Police Blotter Week of 6-25-12

Mechanically-inclined burglary attempt
It was about six weeks back when a man living on the 7500 block of 11th Ave S.W. made an under-the-table mechanic agreement with the friend of a friend to fix his car. Six weeks passed, and the guy never showed up. On June 13 he finally did show, but instead of doing the work he promised, the homeowner witnessed the suspect picking through a shed, theoretically looking for things to steal. Police told the victim to get his car keys back from the faux-mechanic and tell him to never come back.

Passed out, then robbed
Southwest Precinct police helped with a Burien robbery call on June 13. The victim told police he had a party a few weeks back while his dad was out of town, drank a bit too much, imbibed in a few too many tokes of dad’s medicinal marijuana, and ultimately passed out. He said he woke up to one of the party-goers standing over him, holding a gun to his face and yelling, “Wake the (expletive) up!.” The suspect then stole a laptop. The victim didn’t report anything to police at the time, and decided to go to the suspect’s house in hopes of getting his computer back. The suspect’s uncle said he would pass the message along, but the victim started receiving death threats instead of the laptop. The victim said he knew the suspect from purchasing several stolen electronics from him over time. Police ran a check on the suspect’s past, revealing several instances of making threats to shoot his girlfriend.

Caught in the act
On June 14 around 2 p.m. a woman living near Morgan Junction arrived home and hit the button to open her garage door from inside. As she stepped into the garage she saw a male with grey facial hair stubble wearing a white t-shirt, olive drab sweat jacket, khaki pants, a red baseball cap rolling her pressure washer into the driveway (he may have found it convenient that someone opened the door for him). She yelled at the man, he dropped the gear and ran, and she heard the sound of a “four cylinder car” putting away southbound on Fauntleroy Way S.W.

Roxhill beatdown
A young man trying to do the right thing on June 17 escorted two young women from his house party to Roxhill Park around 3 a.m. so they could safely meet up with a group of males. Instead of being greeted with thanks, two men punched him in the face. He dropped to the ground and the rest of the group jumped in, beating him up while down. When the victim returned home, swollen and bruised, two of his friends left the party to confront the park attackers. When they arrived, they were beaten up as well. All three victims refused medical treatment and the suspects are outstanding.

Gargoyles stolen
A 26th Ave S.W. resident whose property is full of yard art realized someone stole two very heavy stone gargoyles from his lawn, sometime between June 18 and 19. The victim remembered seeing a red 1997 Mercury driving past his home on the 18th … twice. On the second pass, he said the male and female occupants looked directly at him as they drove slowly by. Police took the license plate number of the potential suspects, but noted it was unknown if they had anything to do with the gargoyles.

Burglaries by block: 5600 Delridge Way SW, 3300 30th Ave SW, 1100 SW Cambridge St, 9000 25th Ave SW, 9600 20th Ave SW, 3800 22nd Ave SW, 5600 26th Ave SW, 8400 25th Ave SW (2), 6500 37th Ave SW, 9000 25tth Ave SW, 3900 SW 106th St, 7100 31st Ave SW, 1500 SW Webster St

Car prowls by block: 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, 8400 Delridge Way SW, 10000 32nd Ave SW, 9900 32nd Ave SW, 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, 7900 29th Ave SW, 4100 SW Kenyon St

Vehicle thefts by block: 6400 29th Ave SW, 3000 63rd Ave SW, 2100 46th Ave SW, 4100 32nd Ave SW, 4000 32nd Ave SW, corner of Delridge Way SW/SW Findlay St, 5400 Delridge Way SW, 6400 High Point Dr SW, 9400 21st Ave SW, 8600 36th Ave SW

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