Police Blotter Week of 1-2-12

Old boyfriend shoots new boyfriend in the foot
It was closing time at a club in South Park (300 block of 2nd Ave S.) on Dec. 24 when things turned ugly. A woman was out partying with her new boyfriend and a friend when her ex-boyfriend showed up at the club and forced an argument. They decided to leave the club and the ex-boyfriend followed. He pulled out a black pistol and pointed it at the new boyfriend’s chest, threatening, “Do you want to die? Do you want to die?” The new one pleaded for the old one “not to do anything crazy,” so the old one lowered his gun and shot the new one in the left foot before running away. The slug went cleanly through his foot and mushroomed as it hit the concrete. Paramedics could see a clear hole through the victim’s foot and he was taken to Harborview for treatment. Police gathered the suspect’s information and put out a warrant for his arrest.

Burglar busted on Fauntleroy
On Dec. 22 shortly after noon, the resident of a 8400 block Fauntleroy Place home arrived and realized one of his carport doors was open. He carefully investigated, heard footsteps on the landing above him, slowly backed out and called 911. He remained on the phone with dispatch and kept a close eye out for the suspect, but never saw him emerge. As police responded to the scene another officer noticed a white male in his early 20s poorly attempting to hide behind a tree nearby. He detained the suspect and questioned him. After being read his Miranda rights the suspect told police a (redacted) tale that was likely a confession and officers transported him to the Southwest Precinct for booking.

A fabricated home invasion
On the afternoon of Dec. 23 scores of Southwest Precinct officers and K-9 units responded to a 911 call on the 5400 block of 45th Ave SW. The initial details were intense: A man told police he stepped out of the shower and was putting on a pair of socks when he heard the back door get kicked in. He said an unknown suspect rushed in and grabbed him, knocking him around into bedroom walls. He said he was able to struggle free and escape to a neighbor’s home. When police arrived they checked the house for suspects or stolen items and found neither. An extensive area check turned up no leads. Thrilling story with one problem: it was made up, according to Capt. Steve Paulsen with the SPD. Paulsen said follow-up investigations revealed the man made up the story and any struggles inside the home were a family dispute. The man who told his tale is now being investigated for false reporting charges.

Robberies by block: corner of 51st Ave SW/SW Dakota St , corner of 34th Ave SW/SW Henderson St

Burglaries by block: 5900 39th Ave SW, 9200 2nd Ave SW, 3400 SW Graham St, 5300 21st Ave SW, 8100 Occidental Ave S, 2000 SW Thistle St, 8800 18th Ave SW, 5400 25th Ave SW, 9000 15th Ave SW, 3600 SW Dakota St, 3400 35th Ave SW, 1800 SW Myrtle St

Car prowls by block: 8400 9th Ave SW, 6900 34th Ave SW, 8800 18th Ave SW, 3900 SW Ida St, 3500 SW Ocean View Dr, 6600 39th Ave SW, 5400 41st Ave SW

Vehicle thefts by block: 2200 SW Holden St, 4800 38th Ave SW, corner of SW Avalon Way/SW Genesee St, 6300 California Ave SW, 7300 16th Ave SW, 2200 SW Holden St, 8800 39th Ave SW

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