Police Blotter Week of 7-9-12

Neighbor to the rescue
On June 22, around 11 a.m., the owner of a home on the 1500 block of S.W. Webster St. stopped by to check in on the house he purchased six months ago and refurbished for resale. Walking in, the man realized the dishwasher, faucet and garbage disposal were missing from the kitchen and the back door was kicked in. Investigating further, he found the removed items in the garage. Stepping outside, he was approached by a neighbor who said he saw a white Volvo station wagon with a broken rear right passenger window (taped over with plastic) parked in front of the victim’s garage. Inside the vehicle were two people: a driver the witness didn’t get a good look at and a white male passenger with dirty blonde hair. Making it obvious he was watching their every action, the suspects took heed and drove away northbound on 16th Ave S.W.

Recently at an apartment complex on the 5600 block of Delridge Way S.W. a tenant told his landlord someone had removed the screen from a unit window and had been staying there for a few days. The landlord entered the apartment to have a look around and, while doing so, heard noises coming from the back bedroom. The door was locked and he told whoever was inside he was calling 911. As he waited for police to arrive, the suspects emerged from the room and said, “We’re leaving, sorry.” The female suspect added, “I’m pregnant, we were just trying to get out of the rain.” The suspects attempted to run away after apologizing, but police caught them in a nearby alley and took them to the Southwest precinct for investigation.

All that for a cigarette?
Unknown suspects shattered glass panels on the front door of a convenience store on the 8800 block of 35th Ave S.W., all for the sake of a few packs of cigarettes. Police responded to the audible alarm around 3:30 a.m. on June 25 and found cigarette packs strewn about and the cash register drawer wide open. When the owner arrived, she told police she always leaves the till open (with no cash inside) and the only thing that appeared to be missing was tobacco.

Expensive jewelry heist
Late last month an unknown burglar broke into a 6500 block, 37th Ave S.W. home during the day and stole the victim’s jewelry, including a wedding ring valued at $6,000. The homeowner said her alarm system was not properly working and police noted the suspect broke in using the back door, which had an alarm warning sticker on it.

Short tempers on a June afternoon

Southwest Precinct police made a couple of visits on the same day to a hospital facility on S. Henderson in South Park at the end of June. They first arrived in the afternoon to investigate an assault. Two men in their 80s got into a fight after one man made the mistake of walking into the other man’s room uninvited. Enraged, the offended ripped a metal handrail from his wall and attempted to strike his visitor. Unsuccessful, he then tried to choke the other man. Witnesses broke it up, no one was injured, and no arrests were made. A bit later that same day a nurse was preparing medications for patients when one of them picked up a “wet floor” sign and hit her in the legs with it. The woman was not injured, but hospital policy required her to file the incident with police.

Robberies by block: No robberies reported

Burglaries by block: No burglaries reported

Car prowls by block:3800 block of 23rd Ave s.w.

Vehicle thefts by block:14 Ave. s.w./ s.w. Webster Street.

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