Kimberly Robinson
Cathy Pringle and her dog Delaney make each other pretty happy. Cathy gives her dog a lot of love and Delaney gives Cathy and everyone she meets the gift of a smile.

Pet of the week: Delaney gives the gift of smiles

Cathy Pringle got her Delaney six years ago from a breeder in Lynnwood, and Delaney is a pure bred Pomeranian. "Her markings are unusual," said Pringle," they usually don't like them a "Parti color" (meaning more than one color)."

She chose Delaney because her markings reminded her of a beloved Husky/Malamute mix dog named Sara who passed away. "I didn't want another big dog."

She is kind of unusual for a Pomeranian because they usually have a lot of anxiety and they're kind of yippy but she's very mellow and calm. She loves kids and and people. She's actually kind of shy and has a dog phobia but ever since I moved to this neighborhood in West Seattle she kind of overcame that because there are so many dogs. She's really worked beyond that."

Delaney eats Royal Canaan dog food and she loves Pupperoni for treats. Her preferred toy is a stuffed possom. "She's had it since she was a puppy and it stinks but she loves it. She also has a stuffed Pomeranian that's about the size of her and she loves to play with that too."

Her best friend is Conner, who lives in the condos next door.

Delaney got her name after Pringle looked it up and, "It was something like 'walks with the angels' so I chose it."

Delaney does have a mischievous habit though. "She will get into cat poop. I took her to my friend's house and and she is so naughty, she will get into trouble with that. She knows she will get into trouble but she doesn't care. That's a characteristic of Pomeranians. They are kind of prone to disobedience."

She's had some basic obedience training but she only knows sit and down as a result.

Pringle said that Delaney always seems to cheer people up. "Her gift is smiles. I feel that she is special in that she brings smiles to a lot of people; it seems that when people see her they can’t help but smile. Almost everyone who we pass by on our walks smiles at her, and I think maybe that smile was very meaningful to that person. Perhaps they had a rough day and Delaney warmed their heart and brought them a smile. She also is very comforting, once my friend was having a horrible day and he asked just if he could just pet Delaney for a while.

I get stopped a lot while walking her and people ask to pet her, which she loves. I even had person driving by us once slow down to yell out of their car window, “That’s just the cutest dog.” So I feel that is what is special about Delaney, she makes me smile every day, and a lot of other people. Life can be hard sometimes, every smile counts."

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