Police Blotter Week of 11-12-12

Classmate robbery
On Halloween day, a new student at a local high school was sitting on the bleachers at the baseball fields along the 2600 block of S.W. Trenton St., minding his own business, when two fellow teenagers came up behind him. One of the suspects grabbed his backpack and the two started running away. The victim pursued the thieves, and started yelling that they “didn’t know who (they) were missing with.” One of the suspects turned around and punched the victim several times in the face, causing bleeding from the nose and a black eye. Undeterred, the victim continued to follow his attackers for a few blocks before losing sight. Back at the school, the victim told police and administrators he knew that both suspects were students at his school and, in fact, one of them was in his physical education class. Police gathered the name and photo on their 16-year-old suspect and planned to have a conversation with him about what it’s like getting arrested for robbery and assault.

A nefarious thank you
From South Park, but worth a mention since it registers so low on the human decency scale: a woman was riding the Metro #60 in the Beacon Hill area towards South Park when she overheard a man asking the bus driver if he knew of a nearby homeless shelter. The bus driver couldn’t offer up any help, so the woman stepped up and tried to help the man by using her smartphone. She was unable to find a shelter nearby, but gave the man several phone numbers he could call for more expertise on the matter. The woman exited the bus on the 9000 block of 14th Ave S. and, as the bus pulled away, she noticed the man she had helped got off as well. The man approached and held out his hand, telling the woman he wanted to thank her for her help. As the victim reached out to shake, the suspect grabbed her coin purse from her other hand and ran away. There was around $160.00 inside the purse.

Helping hand saves the mower
On Nov. 3 a man on the 8300 block of 37th Ave S.W. walked outside his house and noticed a male struggling mightily trying to load a lawnmower into the back of old white Toyota “fastback.” Seeing the struggle, the man asked the struggler if he needed a hand. The suspect said “No,” dropped the mower, and jumped into his rig, driving away recklessly and blowing a stop sign in the process. Police responded to the scene and asked the man if he would keep the mower in his garage until someone called to report it missing. It turned out the mower had been stolen from his neighbor’s house (accidentally unlocked shed), so they were quickly reunited.

Burglaries by block: 3700 S.W. Juneau St., 5300 S.W. Manning St., 9300 Fauntleroy Way S.W. (2), 7000 Beach Dr. S.W., 3700 S.W. 104th St., 1700 Sunset Ave S.W., 2400 S.W. Webster St., 3400 S.W. Holly St., 3800 35th Ave S.W., 7000 Lincoln Park Way S.W., 4800 California Ave S.W., 5400 Delridge Way S.W., 7900 28th Ave S.W., 3200 Harbor Ave S.W., 3600 51st Ave S.W., 4000 S.W. Thistle St., 7300 California Ave S.W., 9200 15th Ave S.W., 4600 36th Ave S.W., 3800 S.W. 106th St., 5400 37th Ave S.W., 3000 S.W. 102nd St.,

Car prowls by block: 4500 California Ave S.W., 600 S.W. Austin Pl., corner of 44th Ave S.W./S.W. Oregon St., 8400 6th Ave S.W., 3500 S.W. Dawson St., 2600 42nd Ave S.W., 3200 Belvidere Ave S.W. (2), 9300 45th Ave S.W., 1900 Harbor Ave S.W.

Vehicle thefts by block: 1900 S.W. Juneau St., 3200 S.W. Avalon Way, 5600 45th Ave S.W., 6000 16th Ave S.W., 4000 S.W. 106th St.

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