Police Blotter Week of 7-23-12

Bad timing burglars
On the afternoon of July 17 a man received a call from realtors that someone wanted to look at the 4700 block, 22nd Ave S.W. home he is trying to sell. He made plans to meet the realtor at the home and when he pulled up he saw an older beige Toyota pickup parked behind his house. A white male with a goatee was driving and a thin female hopped out of the truck and walked towards his house (he was still inside his vehicle watching). He lost sight of the woman but heard, “Knock-knock, is anyone there?” and figured maybe she was the realtor … but then he heard the loud cracks of someone breaking down the back door. The woman was in and out quickly with a black box in her hands and the victim got into his vehicle intent on following the suspects. They tried to go northbound on 21st Ave, but he blocked their route. They turned around and he followed onto the West Seattle Bridge, SR 99, and finally lost track of his suspects around the 100 block of Seneca St. During the chase he called police and they met him downtown to give details and a license plate number. Back as the house, he realized his TV was missing and the medicine cabinet had been rifled through. At the suspect’s home (3900 block of 39th Ave S.W.), tracked by the license plate, authorities found the alleged driver who gave them consent to search his house and vehicle. Police found mixed prescription medications in unmarked bottles, a variety of street drugs and paraphernalia and burglary tools. He was arrested.

Prosthetic attack
On July 17 a man was driving north on the 3800 block of West Marginal Way when he turned on his blinker, slowed down and prepared to make a turn into a driveway. The driver behind him did not take kindly to the disruption in flow and started honking and tailgaiting. The man turned into a parking lot and the impatient driver followed him in. “What’s going on? I was just turning here,” the victim said. The other driver got out of his car, revealing a metal prosthetic arm that he used as a weapon in hitting the victim. The suspect grabbed the victim’s phone and drove his 2007 Cadillac Escalade, registered to Burien, away from the scene. At the time of the report, the suspect’s vehicle had not been found.

Younger and younger
A woman living on the 5600 block of 29th Ave S.W. was resting to recover from a headache around 10:30 a.m. on July 16 when she heard someone shaking her kitchen door handle, and then kicking sounds. She went downstairs to investigate and came face to face with a young male, estimated age between 10 and 12. The suspect ran scared when he saw the woman.

Dangerous situation with a small payoff
Three men were playing pool in the shed of a 9400 block, 24th Ave S.W. home when they say two “Cambodian” males busted in with black semi-automatic handguns and knives. The victims said the suspects asked “Where’s the money?” before pistol-whipping all of them in the face. One man had $1.00 stolen, another had a wristwatch and an empty wallet taken and the third victim had nothing to steal. The suspects were described as wearing masks, around 5 feet, 7 inches, wearing black t-shirts over white t-shirts and blue jeans. Responding officers found several “small empty plastic bags with a white powdery residue” around the pool table, but all three victims denied doing any drugs.

Reported crimes from July 16 to July 22
Robberies by block: 3800 W Marginal Way SW, 9400 24th Ave SW

Burglaries by block: 5600 29th Ave SW, 4700 22nd Ave SW, 8400 Delridge Way SW, 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, 8800 35th Ave SW, 9000 45th Ave SW, 4000 23rd Ave SW, 8400 17th Ave SW, 3200 16th Ave SW, 2900 SW Avalon Way

Car prowls by block: 4500 49th Ave SW, 8400 13th Ave SW, 7500 44th Ave SW, 2600 SW Andover St, 4500 36th Ave SW, 9400 24th Ave SW, 2700 44th Ave SW, 9000 39th Ave SW, 8200 39th Ave SW

Vehicle thefts by block: 7300 16th Ave SW, 6300 36th Ave SW, 9400 18th Ave SW, 2400 SW Trenton St, 4200 California Ave SW

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