Police Blotter Week of 7-16-12

Yard sale gone awry
On the first of July a man went over to a female friend’s house on 47th Ave S.W. to help her parents get ready for a yard sale. While conversing with the parents, a current or former boyfriend of his female friend came into the house, grabbed a motorcycle helmet, and struck the man several times in the head with it. Dazed and seeing stars, the victim escaped to his car, but the boyfriend-of-undetermined-status followed with a hammer. The victim got into his silver Honda Accord and was trying to flee when the suspect started breaking out his windows. The victim managed to pull the hammer inside the vehicle and took off, driving a few blocks to safety and pulling over to call police. After hearing his story, police went to the house to speak with the female friend about her boyfriend. She claimed to not know his name or number. When asked if she might have his number in her phone, she told police she did not have a phone (her phone was in her hand). Police said the woman’s story changed at a rapid rate and her emotions flowed freely from anger to sadness to crying. They said it appeared she may have been using meth or other stimulants. An area check for the suspect was unsuccessful.

Graduation money stolen
A young man who just graduated from high school came home on July 3 to a slightly ajar front door on Fauntleroy Way S.W. Cupboards and drawers were open throughout the house, but the only things stolen were his $525.00 in graduation gift money and his jar of coins, estimated around $50.00.

Gangsters upend coffee shop
Three suspects walked into a 9400 block Delridge Way eatery/coffee shop on June 30 and each ordered a drink. The men became insulted when the female employee told them it would be $18 for the drinks, and proceeded to “turn the place inside out” (as the owner later said), overturning tables, smashing glasses, and intimidating other customers in the shop. One of the suspects told the employee they would smash the place up again if she called 911, so she called the owner 20 minutes later to explain what happened. After smashing the place up, the three suspects hung out in front of the shop with three other associates “to show they could do this with impunity,” according to the police report. A man familiar with the suspects told police they were gang members from “West Side,” and they overturned the place because the owners refused to pay protection money.

Drunk and dangerous
Earlier this month a woman was walking to her car on the 4200 block of SW Morgan St. when she had to suddenly move out of the way as a man tried to back his vehicle out of a parking stall. The driver stopped, put his hand out the window and waved for her to safely pass. Assuming he would wait, she continued on and the man stepped on the gas, hitting the woman in the leg and slamming her against the vehicle. The suspect, described as a white male in his 70’s, 5’10”, thin with white hair and the strong stench of alcohol emanating from his pours, stepped out and started yelling at the victim, whose father was nearby. Dad stepped in and told the man to leave immediately. The vehicle was registered out of Bremerton (no further description given). The victim was evaluated for soft tissue damage to her leg and went to the hospital for further treatment at the suggestion of paramedics.

Robberies by block: 4200 SW Alaska St

Burglaries by block: 4100 54th Ave SW, 3500 W Marginal Way SW, 7500 44th Ave SW, 7300 30th Ave SW, 2600 Harbor Ave SW, 3800 18th Ave SW, 3200 40th Ave SW, 4100 22nd Ave SW, 9600 Fauntleroy Way SW

Car prowls by block: 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, 9200 8th Ave SW, 3600 SW 107th St, 8600 Fauntleroy Way SW, 6000 41st Ave SW, 7100 California Ave SW, 3200 Harbor Ave SW, corner of 58th Ave SW/SW Stevens St

Vehicle thefts by block: 4500 45th Ave SW, 7200 16th Ave SW, 7400 Fauntleroy Way SW, 4700 25th Ave SW, 6500 42nd Ave SW, corner of SW Admiral Way/SW Stevens St, 5600 42nd Ave SW, 4800 41st Ave SW, corner of California Ave SW/SW Alaska St

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