Kimberly Robinson
Danica Smith and her dog Roxy are close companions. Smith is learning to do grooming at a local dog care facility and handles all of it for Roxy.

Pet of the week: Roxy is a well groomed digger

Danica Smith is the proud owner of Roxy, an American Cocker Spaniel, who is a former show dog. Roxy is eight years old and participated in shows "around Washington State," said Smith and won "Best in Junior Showmanship" at one event. Roxy came from Harmony Cockers in Olympia (now no longer around).

Roxy's show days are over now so she's now happy being a treasured friend and companion.

Roxy has a chocolate coat and Smith explained that Spaniels have blond, black and white, brown and white, and tri-color coats.

Watching birds from a chair in their house is a favorite past time for Roxy who will also chase them given the chance. "She has a strong hunting instinct," said Smith.

Roxy has no fancy diet, she enjoys a dry kibble from Mud Bay but she does have an unusual dietary element.
Smith's father likes to exercise and enjoys smoothies. So Roxy gets a smoothie too every day. "It's a smoothie with all this protein powder so it's probably not that good for her but she loves it." She gets this with her morning food. Popcorn is also on the menu "at night when we watch movies."

Smith is learning to groom and care for animals too and has a job at Cherie's Pet Styling (Bing listing here), so she handles all of Roxy's grooming needs. "She's been like my practice dog since she was a baby," said Smith.

Chloe, a Corgi is really Roxy's only canine friend, explained Smith. "She's really mean to all dogs except Chloe. She sees her and it's just love."

Roxy loves to walk at Hiawatha Park because the wood chips there are easy to dig into. "That's her addiction. She will dig for hours, really deep. I don't know why she does it."

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