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Marty Riemer, well known West Seattle resident and radio personality will leave his job at The Mountain 103.7FM on Dec. 20 he announced.

UPDATE: Marty Riemer will leave the Mountain 103.7FM Dec. 20; Going away party that night at Feedback Lounge

UPDATE 12/7/12 3PM
The going away party for Marty Riemer will be Thursday, Dec. 20 at the Feedback Lounge from 7-10PM on his last day at kmtt 12/20. No cover. 21 and over, his longtime co-host Jodi Brothers Blau shared via Facebook. "nothing fancy, everyone's welcome. Hugs for everyone," she said.

Original Post
Well known West Seattleite, and radio personality Marty Riemer will leave his post at the Mountain 103.7FM on Dec. 20 he announced via Facebook today.

"Yes it's true, after 15 mostly wonderful years I have decided to leave the Mountain as of December 20. The Mayan's called it (and they'll receive an Adele CD for their guess). I'm equal parts excited and anxious about the move. But I'm also a little embarrassed. I'm embarrassed because so many of you fought for me to get my job back a couple years ago and I don't want to seem at all the ingrate. In fact, of all the powerful memories I have of the past decade-and-a-half - and there are so many good ones - the way you guys came through for Jodi and me in 2009 is among the best. Everyone should experience that kind of love and support when they're going through troubling times. It's just that it wasn't the same going back. And so instead of trying to recreate the past, I've decided to move forward, have faith in my family and my friends, and trust that another fun, exciting adventure lies ahead. And I'll be seeing you around. Probably more so now, because, hey, I'm wide open."

Here's his post from the KMTT website:

My Farewell
by Marty Riemer

posted Nov 30 2012 5:08PM

Fifteen years in any job is a long time, but in radio years that's like 80. So I would like to announce here to you that after 80 years (really just 15) at The Mountain I have decided to move on. December 20th will be my last day on the air.

When I signed with The Mountain 15 years ago, I was a fan of the radio station. I wanted to work here because it's always a dream for a DJ to be able to work at a station they listen to. I could never have imagined back then what a wonderful journey I was embarking on.

It's been a tremendous run, I've met amazing people, and been introduced to some great artists. Mountain listeners are genuinely fun, smart, interesting and engaged people, and it has been my extreme pleasure to be a small part of your lives.

But all things must end, and sometimes staying in one routine for too long makes you lazy. At least that's what I'm blaming my laziness on. So, I've decided to embark on a new adventure.

You may say (especially if you're my wife... or my parents), "Hey, that sounds interesting, what exactly are you going to do now, Marty?" The answer is, I don't know for sure (sorry, honey), but I bet our paths will one day cross again.

And besides, I'm not leaving until December 20th, which is like 2 years in radio time.

So once again, thank you for all you've given me over the years!

Listeners' comments for Marty are welcomed at the KMTT website, at the link below.

The West Seattle Herald covered his work following his being let go by the station in 2009. After a campaign to bring him back the station re-hired him in January of 2011.

We have a message out to him regarding his future plans but he's been continuing his podcasting work and his work with his own company Twisted Scholar an educational production company.

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