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People joined hands, some shouted catch phrases, but primarily just stood on the beach in a peaceful protest against offshore drilling in Hands Across The Sands, an event and organization begun in 2009 in Florida. Similar events took place in 31 nations. CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT

Hands Across The Sand at Alki protests offshore drilling

International event sees local participation


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Hands Across The Sand saw 167 people line up on Alki Beach and join hands in a peaceful protest of offshore drilling. The event, international in scope took place at Alki and in 41 other nations, 71 cities outside the United States, and 24 events in the Seattle Area. It was sponsored by and the national Hands Across The Sand organization formed in Florida in 2009. See our previous coverage for more details.

Local organizers Rick Harlan and Stacia Jenkins gathered the participants near the statue of liberty on Alki, gave them all instructions and a loose schedule and then led them to the beach. Parents, and kids, all took part in holding hands, some shouting "Clean Energy" and "No More Drilling." Almost symbolically a large ship passed by in Puget Sound during the event.

Harlan said, "We're simply saying no to any further dangerous oil drilling and other environmental effects on the world and all breathing beings and yes to clean energy, really efficient and long lasting clean energy." Jenkins said, "The thought of losing the resource that we have here, this beautiful beach, the views, our wildlife the that was enough to motivate me to put my name on the list."

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Hands Across the Sand, Sound, Oceans

I've had a lot of feeling awfully bad everyday since that oil and methane and all started gushing; worse as BP started spreading a dispersant that's more toxic and less efficient than several they don't own. But today was the first time I felt like we CAN set this right, long term. There was a lot of joy and relief on Alki Beach !.....

The Line in the sand we made today by holding hands with our new and old friends was a dedication to two necessary tasks. NO to dangerous offshore oil drilling. YES to truly clean and efficient energy sources.

I think petroleum and natural gas are precious resources that should be preserved in case future generations (presuming that humans survive the actions and inactions of today) really need them for emergency fuel. Ice ages have happened before; asteroids too; nuclear war "winter", not yet, somehow. Life is uncertain, and historically our planet is catastrophic along with beyond beautiful.

However, if it wasn't obvious before the BP Gulf disaster (Exxon Valdez before that), or before the investment banks/derivatives/bailout (savings and loan scandal before that), ....
corporations are de facto running the country-- and the world-- and running our futures and the planet's health right into the ground so to speak!

This can't last. We are going to need each other for the long haul. That's why it was so good to get to talk in small groups today on Alki:
to find out what made us show up;
what were our early connections to Nature;
where we first noticed pollution or deadbeat adult leaders making it worse;
and what we intend to DO about it, as community members, citizens and fellow breathing creatures.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who made today at Alki such a powerful event. And best also to anyone reading this who wasn't there. See you !

Hands Across The Sands

I also address the participants as a concerned citizen, to take what ever their spiritual partice And believes they may have to the beach line with them. This as a sort of "subtle energy activism", a collective form of empathic humanity. Empowered people envisioning our beautiful planet at it's beautiful best! "Power up People"! Thats my thoughts!

We have the technology

Obama caved in to the Republicans, how many more campaign promises are going to go in the toilet? Neither party cares about us, we need someone to care about Americans.