Police Blotter Week of 10-10-11

“The police have already been called!”
On Oct. 3 at 11:20 a.m. a woman living on SW Andover St was talking on the phone with a friend when someone started knocking on her front door and incessantly ringing the doorbell. She saw a tall black male with braids at the door and, not knowing the man, decided to call her brother who lives across the street. She quickly decided to call the police instead and as she was making the 911 call, heard the glass of one of her windows shatter. She screamed, “The police have already been called!” and saw two suspects run away. A witness observed the “doorman” ringing and knocking at the front door while his accomplice broke a basement window in the rear of the house. He gave chase after one of the suspects and saw him escape in a maroon Chevy Tahoe with a black hood.

Time for new friends
A man living on S. Cloverdale St. walked outside to investigate the sound of breaking glass around 1 a.m. on Oct. 3. Unfortunately, he witnessed the noise originating from his vehicle. A “friend” was standing by his car breaking out the windows with chunks of concrete and a tire iron. The victim told police his friend then hit him over the right eye with the tire iron before leaving in a green Jetta. An area check for the suspect was negative.

Questionable outfit and illegal activity
On Sept. 30 an employee at a construction site on California Ave spotted a man wearing a pink baseball cap and a black jacket with a dragon and snakes on it carrying an armload of copper wire away from the site. The employee gave chase, but was unable to catch the copper thief.

Problem solving with a baseball bat
On Oct. 2 the father of an employee at a store on SW Barton St. approached the manager with a baseball bat held high and said, “Get the (expletive) out of here or I’ll club you!” and made reference to the manager accusing his daughter of stealing. Store employees told police the suspect’s daughter had “paid herself” in advance for hours that didn’t match the amount of money she was taking. Back to the action, the manager was able to grab the bat from the assailant. The father left the scene and the manager said he didn’t want to press charges and hoped to “forget the whole thing.”

Three homes hit
Three homes were burglarized within hours of each other on the 5000 block of 35th Ave SW late last month. The burglaries occurred around 11 a.m. and the unknown suspect(s) made away with three televisions and a bounty of other miscellaneous items. Police assume the burglars must have had a truck or larger vehicle to haul the items away.

Neighborly suspicion wins out
A woman out walking her dog on SW Hinds St around 5 a.m. on Sept. 28 came upon two guys rummaging through one of her neighbor’s portable storage shed. She casually walked past the men at first, but decided to turn around and take another look which prompted the burglars to flee in their older white pickup truck. The padlock had been cut with bolt cutters and the victim said nothing appeared to be missing.

Robberies by block: 9200 17th Ave SW

Burglaries by block:7700 11th Ave SW, 5200 SW Andover St, 8700 16th Ave SW, 5200 17th Ave SW, 9400 27th Ave SW, 8600 Fauntleroy Pl SW, 5600 21st Ave SW, 8800 Delridge Way SW, 6000 17th Ave SW, 9600 37th Ave SW, 7000 16th Ave SW, 6300 39th Ave SW, 10400 34th Ave SW, 5000 Delridge Way SW, 9400 17th Ave SW, 6700 12th Ave SW

Car prowls by block: 4300 SW Trenton St, corner of 31st Ave SW/SW Morgan St, corner of Harbor Ave SW/SW California Pl, 4500 42nd Ave SW, corner of Alki Ave SW/58th Ave SW, 6700 31st Ave SW, 3100 SW Graham St, 7900 8th Ave SW, 6500 High Point Dr SW, 2500 41st Ave SW

Vehicle thefts by block: 2800 SW Thistle St, 2700 60th Ave SW, 3000 SW Bradford St, 6900 Delridge Way SW, 9200 Delridge Way SW, 3900 SW 97th St

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