Kimberly Robinson
Kari Presley got her dog Susie Q six years ago from a breeder in Oregon. Presley has had Boston Terriers all her life and Susie is an absolute cutie.

Pet of the week: Susie Q is cute and she knows it

Kari Presley got her dog Susie Q, a Boston Terrier six years ago and ever since Susie was in City Dog magazine (or maybe before) she has known she is cute.

She came from a breeder in St. Helens Oregon.

Presley is a long time fan of the breed and has had them all her life. "I had one when I was growing up and then when I was old enough and got my own place I got my own girl."

Her personality is, "It's all about me," said Presley, "She goes to work with me, she's very lucky and she thinks she's the star of everything. We have two other Bostons at work. They get along fine but Susie is a little stinky so she gets pushed out of an office every once in awhile. But other than that she's a really good worker. She greets everybody. She watches out. She's a real good girl."

She snores and is, "more human than a dog," explained Presley. "Everybody says hi to her and she kind of smiles."

Susie Q loves her Kongs, a rubber toy with feet but she can't have anything stuffed because she will tear it apart.

She has "a few" coats and was wearing a hand made outfit made by Presley's grandmother to stay warm. It was hand made because, "she's a funny size. Small is too small and large is too big.

One of her unique behaviors is a kind of stretching while she walks in which she will extend her back legs in a kind of elongated pose.

She doesn't feel she needs to do anything for treats so has been a little training resistant. "She looks at you like 'I'm cute, give it to me anyway!' said Presley.

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