Kay Trepanier (left) and her sister Peggy Munsen who passed away in a fire in her home Nov. 24.

A letter to a sister: Kay Trepanier's tribute to Peggy Munsen

Peg Munsen, the sister of well known Kay Trepanier, lost her life in a tragic fire that happened in her home Nov. 24. Trepanier wrote a letter to her sister after her passing and we share it with you at her request. A service for Munsen will be held at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Thursday Dec. 6 at 1pm and a reception will follow.

Dear Peg:
It’s hard for me to write this letter to you – but I have to because we have so many shared memories and I still can’t believe you are gone.
When Fireman Ernie called me to advise me of the fire at a house in White Center and that my sister hade succumbed, I told him no, you were alive and well.  He kept talking and I kept saying is this some kind of joke.
But now I know you are gone, and I am heartbroken, just as you would have been if the situation had been reversed.
I am very sorry you will not be able to do that Coast of Norway and Ireland cruise in 2013.  You had not seen either place, and I wanted you to see the beauty of both countries that are our heritage (Dad full-blooded Norwegian and Mom full-blooded Irish).  It upsets me because I have seen them several times and you hadn’t at all.
But we have seen so many things together, and done so many things one would think we were joined at the hip.  My friends are all sad because you were such a joy to be with and they all loved you, too.
Remember when we used to go pick up our nephew and niece Jim and Eileen Purvis and Pat & Curly thought we were just going for a little ride around Spokane, but we would take them to Pullman or the Indian Reservation or wherever.  They always wondered why we got them back home so late.
I want to publicly apologize to you because you had to make amends for my misdeed of painting a big huge ’57 on the Marycliff driveway.  I think it’s terrible that the nuns wouldn’t even let you have any friends to help you remove all that nice white paint before you could be admitted back for your senior year.
Sure our high school was stately and magnificent, but I still don’t know how the nuns figured out it was me that did it with a few accomplices, since I did it in the dead of night.
Remember when we took Mom on her first cruise and she actually won in the casino?  (Mom was a teacher at Lafayette and didn’t gamble.)
How about when you and I went to Universal Studios in LA and I saw where we could get our  picture on the cover of any magazine or paper, and I finally got you to agree.  So we are on the Cover of the Rolling Stone!  We both treasured that picture because it made us laugh.
Now I don’t know how we inherited the problem of wetting our pants when we laughed too hard!
Then when we did the Panama Canal cruise with Mom and had that great balcony out in the stern of the ship and Mom just smiled and laid in the lounge chair like a Princess – she might have said “you girls shouldn’t have spent your money” but she had a great time.  And what a close up of how the canal gates open and shut – it was like we were practically on top of the gates.
And remember when we went to a concert at Manito Park and when it was done we both jumped from the 3rd story, and that lady looked at us in shock!!!  But we were used to jumping.
Neither the kids nor I will ever forget your teaching them how to properly eat black olives (off the tips of your fingers).  And your Huey, Dewey and Louie joke; and Bucky Beaver Pirate Fighter impression is embedded in everyone’s minds.
I still haven’t made it to your computer, and I’m going to have to call our computer genius (Richard Lee) to let me know your password, so I can see if you have any cruise documents to get out, or customs/immigration information to get done.  Peggy, of Peggy’s Cruises & Tours,has really retired now!
Geez, Peg, I’ve had phone calls from your friends when you worked at DePaul Mt. St. Vincent, and our joint friends, and my Cruises by Kay friends.
I will be taking you to your own Memorial Service at Our Lady of Guadeloupe this Thursday, December 6th at 1pm.  I know you always liked Father Jack.  I’m only doing one reception and it will be at 2pm right after the services, in the Parish Hall.  Yes, I’m going to have Husky’s cater it – I haven’t forgotten how much you love Husky.
Well, never forget how much I love you.  I know you are up in Heaven now, with Mom and Dad.  Save me a place, please. 
I love you Peggy Munsen.  My heart will ache, but knowing you are with God will get me through.
                                                Your sister,

EDITORS NOTE: You can reach Kay Trepanier through her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CruisesByKay or by phone at 800-938-2602 or through her personal Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/kay.trepanier

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