Police Blotter Week of 9-10-12

Slow motion getaway
Four juveniles, the youngest only 11, were nabbed by police for the burglary of a 5600 30th Ave S.W. home around 7 p.m. on Sept. 3. Police were called after a neighbor watched the four youngsters stand in front of the house for a while. Two ran to the backyard and the neighbor heard a rock crash through a window. They came back out front, conferred with the two there, and they all decided to enter the home via the backyard. Police had no problem tracking the juveniles down as they had all crammed their pockets full of “copious” amounts of loose change and were slowly/loudly making their labored getaway up a nearby steep hill. $67.54 in change and a few small miscellaneous electronics were recovered. The oldest of the crew, who was also carrying a butterfly knife, was booked into the Youth Service Center. The others had to deal with the wrath of their mothers as they were picked up at the Southwest Precinct.

Privatized liquor theft
On Sept. 5 a man walked into an Admiral grocery store on the 2600 block of California Ave S.W. and proceeded to fill a plastic bag with high-end liquor. On his way out the man shoved a few bargain DVDs down the front of his pants and headed for the door, bypassing the traditional exchange of money for goods. Two security guards, watching him the entire time, confronted the suspect in the parking lot. A fight ensued and one of the guards managed to put the man into a “bear hug,” until the suspect produced a folding black knife. The security guards backed away at the sign of a weapon and the man fled down Admiral Way with four DVDs, one air freshener and seven bottles of liquor valued at $472.

Surprise in the truck
A man closing an Alki neighborhood bar down on Sept. 4 walked out to his truck to grab something and, when he opened the passenger side door, he realized a man was sitting in his driver’s seat. The suspect dropped a few things and ran off northbound on Harbor Ave S.W. carrying a plastic bag. The victim decided to give chase and the suspect suddenly changed directions, turning and running behind the truck. By the time the victim caught up with him, the suspect was wielding a 5 ½-inch knife. He told the victim to stop following him and ran away. An area check for the man by police was unsuccessful.

Kink in the vacation
A married couple from O’Fallon, IL was renting a vacation home on the 4000 block of 47th Ave S.W. After a day out on the town, they returned on Sept. 3 to find the residence had been burglarized. Unknown suspects broke in through a bedroom window and stole over $3000 in jewelry and approximately 100 pennies from the homeowner (not the couple). The homeowner, who was renting the property out, welcomed the couple into her other home in West Seattle for the duration of their vacation.

Robberies by block: 1200 Harbor Ave SW, 2600 California Ave SW, 5400 Delridge Way SW

Burglaries by block: 5600 30th Ave SW, 4000 47th Ave SW, 1500 Ferry Ave SW, 3800 41st Ave SW, 7700 Delridge Way SW, 4400 26th Ave SW, 9200 11th Ave SW, 9400 13th Ave SW, 9200 2nd Ave SW, 6500 16th Ave SW, 7900 9th Ave SW, 6600 Fauntleroy Way SW, 2400 SW Holden St

Car prowls by block: 2800 SW Barton St, 4200 SW 102nd St, 10800 32nd Ave SW, 4700 21st Ave SW, corner of 37th Ave SW/Fauntleroy Way SW, 4100 SW Elmgrove St, 6400 SW Wilton Ct

Vehicle thefts by block: 1800 SW Elmgrove St, 4700 42nd Ave SW, 1200 SW Holden St (2), 4800 SW Niesz Ct, 8400 Delridge Way SW, 8600 12th Ave SW, 6700 21st Ave SW, 10200 40th Ave SW, 4200 Beach Dr SW, 5400 Delridge Way SW, 4100 42nd Ave SW, 4500 38th Ave SW

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