Police Blotter Week of 3-26-12

You guys keep him
Store security at a supermarket on the 4700 block of 42nd Ave S.W. watched a man grab several packs of batteries and stuff them down the front of his pants on March 19, prompting them to confront the suspect after he paid for a bottle of water and tried to leave. The battery thief was uncooperative and attempted to flee, but security grabbed him and held on tight. The suspect began to “swing his arms violently” and punched a security officer several times in the face before a citizen stepped in and helped the guard subdue and handcuff the suspect. Back at the Southwest Precinct the suspect admitted to taking the batteries but denied hitting the guard. A warrant check revealed the man had a felony warrant with the Los Angeles Police Department for “Dangerous Drugs.” It came up the man had been arrested several times in Seattle in the past, but each time the LAPD decided not to extradite him.

“Don’t kill me, take whatever”
It was 8:30 in the evening on March 20 at a South Park bus stop on 3rd Ave S. when a man heading home from work was approached by another male looking to bum a cigarette. The victim was in the process of pulling out a smoke when the suspect grabbed him and threw him to the ground. The victim scrambled up and tried to run, but the suspect grabbed him again, threw him to the ground and kicked him. As the robber pulled his wallet from his back pocket and cell phone from the front, the victim pleaded with the aggressor, “Don’t kill me, take whatever.” The suspect was able to flee the scene before police arrived.

$24000 in precious stones and metals disappear
A man living on 19th Ave SW called police to report $4000 in diamonds, a rare coin collection worth $6000 and silver bullion worth $14000 were stolen from his home sometime in March. According to the police report, the victim’s realization of the theft was delayed due to a cluttered home and the admittance that “he was a very poor housekeeper.” The man suspects the boyfriend of a woman who lived in the apartment downstairs, but recently moved out. He gave her a key to his place while she lived below in case of emergencies and said the boyfriend gave him the “creeps.”

Caught in the act and a poor excuse
On March 19 a man who owns five houses on a block near Alki Beach came home around 4 p.m. and saw two men carrying items from the detached garage of one of his properties. He approached the suspects and told them to put the crow bar and chain pulley back, which they did. The suspects claimed they were there for a “job” and must have had the wrong address.

Horseshoe haircut
An unknown suspect made his way into the private grounds of a 16th Ave S.W. business on March 17 and stole several items from a work van. Surveillance cameras captured the thief in action as he drove past the property at 4:21 a.m. and reappeared inside the grounds ten minutes later. The suspect is described as a very heavy white male, aged 30 to 40 years, and balding with a “horseshoe shaped haircut.” His 1988 Chevy four-door sedan with Montana plates had a sticker of a woman playing softball or baseball on the back window.

Robberies by block: 4700 42nd Ave SW

Burglaries by block: 4000 SW Massachusetts St, 5700 SW Spokane St, 4100 16th Ave SW, 7900 35th Ave SW, 4200 Chilberg Ave SW, 9000 11th Ave SW

Car prowls by block: 3000 SW Genesee St, 8800 8th Ave SW, 3000 63rd Ave SW

Vehicle thefts by block: corner of California Ave SW/SW College St, corner of California Ave SW/SW Othello St, 7700 13th Ave SW, 2800 Alki Ave SW, corner of Alki Ave SW/61st Ave SW

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