Kimberly Robinson
Masaka and John Fry got their dog Sebastian from a specialty Havanese breeder in Toledo, WA. They said selecting him was easy because he basically picked them out by coming to spend time with them at the breeder's home.

Pet of the Week - Sebastian is a dog on two legs too

John and Masako Fry got their dog, Sebastian who is a Havanese (the name comes from Havana, Cuba) and "originally these dogs were from Cuba and I think they were introduced to the U.S. in the 70's," explained Fry. "They were rescued and became a popular breed and he's a really sweet guy."

They got him from a breeder in Toledo, Washington named Stephanie and she's an excellent breeder. When we went to her house and picked him up it was really a good experience."

They chose his name from a list of Hispanic names given his Cuban heritage and chose Sebastian.

He's a year and four months old now and when Sebastian came to live with them he weighed four pounds. But he's grown. In fact, "He's a big boy for his breed he now weighs 15lbs. The breed standard is around 12."

They feed him Science Diet dog food and he loves the Costco beef jerky treats for snacks.

While he hasn't had obedience training he's a quick thinker and learns easily. "He's a very smart dog and pays attention to what you want," said Fry.

Fry explained that an unusual trait that Sebastian and other Havanese have is the ability to walk on their hind legs for an extended period. "This breed is often used as a circus dog," Fry said, "and he can stand up on two feet and walk across the kitchen. If he wants attention he'll walk to you, on two legs. He can do thirty seconds maybe."

The couple acknowledges that Sebastian may think he's a person, not a canine. "He's actually very shy of other dogs."

"He is a real one person dog. We take him to the Westcrest dog park and he does well but when other dogs want to play with him he will frequently hide behind our legs, said Fry. Masaka added that he will also sometimes roll on his back and "show his tummy" in an act of submission.

Havanese are hypoallergenic and don't shed.

Sebastian's favorite thing however (though he has lots of toys) is paper. "Right after you go to the recycle bin he will take something out and tear it into little bits and leave a pile for you. That's probably his worst habit," Fry said. "His best habit is that he doesn't chew on anything valuable like furniture. He takes his chewing habits out on recycled paper."

Sebastian sleeps on their bed and when he wants to go out he will "get up, scratch the end of the bed and then come and lick you, but that's like 3 in the morning."

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