Kimberly Robinson
Scott Morrison and Jeremy Favors enjoy living with their dog Bono since he's calm (for the breed), smart and often quite entertaining.

Pet of the week: Bono is a lover

Jeremy Favors and Scott Morrison own their dog Bono (which while spelled like the name of the lead singer of U2 and his namesake , they say is pronounced "Bone-O" because it's easier) and he is a Jack Russell Terrier. He has a long haired "broken coat" and he's distinctive to in his height. "He has shorter legs too," said Favors," so they call him a 'puddin'," which denotes a more diminutive version of the breed.

Favors got Bono from a breeder in Yakima, Washington, almost 13 years ago. "I just looked at an ad in the paper and found him," Favors said, "It was him and his brother and one sat by me and the other walked away so I picked him."

They feed him a raw food diet they get at Pet Elements in West Seattle. It's a frozen food and explained Favors, "He had Pancreatitis once and got very sick so we put him on raw food and he's been great ever since."

Bono gets Dukes Fillet for treats also from Pet Elements.

Bono, like some dogs, "does chase his tail constantly" but his most unusual behavior is slightly more unusual. Favors and Morrison both delicately put it that Bono has a favorite stuffed animal (a bear roughly five times his size), that he considers his "girlfriend" and, "Every day after dinner he goes and finds it. So it's a ritual," said Morrison. "If we have company over he likes to drag it out into the living room, so people come over for dinner and show," he said laughing.

Morrison explained an incident that they did not witness but that fits into Bono's "Napolean complex," and said, Our neighbor was walking him for us and a much bigger dog came up at Cafe Ladro and he jumped up on the arm rest of the outdoor chair to be eye level with him and growl at him. He's always picking fights with dogs that are four times his size."

Favors said that Bono does not have animal friends because, "he pretty much likes to be the center of attention."

Though Bono has calmed considerably since he's gotten older he still loves to run and chase the frisbee and will jump up on the sink to get a drink, "He doesn't like to drink out of a bowl," Favors explained.

They both point to Bono's intelligence in that when he's "digging to hide a bone we tell him we can see it and he will move it," said Morrison. "He has this rawhide bone and he will try to bury it in the couch and all we have to say is, 'I see it,' and he will look at us, give us a roll of the eyes and and move it to another spot," said Favors.

Favors described Bono as a, "Little old man. He's grumpy. If he's sleeping he doesn't want to be touched or moved. But he's a sweetheart too. He likes to cuddle and kiss in the morning." Morrison said, "I love him. He's the best dog I've ever had."

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