Photo by Steve Shay
Nickelsville just off West Marginal Way SW is suffering from the heavy rains we experienced on Monday. They are seeking pumps to alleviate flooding in two places at the homeless encampment. Pictured left is Buddy McArdle, originally from Boston, and right, Richard Gilbert, an original Nickelodeon from Sept., 2008.

UPDATE 3: Nickelsville flooded by rains; One more sump pump needed & blankets

UPDATE; 11:00 p.m.

The two pumps have helped lower the water level at Nickelsville. However, one might now call the dowsed encampment "Soggy-ville". Residents would welcome donations including dry blankets and sleeping bags. The 85 or so residents there (though approximately 30 have found shelter elsewhere) are on pallets and cinder blocks the City of Seattle has brought in. But the flood is not expected to resolved until more pumps arrive and/or the rains diminish.

UPDATE: 7:30 pm
Via Facebook reader Thelema shared this:

There are many members of different churches trying to place a few to all the campers inside during this flood. it seems that the people that were there during the last floods say that this is the worst yet. there is not even a dryish spot to serve food. that the complete west side is under lots of watter. there are absolutey nothing dry in the camp exxept the 16 small simple sturdy sleeping structures and the security shacks thanks to Dough and God of course. campers are in stress few have been in this situation, all in need to motivate the other that this will pass and that together they will safely surrvive. with the wet cold weather we must beware of many sicknessess. thankfully the Vienameese will be giving thier flueshots to camp with a thanksgiving meal on thanksgiving mornig. theese campers are camped in a muddy field and not on parking lott cement. they do not have places to hide from the rain or wind, and thier homes do fly away in the breeze. tarps and blankets are thier bassic needs and hot meals brought often, hard to keep a fire going in the constant rain or have dry anything eco friendly to burn..

UPDATE: 6:25 pm

Blankets and one more sump pump needed, according to Nickelsville security reached by phone.

Because of heavy rains, the Nickelsville homeless encampment in West Seattle is flooded and they are in need of pumps. Their number is 206 450 5268.

There are two areas of the encampment where water builds up and floods if it is not handled. You can call to check if the need is met or show up with your pump at 7116 W Marginal Way SW. It should be a sump type for pumping out water.

Nickelsville is a self managed encampment for over 100 homeless men, women, children and pets. It is cold outside and with heavy rains they are at risk of exposures and diseases.

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