West Seattle UW student Amanda Knox spends another birthday in an Italian prison. This is the third one. She turns 23.

Amanda Knox spends a third birthday in prison

There are days when the lead story on every TV news program and in every newspaper around seems to be about West Seattle UW student, Amanda Knox, beginning with her arrest as a suspect, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007, five days following the murder of her college roommate in Perugia, Italy, Meredith Kercher.

The media, and public, was again consumed with her case more than two years later, with Knox held in Capanne Prison the whole time, when she first appeared in the courtroom Friday, Jan. 16, 2009. The "sensational" event was described by British tabloid journalist Nick Pisa like this, "She made her entrance like a Hollywood diva sashaying along the red carpet."

The crescendo of attention paid to Knox was perhaps on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009, when she appeared before the judge and jury for her guilty verdict and sentencing was read. Interest sparked recently, on Thursday, June 17, when Knox appeared in court for a preliminary hearing regarding her appeal, and then there will of course be her appeal, which some say begins in November.

Then there is July 9, which this year falls on a Friday. For Amanda Knox, and her family back home in West Seattle, this might be the biggest date of them all, her birthday, and her third spent in prison. She turns 23. She will be visited by her sister, Deanna, and their mother, Edda Mellas, whose birthday happens to be the next day.

"We had high hopes that the Perugia court would have found Amanda innocent, as she is, during the culmination of her first trial," Curt Knox, Amanda's father, told the West Seattle Herald. "This obviously didn't happen and having Amanda endure another birthday in prison for a crime she had no part of is heartbreaking.  We are all looking forward to her appeals trial and the day that she gets to come home and make up for all these lost birthdays."

"It seems so inadequate to say 'Happy Birthday' to Amanda in a brief phone call yet again from thousands of miles away," added Amanda's step-mother, Cassandra Knox. "I know it makes Amanda happy and I'm glad she has family there to see her in person.  She is getting birthday cards from many wonderful people who support her. She knows she is not forgotten and that one day we will all celebrate with her." 

"It's definitely another sad year, but I'm glad Edda has managed to get there so they can kind of commiserate together," said Amanda's grandmother, Elizabeth, or "Oma."

"I sent her a birthday present, a dress and a blouse, something summery. It's hot there," continued Oma. "Other than that, her cellmate is very inventive and will try to make another birthday cake. I don't want to believe that she wouldn't be home for her next birthday. The thought alone (of her not returning by then) just makes me ill. it's so depressing to think about that. We have to go day by day. Two weeks ago I got a letter from her. She wants to make sure I don't go off the deep end and that I keep my chin up. She sounds like she is looking forward to the future."

"Amanda's third birthday in prison, it's terrible," said Amanda's aunt Janet Huff. "She's having all her early grownup life spent in prison. It makes you want to cry. There's never a good time (in your life) to spend in prison, but she is just learning how to be a grownup, and to learn it there of all places is just heartbreaking. What's that going to do to her? She never asked for anything for her birthday in the past so it's always been a bookstore gift card since she loves to read. She wanted her birthdays to be fun for everyone, and not all about her, and would try to put the focus on the others."

Huff said that on July 9 nothing changes for her in prison and it's like any other day.

What is unusual is they are allowed to cook in rooms and receive certain foods," said Huff. Referring to Amanda's past two birthdays in prison, Huff said, "Her cellmate brought a cake she made for Amanda while Edda would be visiting. Then Amanda and her mother would hold hands, singing happy birthday. It's really sad to sit with your daughter and hold hands in jail and that's your big party."

"There's no buzz word or catch word to capture how I feel," added Huff. "I'm a nurse. It's my place at work, and in this family, to help people emotionally and physically. In Amanda's case I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. I want to fix it but I can't."

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Where is our State Department?

It is indeed a travesty that this nightmare is dragging on and on while this family suffers so enormously. Only a fool would believe that this case is valid. Please, Mrs. Clinton, your daughter will be dancing at her wedding while Amanda cries in her cell. Where is your sense of decency and compassion, Mrs. Clinton?

Free Amanda Kn ox

Twittering for Amanda on her 23rd birthday July 9, more than ever: http://twitter.com/FreeAmandaKnox


'her cellmate is very inventive and will try to make another birthday cake'

This is possibly the most immoral, crass article I have ever read. It reads like a 'celebration' of criminal life - righting in gushing, absurdly over-emotional terms about a convicted murderer and her thoroughly discredited family as if they were inspiring, quasi-religious figures. You even portray the other inmates as if they were big-hearted heroines, there to be loved and admired for supporting a killer! You people are really sick ...

Stonewalling curious cats

The American administration seems to be satisfied with simply watching to see how events unfold in this case when it is blatantly obvious that the Italian judicial and legal system, in tandem with the government, press and public opinion in that country, have decided to completely stonewall any attempts to dare question their various rulings by arrogantly damning Amanda Knox at every possible turn, slander hearing, appeal hearing, and any other public shows of pure obstinacy they can concoct to get that message across to us.
You see in fact the Italians have numerous insoluble issues with themselves, and are desperately using things like Amanda's case to relieve themselves of the burden of their own long-term misadventure. Rather like a fascist government points at its neighbours and blames them for the political problems inherent in its own country.

Amanda Knox

Neither the US State Dept nor the US Embassy in Rome found any fault whatsoever with the year long legal process which convicted Amanda Knox of murder and torture....the kind of 'journalism' being presented here is deeply offensive. It ignores all known facts, instead offering childish fantasy. This kind of drivel makes the USA a laughing stock around the world. Even the headline reads as if Miss Knox is celebrating her third birthday - this isn't objective, balanced, fact-based journalism. It's infantile rubbish.

She's still beautiful though...

She's defo more beautiful than ever ... It reflects her inner nature. No bulging eyes, beak nose and mouthful of teeth here. Just perfect bone structure and pure beauty.

Good Old US of A

'The American administration seems to be satisfied with simply watching to see how events unfold in this case'

No they don't! They are perfectly satisfied with the legal process, as Hillary Clinton has made clear. Even Amanda Knox thanked the Italian authorities for the way they had conducted the trial (remember that bit?)...the kind of illogical, factless rants offered by inarticulate characters like John Winters says everything about those 'supporting' the Knox family. Whatever you think about these people, don't forget that they have to face up having a convicted murderer in the family. This is hard enough at the best of times, but when you have wackos like Winters and the increasingly eccentric Seattle media on your side you just despair for them....

What's going on!!

Steve Shay - have you completely lost all sense of reality?
Whatever your view of the Knox verdict, an innocent young woman was tortured, sexually abused, and then left to bleed to death in the most vile manner possible. Amanda Knox admitted to being in the house at the time (!) but then changed her story a number of times in accordance with whichever defence seemed most appropriate at the time.

And yet you dare to portray her as some kind of saintly, lost soul who should be eating cup cakes back home with her all-American family.

The Kercher murder is not a storyline from the Waltons or Little House on the Prarie, you know! Somebody died in the most horrible manner possible. Most families of convicted killers believe their loved ones are innocent, and the Knoxes are no exception. Perhaps you think everyone should be released from prison (including Knox's cellmates), no matter what the evidence against them.

3rd B-DAY

3 down

23 to go

and rightfully so

Amanda is a street drug-abusing LIAR bearing false witness against anyone that suits her

Amanda makes Casey Anthony look like an angel

she's right where she belongs

Where is the University of Washington?

Yes we need the State Department to get involved. And thank you Steve Shay for your very moving article.

But where is the University of Washington in this? One of their own is facing a modern day witch hunt, fully supported by two European nations, and all they can do is stand idly by sucking their thumbs. Where are the other colleges and universities who send our young people to Italy?

Among educated people the debate over Amanda's innocence ended long ago. A beautiful young girl is brutally murdered and sexually assaulted. When the physical evidence comes back that a local thug with a long history of violence and problems with women committed the crime, police theorize that it must have been the pretty roommate bossing him around. Never mind that Amanda and the others didn't even know him. All evidence in the case points straight at the real killer, Rudy Guede. No evidence points at Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

An enduring mystery in all of this is the silence of the academic community in general and the women's movement in particular.

A special place in the academic hall of shame must be set aside for two law professors who participated in a conference shortly after the trial in Rome to discuss the case. Catherine Acabasico, from a Law School in Florida, and Rebecca Spitzmiller who teaches law in Rome were the primary speakers at the conference sponsored by the Italy-USA Foundation. The entire affair was an embarrassment to the legal profession. Ms. Arcabasico and Spitzmiller had nothing of substance to say and were essentially used by an organization that wanted the Amanda Knox problem to go away one way or another. No self respecting legal scholar should have participated in this shameful farce.

People of good conscience cannot ignore this issue. I care about a member of our community whose youth is being stolen from her and is being dragged through the mud by a sinister and ignorant lynch mob. Let's make sure that Amanda's 24th birthday is with her family.


Steve, Thanks for keeping the poor wrongfully convicted woman in the news.

Three years already ! This whole investigation and trial have been a disaster. I hope a return to her rights will happen during the appeal. I don't know if it is possible in Perugia though. I wouldn't doubt if they will need to take it to Rome before it will be fixed.

Happy Birthday Amanda !

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

Amanda never belonged at UW

Amanda is no longer a student at UW - they were glad to ditch her.

Sociopathic tendencies aside, Amanda's grammar and spelling were so poor that my wife (a teacher) thought she was reading the words of a below-par 7th grade student when I show her Amanda's writing.

Amanda's words (oral & written) in the course of this trial SHAME the UW.

It's no surprise that Amanda is now where she belongs: dabbling in a few non-credit correspondence courses from U of Seattle (tee hee) from her prison cell.

"Dean's List" at UW?! Indeed.

Amanda's statements to police and (poorly-written) short stories about rape (under her own name, or her pen name in prison, "Marie Pace") are FULL of examples of her low verbal intelligence, but this is my favorite:

"Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith’s death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think."
(Amanda Knox, 6 November 2007, voluntary written statement to police).

Edda's militant, million-dollar refusal to accept the evidence of Amanda's involvement in the demise of her roommate makes it VERY easy to imagine Edda berating the hell out of Amanda's teachers when they tried to give her a "C" grade.

Can you imagine trying to reason with Edda about Amanda's poor grammar?! You'd give her kid the "A" grade just to get rid of her.

I'll bet that's exactly how the (alleged) "honor's" standing came to be...

Italy's fantasy

The only fantasy in this case is the one the prosecutor used to convict Amanda & Raffaelle. Whether you believe they are innocent or guilty (they are both innocent), they did not receive a fair trial. That's a fact.

Hill's bud


"Please, Mrs. Clinton, your daughter will be dancing at her wedding while Amanda cries in her cell. Where is your sense of decency and compassion, Mrs. Clinton?"

And where will Meredith be?

Italy's fantasy The only

Italy's fantasy

The only fantasy in this case is the one the prosecutor used to convict Amanda & Raffaelle. Whether you believe they are innocent or guilty (they are both innocent), they did not receive a fair trial. That's a fact.

there were TWO prosecutors

AND they had to appeal to a panel of judges/ lay-judges

prosecutors are nothing but interchangeable civil servants that work in teams - they are not all-powerful "gods"

Mignini isn't Amanda's problem: her LIES and DNA are

no evidence

Philomena...There is no evidence against them. Only for them. Not a trace of Amanda's DNA at the scene of the murder means she was not there.

BTW...thanks to all the haters because you are helping to keep this story in the media. The evidence didn't stand up in the first trial and prosecution got away with it. Will they get away with it when the whole world is watching? I think not!

11 MONTH trial with "no evidence"?1

It is an insult to our intelligence to claim that an 11 month trial in a G8 nation entailed "no evidence."

What do you suppose the lawyers and judges busied themselves with during the trial? Board games? Cards?

Are you "OK"?

... evidence didn't stand up in the first trial and prosecution got away with it. Will they get away with it when the whole world is watching? I think not!

"didn't stand up"?!

it won a unanimous guilty verdict among a panel of 2 professional judges and 6 lay-judges

"the whole world watching"?!

you got the impression that the "world" wasn't watching during the trial?!

did you see the media presence in Perugia?!

every agency from the BBC to CNN was there in spades!

are you okay???

FYI appellate proceedings are, to non-lawyers, rather arcane/ esoteric/ doctrinaire - they lack the drama of trials - interest is already fading away as more and more Americans realize that there IS, in point of fact, evidence inculpating Amanda & her 2 Italian admirers (Rudy * Raffaele)

indeed, the 2 automatic appeals are not expected to last much more than 5 days each...spanned over 2-3 years...

if Amanda's lawyers had anything good, they'd have used it LOOOOOONG before now

problem is that, unlike Amanda, DNA doesn't LIE (or abuse street-drugs to the point of memory loss with knife collecting rape fetishists that idolize serial killers)

Happy B-Day, Jorana van der Knox

Enjoy the next 23 (to 28 depending on your slander trial)

Steve Shay, if Nick Pisa is

Steve Shay,

if Nick Pisa is a "tabloid journalist", what does that make you? You're obsession with this convicted murderer is creepy as hell. l bet you sang happy birthday to her today.
Dintcha', Steve.


Thanks for standing your ground Steve! We don't have to look far to see BP, Goldman Sachs, Juarez, Mexico, hikers in the mountains near Iran, and remind ourselves that when questions arise about why, and who says; they need to be answered not ignored or managerial fabricated. That in all these circumstances peoples hearts and souls are the victims and the criminalized . That in the chaos of 2010, truth seems to be unimportant, and creating excuses, manipulating horrible circumstances for political and personal gain, and pointing fingers, are the managerial answer for the mistakes of the days. My prayers go out to Kerchers, Knox's, Sollecitos' and Guedes' It's the best I can do for Amanda! May God direct us to truth! Thanks'

YES! You got it.

It is an insult to our intelligence to claim that an 11 month trial in a G8 nation entailed "no evidence."

What do you suppose the lawyers and judges busied themselves with during the trial? Board games? Cards?


You should be insulted. A G8 nation should have more respect for justice. However, I personally do not believe this is representative of the whole country. At least I hope not, or two innocent people may remain in prison.

By the time the defense presented the case, the judges and jurors had already decided Amanda's & Rafaelle's fate. It has been reported that at least one of them slept during part of the defense case.

Amanda & Rafaelle did not receive a fair trial. Fact. Reasonable doubt was absolutely proven.

How do you know that? Do you

How do you know that? Do you work for the State Department?

then why are you reading this column

Another guilter who just wants to come in and spew their hate.

Guilters are really sick......and dumb to boot!

Oh....and lack any inteligence as anyone can see from the evidence that she is innocent.

Even guilty people deserve

Even guilty people deserve to be treated decently. How much more so an innocent girl? It is you that makes me sick. Your viciousness discredits all you say.

In fact, this is another

In fact, this is another lie. She said her lawyers did a great job but Amanda said the court was wrong. That doesn't sound like an unqualified approval to me. You sound like the wacko here.

What's going on!!

@Philomena Johnson - Just because it was a terrible, horrible murder doesn't mean Amanda Knox is guilty. The evidence against Amanda is pathetic so, yes, some people should be released from prison when there is no real evidence against them.

3nd B-DAY

@Joran van der Knox - You make Joran van der Sloot look like an angel.

Amanda never belonged at UW

What do you know about it? Apparently you have never seen an email or text message. Grammar isn't that important for those things. You are lying about her academic efforts and insulting UW. I guess you never went to university.


indeed, the 2 automatic appeals are not expected to last much more than 5 days each...spanned over 2-3 years...


Good news! If the Italian justice system works in the appeals process as it does in the majority of cases, then Amanda & Raffaelle will be out of prison by the end of the year if the appeal begins in the fall.

Do not kid yourself, interest is only gaining momentum as more and more people, from every nation, realize that two innocent people were wrongly convicted of a murder in a western European, G8 nation.

Hey Hill's Bud

Where Meredith is has nothing to do with Amanda. They got the murderer. They just couldn't let go of their original fantasy when the evidence came in, so they shoe horned nonsense into a case and jammed it down the court's throat, making use of every dirty trick they could think of including leaked lies to the press and phony HIV results.

Mean Spirited

My goodness, what a mean-spirited person you are. With the enormity of this situation and all the factors involved, that you are digressing to such petty, mean spirited kinds of remarks - if I had reservations, you would inspire me to support Amanda just because of your superior, bullying attitude. What is your problem with her?....... that she isn't exceptionally academically talented?

Amanda is the little trophy of British Anti-Americanists

Britain is now awash in extreme anti-Americanism. Just check out some of the British papers on-line, like Sky News, the Daily Mail or the BBC sites. Check out the articles on the horrendous British Petroleum oil spill. The Brits are so filled with hate for us that they are delighted to see us suffer from this oil spill. There are currently thousands of posts being made on the British sites spewing extreme anti-Americanism.

What is going on with all these Brits posting here on the West Seattle site against Amanda and her family is just more of that same anti-Americanism. The Brits love it that they can make us squirm that an American girl is being unjustly made to suffer, just like they enjoy seeing the folks in the Gulf Coast suffer. Check out the comments on the British news websites and you will be SHOCKED at the extrmeme anti-Americanism.

God Bless America. And God Bless Amanda Knox.

The Guilters are Really Anti-Americanists in Disguise

I think we should stop calling these British posters on here "guilters". It is not Amanda's guilt that matters to these Brits on here who spew such hatred towards Amanda and her family.

What matters to them is that Amanda is American and that she is vulnerable and suffering. By getting Amanda, these Brits can feel like they are "getting America. "

British posters enjoying our suffering over the BP oil spill. British posters damning everything about America's international activities. British posters damning everything about American culture,.British posters accusing America of being a "terrorist state". British posters claiming the innocent Amanda is some horrible, crazed, immoral killer.

No Amanda is not America. Amanda is just an innocent little girl who should not have to suffer because of any missteps of her Country.

the brilliance of knox supporters

There you have it - a glimpse into the mind of an amanda knox booster:

The british are "delighted" by the bp spill...

How does one reason with the glenn beck crowd???

IF Amanda had committed her crime at UW, her PR people would NEVER be able to distract people from DNA & blood evidence (and Amanda's LIES) by waving the American flag.

This has NOTHING to do with "anti-Americanism." Britain isn't Iraq, neither is Italy for that matter.

Amanda & her 2 Italian boy-toys are nailed by their LIES and their DNA (which doesn't lie).

When you have to reference the American Revolution or the War of 1812 in the year 2010, you've officially run out of PR angles to play.

Knox is as guilty as all hell. I could care less about her birthday and I know I'm not alone.

Barking Mad

Look, I dont care what any of you adolescent Knox groupies say.Someone doing cartwheels in a police station when they are there because the "friend" they lived with had just been found stuck to the floor in her own blood due to being horrifically tortured and murdered is quite frankly mentally ill.
Also swivelling her hips and saying "hoopla" to murder squad investigators at the crime scene is beyond belief.
I do not care what any of you say or what ridiculous excuses you come up with for this evil woman but to me, she is in prison and I am very glad for that.
Of course there is the indisputable physical evidence and the phone records that prove Knox lied repeatedly throughout.
The Knox family and her groupies also bear responsibily for Merediths death as they did NOTHING when faced with the fact that Knox had obvious mental health issues.ashe should never have been allowed out in a foriegn country on her own.
Steve Shay you should be ashamed of yourself.

that's an OLD picture

Amanda doesn't look like that anymore

anything to boost PR though

right Shay?

Many supporters

Amanda has many who believe in her innocence, and have sent her cards. This will be her last birthday in prison.

Poor Meredith

Meredith can't celebrate her birthday.

Her loved ones cannot send her a card.

The Drifter

Has Curt found a job yet?

(I see he's still begging for our airmiles and cash.)

It would have been a lot cheaper, Curt, if you'd sent her to drug rehab instead of Europe, unsupervised.

It's all the fault of the oil spill!

I thought that, after three years in jail, this story would be finished by now. A mountain of evidence that could not be successfully challenged by the defence. A unanimous verdict and a 23 year sentence. These things say that she is a killer, yet this journalist continues to attempt to create an impression that she is the victim.

A 470 page report that explains the reasoning behind the verdict and an on-going appeals process are indications that Ms. Knox is receiving every consideration under the law. Yet poster here suggest that the U.S. government needs to step in.

Now we have someone who suggests that she is being unfairly treated because of anti-American sentiment over the way that they have turned on Britain over B.P. As far as I can see, there is none of this in the British press. It is just not true. Yes, there have been responses to the anti-British sentiment in the U.S. press, but can I just mention Union Carbide and the words 'Kettle" and "black"


At home I keep that photograph of Amanda Knox pulling an agonised face as she pretends to shoot people using a machine gun in a Holocaust Museum. It is a deeply moving image - not just because it displays Amanda’s beauty, but also her inner strength and courage. She is like her wonderful Seattle family - an All-American fighter who will never let the foreign scum hold her back. All those rumours and lies linking her with drugs and dirty Italian boyfriends are not true. She has done nothing wrong - she was just so badly beaten by those foreign soldiers that she was forced to confess. All those marks on her body showed how she was roughed up, and made me weep.During her trial she looked frail, beaten and scared. Again, it made me weep..….Keep up the great support, Steve Shay. You, like Amanda, are a born patriot who will make sure that those foreign scum don’t humiliate our American heroes.


I have no particular opinion on this case, but can people stop using the stupid term 'guilter', and stop making out that people 'hate' Amanda Knox. They don't - hardly anybody has met her, apart from her family and friends who anonymously leave comments on sites like these as they are obviously the ones who want her out of prison, guilty or not............everybody else is simply acknowledging a legal process which found her guilty. 'Guilter' is a really juvenile term which reduces the whole debate to the level of kids in the playground. Grow up and start acting with a bit of dignity!

Of Course She's Innocent

Folks, this really isn't very hard. If you make any effort to study the case in detail you know Amanda is innocent. "Guilter" is a perfectly legitimate term for people who uncritically endorse the prosecution's case, spend an inordinate amount of time dispensing false information, and who seemingly enjoy an innocent person's suffering.

Amanda and her supporters won the intellectual battle long ago. Not a bit of the prosecutions's case survives scrutiny.The truth is on Amanda's side and I'm sure she will prevail. As for the State Department, the comments I have heard lead me to believe that they know perfectly well that she is innocent and are trying their best to help behind the scenes.

Happy birthday Amanda and hang in there. The ranks of your supporters are growing everyday. Soon it will be widely acknowledged that you are completely innocent. The only real question will be why it took some people so long to see it.

The State Department is CLUELESS

Attached is a link to the State Department's response to the initial guilty verdict in the Knox trial. Watch minutes 2:00 to 12:00 and watch the State Department get torn apart by the press.

It is clear the Washington could give a sh*t about Knox. They did not watch the trial and they did not endorse the verdict, as reported.



"Amanda and her supporters won the intellectual battle long ago. Not a bit of the prosecutions's case survives scrutiny."

It survived the scrutiny of a lengthy trial which resulted in a unanimous verdict of "guilty"

"Guilter" is a perfectly legitimate term for people who uncritically endorse the prosecution's case, spend an inordinate amount of time dispensing false information, and who seemingly enjoy an innocent person's suffering."

There is nothing uncritical in the bringing to notice of the facts that have been established in this case. People do it because they cannot stand the false information put about by people who appear to absolutely deluded when it comes to this convicted murdeerer.

State Department

I have taken the time to watch the video and see that the officer was not "taken apart by the press"

He explained clearly the role of the State Department. There was one journalist who stated some factual inaccuracies, based upon misleading information provided by the senator. This is typical of those who have been completely mislead in this case.

I believe that Senator Cantwell has quietened down on this one.

Curt Knows

Edda is irrational, emotional & not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Curt, on the other hand, seems rational. I think he can see the ugly truth about Amanda when he looks at the evidence (which is, by any objective standard, overwhelming).

Accordingly, I don't understand how Curt is able to rationalize his effort to get Amanda released.

Does he think the Kerchers don't deserve justice? Perhaps he is the source of the DNA that makes Amanda a sociopath...

What will he do with a drug-abusing daughter that's learned she can hoodwink the media and the judiciary?

That is THE DUMBEST comment

That is THE DUMBEST comment I have ever read. Moron van der sloot was caught confessing on video. Free the in-Knox-cent girl.