Dear Mayor McGinn, protect the women of West Seattle

Dear Mr Mayor,
In light of the recent crimes in West Seattle I am writing to ask what is your plan to stop further harm?

Greggette Guy was a former West Seattle resident and also a former student of Fairmount Park Elementary as was I. When I saw the Crime Busters picture, I recognized her immediately, her smile had not changed but the town we both had grown up in surely did.

The lack of police presence in such a high traffic/high profile area is unacceptable. Our cities not only put it's patrons at risk, they jeopardize the lives of police officers daily by putting out insufficient numbers of staff on the streets!

The lighting on Beach drive is very poor, and some thing needs to be done. I ask you Mayor, to go pull up a few archived papers from the West Seattle Herald. They have had a Crime section for as long as I remember. I would like you to see the increase of crime and take a good look at the budget cuts in that same year affecting your Police dept. Them I would like to ask you this would you move your Mother, your daughter, your niece to Beach Drive? I challenge you to this task, PROTECT THE WOMEN OF WEST SEATTLE!

A crime this vile cannot be swept under the rug.Sir, take notice, from this day on, you the Mayor of Seattle can no longer claim the old political standby "I was not aware!". My name is Vicki, and I am making sure you see us over here in West Seattle! My family , my friends, my classmates walk the beach and I am asking for your help. If you chose to ignore the request of Greggette's Father and the rest of us, just know if someone else is harmed in the city you govern , well Sir that is now on you as you are now very informed. I pray for peace, justice and resolve.


Saddened in West Seattle

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