Animals First Foundation founder guilty of embezzling over $530,000

AFF president provides statement to West Seattle Herald

The founder of Animals First Foundation, Carina Sunga Borja, an Admiral resident, was found guilty July 30 of embezzlement.

Heather Johnson Enajibi, President of Animals First Foundation, told the West Seattle Herald:

"AFF was and remains an exceptional non profit organization devoted to animal welfare. AFF has never misappropriated donor funds and such allegations are false and vindictive. Our books are open to prove that donations made to AFF were used for the animals and not personal gain. Ms. Borja, the AFF founder has fallen into disrepute for her earlier indiscretions. She has accepted responsibility for her error and pleaded guilty. The guilty plea pertains to charges that in no way allege or insinuate that she embezzled funds from AFF for her personal gain. Yet this is extremely damaging and the false rumors are being circulated by malicious individuals. She has not served on our board since 2009 nor is she an officer."

King County Superior Court documents from Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Satterberg state:

In April 2006. Victims Jabe Blumenthal and Julie Edsforth hired Carina Sunga Borja as a bookkeeper/assistant~ Borja's main responsibilities were to maintain and balance their electronic personal financial records, using a software program (Microsoft Money). Borja was eventually given authorization to transfer funds from their brokerage account into their checking account by email and phone.

On September 25 2008, Blumenthal's tax accountant informed him that a payment due in April had not been paid Borja was responsible for sending the lax payment. Blumenthal and Edsforth investigated the matter and found several discrepancies in their financial records. Blumenthal and Edsfoth requested canceled checks from their bank. When the checks arrived, They discovered a total of twenty unauthorized checks written to Borja.

The checks totaled $530,000.

On October 1 2008, the victims along with Witness Matthew Green confronted Borja regarding the theft. Borja confessed to the theft and said she needed the money to start a non-profit agency to assist victim animals from Hurricane Katrina.

Borja provided her bank statements and account numbers to Blumenthal. Borja was then released from employment. Blumenthal provided a notebook containing detailed records of the fraudulent transactions along with copies of the unauthorized checks.

I reviewed !he check copies and confirmed that the checks had been written to Borja in increments ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 with dates spanning July 11 2006 through August 28, 2008.

I spoke with Blumenthal by phone and he confirmed that Borja was not authorized to use this money in this manner. Blumenthal further explained lhat Borja concealed this activity by making matching deposits and withdrawls on the checking accounl on the same day in order to avoid detection of significant balance fluctuations."

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Same Old Story

So she lied before and said that she stole the money to "Start a non-profit agency"?

Hmm. Similar to her latest "non profit"? Hey Heather, which set of books are open? Shame on you all.


When was AFF Founded?

I can not seem to get the dates straight here. According to the Secretary of State AFF was founded in 2007. Isn't that after the money was stolen? If this woman made donations to the foundation did she get a write off on her taxes? Many many questions open for discussion.

Same lame excuse

The excuse that rumors are being circulated by vindictive individuals is pretty weak, and rather high school. Thank god there are individuals out there keeping an eye on non-profits and informing the public when they go bad, because MANY of them do. If fact many of them start out with every intention of playing on people's emotions for gain. Appears this is a prime example.

As for all of the important work you do. I've looked over your website and can't see that you have really done very much to save that many animals. Mostly trying to make yourselves PETA-like and more important than you really are.
Please start a letter writing campaign to have this rescue's non-profit status REVOKED!!!

Ms. Borja

Ms. Borja stole the money and is paying heavily for the consequences of her decision. She alone is responsible for her actions.

Per the article, Animals First Foundation took the steps that would be expected by any business—for profit or non profit. Ms. Borja is no longer on the Board of AFF or an Officer. Do people really want to try to slay an excellent non-profit that takes on the dogs that would otherwise be euthanized because other groups won’t accept them due to medical conditions or because they are older dogs? They take in fewer animals because their mission is to help those that have special needs.

Animals First Foundation also provides a very important service to our greater community. When they get large donations of pet food they share it with other rescue groups, food banks & individuals. AFF keeps many of our local food banks stocked with this donated pet food so the food banks’ clients don’t have to worry about whether they can feed their pets or not. During these hard economic times, when contacted by individuals, AFF gives them pet food so they don’t have to surrender their pet to a shelter because they lost their job and can’t afford to feed their pet.

As one of the many receivers of the recent, multiple emails that have been circulating about Carina (and AFF), the only truth is about the court case. I can confirm the misinformation, half-truths and apparent hatred that the senders have for Carina. The emails are bolded; in huge print and in various colors asking animal rescuers to:
--write letters to the Court
--write letters to the IRS to get the non-profit status revoked
--picket any AFF fundraiser or rescue event that AFF is at
--show up at the final Court hearing to ask for the harshest sentence possible

I believe the people behind this are in animal rescue and that there is far more to the story as to why these people are sending around these emails, posting on craigslist (yes, I have seen several postings); and most likely are the ones that contacted the West Seattle Herald; etc., as the court case itself is not enough to elicit such extreme emotion, behavior and obvious hatred.

I do not condone Ms. Borja’s actions. Nor do I condone a full frontal attack on Animals First Foundation.

Same Old Story

Shame on you for making judgment on Heather and Animals First Foundation when you don't know any details other than the emails and stories you have read. What hatred your comment has in it. It's really quite sad.

Regardless of what Ms. Borja did in the past, it has not impacted the amazing and life saving work that Animals First Foundation has done. They have saved hundreds of lives for many years and will hopefully continue to do so for many years.

Just because ONE PERSON makes a mistake in a group, it certainly DOES NOT mean that the group itself is bad. Ms. Borja has not been an active part of the group for many years.

It's public record

I have to laugh at those claiming these are rumors and stories and attempts to slander the AFF. It's PUBLIC RECORD. Read it for yourself. Nothing grey about it. Black and white for all to read.

Someone needs to keep an eye on more of these animal rescues.

And for those claiming there is something more to the agenda??? Protecting the public against people like this is the agenda. And ask the victims who lost HALF A MILLION DOLLARS how serious this is.

Witch Hunt

I strongly suggest that each and every one of you take the "log out of your own eye before picking the speck out of someone elses". When last I heard we were still a country of "innocent until proven guilty". The court papers are in the name of Borja ~ not AFF. DO NOT mix the 2 issues. And do not unjustly accuse AFF of wrong doing until their books have been examined and perhaps then you just might know what you are talking about. If you even had a clue of how many animals AFF has rescued or how many pleas for help were answered because of AFF and how many people they have provided food to for their animals you would not be so quick to feel this rescue is crooked just because one person made a bad mistake. You are way too willing to jump on the bandwagon for a public "lynching" of a wonderful organization. If you really feel " someone needs to keep an eye on more of these animal rescues" PLEASE don't let it be you! How many animals lives have you saved lately ???

AFF loves their animals

Let’s rewind 8 years ago, when my boy Tye was found in a box on the side of the road, dying from blood loss because someone decided they wanted to cut his ears off with a pair of scissors. What a horrible way to start your life. Tye was rescued fixed up and had a home for three years, until the couple decided his separation anxiety was too much for them, they went to their vet and tried to have him put down. The great people at West Seattle VCA said NO! He was a healthy 3 year old dog who touched the hearts of everyone he met. This is where Animals First Foundation entered his life. For 3 long years they tried to find him a home. In those 3 years they have battled snow storms to move him to new locations, paid $15 a day to board him for an entire year, and spent endless hours helping him recover from his ACL knee surgery. While recovering he broke out of his boarding facility and eat thru two fences and had to be taken back to the vet by our amazing volunteers to make sure he had not hurt or reinjured himself. Tye defiantly put the group of AFF through many difficult tasks in his 3 years with them, but they never gave up. When housing for Tye fell through Corina slept in her car with him. With everyone who truly volunteers with AFF it has always been about the dogs. Volunteers drive to Canada to deliver dogs to their new homes; we drive to Eastern Washington on the 4th of July weekend to introduce a dog to its new home. I am so grateful for everything that AFF has done, for the way they have changed my life by letting Tye be MY DOG. He is an amazing dog and feel others would have given up on him when things got hard. Many people challenged AFF’s decision to keep Tye alive; many thought he was a lost cause. I thank AFF to standing up and fighting for him when others turned their backs. AFF is a great organization with amazing volunteers, please don’t be quick to judge, and please don’t take away our ability to save lives. We don’t rescue high volumes of dogs because we take harder to adopt out dogs. We find the people who don’t see flaws in a dog’s character they see quirks that make that dog lovable.

sad for everyone

Im deeply sadden by this whole story. I had the opportunity to know Carina a couple years back (havent seen her in a year) and she really is a sweet, compassionate person... she fell on hard times and I know this is zero excuse for what she has done but the AFF is amazing organization that she loved... i agree with the statement above 'log out of your own eye before..."

the AFF is a great resource, please stop the "lynching"... stop judging and just open ur heart until the innocent IS proven guilty...

the media never has all the facts and why jump to conclusions if you dont know them all?! what good does it do anyone and does it affect ur life that much?

Long misgivings about this rescue

I don't really know anything about the embezzlement or where funds came from or where they went. Obviously the founder is one lacking in ethics and probably has some sort of other issues going on in her head. The rescue SHOULD look at their books because she could have embezzled money from the rescue as well if she was originally doing the books. In this case they too would be victims.
That said, my most serious misgivings with this rescue have to do with their connections and support of N.A.R.N. a local Animal Rights group closely associated with A.L.F., PETA and several other AR terrorist groups.

Maybe AFF should choose their friends more wisely.

Let's Be Honest

I'm sure we can agree that we all wish the best for the dogs currently in this rescue.

The founder, Carina Borga is an admitted felon. Unfortunately because of the association, AFF's reputation will most likely be permanently tarnished. Much like Pasado's Safe Havens was when the news came out about their financial misdeeds. Perhaps the best thing to do is to shut down the rescue known as AFF and found a new one.....not known and represented with the face of a felon.

Good luck to all the pooches currently in this rescue...they are going to need it!

To: Same lame excuse

Since you are such a self-appointed "watch dog" of non-profit animal rescues - I suggest you spend your time checking out one that really needs to be checked out "Ginger's Death Row Dogs". Check out the truckloads she brings in from out of state and how fast they are turned around for big bucks. Then check HER books to see if the claimed $19,000 income for the year matches the number of dogs she says she rescues at the price she charges. That really doesn't compute! Spend your time and effort on that one and you'll really see what "playing on peoples emotions for gain" is all about.
AFF is an A+ rescue that doesn't advertise all the good they do on their website like GDRD does in order to make herself look good. They don't need to because we know. Carina Borja founded this...and then removed herself BECAUSE of what she did. So as we say to our dogs "leave it!"

Wow... How the wicked may fall....

I have watched, & listened for a while here. I run a rescue & have never been the recipient of any such food or supplies donations or help, the only thing I've ever seen are emails circulated saying a dog or two need to be placed, but we are NOT allowed to post it on craigslist even though the email implicitly states the dog will die by such & such a time if housing or a foster is not found by a certain time. I don't know how many dogs they actually take in with the amount of these emails I get, as for them taking in the dogs no one else wants...hmmmmmm.... I think not, those are the ones they are trying to pass off on the rest of us, they are NOT the only rescue who takes in dogs no one wants or I most certainly wouldn't have the 21 dogs I have now. Funny thing happened on the way to the dog adoption event, if Carina "removed" herself in was only in words because she was there just over a month ago representing herself as the founder & DIRECTOR of AFF. This is serious, deadly serious. Why don't we all just quit & get back to doing what we are supposed to be doing, saving animals, not lying & jumping on little bandwagons. To the average Joe here who is just appalled at the story this is not directed at you, to the people who are here commenting who are in rescue... SHUT UP & get back to work & stop trying to make a little name for yourself. As for GInger, she will see me in court so I won't comment about her, & as for the colored versions of the emails, that woman does more for dogs than anyone of you little harpies in here. I don't hide behind my words, I stand by them. I also don't have to wait by the rotting carcasses of other rescuers so I can jump up & down & go "oh Goody goody" because if I just keep doing what I do & being a dedicated hard working rescuer... the wicked will fall along the way as I move on in life. When will any of you get that? I loved how you all jumped on the GInger bandwagon when it was me she was going after, it's like you are ALL addicted to drama chaos & mayhem. 70,000 dogs die in our shelters every year, couldn't you be more effective trying to save some of them than bad mouthing people. As for her embezzling the funds or whatever, if she did in fact use them for the dogs.... then what? Are any of you above doing anything & everything you can to save a dog? I know I'm not

How much does it cost to save 88 dogs?

YIKES I just went & looked on AFF's website, in 3 years they have taken in 88 dogs. In this past year I have taken in 112 officially probably about another 80 that I have given to other rescues because I didn't have the room, plus I have done rescue transport all across the northwest for over 212 dogs to get them to safety or another rescue or an adoptive home, or the direct placements I do when I have people on a waiting list for a dog & someone emails me trying to give up that kind of dog I connect them together to do the adoption which I know 79 of those have been successful... I am just SICK, do you have any idea how many more I could've saved with 530,000 dollars??? I am 8K in debt, about to lose my own home & have a waiting list of over 48 dogs & have watched well over 107 dogs die because I didn't have the room for them. Can you explain to me how an entire corporation with over 530K at their disposal plus all the other donations, only saves 29 dogs a year & me without a 501(c)3 & only a a 1986 toyota & a few spare jobs can save over 483 plus all the other dogs I have posted or arranged transport for??? I take in the dogs no one wants & I usually give the cute little adoptable ones to other rescues, I don't see how anyone of you can claim that AFF is the only one who does this. You all make me SICK TO MY STOMACH. I struggle every day, cry for every life lost, have dogs die in my arms & you all are living high off the hog off the backs of all of these people & their hearts for dogs. DISGUSTING....

For all of you who are not in rescue, please viasit my page to see how rescue is really done & please please believe me when I say there are those of us out here who are giving everything we have to save or help animals... My own saying is if you are making money in rescue you are doing it wrong & it is true. So many times these people looked down on me for not having a non-profit license, & I felt bad about it but every time we got near the money we would have some emergency & if I have to chose between a dogs life & a piece fo paper, the dog is always going to win

To: Brandia do all that and still have time to write a short novel on this page. (Free advertising too!) You obviously have not read the documents. Carina Borja took the money - not AFF. When will you stupid people get it through your feeble minds that there are other people who are AFF. And you do not judge a rescue by the number of animals they rescue - you judge them by the quality of life they give the animals they do rescue. It's not a contest to see who can rescue the most animals. It's all about transporting, vetting, training, fostering & finding the right home for the animal. Take the time to know what is fact and what is fiction. It isn't the's the quality. And AFF gives their dogs absolute quality care & not with the $530K that you are proclaiming. Stop confusing one persons crime with a wonderful rescue.

From Brandia

I manage to get vetting, transporting, grooming, training, finding fosters, placements, adoptions, adoption events, & even socialize the one's who need it. If you check my record I have driven through mountain passes to go rescue feral dogs, I have helped shut down the Kennewick puppy mill & taken on 66 of the Eskimo's from there, also helped shut down a few other mills, I did do hybrid rehab til I had a stroke now I just take the dogs who no one else wants or who are old or dying... The only thing stupid about me is sitting in the woods all night & getting chased around by coyotes which I would gladly do to save a dog, or running down the freeway to catch one weaving in & out of traffic. I can't even react in anger at your little outburst because... Carina stated she stole the money to pay for the rescue, to start it & fund it so YES in essence AFF/Carina took the money, again Carina is the founder, director of AFF, everyone claims she has stepped down as director but someone forgot to tell her to "say" that at the last adoption event we were at. So what you expect people here to believe is that it cost AFF 4000.00 to care for each dog at 88 dogs that is what it averages out to ( I am also an accountant) that is some quality of life there!!! :@) I'm done now because this is now showing itself for what it is... a sinking ship going down. I've got to make 3 rescue runs tomorrow while you all sit here trying to convince people everything is kosher... Oh & atleast I have the moxy to use my REAL name... & I didn't even have to resort to name calling. It's exactly rescues like this that give us all a bad name & I don't recall a dime of that money coming my way, but I have gotten some rotten emails about how "All of us rescues are" Sorry I can type so fast, if it irritates you I can slow down a bit for you. I get about 6000 hits a week on all my sites as well as my own home page so I hardly need the free advertising as you call it, not that I don't appreciate the TImes, they are former employers of mine, but it is sad that that is what you think this is about

Please don't do that...

Please don't take the email I sent you & post it here to make it seem like I was posting here... You knew I was going to show up here & post this myself. You owe me big time for this one! Quad caramel macchiatto vente on you in the morning you bonehead

RE: RE: Lame Excuse

Couple of things
1) I never claimed that I myself was a watchdog over rescues, I said I was glad that there ARE people watching non-profits and alerting the rest of us to fraud. Learn to read stupid.

2) Appears an email string was posted??? This particular sentence again disturbs me.

"As for her embezzling the funds or whatever, if she did in fact use them for the dogs.... then what? Are any of you above doing anything & everything you can to save a dog? I know I'm not"

I certainly would like to know WHO and from WHAT rescue said that, because I will be sure not to ever donate to them. Seriously? Condoning theft?

And if Carina is still attending events and introducing herself as the founder and director, then again, AFF is lying to people.

I agree.

No, I wouldn't steal and lie in the guise of rescuing dogs. I'm not a criminal and I also wish I knew who this rescue was so I could make a choice to never support them.

Bottom Line

Carina Borja is a convicted felon - by her own admission - on 9 counts, having stolen an enormous amount of money and going to great lengths to cover it up. There are a ton of moving parts to this, but bottom line, she's a thief. I've read the public documents, looked at AFF website, and read the president's message above. There are far too many questions for AFF to be indignant at this point. Those doing good work got a bad deal, but until there are answers about the organization's finances and this woman with little integrity, it will be a rocky, rocky road.

My email someone posted....

I am writing inre:

"As for her embezzling the funds or whatever, if she did in fact use them for the dogs.... then what? Are any of you above doing anything & everything you can to save a dog? I know I'm not"

My sister posted an email string but left out the last part, it is very obvious something was missing as it stopped mid-sentence, I am an obsesive compulsive person about PUNCTUATION & THERE WAS NO PERIOD ON THE END OF THAT SENTENCE... It should've read

"As for her embezzling the funds or whatever, if she did in fact use them for the dogs.... then what? Are any of you above doing anything & everything you can to save a dog? I know I'm not:::: but when it comes to stealing from innocent people that is where you have to draw the line. I KNOW the Blumenthal family & they would give you the shirt off their backs & stand over you in a rainstorm 1/2 naked to help you & I believe if Carina would've asked for thier help they would've gladly given it to her"

I asked her not to use anyone else's names & she cut it off at the wrong place PROVING SHE SUCKS AS AN EDITOR & quite frankly I don't care if any of you "never support me" I don't get help from any of you anyway. Funy how you hit on one sentence & decided to roll with that to try to distract from the original topic here, so now that didn't work... What can you come up with now? I'm waiting.... (drumming fingers on table) That part of the email was in response to someone on the post asking me if I ever had any run ins or trouble with Carina, & my reply about it. Also why doesn't anyone use their names here??? What do you have to hide? Oh & for the record, no my sister & I are not going to be fighting about this, she apologized, we talked it out & she bought me not just one but TWO caramel macchiatto's today! So I got 2 espressos, rescued 3 dogs, & got one adopted out today. It was a good day!

To Brandia

Brandia, don't get your panties in bunch over people reacting to an incomplete post made that didn't even have your name on it. That's your sisters issue, not the people that were reacting to the incomplete information that she posted.

What she posted was polarizing and you can't blame people for mentioning that they wouldn't want to support someone who it sounded like was condoning criminal behavior!

Sorry AFF

Animals First Foundation is and will always be outstanding. They take the hard cases from us that no one else will. I will continue to support Heather and the hard working crew. You want to dive into misappropriation of funds, look to some of your local humane societies who accept close to millions of dollars each year and are still euthanizing adoptable animals while employing frivolous positions. Dont let what Carina did hurt the future of the animals needing help.

Stop the hate and redirect your passion.....

So much hatred! Geez people, try redirecting all this energy toward doing some good.

While I don't know all the facts yet, I know a couple things for sure:

1. Carina is a good person (I've known her personally for years) who has done something bad. There's no excuse for what she's done. But don't condemn her forever. Have none of you ever been forgiven transgressions? I know hers is major, but she is being punished and this will be a heavy burden on her for the rest of her life. And no, I am not forgetting the damage/hurt she has done to her victims, nor do I condone it.

2. The organization should NOT be condemned just because of the actions of one person. Nothing has been revealed yet to suggest that AFF benefitted from Carina's crimes and those who are attacking the organization are just using this as an excuse. They would attack the organization at any opportunity because they are either opposed to AFF's mission or are at odds with AFF over another issue.

I hope that AFF survives and continues the very difficult mission they have chosen. Many of us know how hard your work is and appreciate everything you do. I also hope that Carina is able to pull through this, fulfill her obligations of restitution, and continue to do the good work she has done so far in her life. It will never be forgotten by so many, Carina.

Unlike many who hide behind anonymity, I have listed my real name for the benefit of those in the animal community who know of me. I know I invite personal attacks by doing this, but have at it, hate mongers! My guess is that none of you ever lifts a finger to help anyone but yourselves. So sad. If all of the energy and passion spent here were used for positve change, we would have a much better world.

To: Mark Steinway

Thank you for you eloquent comment. You have said what so many of us tried to say....but lacked the words.
Perhaps now the attacks, public lynchings and hurtful postings will be stopped and people will listen to a voice of reason. I appreciate your coming forth and I know that Carina and AFF will also.

Right On Mark

Mark, very well stated. The people that are using Carina's misdeed as a way to go after all of AFF need to realize that every public statement is a reflection on the entire animal rescue and adovacy community. Is this how they want the general public to think of all us? Angry? Vengeful? Spiteful?

Perhaps our energies would be better spent by ensuring the Public that many good, caring people are working to help all animals and rescue groups survive and be successful. We may not always get along, agree on how to save animals, who to adopt to, etc, but we all share a common goal--to save lives.

Please. Let's put our animosities aside and let the Justice System take care of Carina.

Really, Mark?

How's that saying go? Ah yes, thick as thieves:

I just don't get it...

I don't understand how such a small scale rescue can have PAID staff. I don't understand how such a small rescue can afford trips to EUROPE - both in money and time. I don't understand how these charges are a year and a half old...but Carina is JUST NOW stepping down from AFF?? Sorry, the facts just don't add up.

I actually know Heather

I actually know Heather personally. She is a very open and honest person and would open EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY book of information for ANYONE to review.
Do not judge the amazing employees of AFF based on one persons greed.

To the coward who wrote "Really, Mark?"

If you only knew what you were talking about. Ask Scott North, the author of that article, what he thinks of me. I just don't get you people who want to throw barbs but hide behind anonymity. Cowards.


Your statement
"Do not judge the amazing employees of AFF based on one persons greed" uh so they are PAID employees???? hmmmm, interesting. Most rescues run on volunteers.

As for Mark calling somone a coward?? In your first post didn't you state yourself that it would invite personal attacks? So why whine about it?

But given Pasado's history of questionable behavior on MANY MANY levels, I suppose Carina learned from the masters.
You want to talk about public smear campaign, let's talk about Pasado's smear campaign against the Everett Animal Shelter after the Renee Roske bust. Pasados wanted their share of the glory, press and money, and when no one would give it to them, they started a smear campaign.

Keep Shoveling It, Mark

I have spoken to Scott North, in fact we spoke for quite a while after that article came out. I also had extensive conversations with the District Attorney's office.

If it makes you feel like a Big Important Person to call me a coward then go for it....whatever blows your skirt up. But you and I both know that something stinks at Pasado's Safe Haven. Wasn't Carina Borja a cruelty investigator at Pasado's? I mean, before she stole all the money and started AFF?

Like the poster said before me, it appears she learned from the masters.

Cruelty investigator?

Carina was a cruetly investigator? Isn't her education in accounting? CPA, to be exact.

This is another thing that really bugs me about places like AFF, Pasado's and a lot of rescues. You have people professing to be experts on a serious subject that they really don't have a clue about. Especially when it comes to aggressive dogs being pulled from shelters. As far as I can tell, none of them have the training to evaluate a dog properly. And certainly when it comes to investigating cruelty cases. There are certain steps taken in investigating ANYTHING. Real investigators go through extensive training to learn proper techniques.

This just gets better and better.

We are not employees of AFF. We all volunteer, everyone! No one is paid but it is a huge part of our life to volunteer. Heather works at least 40 to 50 hours a week volunteering and running AFF. She is never compensated but rescuing dogs is her life, as it is with the other core volunteers of AFF. We drop everything to help animals. Don't take our rescue from us that we care so much about. AFF volunteers run The rescue and we love every dog that has ever passed by our amazing rescue!

Know this...

First, the majority of the guest comments posted here that are pro-Carina and pro-AFF have been posted by Carina herself. Secondly, she uses a portion of the proceeds to sue indivduals who have kindly donate their own time and care to help the animals. If she disagrees with you, she sues you and removes animals from your home even if you are willing and able to adopt the animals. She doesn't care. She loathes people and LOVES power. This is just my opinion and I invite you to look into it yourself.

To Brandia and "Carina"

Hi Brandia,

Carina needed all that money so that she could hire attorneys and sue people who crossed her ostensibly for the animals, but really out of her own desire for power and hatred.

Hi "Carina"

Yes, we all know that you're the one posting in defense of AFF. To be clear, you and AFF are one and the same. Your so-called non-profit is every bit as uncious as you are.

Karma is a beach aint it!!! :)

Manage Your Anger

Dear Guest writer of Know this...

Not once in my postings have I defended Carina's decision to steal. She has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced by a Judge accordingly. That is how our Justice system works. What more do you want? A public stoning? Hanging? What?

I still maintain that all of the volunteers, a.k.a., unpaid employees (there are NO paid employees), of AFF are excellent and hope they can save this fine organization. Hopefully you will find compassion in your heart and at a minimum, leave the current AFF volunteers out of your personal attack on Carina. The AFF volunteers/unpaid employees are dealing with their own shock and hurt of Carina’s actions, and working very hard to keep AFF going so they can continue to help animals. Do you really want them to fail? Is that personal your goal? Are YOU actually putting the animals first?

What I have done in my previous postings is stated some first hand facts of the vicious, over the top emails that were going around the rescue world; nasty postings on Craigslist; Seattle Times blog; other animals rescue chat pages; Facebook pages, etc.. Are you one of the people sending these emails out and posting on craigslist? Many of your statements are written in a similar style which mirrors those of the aforementioned communications.


1) Please provide the facts and documentation that the majority of the posts which support AFF have been posted by Carina. Did you get this information from the West Seattle Herald? Hacking into W.S. Herald’s server? This is my third post--my mother and father have confirmed that I have never been and never will be Carina. I don’t resemble her in the least as we are different ages; ethnicity, height, eye color and our DNA does not match.

To The Guest Person that just wrote to To Brandia and "Carina"( and Cruelty investigator?; Keep Shoveling It, Mark; Employee????; Really, Mark?)

You sound just like the guest above. Can you tell all of us if one person is posted all of these--or at least how many you have posted? Are you also the one posting all of the hate or just most of it across the various communication platforms…you certainly seem to have enough to share with everyone.

AFF placing dangerous dogs?

According to a long documented case online, The Animals First Foundation placed a vicious dog into a home that tried to kill another dog in the household, and nearly did.

Then they took the dog back and were going to place it again.

What kind of responsible organization places vicious dogs, and then knowingly places them again after an attack?

This is what happens when "rescue" organizations place vicious dogs. They kill pets and people.

AFF's practices clearly need to be examined, not only financially.

Carina is connected to PASADO's ???

Pasado's Safe Haven has a very nasty history, and abandoned dogs with a hoarder named Tammy Hanson, and the ones that didn't get killed and made it out did so because some outside whistleblowers got a sheriff involved. Pasado's refused to save the dogs they had abandoned, DESPITE the fact that they had been warned that the Hansons were hoarders who had been involved in animal cruelty..

Mark Steinway threatened to sue the whistleblowers for saving the lives of the Pasado's abandoned dogs!

Mark Steinway, AGAIN?

Mark Steinway of Pasado's Safe Haven, why have you been connected to so many situations involving financial questions and animal treatment questions?

The list seems to get bigger.

And yet you threaten people relentlessly.

So many of "No Kill" organizations seems to have so many issues revolving around animal treatment, finances, placing aggressive dogs.

AFFs connections to many questionable groups

Thank you to whomever posted the links regarding Pasado's. And here is another one. You will notice Mark's threatening email to the whistleblower. What a class act that Mark guy is.

And then there is AFF's connection to local AR nutcase PETA supporters, N.A.R.N. None of you can deny it, it's right on their website. Does AFF follow the same philosophy as PETA, that it's ok to bomb, burn, vandalize, and otherwise terrorize to get what they want? After all, their founder certainly wasn't above stealing.

And AFF's pushing of veganism. Do they force the dogs they rescue to be vegan? If they do, then they themselves are engaging in animal cruetly, as dogs and cats are carnivores. Yet if they allow the animals to eat meat, then they are hypocrits. Which is it AFF?? Just some questions to make people stop and think for themselves, which obviously the AFF supporters have not and are not doing. .

Credentials and Credibility

To Posters: AFF placing dangerous dogs?; Carina is connected to PASADO's ???; and AFFs connections to many questionable groups.

Practical, thinking, intelligent people ask for facts and data, and are open to many perspectives. Since each of you appear to be involved in rescue and supports full disclosure, I would like to decide for myself whether your information and opinions are accurate and credible. Would each of you please provide:

1. What type of rescue and/or sheltering you do.
2. The name of the organization you volunteer with or work for, and your position within that organization.
3. Your full legal name.
4. Your educational credentials and certifications, such as a Canine Studies Degree; Companion Animal Behaviorist certifications; Animal Medicine Degrees; Seminars and Workshop completions, etc.
5. Experience in animal rescue and sheltering, including number of years in rescue, level of responsibilities and membership with professional organizations such as SAWA, APDT, etc.
6. Your view of when an animal should be euthanized. e.g., dangerous & aggressive; need cage space, to old to adopt out; medical needs cost too much, etc.
7. Any other information that may assist in my research, analysis and evaluation.

Assumng you are transparent and confident that your statements and judgments are based on fact, you will be happy to publically provide the above information.

Re: Credentials and Credibility

Your request for identifying information is rich "Guest".

Not paid employees??? Think again.

Even more interesting is the recent revelation that Miss Heather IS a paid employee. hmmmmm

Think again people about WHO or WHAT organizations you support.

i believe aff is a good

i believe aff is a good rescue ive been to many events and still donate i dont care about corina or books or any of that stuff im for the dogs.

Unpaid volunteers

Heather Johnson Enajibi, President of Animals First Foundation, has been an unpaid volunteer in her association with the organization. Grants were pursued to change her status to paid employee, but those grants fell through.

Also, regarding the post by "Know this..." who writes:

"First, the majority of the guest comments posted here that are pro-Carina and pro-AFF have been posted by Carina herself."

This is inaccurate and it is unlikely that "Know this" would have such access to our web support to make this determination.

Steve Shay

nice to hear from Mark Steinway

Although the circumstances are unfortunate, it was nice to hear some input from Mark. I always appreciated how he worked with both animals and with people and hope that he is doing well.

If you read the article

If you read the article thoroughly, you will understand that Mark gave all the information that was requested of him freely to the reporter. If you also read the article you will see that his ex-wife would not talk to the reporter without recording the questioning and having questions sent to her BEFORE the interview (sounds like she doesn't want to be freely questioned...possibly she had a lot to hide). Also, if you go to Charity Navigator and see the postings there..she still continues to run Pasado's status quo. All of the questionable financial dealings happened AFTER he left Pasado's and were brought to light by volunteers and himself after hearing what had transpired since his departure.
His attempt in the article was to save an organization that he loved, and I am sure he would answer truthfully any questions that you may have of him.

OF COURSE something stinks at

OF COURSE something stinks at Pasado's and it has for the past three years. But don't blame someone who hasn't been there, has been banned from the premisis, and has had all record of him ever being there removed, for the actions of someone else. If you want to blame someone for what happened at Pasado's you are looking at the wrong person. But then my opinion is that everyone is so scared of SM they would never take her on and so she is allowed to run the place in any way she sees fit...and will continue to the rest of her life. your homework. your homework. Pasado's is not the only group that sent animals to Tammy Hansons. Several other groups also sent animals there but Pasado's was the ONLY group that went there and fought to take responsibility for their own animals. They were there as soon as they heard and Mark went back personally to retrieve them. He acknowledges that they should not have been sent there and probably wrote some things that he shouldn't have but you also have to remember that this was during Katrina. Most rescurers were working in horrible conditions for 14+ hours a day. Animals sent to Lamar were euthanized on a daily basis just because they were stressed out and deemed "dangerous". Let the first group that made NO mistakes during that time cast the fist stone. And if you weren't there you have no room to talk.