Police Blotter Week of 8-27-12

Home invasion robbery escape
On Aug. 16 police arrested a home invasion robbery suspect in parking lot at the corner of 35th Ave S.W. and S.W. Morgan St. Shortly after 5 p.m. that evening a man was inside his girlfriend’s apartment on the 2400 block of S.W. Webster St. when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and two males pushed their way inside, commanding he make his way to the back bedroom. They demanded cash and started pistol whipping him with the butt of their handguns in the back of the head. One suspect told the other, “Knock that (expletive) out,” just as a neighbor came to the door to check if everything was alright. The victim seized that moment of distraction and ran out of the apartment, telling the witness to run as well. Nothing was stolen from the apartment and one of two suspects was arrested after being spotted by police and identified by the victim.

Poor problem-solving skills
Less than pleased with the work a South Park mechanic did on his truck (which broke down in California), a male suspect walked into the repair shop on Aug. 17 “enraged beyond reason,” opening and clenching his mouth in a “crazed manner,” according to the office clerk. The man demanded a refund on the work done (the mechanic told the man in an earlier conversation that the truck broke down because of bad belts – not the head gasket he worked on) and the clerk said there was no money to give out. He stormed past her into an office and started destroying the place: overturning a computer monitor, opening drawers, pulling out papers and throwing them around. Unable to find a pile of money with his name on it, the suspect finally left.

Mystery beating in Lincoln Park
On Aug. 17 police were flagged down by a group of juveniles hanging out in a Lincoln Park parking lot shortly after 1 a.m. The teens told police a man had been beaten by the beach. Police found the victim near the public restrooms on the south end with a cut over his right eye and bruises across his face. “Extremely intoxicated,” according to officers on the scene, the man refused to provide details on his attack. A female with him, also seemingly drunk, was pulled to the side and asked what happened. Her story changed multiple times with the common thread of 10 to 15 males in “wife beater” tank tops jumping her friend for no reason. She ultimately said she didn’t want to give out too much information for fear of retaliation. No suspects were tracked down and the victim was transported to Harborview for treatment.

Theft reversal
A car prowler was arrested on Aug. 19 near the corner of 18th Ave S.W. and S.W. Henderson St. after a neighbor called 911 during the early morning hours. Included in the evidence on his person was a Garmin GPS with a receipt attached, showing the delivery address. Police contacted the person at that address and he came down to collect his GPS. It turned out the suspect had also stolen a propane torch, two soft coolers, a small herb garden, a NY Yankees hat, a hack saw, a remote control, a Playstation 2 with nine games, four car key sets, and a bicycle from the victim. In a fast turnaround, police allowed the man to take his belongings home.

Reported crimes from 8/20 to 8/26

Burglaries by block: 6700 Beach Dr SW, 9400 20th Ave SW, 3200 Harbor Ave SW, 5200 California Ave SW, 3200 SW Graham St, 5400 40th Ave SW, 3800 SW Findlay St, 6100 SW Spokane St,

Car prowls by block: 3800 Belvidere Ave SW, 4600 35th Ave SW, 600 SW Kenyon St, 1600 Ferry Ave SW, 10200 39th Ave SW, 9200 21st Ave SW, 10200 34th Ave SW, 10400 42nd Ave SW, 3700 SW 100th St, 8800 37th Ave SW,

Vehicle thefts by block: 2400 SW Webster St, 4100 45th Ave SW, 9400 5th Ave SW, 10600 34th Ave SW, 3000 SW 97th St, 4800 35th Ave SW, 8600 26th Ave SW, 4500 41st Ave SW, 7700 31st Ave SW, 4100 SW Frontenac St

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