Kimberly Robinson
John Zetlmaier and his dog Pebbles have fun walking up near the water towers at High Point. Pebbles seems to love only the most expensive dog food out there. But what can you do? It's about love.

Pet of the week: Pebbles has expensive taste

John and Megan Zetlmaier got their dog Pebbles, who is an Affen Pinscher as a rescue dog from a puppy mill. "The puppy mill itself was the one that got shut down up in Skagit County," Zetlmaier said. That was six years ago and Pebbles just turned seven.

Pebbles is doing well these days. "She has a pretty spoiled life," he said," but she's still kind of timid as a result of being cooped up for the first ten months."

The couple feeds Pebbles "a very restricted diet of expensive dog food. Whatever dog food is triple the cost of normal, that's what she eats."

Some animals don't mind (while others actually enjoy) being dressed up. Not Pebbles. "She won't wear clothes. When we put a sweater or something on her for Christmas she just clams up and won't even move."

But Pebbles is otherwise happy to move, especially for food. "She's the most food motivated dog you've ever seen," Zetlamaier said, and she does get treats. What kind? "Probably ones that don't need to be in this story," he said laughing.

There are some keywords she knows, always associated with a food reward such as inevitably "treats" but also "off, sit, roll over, bang," for which she plays dead.

Like many dogs, Pebbles is territorial but only to a point. "She will try and chase other dogs if it's around here but you move 10 feet either direction and she won't. She steers clear."

Megan who is pregnant gets special protection from Pebbles, "and Megan is the one who actually rescued Pebbles from the puppy mill, so Pebbles has a debt to repay."

One thing that makes Pebbles unique is that her lower teeth stick out a bit. Referring to the former player for the Seattle Sonics Zetlmaier said, "she has the famous Gary Payton underbite."

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