Police Blotter Week of 4-16-12

Killing time
On April 8 at 9 a.m. a patrol officer received the call of someone trespassing on an industrial block of S.W. Andover. A security guard led the officer through a locked gate and as he walked towards the train tracks he heard noise coming from a box truck. “As I walked closer I noticed pieces of steel being thrown over the side,” the officer wrote in his report. “I crawled up the side of the box car and noticed (the suspect) loading scrap metal into a suitcase.” He arrested the suspect and asked what he was doing. “Killing time,” the man said as he was given a ride to jail for investigation of burglary.

God only knows
Sometime in March someone broke into a S. Kenyon St. duplex in South Park (it was unattended for months and in mid-remodel) by removing a wood block and slinking in through the window. The home was chock-full of valuable tools – table saws, shop vacs and the like, but the suspect(s) disregarded the loot. The owner noticed a case of Costco bottled water missing from the lower unit. He went to the upper unit and discovered a strange display: several water bottles were pulled out and put on the kitchen counter. A single wine glass, several small candles and a set of pliers were also displayed, none of which were his.

After-hours swindle
After a long night of drinking in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, a man hailed an orange cab with his three new friends – one male and two females. Intent on an after-hours party, the four made their way back to the man’s 39th Ave S.W. home and swilled wine into the wee hours, much to the chagrin of three sleeping roommates. At one point an attempting-to-sleep roomie’s door opened and a man he didn’t know looked around for a few moments before ducking out. Moments later he was in the room and stood over the roomie, staring down at him. He asked what the man wanted; the man made an excuse and a quick exit. The next morning everyone awoke to the realization they had all been swindled of cash, credit and debit cards. The hungover roommate’s new friends were gone. When police asked the victim what happened, he said (although the night was vague) he remembered the two female suspects “intentionally distracting him” while the male suspect kept disappearing into different parts of the house. By the time they cancelled their credit cards one had been compromised. It was used to buy a coffee in Everett at 7:10 a.m.

Not putting in, but taking away
Two guys rented a unit at a S.W. Avalon Way storage facility and shortly thereafter other people storing on the same floor started to notice items missing from their units. When police came to investigate an employee said he did notice the suspects would visit quite often and leave with large amounts of stuff. Lobby surveillance video showed the men visiting 9 times over the course of a few weeks (sometimes multiple times a day), and the timing of their visits matched up with several burglary reports. The employee gave police the men’s names.

Robberies by block: corner of 16th Ave SW/SW Holden St, corner of 15th Ave SW/SW Holden St

Burglaries by block: 2900 SW Avalon Way, 4400 Delridge Way SW (3)

Car prowls by block: 4100 32nd Ave SW, 8800 8th Ave SW, 7900 16th Ave SW, 9600 46th Ave SW, corner of 18th Ave SW/SW Trenton St, 4500 W Marginal Way SW, 3900 SW Austin St

Vehicle thefts by block: 9400 Delridge Way SW, 4800 47th Ave SW, 4800 Beach Dr SW, 7500 24th Ave SW, corner of 34th Ave SW/SW Juneau St, 7000 18th Ave SW, 4500 42nd Ave SW

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