A documentary called "The Trials of Amanda Knox airs this Sunday, March 28, 8pm, on TLC, The Learning Channel. Several versions have been made, some more sympathetic than others.

Amanda Knox documentary to air on TV, but which version?

"The Trials of Amanda Knox," is a documentary about the West Seattle UW student currently serving a 26-year jail sentence in Italy for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. The film was released on Great Britain cable TV early January. Google the title and you will find numerous reviews with unshakable takes on the trial based on the evidence presented in the film.

The problem is, there is more than one version of the film. Some versions are more sympathetic to Amanda Knox than others. So, which one will Americans see when it airs here this Sunday, March 28, 8pm, on The Learning Channel?

According to Chris Mellas, Amanda's step-father, there are at least seven versions, and he personally possesses five.

"They contacted our family and wanted our input," said Mellas in an exclusive interview with the West Seattle Herald, referring to the British producers, Eye Films.

"Our initial reaction was 'no.' Then they provided us with little bits (of footage) here and there and our opinions changed a bit. As they investigated more, they found Amanda innocent. The production company felt this wasn’t suitable for a U.K. audience, especially after she was found guilty. The director and filmmaker we were dealing with have been forcibly removed from this production and as a result, the documentary was re-edited and has gone back to its initial focus, that Amanda probably did it. It's been a bitter nasty thing."

Mellas said he believes the version to air here will be a bland compromise. His family makes no money off of the documentary. We will update this story with more details on the documentary.

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i mean people are sick and

i mean people are sick and tired of this same old rant, poor amanda, sympathy for amanda. how wuld u feel if ur daughter or sister was butchered like an animal with a kitchen knife?oh ! there s no proof. well do u know any killer or their family who ever have accepted evidences. even saddam husein said til the last minute, he never killed massses of people. ye there is no evidence, no evidence. . thats why there was a trial and it shows all the evidence. the most important was her lie and blame on someone else voluntarily. why sypmathy for this liar who kept on changing her story to hide her guilt? why do u want her in ur neighborhood maybe she will kill oneof ur family members under the influence of drugs? she isbetter off in jail like oj, scott peterson , and they like amanda have the same old rant" i didn't do it, there is no evidence" . u are only supporting her becuz she is a sexy white female. but u know what behind that sexy face is a a real sociopath liar and a murderer. open ur mind ok, dont be so ignorant

There is no credible

There is no credible evidence linking Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito to this crime. Meredith Kercher's death was an act of extreme violence. Evidence of this crime was quickly spread throughout the crime scene. There is no credible evidence that puts Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito in the room at the time of the murder.

There is not one fingerprint, not one footprint, not one shoe print, not one hair, not one fiber, no sweat, no saliva, no blood, and no DNA of any kind that puts Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito in the room at the time of the murder.

Why? The answer is very clear. There was no evidence putting Amanda Knox and Raffaele sollecito in the room at the time of the murder because they were NOT there.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been wrongly convicted. Please look past the distraction of the media frenzy. Please take the time and discover the truth today. Please visit: http://www.injusticeinperugia.org

What about the money?

Is the sex offender and murderess going to give the money to her victims relatives?

What about the persons whose business the Monster of Washington destroyed?

Is she going to pay him?

Considering what she has done I do not expect her to display any decent behavior any time soon.

In the USA she would be on death row by now, in Saudi Arabia she would have been decapitated by now.

The 427 page report leaves no doubt that Amanda Knox is a killer.

The PR fraud is not going to work!

20 web sites and counting

It does not matter how many misinformation web sites the clan puts up.

After all they are not different sources, apart from presenting false information including photoshopped images of the murder scene, they all are created by Knox's relatives and ex-partners.

The bottom line is that they all lead back to Knox and Co.

I am so glad that they have legal proceedings against them.

I hope that the parents both receive jail sentences for the false information that they keep spreading.

It would not be wise to fine them as they are most likely not going to pay the fine.

I don't think they would have any inclination of paying.

I hope when the trial comes and the verdict is proclaimed they join the brutal killer in jail.

Who reared the killer in the first place?

Did they get paid for their latest media appearances?

Thoroughly disgusted!

Peggy and Walt need to get laid

I wish those two horses would gallup away to their stables and not be heard from again.....seeing them alone gives me nightmares!

Who is Peggy and Walt?

I thought the killers were Amanda Knox, her boy friend and the other friend of Amanda Knox?

What was the African Americans name again?

The guy who help Amanda Knox assault the murder victim.

Was it Knox and Soloton or something?

Anyway, good to see justice is done at last.

About the money...

Lotsa people have their greedy hands out trying to snatch some of this paltry compensation for extreme damage. The Kiircher's lawyer will be leading the charge followed by Patric's lawyer and Patric himself. Then comes the land lady and, of course, another lawyer. Then the state wants Amanda to pay rent on her tiny cold cell and pay for her food. And then the court thinks that the Kangaroo show they have provided is worth money too. Nothing will make it to the financially strapped Seattle family.

Amamda was totally short changed again by the Italian courts in setting this compensation, receiving only 10% of what a fair amount is.

I hope she sues the Perugian police, the prosecutor, the prison, her school for releasing her information and the "electronic specialists" who destroyed three computers.

Will the abuse and hatred ever end? Two wrongs do not make it right.

Re: About The Money

What a mean spirited post this is, suggesting that the Kercher's are after money. This is not the case. As part of Italian law damages have already been awarded to the family. This is done, partly to ensure that killers cannot profit from any cash that ensues. The Kercher's have nothing to do with this. There is no expectations of receiving money. However, should Ms. Knox receive any damages, it is quite right that those who have suffered at her hands should receive it.
Labelling the poor parents of the nurdered girl "greedy" is beneath contempt.

I don't think much of the

I don't think much of the film makers shopping different versions of the film. The truth isn't as malleable as all that! The three murderers are where they belong and a film, no matter how edited, can change the evidence that put them there.

If Amanda Knox had not If

If Amanda Knox had not

If Amanda Knox had not killed Meredith Kercher, then she would never have been a suspect in the killing of Meredith Kercher.

Therefore she would never have been in the news in the first place.

Now that she is a convicted murderer she has become a media star.

She has been awarded damages which should never have been awarded.

She is receiving full board accommodation free of charge, can use a library, gym, hair dresser and get used to resort style living others who work can only afford with great difficulty.

She is given the chance of improving her Italian language ability again courtesy of the Italian tax payer. For the intensive Italian language immersion she would have to pay handsomely at home.

No doubt she will make more money out of the crime she has committed.

Is it not sickening that someone can indulge in extremely anti-social behavior such as a violent sex attack, murder, drugs and reaping financial rewards form her despicable actions, as the court has ruled.

re amanda knox

I have seen the documentary, The Trials of Amanda Knox,
originally aired in UK in January of this year. It really just confirmed by belief that neither Amanda nor Raffaele had anything to do with this horrific crime. There is no credible
evidence linking either of them to this case. They are innocent people and they should be free and exonerated
as soon as is possible.


Overly uncritical acceptance of unsupported charges and innuendo about Amanda Knox that was proliferated in the Italian and British media by the prosecutor Mignini. His theory of the crime was rejected by the judge and refuted by the absence of supporting physical evidence. It's sad that you're so envious of Amanda Knox's notoriety and that she will get big money for her story after having spent almost one third of her young life in a steel cage for doing nothing wrong

amanda knox is INNOCENT

Look at the evidence and it points to one person ONLY RUDY !!!!! I don't see why people aren't outraged that his sentence was reduced... People are too busy directing anger at a innocent girl and not the person responsible for this horrific crime!!!!

Everyone claims to be innocent

That is why you have to look at the evidence !! In this case the evidence doesn't support guilt for AK or RS . You Have to read ALL the details of this case to see the OVERWHELMING guilt of RUDY and Rudy alone. I also followed the trial of Scott peterson , and he was guilty !! Cell phone records and all the evidence pointed to peterson in Knox's case they don't!! Really dig deep and you will see the truth here behind all the Tabloid selling stories!!

Amanda remains innocent

All about the Perugia Witch Trial, with link to our Facebook: http://freeamanda.livejournal.com


I agree with you 100%. It is disgusting that 2 innocent
people are sitting in jail for twenty years plus - why - they had nothing to do with this case and haven't done anything wrong.


look forward to viewing the film. if the producers are truly doing a documentary it will be unbiased and we might be able to determine for ourselves if Amanda commited such a crime. as with any film many good and bad things might end up on the cutting room floor.
hopefully, they will not interview some of the haters in the US. it seems they are hell bent on destroying a family.

Amanda Knox is not innocent

Amanda Knox is not innocent as some people who did not read the 427 page report wrongly claim.

She was rightfully convicted and it was a unanimous verdict.

Everyone who judged Amanda Knox found her to be guilty.

If Amanda does not like the Italian verdict, than she should not have killed in Italy.

I think the sentence she received is ridiculous in the USA she would be on death row for what she did.

Why were 17 posts deleted?

Why were 17 posts deleted?

Of the deleted posts not a single post purported to be indicative of innocence.

Why were only post deleted of posters who believe that Amanda Knox is rightfully convicted after receiving a fair trial.

Not a single post of posters who believe Knox is innocent have been deleted on the two stories published by Steve Shay yesterday.


17 Posts

Guest writes: "Of the deleted posts not a single post purported to be indicative of innocence."

This allegation is false. A number of my posts disappeared also. 17 posts did disappear from the blog area of another article on this subject by Steve Shay.

Deletion of posts

Posts are deleted at the request of parties who send an email detailing their objection. We also delete posts with profanity or that go beyond the bounds of taste and decency. This website is not a blog. It is a newspaper website. It is open for commentary that is civil, that expresses an opinion, or advances a discussion. We attempt to employ as much fairness, equanimity and tolerance as possible. It is not an unmanaged or uncontrolled public message board.

True Justice for Amanda and Raffaele

It is interesting to see the truth slowly seeping out from under a web of greedy, corrupt journalists, deceitful, abusive police and prosecutor, and a hopelessly incompetent Italian judicial system. I have faith, and do believe, that if the good and decent folks stay strong and determined, truth will prevail. Amanda and Raffaele will be free someday soon, and true justice will finally emerge.

Check out www.InjusticeinPerugia.org
Facebook: Free Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

Both got justice! Do the

Both got justice!

Do the crime, do the time.

Don't present the killers as victims.

They are in jail where they belong.

Go back and read the evidence with a open mind

How wrong is it to do the time when you DID NOT do the crime. How is that justice......................

Lying is not prove of

Lying is not prove of innocence.

Her behavior throughout is consistent with the behavior displayed by a guilty person.

It would a travesty of justice if Amanda Knox were released from jail.

A real railroad job from hell it would be.

It is the rule of civilized society that you do not just launch a sexual attack against someone if you feel like having some violent sex and neither is murder acceptable.

Amanda Knox was convicted, she is a convicted murderess.

Amanda is Innocent

There isn't a shred of evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

Vast evidence points to a local thug from the Ivory Coast named Rudy Guede, but the police and prosecutor become fixated on a theory that would have no parallel in the history of crime. They believe that Amanda got together with Guede, who she had seen around but did not know personally, for a sex orgy involving her and her new Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. Sexually motivated homicides are almost always committed by troubled males acting alone. There is no reason to believe this crime was an exception.

This trial was one of the great travesties of justice of our time. In Italy's trial of the century, their justice system was broken. This was a show trial and a kangaroo court. If Italy wants to be a normal western democracy, their people have an obligation to rise up and do something about this injustice.

Lost in translation

How do you know that she lied? She was only in Italy a short time and could not speak italian very well.

Reasonable doubt - I'm convinced

You have doubts about the guilt of Amanda Knox?
There is good reason to. She is two appeals short of a final conviction for a horrible crime.

Extraordinary accusations require extraordinary evidence. There is no credible evidence that puts her and Rafaelle in the room. Fine if you believe she is guilty, but to operate a smear campaign on some soft analysis of her behavior and trying to pump up highly questionable forensics (scant and weak at best) aren't going to convince me. Again fine if you believe she is guilty, but you should be mad as hell at the Perugia police department for not getting better evidence against her. Don't be mad at us - because an unfair trial is an unfair trial and she and Rafaelle deserve a fair trial. We'll see to it that she does.

The folks behind the smear campaign are the best recruiters for the movement that is constantly growing to free Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito. See the injusticeinperugia org site or the many of the facebook groups and causes.

The Italian Judicial System

Here are some points I would like to see covered in that documentary..

The Italian justice system is corrupt in Amanda's case because:
1) The prosecutor has been convicted of corruption in an unrelated case
2) The prosecutor had the author Mario Spezi jailed for three weeks. The idea that Spezi was interfering with a criminal investigation is a joke.
3) The prosecutor had the author Doug Preston expelled from Italy. The idea that Preston was interfering with a murder investigation is a joke.
4) Italian police have not provided electronic recordings of Amanda's interrogation because they don't want anyone to know what was actually said or asked.
5) The public does not have full access to the trial record which impedes their right to determine the quality of justice.
6) Patrizia Stefanoni only provided the infamous "Too Low" notes when compelled to do so toward the end of the trial.
7) The prosecutor threatened the journalist Francesca Bene when she was going to go public with a story saying that the police had ignored important leads.
8) They used a corrupt and unethical prison physician to tell Amanda Knox that she had AIDS so that they could collect evidence on her past sexual history.
9) The prosecution repeatedly leaked false information to the press in an effort to influence the public and the jury.

The Italian Police are incompetent because:
1) They failed to recover the bra clasp until 47 days after the murder.
2) Patrizia Stefanoni was not properly trained in Low Copy Number (LCN) DNA testing
3) They destroyed at least two hard drives that contained important evidence
4) They failed to arrest Rudy Guede four days before the murder even though he was caught having broken into a school in Milan.
5) They failed to examine the drain pipes in Raffaele's house. If their theories are true they would have found blood and bleach there.
6) They failed to go to local medical clinics to look for people with possible defensive wounds in the time following the crime.
7) They failed to take DNA samples of the individual identified by Francesca Bene to compare them to samples of unknown individuals at the crime scene.

"No credible evidence links

"No credible evidence links Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito to the murder of Meredith Kercher. There is not one fingerprint, not one footprint, not one shoe print, not one hair, not one fiber, no sweat, no saliva, no blood, and no DNA of any kind that puts Amanda or Raffaele in the room at the time of the murder. Why? Because they were NOT there."

What about Amanda Knox's room?

There was no fingerprints of Amanda Knox in her own room.

Does that mean Amanda Knox did not stay at that house, or possibly was not even in Italy?

It means that the only person who had a motive to clean up the crime scene did exactly that.

The two Italian girls were out of Town, Meredith had been killed by Amanda Knox and Solecito and Guede had no motive to clean up Amanda Knox's room to the point that the forensics could not even find a single finger print of the murderess in her own room where she stayed for weeks/month.

She is guilty beyond any doubt whatsoever.

not true eddie

You are reading to many tabloids!! That is simply not true that they cleaned amanda"s room. I guess they also cleaned meredith's room and performed a CSI trick leaving behind only Rudy's DNA..........

I believe Amanda Knox

I believe Amanda Knox pointed at an innocent man in order to get him convicted for the crime Amanda Knox committed.

Edda Mellas knew about Lumumba not been guilty from the point that Amanda Knox told her. The conversation was bugged and taped.

Edda Mellas chose not to inform the police that Amanda Knox framed Patrick Lumumba.

What was Edda Mellas' motivation for knowingly leaving an innocent men in jail for the murder her daughter Amanda Knox was convicted of committing.

The evidence against Amanda Knox was so compelling that every judge and juror felt strongly about Amanda Knox' guilt.

Is Amanada Knox registered

Is Amanada Knox registered as sex offender?
My understanding is that she was found guilty on all counts by a proper court in a fair trial.

If she is not yet registered as a sex offender, does anyone know how the process is, when will she be registered as sex offender?

It is not fair that Amanda

It is not fair that Amanda Knox was awarded a payout when she herself published violent sex stories on the Internet.

Then she framed an innocent man who gave her a job in Perugia.
The result is that his business eased trading.

He got a very small payout only 7000 dollars or so and he was completely innocent.

Sex offender

Why would you ask if Amanda is a sex offender? What evidence supports Amanda as a sex offender? The only person who was proven with DNA on and in the victim came from RUDY. Why don't you ask that question of him? You call that a fair trial .........read the monster of florence and see how fair the system is.........

Kercher's Mom

What a piece of work this Medea like creature is. Her sole interest was in having someone , any scapegoat would do. Their relative guilt or innocence didn't matter. All that counted was being given a victim to slake her blood lust.


If you think Amanda Knox is guilty, then why? Because you heard someone say so? Because you accepted without questioning some myth about a cartwheel or accusing an innocent man? (Not true.) If the information you heard is wrong, then so is your conclusion. If she was your daughter/sister/friend, wouldn’t you want people to listen to both sides of the story before deciding?
injustice in perugia . org

" Kercher's Mom What a piece

Kercher's Mom

What a piece of work this Medea like creature is. Her sole interest was in having someone , any scapegoat would do. Their relative guilt or innocence didn't matter. All that counted was being given a victim to slake her blood lust."

You are mistaken.

Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kercher and that is the reason why she was convicted after enjoying a fair trial.

Innocent people don't have their DNA on the murder weapon.

You will not find my DNA on the murder weapon.

Unlike Amanda Knox, I was not there! Hence, I could not have done it.

The scientific evidence proved conclusively that Amanda Knox was there.

The PR money would be better spend on the two appeals Amanda Knox is going to lose.

Knox is the killer.

Amanda and Raffaele are innocent.

No American— no human being of any nationality— should be wrongfully convicted. Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. Many articles were printed over the past two years that are filled with misinformation. Look past false prejudices. Please take time to look at the actual facts of this case. Meredith Kercher and her family deserve justice. Imprisoning two innocent people brings neither peace nor justice for Meredith.

Please check out the facts in this story: 'Amanda Knox, Winner of Media Lottery'.

"Amanda Knox and Raffaele

"Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent. They are victims of an unfair prosecution and court system. All the lies and false evidence have been refuted. Amanda’s only regret can be that she was wrongfully convicted. Don't let an innocent rot in jail. This could have happened to any young student visiting Italy. Please visit this site for the real facts: injustice in perugia org"

They are as guilty as can be!
Did you not read the judge's report?

I followed the trial from the beginning and Knox did receive a fair trial.

Her problem is that she is guilty, not that she did not receive a fair trial.

On the nature of seeking and recording fingerprints

Eddy said:

''There was no fingerprints of Amanda Knox in her own room.''

There was fingerprints of Amanda in her own room but they was all smeared or incomplete. Therefore to say that there was no fingerprints of Amanda in her own room is not quite right. What you must say to be strictly accurate, is there was no forensically viable fingerprints of Amanda in her own room.

Thank you.

The nazi in me did it

Guest said:

''Why would you ask if Amanda is a sex offender?''

Because I heard Amanda said something about nazis killing Jewish people once in a cafe so I hate her now with a vehemence which escapes the comprehension of most. There is no evidence that Amanda suffers from sexual aberations or behaviours of any sort anywhere in the world. However these comments about nazis and so on obviously legitimise me saying whatever I like about her even though I should be dragged through the courts for slander.

"Because I heard Amanda said

"Because I heard Amanda said something about nazis killing Jewish people once in a cafe so I hate her now with a vehemence which escapes the comprehension of most. "

Am I right in assuming that the person choosing to call himself John Winters is happy with holocaust?