Photo courtesy Steve Moore taken in Karachi, Pakistan
Former FBI agent Steve Moore was the Case Agent in charge of the investigation of the bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Karachi Pakistan, as seen here. Moore was fired Tuesday from his job at Pepperdine University for speaking out publicly on , in his view, the innocence on West Seattle UW student Amanda Knox, serving 26 years in an Italian prison for murder.

Former FBI agent Steve Moore fired for speaking out for Amanda Knox

Deputy director of Public Safety at Pepperdine fired Sept. 28

FBI agent Steve Moore, a Los Angeles resident, told the West Seattle Herald he was fired Tuesday after refusing to stop speaking out in support of Amanda Knox on national television and radio. He was deputy director of Public Safety at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. His supervisors were concerned that he was endangering students in Pepperdine's Florence, Italy program.

Moore believes West Seattle UW student Amanda Knox was falsely accused and convicted of the murder of her college roommate Meredith Kercher Nov. 1, 2007 and feels his background in forensics and murder investigations backs up his claim.

The West Seattle Herald reported on Moore's recent trip to Seattle here:

Reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Steve Moore told the West Seattle Herald that, regarding threats from Pepperdine to fire him, "They brought up different reasons at different times. They said this was taking too much of my work time when in actuality it was taking none of my work time. I think they had a short fall of moral courage. I'm not totally going to let sleeping dogs lie, but I'm not ready to say yet how I will react to my dismissal.

"I didn't take this stand because I had somewhere else to go," he continued. "I took it in spite of having no where else to go. I used to fly helicopters, and have other skills I may pursue in the job market. I am going to do anything to make my mortgage. I had the option of stopping (the media appearances) and continuing with Pepperdine when I was warned, so why would I stop now? That is how much I believe Amanda Knox is innocent. This has only encouraged me."

The West Seattle Herald would also like to clear up some confusion that has come up in certain comments posted on the above article. There is an author, also named Steve Moore, who writes about the FBI, CIA, and the 9/11 attack. Apparently some readers have mistaken that Steve Moore with the veteran FBI agent.

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Mr Clint Eastwood Moore's Hollywood salary at Pepperdine

Mr Moore is receiving

1. Director, Assessment & Accreditation - Teacher Education (00021518)
$4,041 - $5,666 per month x 12 = 67992 max per year as director not assistant.

2. Assistant Director, Recreation and Leadership Development (10001444)
Up to (meaning max) $3,916.66 x 12 = 46.999.92 max per year.

3. Associate Director of Career Development (10001165) $60.000 - $65.000 per year

4. Corporate Account Executive (10000767)
$3,800 - $4,200 monthly x 12 = 50400 per annum.

Number 4, though not a director's post, is nevertheless one preparing students for their Master degrees and is in the financial sector, yet even he isn't in the Robert Di Niro wage bracket.

All of the above examples from the Pepperdine website, shows that the salary range goes from about 10 dollars an hour as weed eradicator (loo9k into it Steve-o = less responsibility and stress)to not even a max of 30 dollars per hour because as an assistant, on 3999 a month, that's around 21 dollars gross an hour.

At Pepperdine they speak of assistants and associate directors and not deputies, seems the person above has been watching too many Clint Eastwood cowboy and injun movies.

So I'm guessing that Mary was trying to explain to us that Steve Moore had the highest rate of pay on campus. That makes sense, he's a tough guy.

Well done Steve, and good luck in Hollywood, you'll need it.

"His supervisors were

"His supervisors were concerned that he was endangering students in Pepperdine's Florence, Italy program."

I am more curious as to where Pepperdine got the idea that their students would be in danger in Italy. What does this mean? An excuse? Or, did the supervisors at Pepperdine receive threats or implied threats from Florence? If threats or advice was received from anyone in Italy on this matter, what does this say about any and all involved?

"If Rudy did it all by

"If Rudy did it all by himself, why is there no sign of his presence in Filomena's bedroom?
That drop of Meredith's blood on Filomena's floor says it all:
The drop had been wiped up. It was only detected via LUMINOL. (Clean up!)
There is DNA mixed in with that drop.
Who's DNA is it?
Not Filomena's (even though it's her private bedroom!).
Not Laura's (the other housemate).
Not Rudy's. (There goes the lone wolf theory!)
Can you guess?
I'll help you out, just fill in the blanks:
A _ _ _ _ a"

YAWN aren't you getting tired of trolling blogs and spreading this lie? Everyone knows by now that the traces revealed with luminol tested negative for blood. Until someone can present evidence that is actually REAL and not DISTORTIONS AND LIES, we will continue to believe she is innocent. Sorry if the whole "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" think doesn't fit with your values.

The Fat Guy in the Photo above this article

Have you noticed how chubby nuts is actually POSING for a happy snap next to the scene of this terrorist atrocity? He hasn't been caught by a press photographer while going about his job, he is actually POSING. Absolutely incredible. Does he enjoy publicity? Is he an atrocity freak? Who is this fat clown? He looks like some American tourist character from a National Lampoon film. Can any one help identify him please?

Steve Moore Is My Hero

Thank you Steve Moore for being such a man of integrity, principle and courage. The world needs more heroes just like you. Shame on Pepperdine U., the cowards.

On the plus side, now Steve can take some time off and devote himself full time to solving this murder case, which the wackjobs in Italy are obviously incapable of. So to all the Guilters/Haters on here who wanted to see Steve fired, you should have been more careful what you wished for. It will all now backfire on you Guilters/haters, since we now have Steve Moore available on this case full time!

"And where are all their loud

"And where are all their loud mouthed white knights all over the media?"

Exactly so, Michael, there seems to be a total blackout. Only, the British press aren't usually known for such self-imposed magnanimity now are they?

The Guilters Are Hiding a Big Story?

There is obviously a reason why the Guilters on this site and the two hate sites have adopted this case as their 24/7 obsession. There is more to this than meets the eye. It is a highly unusual situation. The obsessive, vicious trashing of anyone who supports Amanda Knox or the Knox family is not just an Internet craze or hobby. I think these people may be connected with the Italian prosecutors or police or their lawyers. This Internet situation is not innocent, that is most apparent!

Restoring my faith in people

Thank you to Mr. Moore for sacrificing so much for what is right and just and truthful. I am so impressed at your selflessness and caring about another human being, the young Knox girl. Thanks also to your wonderful wife and family, who have let you become the hero that you are, to so many.

Mary_H Conspiracy Theory

Mary_H , Boston Lawyer, and Portia (all the same person posting anonymously) has made a very good point, despite being a cowardly hater.

We should all watch out for highly trained Italian secret agents who have infiltrated this site and are spreading their propoganda to the world through the West Suburban Who Cares Herald. This is a startling and deeply sinister development which we must report to the fat guy in charge of campus, I mean the FBI undercover agent...what do you mean he's been fired? No way.

Quenta cuesta franglioni. Ciao bella por favouri, va Bene y cueta. (am I still getting paid for this??)

You got to be kidding me!

As I read through these posts of ignorance it is logical to believe none of them have looked at the pages and pages of screwed up police work that has been described as the case. Peperdine has shown itself as a school of lower thought and repressive action in this case. Free speech is the bases of all American rights, when colleges fail to protect theses rights there is no higher learning. Steve took the high road, posted his findings and asked why Italy is accusing a young women of a crime committed by MEN! Peperdine now falls in line as an institution in support of ignorance and abuse to foreign students. Read people! Amanda Knox case? Why not Meridith Kercher case? Unknown assailant? Guy was extradited from a foreign country to stand trial. Two trials? Why, do the facts show two crimes? 3 people involved and know one rolls on the other? Tell it to the mob? Amanda Knox has shown the world that country after country after country are falling into the pit of persecution and monarchial thought of superior people of power! Amanda Knox committed no crime but going to Italy! That's her crime!

Moore to audition for role/job as James Bond

Latest we've had coming in, says Mr Moore has taken a hammer to his kids' piggy banks to pay for the bus to the auditions to get the role of... a one... Mr Bond... James... Bond.

Mr Moore was quoted as saying, I woulda liked to have zoomed in on a chopper, flying it and all that, because I can,
seeing as how my 3,999 a month wasn't quite enough to buy one,

or even any full board in Hollywood,
not even part of a board,
not even a cupboard,

I will just say right now, that when I gets famous, I definitely will pay my kids back.

Now, about this film, I knew they'd want me, after they heard all about me being an FBI clerk, one that flew choppers n all.

Shucks what they getting all excited about back at Pepper, me and mah guys, we knew that Pepper was in on the Italian job, everyone is in on it,

that much has been made clear to me from the day Mr Marriot of the Faces contacted me,

he said, Steve, can ya play guitar?

I says, no,

he says, good, we need ya~

Did ya ever hear about a flower picking girl who helped old grannies across the street and murdered her pals as a sideline?

I says, hell yeah, she's as guilty as sin,

he said,
na na, Steve, you gotta say she is as innocent as a baby duck, as a Bambi, a wee Bambi, dooooing doooooing doooiiin-ing through the meadows,

and you'll be famous at the end of it,

you'll get you Beverly Hills spread with hot tub and room enough for a fleet of Bentley's,

or at least a posse of donkeys,

you'll be the guy who never shoulda been fired from that FBI job,

by the way Steve, is that true?

did ya get fired from there too?

No, nah, I can't comment.

Now, about your flower picking, coke sniffing, Bambi double, I sure could use the dough, what's her name?

Her name Steve, it's Bambi!

Bambi eh? Oh yeah heard of her. What's Bambi in Italian?

Er, that's Bambi too Steve.

Oh, so, anyway, I did hear that everyone been calling her it in jail. Bit of an ongoing joke amongst those in the know is it?

Ah Bambi, why you axe yourra grandmama to death?

That's right Steve, it's just that
in jails in Italy everyone is called Bambi.

Because everyone acts like they are... innocent.

Knox is not unique, in anything.
But she is a cash cow.
Do ya want in?
Yep sure n uf
Okay, then bend over it won't hurt a bit, and ya gets to screw everyone over, including your own wife and kids, you okay with that?

Lemme at em, she innoceeeent, I could tell by her bloodstained hands.


It's not 'bases of all American rights', it's 'basis of all American rights'.You can't even spell Pepperdine!!...I was going to go through all the appalling spelling and grammar in your posting but it became indecipherable after a few sentences so I gave up. I don't care what your personal opinions are about an overseas court case, but if you're going to leave long, pompous, show-offy posts trying to sound educated and better than everybody else make sure you keep remaining anonymous, because it's not working. You just come over as somebody who has never been near a high school in your life, let alone a university. You'd certainly not get anywhere near Pepperdine (unless you're looking for a low paid job as a security guard that is)

The bombed out car.

That car behind Steve Moore is the one used in the 2006 bombing of the US Embassy in Karachi.

He's standing in front of it like a tourist.

12 people (including children) died.

51 were injured (horribly).

The real investigators did not pose for souvenir photos.

Did he really work for the FBI or was he just a pilot for the FBI?

I think he's a phony.

But I do believe him when he admits to being a campus security guard at a small college in California.

I mean, EX campus security guard, now looking for work as a pilot.

If he can't find work analyzing violent crime scenes here, who is he to criticize people who CAN find such work?

Steve set his heli down

Steve set his heli down gently on his drive in Beverley Hills.

Phew, he puffed, wiping his brow, been a long day, chasing students off campus when they drank too much, thank God I have years of experience and am a tough guy.

Dad, can I have some pocketmoney? Please dad, oh go on dad, pleeeease.

Hell no, why don't you all work for a living like me, besides, helicopter fuel don't grow on trees, now go and play on the intersection, I'm tired.

Dad, that's not nice, you lost 6 jobs in less months, what is it with your useless a-s 'n' all, what the hell are you trying to prove, and to whom? We've all had to start taking lessons off Internet cos there aint enough money to water my granola of a morning.

Look dad, why is it you have to mess up everything, wait till mom can't go to bingo anymore, she aint gonna be sticking around.

Pepper been calling all day too, asking if you'd lost your mind, but, if you do happen to retrieve it, to tell ya you still aint welcome back.

This lawyer dad, where'd you dig him up?

He talks as crazy as your pals from Seattle do, the ones you say you don't know.

I'm guessing this lawyer must have been one of the stand-up comedians celebrating Knox's guilty sentence, back in the day dad, but hey, aint that just fine how even this guy is talking like a cupcake, threatening an American University now, so, if it was a nationalistic thing going down before, now it is something more, it's turned incestuously insane, the worms are eating away at the larvae from the inside.

It isn't just foreigners who are all crooks, but in addition, now, if they say anything against this Knox monster, even our own universities are then going to be called the hang-outs of illiterate peasants, least, that's what you all is saying, I don't think people gonna be buying that stuff pa, so why not quit it while we still have a roof over our heads?

Notice the fat guy?

Do you mean chubby geriatric Peter Quennell? Randy Jackson?

speaking of

speaking of Michael/Fulcanelli of PMS, the man who tells his own online "community" to f****k off and refers to them as "dicks."

"I have something else to say. As co-owner and admin of PMF it's part of my job (as I see it) to each day review the day's case news, both in the media and on forums and blogs, although in truth I was doing that long before I was ever a moderator...from when the case began, almost three years ago now. I actually (have for a long time) dreaded meeting each new day and all the new lies or the latest grandstanding by whoever, be it books, films, documentaries, news articles, posts on other sites... It is and has been for a long time a depressing event to realise each new day and I depend on the support of the fantastic community here, my family and my friends as a constant to restore my faith in humanity."

Mary_H is correct

This quote from the Graphic (Pepperdine newspaper)

"On [Sept.] 20th, he [Phillips] sent me a proposal," Moore said. "That I send him my resignation by Wednesday the 22nd. They would pay me for three months of salary to do this."


"So the bottom line is, they were going to pay me something like $25,000 in return for my silence about what Pepperdine had done," Moore said. "And I told them no. I have too many mirrors in my house to be able to live that way."

Let's see 3 months=25,000, that would mean 12 months = 100,000.


Why, thank you, Rose. I wasn't even aware he had said that; all I did was look at some of those websites that tell you the average salaries of certain jobs. I was trying to counter the false suggestions made by a couple of people here who said Steve Moore was a security guard who made 14.50 an hour.

Not a Security Guard

It seems to be a typical strategy on the part of those that believe in Amanda's guilt. I remember when Mr. Moore fist spoke out about this case their were claims that he was not a retired FBI agent coming form certain websites. Rather than an honest debate on the issues and the evidence they seem to want to play a character attack game. Trying to make Mr. Moore look like someone who is not the experienced professional is just a part of that strategy. It does not matter if it is true, they just want it to be true. Sounds like the Massei report in that regard.

Amanda Knox

Does anyone know if Amanda Knox is allowed to receive mail? Would it be possible to send notes of support to her,so she doesn't feel so helpless, forgotten,hopeless?

To Ruth Wells

Amanda Knox
casa circondariale "Capanne" di Perugia
Strada pievaiola
06100 Perugia-Italia

There also are links on the website to Facebook pages that have additional information about contacting Amanda.

Steve Moore

Rose wrote: "...I remember when Mr. Moore first spoke out about this case there were claims that he was not a retired FBI agent coming from certain websites..."

One of the most often used accusations was that there must be something wrong with him because he retired after "only" 25 years.

Guess what. One of the guilters' heroes, Clint Van Zandt, also retired from the FBI after 25 years.

Steve Moore's enormous bottom

RoseMontague wrote: "So the bottom line is"

Can you stop make cheap references to the big guy's bottom? How would you like it if you had no education, a sweat problem, an inability to speak in anything except cliches, and no job.... and then some vicious little kid hater starts referring to your enormous bottom on a public internet site? Cut it out you coward!!!!!!

Poor Guy

It's true - poor Steve can only speak in pre-reheared sound bite cliches like 'no dog in this fight' and 'too many mirror in my house' etc

Give the guy a break - he is a low-paid worker who has just lost his job. He doesn't pretend to be Einstein.

The way sick posters like Mary_H etc ridicule for his low status and draw attention to how little he earns disgust me. Why is money so important to you people? Do you have no sense of charity or decency ? You cowardly haters should be ashamed of yourself - and especially you Mary_H.

You have hit Rock Bottom

That was a quote from Mr. Moore. He is the one the said "bottom line".

This Lady Doth Protest Too Much?

"One more thing, because I can see why some people might have been offended by my fat comment about Amanda (and Casey Anthony), and trust me, it is not something I usually do because I had a big weight problem in high school, my weight fluctuated from 105 pounds to 160 (and I was only 5'2"). The only reason I brought it up in their case is because they both like to think they are so superior because of their looks, and that the only reason that they are getting negative attention is because they are sooo beautiful (wretch!). For someone like that, I always think its quite funny that they end up getting fat in prison. If they themselves didnt put so much attention on their looks, I really wouldn't care to even comment on it in any way..."

Using a bit of 'Statement Analysis' on this little gem, I would hazard a guess that Solange305 is probably plug ugly. Just sayin'.

Plug ugly. Good one. Steve

Plug ugly. Good one. Steve Moore is one-hundred times better looking and thinner than Cliff Van Zandt, not to mention Peter Quennell (ew), Tara, SB, Kathleen Jackson, Randy Jackson and those are just the people we've seen. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. God forbid we ever had to look at Solange ..... LoverofZion .... Bard... Bucket of Pee ... Stupid7 and horror of horrors Stilliho. Plug ugly, right.

8 Green Bottles Hanging On The Wall

- Edgardo GIOBBI
- Anna DONNINO [Interpreter]

What's the interpreter doing there? The only thing she's accused of is an ignorance of English idioms and a rubbish translation of a text message. And who's the one with the chestnut hair, or did they all hit the peroxide on Nov 7 2007 ?

The Woman With The Long Hair

Transcript of Amanda's Testimony:

"Well, there were lots and lots of people who were asking me questions, but the person who had started talking with me was a policewoman with long hair, chestnut brown hair, but I don't know her. Then in the circle of people who were around me, certain people asked me questions, for example there was a man who was holding my telephone, and who was literally shoving the telephone into my face, shouting "Look at this telephone! Who is this? Who did you want to meet?" Then there were others, for instance this woman who was leading, was the same person who at one point was standing behind me, because they kept moving, they were really surrounding me and on top of me. I was on a chair, then the interpreter was also sitting on a chair, and everyone else was standing around me, so I didn't see who gave me the first blow because it was someone behind me, but then I turned around and saw that woman, and she gave me another blow to the head.

This was the same woman with the long hair?

Yes, the same one."

Was Amanda ever given the opportunity of positively identifying the 'woman with the long hair' by sight?

Credibility Contest = More Jail TIme for Knox

Was Amanda ever given the opportunity of positively identifying the 'woman with the long hair' by sight?


There are only 7 female cops and 1 interpreter to choose from.

It's BS to think her lawyers don't have subpoena power - it would be EASY for Amanda's lawyers to get not only photos of the women, but the women themselves to appear in person, and allow Amanda a good, long look.

Amanda's story, like all of her stories, is carefully calculated to create confusion and shift blame to others.

Here she has blamed the police, but done so in a way that no one officer in particular is identified as responsible - it's a 'blanket accusation' with hazy details, vaguely recollected.

As such, it is a transparent attempt to prevent any one cop from being granted the 'standing' to successfully sue Amanda for defamation in a court of law.

Unfortunately for Amanda, the Italian courts have (wisely) given all 8 of the defamed 'standing' notwithstanding the fact that none of them was specifically named as the individual responsible for the alleged cuff(s).

After intentionally accusing a black man, Patrick, that she knew to be innocent (to keep the cops off the trail of her actual black accomplice, Rudy), Amanda's word is worth nothing.

The fact that NONE of her constantly shifting alibis is confirmed by cell tower pings, phone records and computer logs only seals the deal.

Knox is a proven liar.

In the credibility contest between professional police officers who were only trying to do right by a young woman, Meredith Kercher, who wasn't even 'one of their own' (she was British), and a proven liar (who admitted to abusing street drugs and alcohol to the point of memory loss), it's a cinch: Knox is going to get more prison time.

And rightfully so.

Guess what. One of the

Guess what. One of the guilters' heroes, Clint Van Zandt, also retired from the FBI after 25 years.

There's a big difference you're missing:

Van Zandt = one of the elite trained at the FBI's "National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime" (NCAVC) [competition for the program is intense] and was a bona fide FBI "profiler."

Moore = NOT able to make the cut, and was just a pilot for the FBI.

Indeed, Moore cannot find work in America (or Europe) analyzing violent crime and is now looking for work as a pilot.

Who is he to be taking shots at highly-trained professionals in Europe that do nothing but the analysis of violent domestic crime?!

As proof of the quality difference between Van Zandt and Moore one need only look to the fact that Van Zandt correctly predicted the conviction of Knox and Sollecito long before the trial even began.

Moore, on the other hand, can't even get the basic fact pattern straight 9 months after the 11 month trial, and almost 3 years after the crime itself.

Hell, Moore can't even figure out how to keep a job as a campus security guard in Malibu.

Van Zandt Thinks Rudy Pled Guilty

Clint Van Zandt thinks that Rudy Guede pled guilty. I don't think he's taken a hard look at the case.


Taking Bets wrote: "Van Zandt correctly predicted the conviction of Knox and Sollecito long before the trial even began."

So did Judge Heavey.

There are at least four falsehoods in your post. On purpose or out of ignorance?

Rally? And why is that?

And why is that?