Photo courtesy Steve Moore
FBI veteran Steve Moore, a Los Angeles resident, has been going to bat for Amanda Knox on national TV, and will visit Seattle next. He is pictured during a full-scale SWAT counter-terrorism training exercise in the U.S.

Former FBI agent and Amanda Knox supporter Steve Moore to visit Seattle

On national media blitz to share his point of view

Former FBI agent, Steve Moore, who lives in the Los Angeles area, believes West Seattle UW student Amanda Knox, and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, are innocent. They were charged Dec. 4, 2009, for the murder of Knox's college roommate, Meredith Kercher, who was brutally stabbed to death in the flat they shared in Perugia Italy. Knox is serving a 26-year sentence in Capanne Prison just outside Perugia.

Moore spent 25 years as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent with the investigation and prosecution of violent crime, from murder to mass-murder and terrorism.He was the supervisor of the Al Qaeda Investigations squad, and ran the FBI’s Los Angeles-based “Extra-Territorial Squad” responding to terrorism against the United States in Asia.

The West Seattle Herald asked Moore some questions. Here they are, with his responses:

1) Which TV and radio shows you have appeared on to the point of arriving in Seattle?

The TODAY Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Good Morning TV: ITV Britain, Fox and Friends, KING5, Frank Shiers-KIRO, Gayle King- Oprah Radio XM.

2) You will be meeting Amanda’s family in Seattle. What would you like to discuss with them in person?

I want to support them in any way I can. I want to stand by them and give them as much strength as I can, and know we’re going to get Amanda home and stay alongside them until we do. I want to know how I can help them.

3) Are you trying to personally profit from all the media attention you are receiving?

I am not being paid. I am not writing a book. I do not want to get rich. I am not trying to get famous. I do not want to interfere with the family, so I want to be in communication with them.

4) Some first heard about “Steve Moore, the F.B.I. guy” on Was that website one of the first places you wrote about the trial?

‘Injustice in Perugia’ was the first website where I expressed my opinion publicly. I showed them an article I had written and they asked if they could print it.

5) What in your professional background first convinced you that Amanda Knox was guilty before you looked further into the case?

I wasn’t so much convinced of her guilt as I simply “assumed” she was guilty. When I hear “police have arrested a suspect” on the news, I used to presume (because of my law enforcement experience) that they had conducted a thorough, careful investigation and come to a defensible conclusion. That’s the way it is 99% of the time.

I heard things in the press that confirmed to me that the police had gotten it right—obvious things like “Amanda purchased bleach the morning after the murder” and “Amanda is a hard-drug-user who was engaging in a wild sex party”. I even remember wondering how the any university could send someone like that over to Italy on a foreign exchange program. I wondered what kind of pre-screening they did.

Later, when I tried to prove Amanda’s guilt to my wife Michelle, I searched for proof of the wild sex party, the hard-drug use and the bleach purchase. I found that no such proof existed. The prosecution floated those stories to the press, yet had to know or at least find out at some point that those things had never happened. This is also where my suspicion began.

6) What was the tipping point that caused you to change your opinion, your “Ah ha!” moment?

The prosecution’s “read” on the crime scene was inexplicable and completely contradicted by the evidence. It was as if a group of libidinous adolescent boys had tried to imagine the most lascivious thing that they believed could have happened.

Tragically, the crime scene was a ‘blood-bath’. There were blood spatter stains on the wall completely inconsistent and contradictory with the theories stated by the prosecution. There was blood splashed all over the floor. There were bloody shoeprints all over the room, bloody hand smears on walls and furniture. There was a purse, opened and marred with a bloody handprint. Whoever was in that room left a huge amount of evidence. This room was not cleaned up, not bleached, not staged--this room was as it was when the murder ended.

But the most significant thing I saw was evidence of the presence of only one person: Rudy Guede. He left shoeprints, fingerprints, palm prints, bodily substances, DNA and other evidence. A law enforcement truism: “The absence of evidence is evidence of absence.”

7) How do you respond to those who feel certain Amanda Knox is guilty?

If they are ‘certain of her guilt’ I ignore them. If the evidence hasn’t convinced them, then they either haven’t seen the real evidence, don’t care about the real evidence, or have no knowledge of forensics or investigations. I’m happy to discuss the case with open-minded people and I often do.

Sadly, while some in the groups that advocate Amanda’s guilt are simply well intended but naïve, others have taken the discussion into the gutter. They are vulgar, base, and engage in character assassination and rumor-mongering, not facts or evidence.

Personal photos of myself, my 20 year-old daughter and my wife have been lifted from personal pages without our permission and posted on blogs, with comments on my wife’s appearance. She received a pornographic message from one of the main ‘posters’. I have seen a bogus biography of myself posted. Even my father’s activities were posted on a website in what I believe is an attempt to intimidate. The members of the anti-Amanda groups will not, of course, identify themselves or their occupations.

8) You have stated that Amanda Knox does not fit the profile of a killer. How can you be so sure?

I did not only say that Amanda does not fit the profile of a killer, but that everything I’ve learned from my investigations indicate she doesn’t even fit the profile of a person capable of ANY violence.

Criminal profiling is not a black art. It is a reliable science. FBI Agents learn through the FBI Academy and field experience how to apply certain constants to their cases. In serious cases, the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC, the people referred to by the public as “Profilers”) assist as necessary. I became very familiar with NCAVC practices due to the large number of threat and violence cases I worked. I assisted NCAVC in the creation of a text for law enforcement officers on “Lone Wolf” terrorists.

Whenever an act of ‘senseless violence’ occurred, we tried to determine if authorities, friends or family missed indicators of the pending violence.

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Great Article !!! Thank you Steve Moore and Steve Shay !!

Great Article !!

This girl is clearly innocent and has been railroaded to save face. It is a ridiculous theory with no backing. The police force announced case close in a huge news conference in front of the world media. Perugian officials have shown themselves to be a bunch of incompetent and corrupt bafoons.

The website that has

The website that has illegally lifted pictures from facebook in order to harass and intimidate people is run by Peggy Ganong. She's making herself open to lawsuit for copyright infringement which incidentally carries with it enormous stautory damages for willful infringement. As the site's moderator, she is actually personally liable for these infringing photos. Moreover, if a case like that ever got to court, given the context of Peggy Ganong posting these in order to harass people would not be looked kindly on and mean more damages. Apparently she has attorneys on her discussion forum, but they obviously haven't warned her about her potential liability in a lawsuit.

Thanks Steve

Great article! Thanks for everything that you are doing Steve. The Anti-Amanda movement's posters are really vile and repulsive! It is hard to imagine where their motivation comes from but it is obviously hateful! Keep up the good work! We support you 100%! Let's bring them both home!!!!

Steve Moore is a conspiracy theorist

Steve Moore hasn't provided any proof to support his claims that evidence was manipulated.

He hasn't provided any proof to support his claim that the prosecution floated untrue stories to the press.

Rudy Guede did not leave any "bodily substances" at the crime scene.

Myra Hindley didn't fit the profile of a killer either. She was regarded by some as a caring childminder and she never displayed violent tendencies before she committed her horrific crimes.

Harry Rag is just a scary

Harry Rag is just a scary and deranged lunatic who posts as "The Machine". Yes Harry, I'm sure it was the defense that floated the rumor that they bought bleach. DOH!

If you couldn't tell Harry

If you couldn't tell Harry Rag is a sad loser with no job who lives in his parent's basement:

That's not page 3, that's page 36. And that's just what Google has cached.



Steve Moore has never explained why Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito lied to the police before 5 November 2007.

Perhaps, you can provide a plausible innocent explanation for their lies.



Seriously Mr. Shay do you call this journalism?

New jobs for Perugian Police Force

Buffoons R US is hiring. Please go apply - you are actually qualified for this position.

Steve Shay

Steve Shay has never interviewed someone who thinks Amanda Knox is guilty. He only interviews Knox's family, friends and supporters.

Perhaps you can explain why

Perhaps you can explain why the police lied about purchasing bleach.

Also, I know you and Peter Quennell are pretty chummy. On the TrueJustice site, which you are a big part of, your cohort Peter M. Quennell (who many people believe that you are just one of his multiple deranged personalities--he certainly heavily edits your posts on says his "law enforcement officials" tell him ________ fill in the blank. This is repeated constantly. In fact, Peter Quennell is such a lemming that you can predict what he will say before he says it because he's such a predictable liar. I issue a challenge. If you have so many "New York" law enforcement telling you this or that, name one. I'll patiently wait. Thanks.



You haven't explained why Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito lied to the police before 5 November 2007.

I'm waiting...


Great interview!

In addition to no proof or evidence of bleach purchase the morning after the murder, there was no use of bleach evidence in the cottage - no smell, no bleach residue, nor smears or streaks from cleaning.



What do you think Amanda Knox meant when she wrote the following:

"Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith’s death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think." (Amanda Knox, 6 November 2007)?



Did the prosecutors claim that the cottage had been cleaned with bleach?

Harry. Just give me one law

Harry. Just give me one law enforcement official that has been in contact with true justice. Just one. Name just one. Your cohort Quennell talks about it all the time. You can name one.

Harry, you must be stupid.

Harry, you must be stupid. You're saying because the prosecutors didn't claim that the cottage was cleaned with bleach, that they weren't the ones that planted that rumor early on? The world is governed by incentives. Unless you're mentally handicapped, it's self evident it was the prosecution who floated this fake rumor.


It is a comment aimed at early press reports of bleach that were not addressed or retracted subsequently.
There is current talk of a clean-up, as well, so even if it wasn't bleach per se, it wasn't any other cleaning agent either. Some say the absence of fingerprints is evidence of a clean up but while that might be relevant when examining a specific object, such as weapon, an entire cottage would be too difficult to selectively wipe for two of three people's fingerprints.

It is part of the crime narrative that stayed long after initial press accounts sayng it was so, when in fact, it wasn't so. It is the category of (false) gossip that needs to be corrected with facts.


You haven't explained why Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito lied to the police before 5 November 2007.

I'm waiting...

Excellent coverage!

Steve is a real hero - an expert who understands this case and is willing to take a stand for truth and justice. Amanda and Raffaele could not have a better ally.

No proof

In other words, you have no proof that the prosecutors ever claimed this.

Harry, you're basically

Harry, you're basically trying to infer that it was the defense that leaked this false material. If you want to make this stupid assumption, by all means do. It was either one side or the other. Why would the defense float a rumor that would damage their client? DOH!

So are you going to name one law enforcement official from New York for us?


Harry Rag -

I said that was not my statement. I was referring to an issue regarding public opinion and public perception based on early press about the case.

Law Enforcement Officials

I haven't spoken to any law enforcement officials from New York.

I know you haven't. But

I know you haven't. But Peter Quennell is your close friend who repeats it all the time. We all know this, and you know this. You can name one if it's true. Go on, name one law enforcement official, FBI or local, that has ever talked to truejustice.

Drugs and aliens


Are you still getting high on hard drugs and waiting to make contact with aliens?

You really need to be careful about what you post about on the Internet.

Real information about the Perugia Witch Trial

Real information about the Perugia Witch Trial you find always under

And please join Twittering for Amanda:

Harry, Ooooooh my god.


Ooooooh my god. Marijuana. oooooooooh, so scary.

Harry, Have you sent a


Have you sent a pornographic message to Steve Moore's wife?

After all, you do have a track record of obscene behaviour.

Drugs and aliens

"Yes, cutting morphine use with pot seems valid and useful -- up to a point." (Charlie Wilkes).





This is so embarrassing

The picture of Steve 'tough guy' Moore sums this discussion up. It's plagued by publicity-seeking chancers whose influence on judicial proceedings in a mature European Union democracy will be zero. This guy might have been able to wear an FBI romper suit and fly a chopper in his youth but he has probably never even been to Italy, let alone speak a word of Italian. Yet he believes his anti-terrorism training (please!) qualifies him to review a year long trial held in Perugia; one which led to a unanimous guilty verdict backed up by a 427 page sentencing report; one which was sanctioned by 19 independent judges, the US Embassy in Rome and US State Dept. TV and blog notoriety might mean the world to you Mr Moore (and even earn you easy money) but don't forget that most right-thinking people think that what you are doing is deeply immoral.

A question for Steve Shay


Why do you think Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito repeatedly lied to the police before 5 November 2007?

The posters on this website haven't been able to give any explanation. Perhaps, you can help them out. It's not a trick question and you can even call a friend (Steve Moore, Pat Robinson).

You're never going to get an in-depth knowledge of the case, if you only speak to Amanda Knox's family, friends and supporters.

Moore needs another retirement project

What has a mutton-headed Swat team guy got to do with Italian jurisprudence? This is all a joke, right?

Steve Moore is the Bomb !!

Way to go Steve Moore !! It is such a blessing to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to have you on their side.

The truth you know is being heard loud and clear. This is clearly a case of wrongful conviction of the worst kind. It will likely be partly do to you if they are able to find freedom. Thank you for standing up against this injustice. You have my deepest admiration.

Don't call Anne Bremner

Hi Steve,

When I told you that you could call a friend, I should have mentioned that there's no point calling Anne Bremner because she can't take your call right now. However, I'm sure you could arrange to visit her in the slammer.

Harry Rag

And if you put Amanda Knox in quotes, as well as Harry Rag, also in quotes, even more results come up.

Devoted, or something...

Steve Moore

When Mr. Moore visits the real Knox family, oh brother, his regrets will awake. He'll know Foxy is a product of her past.

Amanda is laughing at Steve Moore, when not biting her nails praying he won't damage her appeal.

I'm sorry Mr. Moore's wife has been attacked by pornographic messages. We must learn to disagree without being disagreeable. There's also the concept of "the loyal opposition". I am an American yet I see Amanda's guilt. She's a sociopath.

I think Mr. Moore is motivated by his own desire for limelight and maybe marital issues. He feels like an old car with lots of miles, covered in new paint with re-set odometer to trick the buyer.

Why does he want to denounce the Italian police when he was a top cop? What's he so guilty about?

Sad sad sad, you people who are waving pom-poms for Foxy.

He will fight

Steve Moore is an American hero who will fight for what is right. He knows how to use weapons and he aint afraid of using them neither. Amanda needs a guy like this as she needs to fight her way out of that third world hole. If any foreigners try and stand in their way they will get whats comin...Thanks for a great article Steve - you are a true patriot and fighter and supporter of what is right too.

Bruce Fisher

Have you tried googling Amanda Knox and Bruce Fisher?

Now that's what I call devotion.

What do you mean, Harry?


Please specify which statements you think are lies, and what facts you have that support your, shall we say, conjecture. Otherwise, you are just asking the equivalent of the question, "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

Has Steve Moore read the

Has Steve Moore read the Judges sentencing report? He doesn't refer to it all - only refers to issues unconnected to the prosecution. How can he stand as a credible observer when he hasn't made any direct refutation of the prosecutions case? The sentencing report is a summary of 10,000 pages of evidence. It is in english. If Moore doesn't want to read the PMF professional translation of the sentencing report because he may consider it 'biased' he may of course refer to the other one Ted Simon has in his posession.

Sad, sad senior

Hey, Steve Moore, why dont you release a picture of yourself when you were a young man fighting terrorists with guns?...Oh my, you've already done this! What a surprise....So glad that you're not just another creepy old man with too much time on his hands who's trying to re-live his macho youth but actually ending up looking mighty sad.

that girl

That girl has harrassed people by writing vulgar inappropriate emails to their personal email addresses. This means she had to take the time to figure this out. . And she sent pornographic links on it.
She has SEVERAL names she uses.
I feel very bad and sorry for her because of the time and energy and hate that consumes this obsession of hers.

The obsession with Amanda is unusual, even bizarre and the victim seems to be only an excuse.

Ignore them....


1) If only you knew.

2) What the heck does this have to do with Amanda

3) No one listens to you if you're a hater.


watch and learn
Patience is a virtue

This is turning into a

This is turning into a smearing of PMF -- Ganong has stated that she is unaware of any copyrighted images .. even if there were - they just have to be pointed out and they will be removed rightaway. As to 'pornographic email messages' - who would do that from PMF to Steve Moore's wife? She is completely unconnected to the case. PMF has previously been invaded by pornographic postings which were not soft by a central supporter of Knox (who was identified).

Is this all the Knox family have left?

Steve Moore - you seem to think that the press and prosecution convicted Knox. In fact judges and juries work out if someone is guilty or innocent. Unlike you, they don't get all their information from TV and blog sites either. They sit in court for up to a year and listen to Italian-speaking lawyers.
I doubt your job as an FBI heavy meant much legal training but you should at least learn the basics if you want to become a TV star through commenting on a foreign court process.

Are most FBI Agents conspiracy theorists?

To believe this FBI Agent is a conspiracy theorist, you would have to be an even BIGGER conspiracy theorist.

Why should Seattlites worry

Why should Seattlites worry for Amanda? She loves Italy and wants to stay there. She found a way for a non-EU citizen to pull it off. Except I think they deport foreign murderers when theyre released from prison.