Kimberly Robinson
Sarah, Jamal, and Isley Whitehead love their dog Ruby, not just because she's cute..but because she sings along with Isley's harmonica playing.

Pet of the Week: Ruby is a gifted singer

Ruby is a Labradoodle and lives with Jamal, Sarah and Isley Whitehead. Ruby is four years old and was born on the couple's wedding day. "We put an order in and she was born that day," Sarah explained. She came from Springcreek Labradoodles in Oregon. The breeder picked Ruby out for them and met them half way there. "We just said what kind of dog we wanted, what kind of personality we wanted and they said, 'This is the dog for you,' and she's a perfect fit."

Ruby is a slightly unusual color. Her coat is a bit "reddish" said Jamal and a little "Apricot," offered Sarah.

One of the advantages of the breed is that they don't shed. Still, she does require some maintenance and, "she goes to the beauty parlor regularly," said Sarah.

Sarah said that Ruby talks a lot and she "sings to Isley's harmonica or to any piano music. She really enjoys it."

A dry food diet for Ruby is occasionally supplemented by "child snacks that get dropped on the floor. She's a scavenger."

Jamal told a story in which he noted that they've had, "a couple of 'Lassie' moments with her," in which she alerted them to potential danger.

"My parents have a lot of steps in their house and I remember on one occasion we were all in the kitchen talking and Isley was really small, maybe a year old or so and she was toddling around and she was near the steps and Ruby started barking and said, 'What is Ruby barking about? There must be somebody here' so I get up and Isley had climbed halfway up the steps! So, Ruby was watching out for Isley"

Ruby likes Salmon treats and peanut butter and now will sit and stay.

Isley has taught her another trick though... She will blow gently on Ruby's back, and Ruby will turn quickly and give her a kiss. What a sweet dog.

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