Police Blotter Week of 6-18-12

Outsmarted by the register
An unknown suspect broke into a store on the 8900 block of 14th Ave S.W. around 4:30 a.m. on June 11. Surveillance footage reviewed by the business owner the next morning revealed the suspect breaking out a panel of glass on the door to gain access. Once inside he pulled his hood off to reveal his face and started fidgeting with the cash register, trying to get it opened. After repeated failed attempts, the suspect grabbed six packs of “Red Cap” tobacco, five disposable e-cigarettes, and fled. Police were working with the owner to obtain a copy of the surveillance footage for their followup investigation.

A robbery ... maybe
A woman flagged down a police officer on the 8300 block of 10th Ave S. in South Park on June 11 to report she was robbed the day before. She said she was punched several times by the aggressor and had her keys stolen from her pocket. She said she tried to call 911, but no one answered. The alleged victim said her aggressor was a known prostitute in the area, and went on to demand police file a report against the attacker because she (referring to herself) is a “Stabber.” When asked to elaborate, the woman said she had been arrested in the past for stabbing someone and “patted on her chest as if she had a knife on her chest.” Police said the woman had no visible injuries from the alleged robbery, so she told them she was going to the hospital herself.

That was not the police
In the early afternoon of June 12 a woman living on Olson Pl S.W. was relaxing on her bed when she heard a male voice boom from the door, “Police!” She heard her front door being kicked down and moments later the door to her bedroom blasted open. A suspect she described as an East African appearing male in his late 20s, tall, slender wearing a black and white polka dot hoodie began yelling at her, but, since she only spoke Spanish, she could not understand him. She said the lack of communication seemed to “alarm” the suspect, so he turned around and ran out of the house. The victim’s son was also home and followed the suspect out the door. In their driveway he saw witness #2, an East African appearing male in his late 20s, short in stature with a green and black checkered sweater. Both men took off running.

Botched burglary followed by gunshots
Police responded to a call of “shots fired” on the evening of June 12 on the 8100 block of 9th Ave S.W. They contacted a resident who said he was sleeping alone in his home when he heard a noise at his front door and a loud crash as his back door was kicked down. The man went to investigate and saw four teenagers running from behind his house. He yelled at them, and said one of the males turned around and pointed his arm at the victim. He couldn’t see a gun, but saw two to three flashes and heard gunshots. The suspects were not apprehended, but two shell casings were recovered from the scene and placed into evidence. The victim was not injured.

Antique bike theft
On June 6 a man called police to report a “transient type” white male had just stolen his classic World War II bicycle with brown and red saddlebags from the shared garage of his Alki Ave. apartment complex on the 2100 block. Police were unable to track the suspect down at the time, so keep an eye out for the unique bicycle.

Robberies by block: 9200 15th Ave SW, 9200 29th Ave SW

Burglaries by block: 3100 SW Roxbury St, 9000 35th Ave SW, 9000 9th Ave SW, 8400 18th Ave SW, 9200 Olson Pl SW, 2900 SW Cambridge St, 7500 11th Ave SW, 6600 Beveridge Pl SW, 6300 38th Ave SW, 4000 SW 106th St

Car prowls by block: 9000 13th Ave SW, 4200 SW Morgan St, 6000 16th Ave SW, 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, 9000 35th Ave SW, 8800 8th Ave SW

Vehicle thefts by block: 7500 30th Ave SW, 8600 25th Ave SW, 10400 2nd Ave SW, 2200 Bonair Pl SW, 6300 42nd Ave SW, 3000 Harbor Ave SW, 7700 Delridge Way SW

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