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Seattle journalist Candace Dempsey interviewed Amanda Knox's family both in West Seattle and Italy, and many others, while extensively investigating the murder of Knox's British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. Her book, “Murder in Italy: The Shocking Slaying of a British Student, the Accused American Girl, and an International Scandal," is released April 27.

New Amanda Knox book promises to unravel mysteries

Seattle journalist Candace Dempsey gave the West Seattle Herald her first interview about her book, “Murder in Italy: The Shocking Slaying of a British Student, the Accused American Girl, and an International Scandal.” The 352-page Penguin book, plus photos, is scheduled for release April 27.

The book examines West Seattle UW student Amanda Knox, the British roommate in Italy she was found guilty of murdering, Meredith Kercher, and the real life drama that played out in the courtroom and behind the scenes, as she sees it.

Dempsey writes the blog “Italian Women at the Table” which appears online in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She has never been an employee of the PI.

How did you become interested in the case of Meredith Kercher’s murder?

“I started a blog on the PI to examine the Italian culture. But very soon into it I started to write about the Knox case and became obsessed with it.

Was writing Murder in Italy stressful?

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve done. The case has to be covered both in Seattle and Perugia, which is very expensive. The documents are in a foreign language. Luckily, I have a lot of Italian sources who helped me a great deal. And my editor at Penguin, Shannon Jamieson Vazquez, is Italian-American and fluent in the language.”

Is your book accessible to those who have not followed the case?

“Yes. Murder In Italy is a complete true crime book. It begins on Halloween, 2007, the night before Meredith was murdered and follows the story until Amanda and her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted. I examine all the evidence as it comes before the court, and show Amanda’s behavior from an Italian perspective. I follow the two beautiful students from when they were happy young women enjoying a dream trip abroad, a dream many of us have had, to the nightmare ending. The Italian public and press call it the ‘Meredith Mystery.’ We call it the ‘Amanda Knox case.’”

How much access did you have to those involved in the case?

“No one was allowed to interview Amanda, Raffaele, or Rudy Guede, the three charged with Meredith’s murder. I had the cooperation of the family and interviewed all of them in Perugia and in Seattle, and Amanda's friends in Seattle. I would come early. Court usually started at around 10am. Curt (Amanda’s father), especially, would come out and talk to the press, and other family members would often talk to me and others after court. I also talked to key players for the prosecution and defense, including lawyers for both the Kercher family and Rudy Guede.

“Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini allowed me to interview him, but only if I did not quote him. He wanted to share his view of the case, partly because I was from Seattle, and he had this idea that people in Seattle thought he was this terrible person. He is a cultured man and in person can be very likable. Oggi magazine described him as a little bit Dr. Jekyll, a little bit Mr. Hyde because he’s very intimidating in court. His closing argument was savage.”

What makes you uniquely qualified to write a book on this topic that so many have examined?

“I covered this case from the very beginning on my blog. I live in Seattle, Amanda Knox’s hometown, and traveled frequently to Perugia to cover the hearings. I am Italian-American, which is crucial to this case. I understand the Italian culture and have deep roots in the ‘Old Country.’ And I understand Seattle’s quirky counterculture. The contrast between those two cultures played out in court to a great extent, especially in the way Amanda Knox’s behavior was perceived. The differences are startling. ”

Do you speak Italian?

“I can speak and read Italian, but not like a native. I relied on trial transcripts, not my notes, when I was writing Murder in Italy. I usually sat with the Italian reporters and even they had trouble at times understanding testimony. Witnesses have different accents and dialects depending on where they’re from in Italy. My family comes from the South of Italy, so I could understand Meredith’s Italian boyfriend, Giacomo Silenzi, pretty easily. Some of the Italian reporters found him incomprehensible.”

A lot has been said about Amanda being pretty. What effect did that have on the jury, the press, and world opinion?

“No question her looks played a huge role. She has the all-American college girl look which makes it very interesting for Italian and English reporters. She looks like a pretty girl from an American film. She doesn’t look like a killer. That was the fascination, the difference between how she looked, and the crime she was charged with. But you’d have to ask the jurors if her being beautiful influenced their guilty verdict.”

If I were to read Murder in Italy would I come away believing Amanda was innocent or guilty?

“If I did my job right you will come to your own opinion. I present enough facts on both sides of the issue so you can make up your own mind. My book is different than my blog. On my blog I am reacting to the day’s news. In my book I’m stepping way back and telling you a story. I don’t stop to argue every point. I want you to follow me as you read it. You can be that ‘thirteenth juror,’ even though in Italy there were only six.”

What surprised you about the Dec. 4 jury verdict?

“Well, we didn’t hear the jury’s motivations until the judge’s (motivation) report was released 90 days after the verdict. I was very surprised. In the closing arguments lawyers called Amanda a “she-devil” and the prosecutor made her sound like evil personified. However, the jurors departed from Mignini and said that she and Raffaele had solid support from their families, and that they were both good students and had no animosity toward the victim. The jurors believed they could have done the crime because they believed on any given night anything is possible. One juror compared (the murder) to a drunk driving accident. I don’t agree, but that’s what the juror said.

“Unlike Mignini, who placed Amanda at the center of the crime, the jury placed Rudy Guede in the role of instigator. He got 16 years. She got 26. So it’s very possible she’ll get years taken off her sentence after her appeal. In any case, I will have to add to the book. There’s always some new twist. It’s never done.”

Candace Dempsey will appear May 27 at the UW Bookstore, and said she chose that store because Amanda went to school there and lived nearby. In fact, Amanda is still is a UW student, completing coursework in her cell.

You can visit Candace Dempsey’s blog at:

Also, see her website:

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This article's comments

I saw comments for this article earlier today but the last several times I have tried to find them I haven't been able to. Can someone provide a link? Thanks!

On one occasion I asked

On one occasion I asked Candace Dempsey, who claims to be an award winning journalist, what she got her award for.

The question is still unanswered to this day.

Candace Dempsey used to routinely delete posts unanswered inquiring about her "award".

If I were an award winning journalist and people would ask me about the award and what I received the award for, then I would tell them, instead of deleting there question.

Is this normal to make claims and then evade questions about the claim?

PS, the "CAPCHA" word is sleazier consideration.

There is a picture on the

There is a picture on the Internet, showing Candace Dempsey with her camera in her hand starring at the Kerchers in Peruggia.

Why does she look considerably older in the picture taken in Peruggia than in the picture published here in this article?

When was the picture taken, which is shown as part of this article?

Am I the only person who thinks that Candace Dempsey's picture accompanying this article is not a current picture?

I have pictures of my self showing me when I was 20 years younger. However, if I were to publish pictures of myself I would publish current pictures.

Why does Candace Dempsey

Why does Candace Dempsey claim to be a journalist when she is not employed as a journalist?

How many article did she publish as journalist?

There is a differentiation between a blogger which is what Candace Dempsey is and a journalist.

When Amanda Knox's house

When Amanda Knox's house arrest application was rejected by the Court, and rightly so in my opinion, Candace Dempsey deleted many posts in favor of the rejection of Amanda Knox's house arrest application.

Why did she do that?

Candace's final comment

Candace's final comment about the sentencing could be misleading and / or give people supporting Amanda a basis for hope from Guede's sentencing that would be wrong;

Raffaele got 25 years for sexually aggravated murder. Amanda the same + 1 extra year for criminal libel for accusing the bar owner of having done the crime making 26 in total.

Rudy got 24 years (on appeal) for sexually aggravated murder down from 30 in the first trial. But because he elected for a fast track trial (unlike the other two), he gets an automatic third off making it 16. He is not serving 16 because of something to do with assessment of guilt - it is purely a functional reduction for going fast track.

Because Amanda didn't go fast track she can't get the third reduction. So Guede's sentencing is bad news for Amanda in the sense that he got one year less on appeal than she did in her original trail for the murder.

On Candace Dempsey's blog

On Candace Dempsey's blog there were posts insulting the victim and her family.

When I brought the offending posts to Candace Dempsey's attention, she deleted my posts which were requesting her to remove the insulting posts.

I write it again to show that this is not a misprint.

Candace Dempsey deleted my posts requesting that the posts insulting the Kercher family and Meredith Kercher, are removed. Instead of deleting the posts which were insulting the Kerchers she deleted my posts requesting that the insults be removed.

I observed on Candace

I observed on Candace Dempsey's blog that there was a comment posted which had the same user ID that Candace Dempsey used, namely her name.

The interesting thing about this post was that the post had Candace Dempsey as user ID at the top and was signed with a completely different name, (first name and surname), at the bottom.

Why is this worth noting?

Italian dialects

Since when has Le Marche been in the south of Italy, Candace? Prat.

Comments on this story

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We apologize for any confusion.

West Seattle Herald

Some of the deleted comments

April 16, 2010 - 2:36pm #2

Alleged Fluency in Italian
If Candace can understand 'dialects' that befuddle Italian reporters, why does she have to rely on the "Google Translator" in her blog?

For over 2 years she failed to provide her own translation of so much as a single paragraph from an Italian newspaper.

It was always the same thing:

"No time to translate, so here's a quick "Google Translation" for you ..."

Any fool can cut and paste those horrible, automatically generated Google "translations" that are so full of errors that they are incomprehensible.

Why do I get the feeling Candace is lying?

I hope she does some personal appearances - speakers of Italian will put her to the test, no?

(I'm predicting that Candace will be exposed as a huckster.)

Al-Fakh Yugoudh
Candid Liar
Since when the Marchigiano accent (Giacomo Silenzi is from the Marche) is similar to the Calabrese (where Dempsey's family is from)?

The Marchigiano from the Macerata province is actually not too different from Umbrian (Giacomo is origianally from just an hour or two away from Perugia).

Give us a break Dempsey. You speak Italian like I speak Navajo.

Why do people really think Amanda is guilty?

''When Amanda Knox's house arrest application was rejected by the Court ...Candace Dempsey deleted many posts in favor of the rejection.
Why did she do that?''

She's no longer feeling comfortable being in such close proximity to so much unmitigated hatred. Deleting posts like these is one way of getting some relief from it.

Rudy's Sentence Reduction

Guest244 talks about Rudy's reduction in sentence to 16 years from 30.

Major media outlets report that the judge in Guede's appeal gave him the sentence reduction because he was the only one who had apologized to the victim's family. In fact Guede had apologized for not doing enough to save Meredith. The Italian judge who did this was not as intelligent as his counterparts in other western nations.

Rudy Guede was a local thug from the Ivory Coast who supported himself by small time drug sales and armed theft. He was not a student and had been banned from a local disco for fighting with a bartender. Amanda and Meredith had begun dating Italian young men. There is no way either of them would have done anything with this guy.

Vast evidence ties Guede to the crime. His DNA was inside the victim in areas indicating sexual penetration. His story was that he had consensual sexual contact with the victim and that someone else came in and killed her while he sat on the toilet. Only an idiot would believe that story. In apologizing for not doing enough to save the victim he was thumbing his nose at the court. How could this incompetent Italian judge not see this? What a crock.

Other Books

One of the reasons that Candace's book is a welcome addition to this story is the poor quality of the other books written about the case. "Darkness Descending" is a work of fiction and Barbie Nadeau's Angel Face is outright yellow journalism.

Let's take a look at what Barbie Latza Nadeau thinks happened:

From "Angel Face" (p. 162-166)
"Between 9:15 and 11:15, Amanda, Raf, and Rudy got themselves seriously messed up; Amanda asked Meredith if she could lend her money to pay Rudy, and Meredith reluctantly did so. "

"She prodded Rudy to go see Meredith; he went into her bedroom and started trying to kiss her and fondle her until she called out. Amanda and Raffaele went back to see what was going on, and instead of helping Meredith fend off Rudy, joined in the taunting."

"By this point, Amanda, Raf, and Rudy were beyond the control of conscience. Raf took a switchblade out of his pocket and started teasing Meredith with it. Rudy had a knife in his backpack, and that came out as well. They had no intention of killing Meredith, but they were taunting her with knives on each side of her neck and she, in essence, impaled herself on the larger knife as she twisted in the grip of someone holding back her arms."

"The next morning, Amanda and Raffaele wake up around 6:00 A.M. with crippling hangovers and no memories of the night before. They peek into Meredith's room to find her battered and lifeless body, but they still can't remember anything."

"Rudy is nowhere to be found, and in fact, they don't remember that he was there. Amanda has a hazy recollection of a black man, but the only person she can think of is Patrick."

You've got to be kidding. They murdered somebody and they don't remember it.

The speculation, the journalistic irresponsibility is stunning. She is just imagining what she would like to think happened.

Anything is better than this tabloid trash. I look forward to reading Candace's book and commend Steve Shay for his fine work in reporting this story.

Angel Face: The poisoning of Amanda and her friends

I don't have a copy of Barbie Nadeau's ''Angel Face'' and haven't read it.

I have to say I am deeply shocked by what I read transcribed from this horrible thing on this blog however, and as I write now, the blood which had drained out of my face while I read what Nadeau wrote about the way she thought Amanda and Raffaele behaved, has not yet returned to it. This is a normal reaction though I suppose, to reading something about a serious brutal crime when it is written by someone who usually makes a living from writing for travel magazines about countries she has visited while abroad.

Isn't there a law against publishing this kind of thing? Who on earth could have published this?

Oh yes, it was published by Tina Brown over at the Daily Beast, the conglomerate financed by Bottega Venuto, the international Italian leather goods manufacturers.

Funny how the labyrinthine ways of international business can spiral down and make it possible to produce and publish such a poisonous little arrangement of words which is then available to be read by our youth, Amanda's peers! It's quite disgusting when you come to think about it.

Amazon Search Inside Feature

Recent Internet technology is impressive indeed. Everyone is invited to go to Amazon and use the "search inside" feature to see the above quotes for themselves.

Search for "Angel Face" from the main Amazon page.
Search for "battered" and it will take you to page 166.

John Winters: Thank you for your excellent commentary here and elsewhere.

I look forward to reading

I look forward to reading Candace's book and have read all the articles she's posted throughout this trial.

She has her own perspective to this story. Obviously a lot of footwork and study has gone into this book.

Candace sure seems to have gathered a lot of attention by a few who seem to be obsessed with her work, instead of making their own statement. Easier to be a critic, I guess?

I'll read all the books on this case, and look forward to Candace's...she's one of the "original" sites for this case and imagine it will be a great read.

Making megabucks out of Amanda's plight

Yeah Guest. I'm afraid we're responsible for the sky falling on Barbie's head following the publication of ''Angel Face.''

We've got a thing about travel writers making lots of money out of other people's misery, specially when it is at the expense of an innocent girl's future.

Nadeau's book

I, too, am shocked by this speculative description of the crime. John, you ask whether there isn't a law against this kind of thing. Since doesn't allow us to see any disclaimers that may appear in the book before this section, it is possible the author is careful to present this scenario as her deductions, rather than as factual.

Unfortunately, that won't keep most of her readers from going out into the world with the "knowledge" of what happened at the crime scene.

Even more shocking is that the trial judges did exactly the same thing -- painted images of what happened based on their imaginations and then convicted the suspects based on those images.

I get a kick out of seeing that Marcia Clark, the prosecutor who lost the case against OJ Simpson, is featured on the back of the book as a reviewer. Maybe this is a subtly facetious hint that the whole thing is a spoof, not intended to be taken seriously?

Nadeau's Speculation

Mary H. said: "Unfortunately, that won't keep most of her readers from going out into the world with the 'knowledge' of what happened at the crime scene."

The vast majority of Ms. Nadeau's readers will be intelligent enough to distinguish between the facts presented in "Angel Face" -- the evidence that proved that Knox was involved in the murder, clean-up, and crime scene staging for example -- and her speculation on what might have taken place that evening.

But having spent the past two years immersed in the fiction of Dempsey's blog, I can understand why her readers are having trouble.

Barbie's Facts ?

Barbie Latza Nadeau is confused about the facts of the case. Here is one example.

Barbie Latza Nadeau (Daily Beast Interview 9-Apr-10)
"she was a strange character.. she and Raffaele Sollecito didn't seem to show much emotion after the crime.... they didn't attend the memorial service, instead they were in a lingerie shop."

Her statement is a lie. Raffaele and Amanda did not fail to attend the memorial service because they were buying lingerie. As reported by CBS news they were being questioned by police at the time.

barbie's book

Miss Nadeau should have gotten her facts straight before writing any books about this case - Amanda Knox is INNOCENT OF THIS CRIME AND SHOULD BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The same goes for Raffaele - innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Miss Nadeau should have

"Miss Nadeau should have gotten her facts straight before writing any books about this case - Amanda Knox is INNOCENT OF THIS CRIME AND SHOULD BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The same goes for Raffaele - innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She did get her facts straight!

The dishonesty campaign is not going to work in Italy, there will be no re-run of the OJ Simpson verdict.

Phanuel B, wrong again

They went to the police station after the memorial was over. They did not attend the memorial service. In fact, they had dinner before going to the police station as well, and Amanda Knox went of her own volition.
Barbie Nadeau has reported the facts correctly.


The vigil for Meredith Kercher occurred on the night of November 5, 2007 only hours before Amanda was charged. She voluntarily accompanied Raffaele to the police station at this time. Raffaele was questioned for a time while she waited. Subsequently they questioned her.

The following was reported by CBS news:
"4 days after the murder no arrests. The students of Perugia organized a memorial service for Meredith Kercher. Noticeably absent Amanda and Raffaele. They had been summoned to police headquarters."

Barbie Latza Nadeau says plain as day that they were buying lingerie when they should have been at the vigil. Barbie Latza Nadeau is a liar.


Ms. Nadeau is more pleasant in appearance than Candace Dempsey OR Amanda Knox.

What ever happened to the women's movement?

"Ms Nadeau is more pleasant in appearance than Candace Dempsey OR Amanda Knox."

What a stupid comment. The idea is we judge people by the content of their character and not by things over which they have no control, like age or physical beauty.

Whenever the guilters talk about Candace, all they do is make personal attacks. They say her picture makes her look younger than she is… and so much more that it's not appropriate to repeat. And if blog entries can be believed one of the worst offenders is a former Italian police officer.

What ever happened to the women's movement? Why aren't they standing up to this nonsense?

Re: What ever happened to the women's movement?

Your frustration is understandable, Phanuel. If ever there was a case of a woman being wrongly imprisoned as a result of misogyny, this is it. Candace Dempsey was always insightful in her blog about pointing out the police and prosecution's use of terms such as "typical woman," and "she-devil." Meanwhile, Perugia Murder File spends three pages on whether or not Candace had a facelift.

As recently as the previous thread related to this article, one post is titled, "Powder Puff Journalism," and contains the phrase, "She exhibits all the flaws of amateur female journalists..."

One of the answers to your question lies in looking at who is blogging. First of all, very few people overall blog in favor of Amanda. Most of the people who know Amanda is innocent are in the mainstream, they are busy, and they rely on the media and the legal profession to eventually get this case straightened out.

That is the attitude I usually take toward most stories; in fact, this is the first continuing story I have ever blogged about. Out of the dozens of people I interact with in Seattle, I am the only one I know who blogs about Amanda.

Hence, the silence is partly explained by the fact that there are not going to be that many feminists blogging in the first place, at least not about individual stories like this. There have been some women, like Judy Bachrach, fighting outspokenly for Amanda since the beginning. She published an article on TheWomenOnTheWeb, called "Amanda Knox's Abusive Prosecutor," which may have brought the subject to the attention of other feminists who write for that site.

Outside of Blogworld, though, I completely agree with you -- well-known representatives of the women's movement should be speaking out strongly in support for Amanda, just as Amanda's political representatives should be. My guess is they just haven't been motivated to look into the case yet (it was easy to be fooled by the first two years of media trashing), or they don't want to criticize Italian culture, or they are taking a "wait and see'" attitude.

Meanwhile, Amanda sits in her prison cell.

"Meanwhile, Amanda sits in

"Meanwhile, Amanda sits in her prison cell."

I certainly hope so!

Do you want her to do it again?

An increase in sentence is in order for the murderess.


Tara, did you use the word "murderess" ever before in your entire life before you saw it on truejustice or used by a truejustice disciple?

What is the point of it, anyway? Why aren't you also calling Claudia Matteini a judgess? How about Prosecutress Manuela Comodi? Don't forensic scientistess Patrizia Stefanoni.

Somebody should tell Peter Quennell this is 21st-century America, not Elizabethan England.

Convicted Killers

I prefer to call all three what they are:

Convicted Killers found guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher.

More Barbie

Since we don't have Candace's book yet, we can only talk about the other books. Let's take a further look at Barbie Latza Nadeau's confusion about the truth.

Barbie Latza Nadeau (Daily Beast, 27-Jun-09)
"With the exception of a hickey on Knox's neck, no one documented cuts or bruises on either of the current suspects and police say that Guede did not have cuts or bruises on his body when he was arrested nine days after Kercher's murder."

This statement is a lie. Barbie correctly states that AK and RS had no defensive wounds, but falsely claims that Guede had no injuries. In fact Guede did have injuries to his hands which were photographed two weeks later by German police when he was taken into custody. Photographs of those injuries are available on the PMF web site. Guede's own defense council even admits this and tries to claim that the injuries were from fighting off the real attacker. The Daily Beast has an obligation to retract this false statement.

Barbie Latza Nadeau (Newsweek, 14-Jul-08)
"And by her own account in a prison diary leaked to the media, she details her sexual escapades with at least seven men she'd been with in her three months in Italy before her arrest. She even wrote that she might have HIV and then she uses a process of elimination to narrow down who might have given it to her."

This statement is a lie. In fact Italian authorities had used a corrupt prison official to tell Amanda she had AIDS in an effort to collect evidence about her past sexual encounters. Amanda had not had sexual encounters with seven men in Italy and her diary didn't say she had. Newsweek has an obligation to retract this false statement.

Barbie Latza Nadeau (Daily Beast, 18-Feb-09)
"In one entry, she describes the night of the crime: "That night I smoked a lot of marijuana and I fell asleep at my boyfriend's house. I don't remember anything. But I think it's possible that Raffaele went to Meredith's house, raped her and then killed. And when he got home, while I was sleeping, he put my fingerprints on the knife. But I don't understand why Raffaele would do that."

The Correct Quote: " So unless Raffaele decided to get up after I fell asleep, grabbed said knife, went over to my house, used it to kill Meredith, came home, cleaned the blood off, rubbed my fingerprints all over it, put it away, then tucked himself back into bed, and then pretended really well the next couple of days, well, I just highly doubt all of that."

Barbie Latza Nadeau's assertion that Amanda wrote the words quoted in the Daily Beast is a lie. The Daily Beast has an obligation to retract this false statement.

Barbie Latza Nadeau (Daily Beast, 27-Jun-09)
"He [Rudy Guede] has never changed his story. He has always maintained that they were all there, but that he is not the one who killed her."

Barbie Latza Nadeau's assertion that Rudy Guede has never changed his story is a lie. The words were spoken by one of Guede's attorneys but appear in a headline in the article. Here are two quotes from Guede that show he has changed his story:

Rudy Guede in police monitored cell phone call before his arrest (Nov 2007)
"Listen, you know I knew those girls, I knew them both, Meredith and Amanda, but nothing more, you know that. I've been to their house twice, the last time a few days before all this business, but I didn't do anything. I have nothing to do with this business. I wasn't there that evening. If they have found my fingerprints it means I must have left them there before."

Rudy Guede's prison Diary:
"I tried to help her, she who squeezed my hands. She was strong, "But don't leave me alone," she repeated to me. I told her "Don't worry I won't abandon you." Damn, if I had only had my cell phone with me, perhaps I might have saved her."

The Daily Beast has an obligation to identify to their readers that Rudy Guede had changed his story. Consider also the hubris of Guede's prison diary statement.

The manipulative Monster of

The manipulative Monster of Washington is guilty.

Other Opinions

Here is what some US commentators are saying:

Tim Egan (NY Times correspondent)
"Preposterous, made-up sexual motives were ascribed to her...What century is this? Didn’t Joan of Arc, the Inquisition and our own American Salem witch trials teach civilized nations a thing or two about contrived sexual hysteria with a devil twist?"

Judy Bachrach (Guest on CNN)
"I have always thought that Amanda was going to go to a Kangaroo court and unfortunately I’ve been proven correct."

Steve Moore (Veteran FBI Special Agent -- 25 yrs)
"The case is completely flawed in every way. The physical evidence against Amanda and Raffaele is wrong, contrived, misinterpreted, and (to put it kindly) misstated. The other “evidence” is made up of (embarrassingly naïve) hunches and bias. The “DNA” evidence is particularly inaccurate. The alleged motive and modus operandi of Knox/Sollecito is so tortured (and constantly-changing) that it defies belief. "

Steve Moore
"Amanda would not even have been a suspect in any US investigation."

Steve Moore
"I will only say of the interrogation, that if any FBI Agents I supervised had conducted that interrogation in the U.S., I would have had them indicted."

Peter Van Sant (CBS correspondent)
"We have concluded that Amanda Knox is being railroaded"

John Q Kelly (Guest on CNN Larry King Live)
"This case is probably the most egregious international railroading of two innocent young people that I have ever seen... This is actually a public lynching based on rank speculation and vindictiveness. It's just a nightmare what these people are going through."

US Sen. Maria Cantwell ( Democrat Washington)
"The prosecution did not present enough evidence for an impartial jury to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Knox was guilty."

Doug Preston (Author and commentator for CBS )
"This is a case based on lies, superstition, and crazy conspiracy theories and that's it"

Funnel, Have you ever


Have you ever consider getting honest work?

Knox is the killer of Meredith Kercher!

Jury didn't like Tim Egan's Editorial

Here's an extraordinary quote from Barbie just a few days ago. To promote her new book, The Daily Beast sponsored an online chat that was open to the public.

She's talking about Tim Egan's Jun-09 editorials in the New York Times. She says the jury didn't like them. Is the jury allowed to even read something like that?

"I was in Perugia when those op-ed pieces came out and they were not helpful to Amanda. The prosecutor was angry, the jury members were insulted and Amanda’s own lawyers were not happy. Op-ed pieces are by nature controversial, but they should be weighed to see whether they will impact the topic. That sort of journalism likely had more impact on this case than what anyone wrote with a Perugia dateline."

Think about this. The jury is being influenced by newspaper editorials and they aren't even ashamed to admit it.


Mary H. and PhanuelB
I don't know which one of you would scare me more if I were a TJer but all I can say is, I'm glad you're both on Amanda's side. The power of your argument and frightening sourcing leading to skyfalling controversions is awesome!

Just the evidence, folks

Phanuel, Barbie and her followers make comments like those a lot, without realizing what they're saying. On the last thread for the WSH, Al-Fakh wrote:

"Maybe it would have been better if the FOAkers and the Knocks had kept a low profile like the Sollecito family did."

On the recent discussions on the Daily Beast, there were many comments about how Amanda's supporters are doing her "more harm than good." Out of the other sides of their mouths, her detractors say the PR campaign is having no effect whatsoever.

If the members of the jury panel are influenced by the behavior or words of Amanda's supporters, whether family, friends or bloggers, then the members of the jury panel are not unbiased or objective, and they should not be judging the crime. If Mignini filed his appeal for a life sentence out of anger or feeling insulted, then it should be thrown out.

I am still trying to figure out how Amanda's enemies reconcile claims of harmful op-ed pieces while simultaneously stating the media had no influence on the minds of the jury panel in the first trial.

Amazon Search Inside Feature

Maybe it's nothing but it's no longer possible to view the above quoted text through Amazon's search inside feature. I wonder if the publisher isn't having second thoughts. Barbie really got taken to the cleaners by Anne Bremner last night on a Seattle radio station.

More PR work, will the PR

More PR work, will the PR work go on for 26 years?

Having followed the case I

Having followed the case I can say with absolute certainty that Amanda Knox is neither a princess, saint or innocent.

Her prior live convinced me that she was a murderer waiting for day.

I don't need to read any

I don't need to read any books or any comments on forums. I don't even need to read the judge's report. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Looking the pictures of the crime scene there is no doubt in my mind that apartment was cleaned after the murder. Guede did not mop that floor or bleach that sink ONLY KNOX COULD HAVE CLEANED THAT BATHROOM!!!!


"Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith’s death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think." (Amanda Knox, 6 November 2007).


She'd been through four years of Jesuit high school and two years of university. The words, "Everything I have said .....are the best truth I've been able to to think" should be proof enough that she was not herself when she wrote that.

Amanda Knox

Who cares about what who deleted. The important thing is that this woman wrote a book about the Amanda Knox case and it wasn't by Barbie so it's got to be something to read- M

Candace's book

Candace has written by far the best book to date on this case. She actually gets into the details as opposed to gossip and obsessed fantasies about Amanda.

Murder in Italy

This is a very thorough analysis of this case. Candace Dempsey covers the details of the case including all of the evidence presented by the prosecution as well as the media frenzy that convicted Amanda and Raffaele before they ever went to trail. The contradictions in Judge Mignini’s case are appalling as he grasps for scenarios that support his cockamamie theories. Anyone who reads this detailed account of the investigation and the evidence collection and its presentation in court can see that Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. Those who claim that the book is biased are just refusing to accept that there is no evidence on which to base their guilt. Candace Dempsey did extensive research, collecting transcripts, conducting interviews and attending the trail. She presents the facts as they are lets the reader make their own intelligent decision. Claims that she is a friend of the family are just attempts to discredit her and promote the PR team myth. The evidence of Amanda and Raffaele’s guilt just does not exist!

amanda innocent

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been wrongly convicted. Please visit the Injustice in Perugia website and read the three powerful new articles from Steve Moore. Steve is a veteran FBI agent who has 25 years of investigative experience. His experience includes the investigation and prosecution of violent crime, from murder to mass-murder and terrorism. Steve has researched the Meredith Kercher murder case extensively. Steve's expert opinion is one that comes from years of experience and one that must be respected when it comes to crimes of this nature. Please take the time to read Steve Moore's articles and learn the facts about this case from an expert that you can trust.

Amanda didn't kill Meredith,

Amanda didn't kill Meredith, and this is why her family wants desperately to bring her home. You'd want to do the same if your daughter/sister/friend was unjustly convicted. Find out all you can before you decide that the cops and prosecutor are the "good guys" who must have had reason beyond a shadow of a doubt to send this girl to prison. In fact, there is no credible evidence with which to convict her. Injustice in Perugia org

amanda innocent

Do you believe Amanda Knox is guilty? If your only sources are tabloid headlines and one or two websites that post hateful propaganda, you’ll want to hang her. But when I looked past the accusations with an open mind at her side of the story, I cried and wanted to hug her. I challenge you to look at both sides before you make up your mind.
Proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Not even close.
Please…look for the truth and don’t be part of the witch hunt.
injustice in perugia . org