Police Blotter Week of 7-2-12

Standoff ends with tasing
Police say two King County mental health professionals visited a woman’s 6300 block, 34th Ave S.W. apartment on June 30 with the intention of committing her for making numerous threats to others. When they arrived the woman armed herself with a knife. They called police and Southwest Precinct officers responded, but the woman continued to make threats to anyone who came near. After a crisis intervention team had no luck calming her down, SWAT responded and eventually breached the apartment and tased (non-lethal shock) the 49-year-old woman so she could be taken into custody and transported to the mental hospital.

Not pleased with the contract
From across the Duwamish, a middle-aged man returned a vehicle to a car rental establishment on the 3700 block of Rainier Ave S on June 26. Unpleased with the contract and amount he needed to pay, the man began yelling. As the female employee tried to calm him, the man became more agitated and started calling her derogatory names. At his boiling point, he picked up the pen he was supposed to use to sign the contract and threw it at the victim, striking her directly between the eyes (she was OK). He stormed out, but called the victim the next day to say, “I want my money back, (expletive)!” The woman calmly explained her business did not owe him any money as his deposit had already been refunded, then called the cops. Police obtained the driver’s license number and description of their suspect.

Illegal and picky
Burglars busted into a vacant home on the 3900 block of S.W. 106th St around June 21, but would have found it mostly empty. The victim told police she had moved nearly everything out of the home except for a jewelry box and a full set of silver-plated flatware. The burglars stole the jewelry of unknown worth but interestingly took only five spoons and one salad fork from the utensil set.

Unlit cigarettes
On June 25 a woman living on the 11400 block of Marine Drive S.W. called police to report suspicious behavior and an attempted burglary. For the last four days, she had found unlit cigarettes near the gate to her backyard. On the 24th, she noticed a crumpled pack of Marlboro Menthols and three unlit smokes on the roof of her garage. Someone had also unsuccessfully tried to pry open the garage door opening to the backyard that day. The woman told police she worried someone was either stalking her or waiting to break into the house. Responding officers told her to call 911 with any further suspicious activity.

What can you do?
On June 26 police responded to robbery call at the corner of Delridge Way S.W. and S.W. Dakota St. The victim told police he was riding the Metro home late at night and listening to his iPod. A young male in his twenties walked up and snatched the iPod from his hands and challenged the victim to “Do something.” The suspect walked to the back of the bus and sat with his three other friends. The victim watched as they passed his prized possession around and got off at Delridge and Genessee.

Robberies by block: corner of Delridge Way SW/SW Dakota St, 9400 Delridge Way SW

Burglaries by block: 11400 Marine View Dr SW, 4700 42nd Ave SW, 4800 Fauntleroy Way SW, 2500 SW Trenton St, 4700 42nd Ave SW, corner of SW Michigan St/SW Peninsula Pl, 4500 45th Ave SW, 3100 SW Avalon Way, 2600 SW Thistle St,

Car prowls by block: 7200 12th Ave SW, 2700 60th Ave SW, 4200 42nd Ave SW, 4700 41st Ave SW, 2600 Harbor Ave SW, 4800 35th Ave SW, 9000 8th Ave SW,

Vehicle Thefts by block: 3200 Harbor Ave SW, 5900 18th Ave SW, 6600 Fauntleroy Way SW, 3400 36th Ave SW, 6500 21st Ave SW, 7000 Fauntleroy Way SW, corner of SW Holden St/26th Ave SW

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