Police Blotter Week of 8-6-12

Burglary with a happy ending
On July 26 a woman living on 3200 block of 47th Ave S.W. took an afternoon trip to the grocery store and returned to find a random bicycle lying in her front yard. Investigating further, she realized her back door was wide open and, after saying “Hello” several times, she ventured in to find things askew. An officer responded to her call for help and as he filed his report another officer called to say he had made a burglary arrest and recovered a laptop with the current victim’s name on the login screen. The woman verified her computer had indeed been stolen and the two were quickly reunited. The mystery bike was placed into evidence.

…And, the arrest leading to the laptop
Police received a burglary in progress call with a suspect in a dark colored vehicle fleeing southbound on 49th Ave S.W. Officer Woo spotted his suspect ducking down in the driver’s seat on the 4800 block as he drove past and stopped to pay the man a visit. The domino effect kicked in and police quickly realized the vehicle was stolen and the suspect had a purse and white bag full of other people’s property. The key to the man’s arrest was the quick thinking of a woman’s son on the 4800 block of 49th. The man came to the back door and confronted the son, asking if his mom or dad were home. The son replied “No,” because, although his mom was in the detached garage, he feared for her safety. The suspect asked for a drink of water and the child got scared, running to the garage to fetch mom. Mom entered the home just as the suspect was leaving through another door. She asked what he was doing and the man said “it was a mistake and that he thought he had a friend who lived there.” The suspect was arrested under suspicion of home burglaries (including the laptop case above) and was suspected in recent car prowls and auto thefts. He kept quiet when asked if he understood his Miranda Rights and was wisked away to King County Jail.

The lure of vodka
Just before 6 p.m. on July 29 a male suspect walked into Safeway on the 4200 block of 42nd Ave S.W. and sauntered over the freshly-installed liquor aisle. Store security, via security camera, watched the man pull a bag from his pocket and put six bottles of vodka inside. Security took their positions as the exit doors and, as the man tried to walk out, one of the employees tried to grab the bag. A tug-of-war ensued and the bag eventually tore, sending bottles crashing to the floor (although none broke). The suspect picked up two bottles and fled the scene successfully. Police are working to obtain a copy of the video and will continue to investigate.

200 laptop covers … good luck with that
In July a woman’s studio on the 2700 block of 50th Ave S.W. was broken into and two boxes containing a total of 200 laptop covers with soccer logos were missing. The victim was slightly bewildered that the unknown suspect went for the boxes when there were many far more valuable items in clear sight, but assumed the person just took what was closest to the door.

Robberies by block: 8000 Fauntleroy Way SW, corner of Chelan Ave SW/SW Spokane St, corner of California Ave SW/SW Edmonds St

Burglaries by block: 3400 44th Ave SW, 8400 36th Ave SW, 8800 35th Ave SW7500 24th Ave SW, 3000 15th Ave SW, 3000 45th Ave SW, 8600 14th Ave SW, 6900 California Ave SW, 600 SW Kenyon St

Car prowls by block: 10200 47th Ave SW, 8200 Northop Pl SW, 4100 SW Monroe St

Vehicle thefts by block: 3100 SW 106th St (2), 2400 SW Alaska St, 9300 32nd Ave SW, 8400 39th Ave SW, corner of 31st Ave SW/SW Raymond St

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