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Trader Joes has officially announced that they are coming to West Seattle. The new store, to be opened in 2011 will be in the former Huling Bros. Buick location at 4545 Fauntleroy Way S.W. This rendering is a view of the way the new store will look.

Trader Joe’s announces a new West Seattle location

It's official; New store scheduled to open in 2011

Trader Joe's, a unique, neighborhood grocery store with foods and beverages from the exotic to the basic, has signed a lease to open a new West Seattle store located at 4545 Fauntleroy Way SW. The store is scheduled to open in 2011 and is approximately 14,200 square feet in size. The West Seattle Herald first reported on this story here. The new West Seattle location will become the 17th Trader Joe's in Washington State.

Trader Joe's does not disclose how many people they employ so no information is available for how many jobs will be provided but as they get closer to opening they will provide a "percentage of new hires we have employed."

A company spokesperson said "The new TJ’s store will sell similar offerings to our Burien and Queen Anne Hill locations."

From the company press release:
Trader Joe’s was originally named in recognition of its distinct grocery buying process, because they search the world for great values and distinctive products. Crew members (store employees) consider themselves “traders on the culinary seas.” Crewmembers sport brightly colored Hawaiian-themed shirts, adding to the light-hearted air of the store.

The store promotes itself through a printed product called the “Fearless Flyer”. The Fearless Flyer is a somewhat irreverent description of a timely selection of Trader Joe’s products. Each edition highlights a selection of Trader Joe’s products that the company buyers believe are worthy of customer interest, including comfort foods and items that are organic or have other special attributes.

Trader Joe's carries an extensive array of domestic and imported foods and beverages including fresh baked artisan breads, Arabica bean coffees, international frozen entrées, 100% juices, fresh crop nuts, deli items, and vitamins and supplements, as well as the basics, like milk and eggs.

Trader Joe's offers more than 1000 items under the Trader Joe’s private label, which includes Trader Darwin's vitamins (For the Survival of the Fittest), Trader José's salsas, Trader Giotto’s marinara sauces, in addition to specially purchased items.

Also, Trader Joe’s buys differently than other grocers – they purchase from manufacturers, not through distributors. They’ll take a brand name product, take out the preservatives and artificial colors and ingredients, and put it under their Trader Joe’s label to sell it at a better price.

Trader Joe’s introduces approximately a dozen new items every week. In order for an item to be sold in a Trader Joe’s store, it must pass the scrutiny of a tasting panel. Thousands of items are tasted each year to find products that both appeal to the culinary adventurer and microwave aficionado.

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Now I'll never have to leave

Now I'll never have to leave West Seattle!

Welcome TJ's

Welcome TJ's! The 1,226 members of "West Seattle Needs a Trader Joe's" are really excited this is finally happening. Thank you!

Trader Joe's is NOT a

Trader Joe's is NOT a neighborhood grocery store. It is a chain. If you shop there all your money does not stay in the neighborhood.

Um, that's true regardless

Um, that's true regardless of the ownership.2=

Trader Joe's in West Seattle

It's worth noting that Trader Joe's will employ people locally, fill an otherwise empty storefront, satisfy a long held wish for many people in West Seattle and they have a policy of supporting local organizations and really becoming part of the community. Yes, it's a chain but easily among the most responsible in the nation.

West Seattle Herald

Trader Joes in West Seattle

I live in West Seattle and have worked for Trader Joes the last six years. I am ecstatic they are coming to West Seattle and look forward to walking to work, if I am fortunate enough to be transferred to the new location. BTW, they are a great company to work for!

it's about time

I have been shopping at Trader Joe's for a few years now and am so glad I won't have to travel to Burien ot The hill to get some of the best products Trader Joe's has to offer.
Thank you for at last coming to W.

The families of West Seattle

The families of West Seattle thank you, Trader Joe's, for coming to West Seattle!

Opening date

Our entire neighborhood is excited. Does anybody know the expected month ??? They are going to be a busy store !

No firm date has been announced

When we spoke to the company they indicated it would be in 2011 so, likely closer to spring than in the middle of winter. They have to have time to finalize the remodeling plan, submit those final plans, get permits approved and get the work underway. We will keep you posted.


All those "Visualize Trader Joe's" affirmations, when passing any and all Huling storefronts and capacious parking lots, paid off!! (no doubt the emails and phone calls sugesting these handy locales, played a part too.) Three cheers for us.