Police Blotter Week of 9-24-12

Crime is not landlocked
A fisherman from West Seattle called the Fish and Game office on Sept. 13 after watching a male illegally shrimping in Elliot Bay (the shrimping season ended on May 1st). Not only was he putting out pots outside of the season, he was also taking his pots down 350 feet, well over the 150 foot limit, and mismarking his buoys as red and white to indicate he was crabbing instead of shrimping. The fisherman claimed Fish and Game told him to take the suspect’s gear and pots if he saw them out again. Sure enough, the guy was out shrimping a few days later, so the fisherman pulled all of his gear into his boat. There was a man in a 16-foot Lund boat watching him nearby. The next day while finishing up, the fisherman was approached by that same man from the boat. The suspect put his hands around the fisherman’s throat and demanded his pots. The victim said he had already called Fish and Game and was calling police. The suspect left quickly in his blue 2000 Land Rover, but the victim was able to take a photo of his license plate. Police now have a name and description of the illegal shrimper.

Robbing for pizza
A pizza joint took an order from an unknown male for four large pizzas, one order of hot wings and two liters of soda around 10 p.m. on Sept. 16. The delivery driver drove to a S. Donovan St. alley where the apartment was supposed to be located (in South Park), but could not find it and started putting the pizzas back into his truck. Suddenly a suspect appeared with a 6-inch knife and said, “Gimme the pizzas.” The driver handed the food over and, before being let go, the suspect took his truck keys and fled. The victim ran to a nearby fire station for help, but was unable to provide a clear description of his assailant due to the darkness of the alley.

Medical marijuana heist
On Sept. 12 at 6 a.m. surveillance video at a medical marijuana dispensary on the 9400 block of Delridge Way S.W. captured three males breaking doors down to get to the drug. An unknown-race male wearing a black letterman’s jacket with an Everlast logo on the back was recorded kicking down the main door. He then stood as lookout while two other unknown males rushed inside and kicked down the door leading from the lobby to the pharmacy area. The men grabbed four glass jars of marijuana worth $500 and fled the scene. Video revealed all three burglars wore gloves, so no prints were recovered.

An ex-boyfriend was in the process of moving out of his ex-girlfriend’s place when they realized they had been burglarized around Sept. 11. The boyfriend had called the landlord recently to complain about a downstairs door with a history of problems staying closed and locked. Two men showed up two days later and said they were there to change the lock and fix the door. After the “work” was done, the lock had indeed been changed but the unknown males didn’t leave a key. They also allegedly took a set of expensive speakers and some jewelry from the couple-on-the-outs. The male victim contacted his landlord about the burglary, and she said she hadn’t sent anyone over to fix the door.

Robberies by block: 4700 42nd Ave S.W.

Burglaries by block: 3200 47th Ave S.W., 5400 46th Ave S.W., 7900 Delridge Way S.W. 2500 S.W. Trenton St, 3800 42nd Ave S.W., 8100 31st Ave S.W., 8800 30th Ave S.W., 4700 S.W. Eddy St.

Car prowls by block: 6400 29th Ave S.W.

Vehicle thefts by block: 7000 Highland Park Way S.W., 4000 52nd Ave S.W., 7700 Highland Park Way S.W., 7700 13th Ave S.W., 7300 29th Ave S.W., 3000 S.W. Orleans St., 3600 W. Marginal Way S.W., 10000 36th Ave S.W., 5200 25th Ave S.W., 9200 15th Ave S.W.

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