FUNDRAISERS IN THE MIDWEST & IN THE MIDDLE OF WEST SEATTLE. Two fundraisers for the Amanda Knox Defense Fund will be held. One is here at Shadowland in the Junction Saturday, Oct. 16. The other is in Columbus, Ohio Oct. 15.

Shadowland to host Amanda Knox Fundraiser, another in Columbus, OH

Two fundraisers for the Amanda Knox Defense Fund are coming up, one in West Seattle, the other in Columbus, Ohio. They happen to take place a day apart, so theoretically you could attend both, though no news yet if anyone will do so.

Shadowland Bar & Restaurant, here in West Seattle north of the Junction, at 4458 California Ave SW will host a fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 16, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Rumba Café in Columbus will hold their fundraiser the prior evening, Oct. 15 at 9:00 p.m.

The Shadowland event is sponsored by friends Al Semple who was born and raised in West Seattle, and Julie Rogers, of Sammamish. The Knox family is not involved in the organizing. Shadowland agreed to provide the venue and food, and live bands will perform pro bono, including jazz musician Jay Cates, and Katie Voss. Raffle prizes have been donated by Salty’s, Forsythe Studio, El Gaucho, Envy on Alki, and others. They are also working on a paypal site.

“We got the idea while we were working as extras on the movie, “Late Autumn,” which was filmed in Seattle,” said Semple. “That was last February or March.”

Semple and Rogers met while acting in a Taco Del Mar TV commercial. He played the customer and she worked behind the counter.

“It didn’t start rolling until a month or two ago,” added Rogers, who was crowned “Mrs. Seattle” for two years. “I’ve done fundraisers before. I feel passionate about this, and Al and I both know a lot of people.”

“I started to read bits and pieces of the trial and my initial gut reaction was telling me Amanda was innocent,” said Semple. “Now I read about the case daily. There’s been more evidence that she is innocent than not. That’s my opinion. The knife they show on the TV screen didn’t match up with the wounds. There’s no proof that she was there. She’s from West Seattle like I am so I felt I had to do something.”

“My heart goes out to Amanda’s parents, not being able to protect her from a distance,” said Rogers. “My condolences go to the Kercher family as well. The bottom line is closure, and the media doesn’t help the way they are portraying Amanda. It’s unfortunate, but the truth will come out in the end.”

The Columbus, Ohio fundraiser was the inspiration of Heather Coy, a resident there, with the assistance of Seattle-area resident Mark Waterbury, who authors a website in support of Knox, and is planning to release a book on the trial shortly.

“Heather is doing the heavy lifting,” said Waterbury. “I did the flyer, am an admin on her fundraising Facebook page, and have provided advice and support.” The FB page is called “A benefit for the Amanda Knox Defense Fund.”

So how did someone so far afield become interested in fundraising for a West Seattleite?

“Well, I saw Oprah,” said Coy. “I thought Amanda’s parents seemed like nice people. It seemed really tragic, but I figured that she must be guilty because I just had that general faith, I guess, that innocent people don't just go to prison like that, for no reason. I immediately went to the computer and began researching. I didn't stop for three days. I watched videos and read articles.

“What resonated with me about Amanda was that I also studied abroad,” Coy continued. “Like Amanda, I immersed myself in the culture. I was in France for six weeks. Some of the other Americans with me found it odd that I so fully immersed myself in the culture. Amanda reminded me of my 20 year-old self. I also thought of my daughter, who is 10, and how that could one day be my daughter. I see no reason why this couldn't be happening to anyone around me. It just happened to be Amanda. My friends here believe in her innocence. “

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Good People Doing Something

FBI Steve Moore said “the only thing that is going to free Amanda is good people doing something.”

This is the perfect example of good people stepping up to help Amanda Knox. I think this is absolutely fantastic of them. Very interesting that Columbus, Ohio is having an Amanda Knox benefit. It shows that the interest in justice being done is wide spread.

Please contact your representatives and demand that independent forensic examination and audio tests be granted during the appeal !!!

Read more about the case at

Thank you

I wish I could attend! Thanks for coverage of these events. Hopefully will further the growing awareness of what is going on with this case. And hopefully help raise a great amount of useful, needed funds.

Good article Steve. Heather

Good article Steve.

Heather is part of a growing network of people who are absolutely committed to whatever will free Amanda and Raffaele. We're not going to shut up or go away until they are out of prison and the verdict is reversed.

I want to gooooo!

I want to gooooo!

FBI Steve Moore said “the

FBI Steve Moore said “the only thing that is going to free Amanda is good people doing something.”


That's the ONLY thing the EX- FBI pilot/ EX- Campus Security Guard/ looking-for-work-as-a-pilot ****wit has said that's true.

So when is Team Knox going to find some "good" people?

A "judge" (Heavey)that winds up sanctioned for misconduct/ abuse of office after relying on his 'clarvoyant' little girl to guide his conduct?

A soon-to-be disbarred lawyer from a bottom-tier school that's drunk, mentally ill and in the habit of submitting lies to the court? (Hi, Anne!)

A private eye (Paulie) that did not manage to graduate from high school and can't even find public court records?

An international law expert (Ted) who says Knox is guilty until the Knox's put $$$ in his hand (half million dollar retainer is the rumor - way to go Ted!)

A fake-billionaire that will say anything to grab a few headlines (Don is about as honest as his comb-over - is anyone fooled by it?)

Team Knox is a circus of publicity seeking hucksters ready to say ANYTHING for Amanda in exchange for the chance to get on TV/ promote their names.

I'm still waitng for a "good" one to appear. Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

My guess is that all of the truly "good" people/ competent/ ethical professionals out there know a sociopathic, drug-addled, rape-prankster when they see one.

Excellent Idea- We Need More Of These

This is great- I wish more would spring up around the country, not only to raise money but to get the word out about an innocent woman wrongly convicted of murder in Italy. Free Amanda!

Proceeds of Infamous Crimes

George and Cindy Anthony have been able to quit working.

They've set up a "charity" that takes in donations.

I've noticed Curt hasn't bothered to find a job since being fired from Macy's quite some time ago.

Surprsise, surprise, here's yet ANOTHER fund raiser.

Easy, easy money for nothin'

Curt and Edda really have become Seattle's answer to George and Cindy.

To quote the cold, callous

To quote the cold, callous Curt Knox from his Oprah appearance Feb 2010..... "We still have a chance with Amanda, and they don't with their daughter"

Yet, I am not a good person because I deem Amanda guilty?

Parties with bands, balloons, jokes and bar-b-cue is incredibly disrespectful to the brutally murdered victim, Meredith Kercher.

By her own words (several times) Amanda was present when heinous crimes were committed against Meredith Kercher.

Meredith Kercher is the victim. NOT Amanda Knox.

More Efforts Like This Are Needed

It's very telling that those professing to want justice for Meredith Kercher take every opportunity to slander Amanda Knox, her family, and those who speak out against the injustice against her and Raffaele Sollecito. They are not looking for justice: they are looking for opportunities to spout vulgarities and stereotypes.

These families have all suffered enough. It's time for the Perugian courts to admit that the prosecutors in this case erred in charging the people who reported the crime rather than investigating more thoroughly, and let this poor girl's family grieve in peace.

Good Decent People

Amanda Knox and Raffaele are totally innocent of this crime. A growing network of good decent people are standing up and confronting this injustice.

None of this is in any way disrespectful of the victim of the crime, Meredith Kercher.

No Way!!!

There is no way that Amanda ever took drugs or played around with Italians, never mind commited this teribble murder, for which there is no proof whatsoever. It was a kangaroo court whcih saw Amanda tortured and raillroaded. It is wonderful that good American white people can get together to raise money to fight agaisnt the disgusting Italians. You would have to be insane to think that there is any evidence against Amanda. The FBI attorney Steve Moore has proved this, and this is Amanda will be home for Christmas!!!

Its true

Its true - Amanda has been portrayed as a drug taker who sticks pictures of herself online firing machine guns. This is all lies.She is innocent of all of this and loves decent people and nice animals. She is the nices perso ever, and is not capeble of hurting a fly never mind taking drugs or pretending to fire a machine gun. Also its a lie that she forget everything because of taking drugs. She has never taken drugs and anyone who disagrees with this is a maniac and a guilter.

The truth will prevail

Thank so much Heather and Mark and everyone who is working so hard to spread the word about this terrible injustice! Locking up two innocent people will not bring Meredith back! Let's stop this suffering now! I will be in Columbus to show my support for truth and justice! Free Amanda and Raffaele!!!!

We've seen, read and heard

We've seen, read and heard the same evidence processing it to our own capabilities. That's why there are trials. The trial has been open and above board.

IMO, Amanda is guilty.

nogroupie has no idea what

nogroupie has no idea what their talking about

Yo Holly!

hollyanna919 is right - locking up three young people because they murdered someone will not bring their victim back. They should be excused punishment for what they did - theyre just kids who made mistakes. Young people do this sometimes. Everyone deserves another chance and anyone who says otherwise is just a maniac guilter. You should be ashamed of yourself you dirty Italians.

Spread the word

Spread the word that these three kids who have never taken drugs or drunk alcohol in their life were not capable of carrying out this frenzied killing! None of them had ever been anywhere near the house where the kid was killed, and they did not know her. In fact Amanda, who loves other people, was very shy and did not socialise much at all. She certainly did not take drugs and was studying at the time. Given these kids a break and free them all!!!! Only a lunatic would find a shred of evidence in this kangaroo cort!!!!!

Amanda Knox's Supporters

Al Semple made the following claim:

"The knife they show on the TV screen didn’t match up with the wounds."

Al Semple needs to read the Massei report rather than FOA propaganda. Even the defence experts conceded the double DNA knife was compatible with the deep puncture wound on Meredith's neck.

Amanda Knox's supporters are ignorant and simple-minded. There are no exceptions.

Thanks Heather and Mark.

Thanks Heather and Mark. This is excellent news. I so wish I could go, but I am much too far away. I will certainly be making a donation. AMANDA AND RAFFAELE ARE INNOCENT OF THIS CRIME AND SHOULD BE FREE AND EXONERATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Meredith Kercher was a

Meredith Kercher was a beautiful young women who died tragically and way too soon. She is indeed the victim here and deserves justice, but putting away two innocent people for her murder will *not* bring her justice, at all.

Oh for Pete's sake! AMANDA

Oh for Pete's sake!


Hate to break it to ya, but Amanda was not the only one in Perugia who smoked weed. I can guarantee you that a good portion of student population did as well, or else there wouldn't have been dealers hanging out on the steps every night. (Hello supply and demand!)

Know what else? Amanda was not the only tenant in that cottage who smoked marijuana--every single one of her roommates did. Every. Single. One. This includes the murder victim herself: Meredith Kercher. Her "boyfriend," Giacomo Silenzi, grew marijuana plants downstairs, and even asked her to water them while he was away for the weekend.

Stop vilifying Amanda Knox for smoking a few joints. It's getting old.

The knife wounds

You need to read the Massei Report, Miss Harry. None of the experts believed the Sollicito kitchen knife was compatible with the crime. That where the multi-knife theory was concocted.

Thanks To All of the Good People

Thanks to Steve Shay for this story. Hearing of all of the kind and good hearted people who have spoken out for the innocent Amanda and Raffaele does my heart good. There is so much hate, anger, selfishness and greed in this world. But with the Knox case you have selfless, compassionate people stepping up to help and support the Knox family which is suffering so terribly.

Watching this kindness rekindles my faith in humanity. God bless you all, especially Steve Moore, Heather Coy, Dr. Mark Waterbury, Bruce Fisher, Al Semple, Julie Rogers, and on and on. You are helping the Knox family, but you also help everyone by demonstrating such humanity before the world. Thanks for helping me too.

Kindness and humanity

It rekindles my faith in honest human nature and kindness when so many beautiful people come together to support a cute American kid who was convicted of ripping someone's throat apart and leaving her to choke to death. My, this lovely girl who was so devoid of hate and anger described to the police exactly how her victim died - the gurgling, the choking, the screams were so disturbing that the poor kitten had to put her hands to her ears. And did this lovely specimen of all American humanity call 911? Hah, of course not - that would have meant getting caught.


Julianna is quite right - my gut feeling is that Patrick Lumbamba was responsible for this crime and he should definitely be in prison in place of Amanda, just like Amanda always said he should be. Amanda is united in goodness and humanity with people like us, but Lumbamba was not of our kind. He was clearly guilty.

Thanks to Steve Shay

Thanks to Steve Shay for supporting our campaign to get Amanda a second chance. FBI-trained criminal attorney Steve Moore has already destroyed the prosecution case and proved that there was not a shred of evidence during the trial. He has not yet been to Italy, but when he does he will destroy it again. We are fighting hard to overturn this kangaroo court and anyone that gets in our way is going to get it.

Harry Rag You are obviously

Harry Rag

Sick of reading your rubbish.............
AMANDA AND RAFFAELE ARE INNOCENT - get that in your head

Amanda's Supporters Renounce Racism

There are a couple of comments here that must be rejected by those of us who argue for Amanda's innocence.

(1) "It is wonderful that good American white people can get together to raise money to fight against the disgusting Italians. You would have to be insane to think that there is any evidence against Amanda. The FBI attorney Steve Moore has proved this, and this is Amanda will be home for Christmas!!!"

(2) "Amanda is united in goodness and humanity with people like us, but Lumbamba was not of our kind. He was clearly guilty."

Those who support Amanda and Raffaele renounce racism. People of all races are of course welcome to join our cause. Please also note that Patrick Lumbumba was exonerated in all respects from any involvement in the crime.

Wish I could attend - but will donate!

It's time we totally ignore Harry Rag. The Massei Report has been completely refuted, and Amanda & Raffaele's innocence is quite clear.

I will donate to these events put on by good people who really care.

Race has nothing to do with it.

I'm Italian and I think Amanda and Raffaele are innocent and Rudy Guede is guilty as hell. Guede left evidence all over the crime scene. There is no credible evidence to put Amanda or Raffaele at the crime scene. Their so called bloody foot prints were not blood at all although the police testified the blurs were Amanda's bloody foot prints. Later it was found the blurs were not blood at all and the blurs don't even look like feet. Amanda's DNA was found in the apartment where she lived. Would you be surprised that your DNA is in the building where you live? Amanda had a key to her apartment. Do you have a key to the building where you live? Do you think this is evidence? We have caught the authorities in Perugia in so many lies it's pathetic. This is why I think they are innocent. Race has nothing to do with it.

Where was Amanda at 8:18 pm Nov 1 2007?

SUMMARY: The text message that Amanda received from Patrick Lumumba at 20:18:12 does not indicate Amanda was not at Raffaele's flat at that time. If you follow through what I'm explaining you will see that the Massei report contradicts it's self again. In the following the judge is saying Amanda was not at Raffaele's flat when she received a call (text message) from Patrick Lumumba at 20:18:12 , because the call connected to a cell tower that does not service Raffaele's flat. Based on the information in the Massei report it appears the cell tower does service Raffaele's flat because four phone calls at Raffaele's flat connected to that cell tower.


FROM MASSEI REPORT PAGE 322: "− 20:18:12: "Amanda receives the SMS sent to her by Patrick Lumumba, which let her off from having to go to work at the ‚Le Chic‛ pub on the evening of 1 November. At the time of reception the phone connected to the cell on Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, whose signal does not reach Raffaele Sollecito’s house. The young woman was therefore far [i.e. absent] from Corso Garibaldi 30 when the SMS reached her, as she was walking in an area which was shown to be served by the Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3 cell. This point of her route could correspond to Via U. Rocchi, to Piazza Cavallotti, to Piazza IV Novembre, bearing in mind that Lumumba’s pub is located in Via Alessi, and that Amanda Knox would have had to travel along the above-mentioned roads and the piazza in order to reach the pub"

FROM MASSEI REPORT PAGE 318: "1. The area around the defendant’s [Raffaele] home was reached by a very strong signal radiated from the Via Berardi sector 7 cell, indicated as being the‚ best server cell‛ with regard to Sollecito’s house; furthermore the signals of other cells are also powerful, respectively that with a pylon in Piazza Lupattelli sector 8 and that with a pylon in Via dell’Acquilla -Torre dell’Acquedotto sectors 3 and 9."

NOTE: If Via dell’Acquilla -Torre dell’Acquedotto sectors 3 and 9 is such a strong cell tower signal at Raffaele's home, why did none of the phone call listed in the Massei report connect with that cell tower? Likely because Via dell’Acquilla doesn't exist. I Googled Acquilla (Via dell’Acquilla), and apparently it isn't a word. I checked with Google maps and Via dell’Acquilla is not a street in Perugia but Aquila is, so it must be a typo at a convenient location in Massei's report, and likely should be Via dell’Aquila. Acquilla (Via dell’Acquilla) only appears here, only one time in the Massei report.

FROM MASSEI REPORT PAGE 322: "− 20:18:12: Amanda receives the SMS sent to her by Patrick Lumumba, which let her off from having to go to work at the ‚Le Chic‛ pub on the evening of 1 November. At the time of reception the phone connected to the cell on Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, whose signal does not reach Raffaele Sollecito’s house. ...................................
NOTE: The following summeriest the following four calls cell tower locations and all four calls were connected while the phones were at Raffaele's flat. This is the same cell tower that Amanda's phone connected with at 20:18:12.
Cell tower location -------------- Serviced Raffaele's flat:
Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, YES, page 323
Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, YES, page 323
Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, YES, page 323
Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, YES, page 323

"-12.08.44 (lasted 68 seconds) Amanda calls Romanelli Filomena on number 347-1073006; the mobile phone connects to the Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3 cell (which covers Sollecito’s house)

"− 12:11:02 (3 seconds) the Vodafone number 348-4673711 belonging to Meredith (this is the one [i.e. SIM card] registered to Romanelli Filomena) is called and its answering service is activated (cell used: Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3 "

"− 12:11:54 (4 seconds): another call is made towards Meredith’s English mobile phone number (the cell used is the one in Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, thus compatible with Sollecito’s house)"

"− 12:12:35 (lasting 36 seconds) Romanelli Filomena calls Amanda Knox (No. 348-4673590); Amanda receives the call connecting to the cell on Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3 (still at Raffaele’s house)"


It's a GUARANTEED FACT that these "events" will be sparsely attended.

Amanda Knox, Raffaelle Sollecito and Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher.


Does anyone know if both of

Does anyone know if both of Amanda Marie Knox's biological parents are working, meaning employed or are both or either one of them is unemployed?

Jesus you people are sick...i

Jesus you people are sick...i mean another fundraiser for a convicted murderess!!

And this steve moore guy talking total bs.. he has had his 15 mins its over now'

It is quite sick all these stunts being pulled by foa i mean what about the real victim and her family?? why not a fund raiser for them!!

There is some really sick people over in seattle and how the rest tag along beliveing anything the knox clan come out with, why dont you people look at the real evidence which is freely available on line and not to the tripe dished out by the knox pr machine i mean are you all that stupid and gullable?????


Have you noticed how selective Phanuel_B is in her correcting of mistakes(her latest posting carries the lie that Steve 'I haven't got a dog in this fight' Moore is an 'attorney'! Yeah, sure he is)...Now who is it that selectively remembers some 'facts' but 'forgets' lots of others, blaming this incredible memory dysfunction on drugs and alcohol? Phanuel_B is clearly family and offers blind loyalty because of this, but she should realise that treating readers like idiots just makes the vast majority of people even more certain of Knox's guilt.

Grow up

HarryHag - 'I'm Italian and I think Amanda and Raffaele are innocent and Rudy Guede is guilty as hell.'

No you're not, you're another pathetic little Seattle based poster with a low IQ and the same kind of vicious streak which prompts weak people to get high on drugs and do vicious things. Grow up.

In Memoriam: the FOA Fallen

This Steve Moore guy melted down WAAAAAY faster than Anne Bremner. Need a new spokesperson again!

Let's see, we've had the obese P.I. that dropped out of high school...

The judge who believed his little girl was clairvoyant and followed her wishes into an abuse of office charge...

Then there's the lying, bipolar, alcoholic lawyer that perjured herself en route to a prison sentence and a disbarment proceeding with the WSBA...

Now: the campus security guard/ FBI Cessna pilot that tried to tell us he was Jack Bauer

I literally can't wait to see the next FOA spokesperson!!!

Whatever happened to that Iraqi Information Minister that stuck to the script even when the US tanks were parked right behind him?

He'd be perfect.

Amanda Knox and Family are Spelling Impaired

nogroupie has no idea what
Submitted by Guest (not verified) on October 4, 2010 - 9:05am.

nogroupie has no idea what their talking about




1) At least I know it's, "...what THEY'RE talking..." (not, "their");

2) It should really be, "...what he/she is talking about;" and

3) You know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Hey Seattle. I’m glad that

Hey Seattle. I’m glad that you all like to fundraise and help people who need it. May I make a suggestion? Perhaps instead of giving your money to a convicted sex killer, perhaps you might like to send some cash to the victim’s family, the Kerchers. Something that the Knox family don’t tell you is that the Kercher’s have to pay for their lawyer in Italy, it is not given by the state. They have to pay for their own flights to Italy, granted the UK is nearer to Italy than the USA. They have to pay for the sentencing and other documents produced by the courts to be translated into English so they can understand the brutality unleashed upon their poor daughter. They have to get through every single day knowing that no appeal judge or law court is going to bring back their daughter (Curt Knox says his pain is deeper than Arline Kercher's, I beg to differ). For the record, they have studied the evidence, including all of the defence submissions and they believe Amanda Knox to be guilty (Yes you heard me, the Kercher family are so called guilters too). They support the sentence given to all three killers and support the reasoning behind them. If you have an ounce of decency, you’ll put your wallets away for Amanda Knox and send your hard earned dollars to the family of Meredith Kercher. They wouldn’t solicit these donations themselves but I can’t stand by and watch people fundraise for a woman who brutally raped tortured and murdered her so called friend. There is a mountain of evidence against Amanda, don’t let a few crocodile tears on Oprah blind you from the truth. Send your donations via John Kercher’s employer at:Daily Mirror, 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP. As I have said, I have no connection to the Kercher family, I just cannot abide people compounding their endless suffering by supporting Amanda Knox.

At last a real heart felt

At last a real heart felt post that is 100% genuine and 100% correct!!

It is a insult to Meredith and her family every time these deluded fundraisers are announced.

Well done for the above post and i for one will be posting a donation as i also feel sick to my stomach at some of the antics being employed by these insulting down right ignorant people.

How can the family of amanda knox say on live tv that at least they still have a chance with there daughter unlike the kerchers!! it is down right evil and nasty!!!

RIP Meredith x

The Kerchers

I agree 100 per cent with sending money to the Kerchers, who are honest, dignified, hugely impressive people. They put the Knox clan to shame in the way they have refused to milk the media or to display arrogance towards Italy. As another poster rightly points out, they are intelligent people who have studied the evidence too, and they agree with the court's findings. In contrast, most of the pro Knox postings on this site are nothing short of disgusting. I hope they are all read by the upstanding people of Pergugia who are, once again, being called upon to consider the facts of this vicious murder.

Don't forget Twittering for Amanda !

but first of all get properly informed about the Perugia Witch Trial:

Anti-Americanism fuels Hate for Knox Family

Ever notice how the people attacking the entire Knox family and all of their supporters are almost all from Europe? The hate, the venom, the lies, all coming from Britain, Italy and other places in Europe, and many of them try to pass themselves off as American posters. The two main Hate sites involved with this case are operated and populated by people from Europe. Now that should tell you something about what is really going on with this case!!



Ellie Mae

Ellie May - some poor young woman gets her throat slit and all you can do is start attacking foreigners. What a lovely background you must come from - full of paranoia and viciousness. There are millions of decent Americans, and there are millions of decent Europeans. All like each other, and spend a lot of time with each other - travelling from country to country and sharing the goodness of the world....You just carry on hating people, and leave the rest of us to treat each other with dignity and respect. Nasty little bigots like you won't ever change that, no matter how many warped messages you leave in support of a convicted murderer and torturer. You disgust us all, no matter what our race or creed....Finally, don't forget that your all-American girl's knife-loving boyfriend was what most people would call a European. If that fact alone doesn't expose your lies, nothing else will.

Ellie this has nothing to do

Ellie this has nothing to do with which country you are in/from, as for the hate, venom the lies you have just described perfectly the FOA!!

I do not try and pass myself off as "American poster" i am from the uk like my user name states and i can tell you this, you bleat on about anti americnism well i holiday in the states every year and have made some great friends in the process.

You mention hate, well from where i am sitting there is a lot of hate and venom directed at anyone who disagrees with the knox version of events, thats anyone uk/usa/italian ANYONE!!

Amanda Knox has told lie after lie and also fingered a totally innocent man and left him to rot for two whole weeks, well i tell you this is this the way a innocent person behaves!!!

I don't really ever get involved in posting messages on discussion boards but when i hear some of the drival been spouted and all these so called exsperts chipping in(no doubt another book)i can't help but respond, in the us you are only getting one side of the story the knox side, anyone who tries to say diffrent is abused and insulted which does amanda knox and her family no good at all.

The Abuse is Coming from UK, Italy and Europe

It is quite ironic that these European posters on here, many pretending to be Americans, would call anyone a bigot. Many of these Guilters/Haters have spent the last three years spewing utter hate, viciousness, lies and defamation towards the Knox family, their friends and supporters, and even people like Senator Marie Cantwell, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, FBI veteran Steve Moore, former US Justice Dept Attorney Michael Scadon, Attorney Ted Simon, Attorney Anne Bremner, Attorney John Q. Kelley, detective Paul Ciolino, CBS News, author Candace Dempsey, author Judith Bacharch, Dr. Mark Waterbury, and on and on. So basically any American who speaks out to express the view that Amanda is clearly innocent gets raked through the mud. How low can these people go. Then they claim to be acting in Meredith Kercher's name. NO, THEY ARE TAKING MEREDITH KERCHER'S GOOD NAME IN VAIN FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES. Disgusting.

Ellie Mae

As an objective reader who has no view on this case whatsover I think that Ellie Mae's decision to attack non-Americans in such an unthinking manner is vile. If she and her family hate Europe so much, why have anything to do with it in the first place? If she is so prejudiced against Europe why not simply stay away? The collection of people she name checks do not judge Europe by the squalid murders which occasionally happen there either. Most go on holiday in Europe, and have family and friends there. Can there be a connection between all the hate and aggression Ellie Mae has in her heart, and the kind of vicious killings people are capable of when high on drugs? Yes, unfortunately. Thank goodness the vast majority of people from both America and Europe will simply have pity for Ellie Mae, and hope that she gets help.

Sure, we believe you

Paulo wrote: "As an objective reader who has no view on this case whatsover.....Can there be a connection between all the hate and aggression Ellie Mae has in her heart, and the kind of vicious killings people are capable of when high on drugs?"


Just one big joke

'Ha' indeed, Mary_H

This vile murder is all just one big joke to you, isn't it. Your sneering, cruel words appear all the time under multiple identities, making it clear that you detest decent people wherever they come from. You can carry on with your obsession with torture and killing for as long as you like but don't forget that not everybody shares it and that the vast majority of people are utterly disgusted by your attitude and your behaviour.