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Trader Joes will remodel the interior and make some minor exterior changes to the former Huling Brothers Buick location at 4545 Fauntleroy Way S.W.

Trader Joe's coming to West Seattle; Former Huling Bros. location

The much loved and somewhat quirky Trader Joe's grocery store is coming to West Seattle. The new location will be in the former Huling Brothers (briefly Gee Automotive) Buick location at 4545 Fauntleroy Way S.W. according to the Seattle Department of Planning and Development website showing permit status. You can see the construction permit here

The permit states "Interior remodel and some minor exterior improvements to existing commercial building for new Trade Joe's grocery store."

While no official comment from the company has been offered, when the West Seattle Herald spoke to a team member at the Burien location
we were told, "It's all done. The papers have been signed and they will start working on it as soon as they can."

The chain is a specialty grocery store and currently has 340 stores. It is privately held. They are headquartered in Monrovia California. Roughly half of its stores are in California, with the largest number in Southern California. Trader Joes can also be found in 24 other states and Washington, D.C.

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Just what West Seattle needs... another chain store... It's pretty predictable that all of the Huling properties will become massive apt. buildings and huge retailers... More traffic,less personality and a slowly dying neighborhood....bummer

T J 's

Trader Joe's is a breath of fresh air next to the Metro Markets, QFC's, & PCC's that, outside Safeway, dominate the grocery availability in West Seattle.
I shop at the one in Burien and never been disappointed by the service, or quality of their products.
And for "guest" if you think the neighborhood is dying, where have you been for the last 20 years? This neighborhood has been dead a long time, as a neighborhood.


Trader Joe's is the most friendly and economical chain store you'll find. I've been sending them requests to open in our community everytime I see a space that might suit their small store size. It will be so nice to be able to walk or drive the short distance, rather than go to Burien or Madison valley. If you haven't been to TJs head on out and you'll be convert with in two trips. They are the ideal place for party menu, healthy small portions for a couple, or just want to try something new without buying a case. They will complement PCC, Met Market, QFC and other stores in our area. Glad to hear they are finally coming!

Trader Joe's

I couldn't be happier, love TJ's. Now if they could just get rid of the worst Safeway ever.


Hey Guest and Milo - if you don't like the 'hood, why are you here???!!!
LoveTrader Joes, am delighted to have them closer than Burien. Also glad to have something vibrant coming in - will take the curse out of "Hole" Foods...


wooooohoooo!!! Oh I do hope they're not yankin' our chain!

Trader Joes

The application is quite real but the build out may well wait until next spring. Don't expect much movement in the space until at least next fall.

West Seattle Herald

Trader Joes


trader joes

I just wish there was going to be more parking....have you noticed the size of the parking lot there? So glad that TJs will be much closer than that store.....

Yeah, I love it! TJ's offers

Yeah, I love it! TJ's offers a fun shopping experience with reasonable prices, high quality and some really unique offerings.We find ourselves making special trips to Trader Joes, whenever we're near Burien, Queen Anne or in the Madison area. We keep asking when they're moving to West Seattle. It's about time!

trader joes

so glad cant wait

Trader joe's in West Seattle

Trader Joe's is a very unique way to do business these days. Most grocery chains rely heavily on corporate sources for funding and middlemen that necessarily increase prices. Trader Joe's is a private company that buys directly from producers of the product, eliminating the middleman. On top of that, they only deal with cash. They don't open a new store until they have the cash to pay for it. This is capitalism in the purest sense as opposed to corporatism which needs to pay stock holders and a huge bureaucracy. Also, they pay their workers well, even without a union. To top it all off, their products are first rate with organic and local choices. This paradigm is the way the United States used to be before corporatism took over.