Knox of murder, it certainly should work in serving as a defense in the Knox slander case. That is to say, if you put enough policemen and women in a room with a suspect, eventually the police will beat the suspect. Why? Because 'Violence happens for no reason in this day and time', even to the police.

There is clearly not enough evidence to convict in this case,

Flood the cell

Any system that allows a suspect to be told to write what they "imagined" happening...told to "imagine" how it could have happened...and the have that "imagined" version admitted as evidence is truly a system built on injustice.

Add on the fact that the suspect does not speak the language, is threatened with 30 years in prison and 9 months of solitary confinement and never seeing her family again and any honesty in the system is lost.

I hope and pray the truth comes out.

Believe her or not, Amanda Knox is still a frightened, somewhat naive young lady who choose to stay in Italy to comfort Meredith's father and stayed in Perugia to help the police rather than seek shelter with relatives in Germany.

Let’s flood her cell with Valentines on February 14 (after Saint Valentine whose feast is on February 14. He was imprisoned and buried at the Via Flaminia north of Rome on February 14.) Please mail by February 1 and packages will NOT be allowed into the prison.

Amanda Knox
c/o Casa Circondariale
Strada Pievaiola
06100 Capanne (PG)

Bless you!

Two disturbing quotes from Italy

“We were able to establish guilt by closely observing the suspect's psychological and behavioral reactions during the interrogations. We don't need to rely on other kinds of investigation as this method has enabled us to get to the guilty parties"- Edgardo Giobbi, prosecutor of Amanda Knox.

Another Example of Science in the Courtroom!!
The judge needed to identify the person(s) responsible for changes to the crime scene. He went down the list of roommates and their lovers. Unable to identify anyone, he defaulted to Knox. FROM THE REPORT: Judge Micheli stated that, in his opinion, “this just left Knox who would seem to have an interest in arranging the scene the police would find”.

In a system where the presumption of innocence is important, Judge Micheli used “guilty because I can't find any one else to blame” as the basis of his decision making. Moreover, based on this faulty logic, two people have spent over 800 days in a harsh, painful prison.

May there be a special place in God's hell for this type of abuse of power.

Amanda is Guilty

Amanda is guilty.
She lied many times. Her alibis never matched with records or with Raffaele's.
She accused an innocent man and didn't tell she falsely accused him for the entire time he was held in prison (2 weeks).
She had her DNA mixed with the victim's blood in 5 different spots.
Her bloody footprints revealed by Luminol were all over the house.
She was seen where she said she wasn't.




Excellent and admirable posts, Tony del Balzo and De Silva (and as always, Phanuel). Thank you.


Honesty is not Knox's maxim

Are the Knox's really under the mistaken believe that they can pervert the course of justice by buying the murderess free by way of a marketing/PR campaign.

As far as I am concerned murderers need to be locked up.

Amanda is clearly guilty on all counts and she had a fair trial and she will get a fair appeal were i predict the original verdict will be confirmed.

Could Edda Mellas be charged?

Edda knew that Patrick L. was innocent. Yet she claims the did not say anything because she does not speak Italian.

She was surrounded by English specking people, her lawyers, some police officers, the interpreters.

Could it be that the intention was to knowingly keep someone in jail for the crime her daughter committed?

Oh, HERE you are, Luisa!

Oh, HERE you are, Luisa! Gosh, you just kind of vanished -- poof! -- from the examiner this morning when I asked you for documentation. What happened? Still looking?

How did Edda know Patrick was innocent?

Guest wrote: "Edda knew that Patrick L. was innocent. Yet she claims the did not say anything because she does not speak Italian."

Can you provide the documentation for Edda's testimony?

Did Edda really know Patrick was innocent, or did she know that Amanda's imagined story about what had happened that night was not accurate?

It is likely Amanda told her mother that the story she had told the police about seeing and hearing Patrick with Meredith at the cottage was not true. That did not necessarily lead to the conclusion for either Amanda or her mother that Patrick was not the murderer.

The police told Amanda that the person she had texted the night of the murder was the killer. Amanda responded, well, that was Patrick, so he must be the killer. It was not up to Amanda to decide who was or was not the killer. She didn't see the murder, so she couldn't have known for sure whether or not Patrick was the killer. She only knew what the police told her. It was up to her to agree with the police, in the name of self-preservation.

Amanda had no control over whether or how Patrick was arrested, and she had no control over whether he was released. For all she knew, Patrick was still in prison after two weeks because he WAS the murderer. Why else would the police keep him locked up?

And, as Ivsitia has pointed out:

"Add also that the police had evidence that Lumumba's cell phone had pinged on the cell tower serving Piazza Grimana, and that Lumumba had changed phones one or two days after the murder (and therefore that fact raised suspicions). The phones was a problem for Lumumba even after his release. In fact although the Judge didn't have enough elements for his detention he was still kept in the "registro degli indagati" (suspected register) for a little while longer after his release."

Sounds like the police suspected Patrick long before they persuaded Amanda to utter his name. After Patrick's alibis started working for him, did the police ever bother to go back and tell Amanda that they no longer suspected Patrick? If not, then she cold not have told her mother Patrick was innocent.

Just frame the black man

Mary H.

I see things differently to you.

I with the judges jurors who unanimously found Knox guilty on all counts.

The scientific evidence does prove Amanda Knox's involvement in the murder.

You and the other paid supporter of the PR campaign can misrepresent as much as you like you will not succeed.

Scientific Evidence

@TruthandJustice:"The scientific evidence does prove Amanda Knox's involvement in the murder. "

When evalutated by competent forensic experts no such conclusion is made.

Rudy's DNA was inside the victim indicating sexual penetration (undisputed by experts.) The American girl didn't put it there.

All three are guilty, fact!

All three are guilty, fact!