Kimberly Robinson
Finnegan got his name from Rae McCullough and her father who like's Irish names. Finnegan is a very energetic dog and needs exercise and something to occupy him or he will create mischief on his own, McCullough said.

Pet of the Week: Finnegan is an Irish handful

Rae McCullough got her dog Finnegan, a border collie mix, from a puppy rescue two years ago. It's called Lil' Waif and they bring puppies over from Yakima and other areas around eastern Washington.

She picked him out online. "It's my first big boy dog," she said.

McCullough said, "He has a lot of energy and he can be very, very sweet. He's kind of a leaner, where he leans into you. He's very affectionate."

Finnegan has a sensitive stomach so, "We keep him on a special diet from the vet. It's Science diet gastrointestinal Health.

Finnegan like anything from standard Milkbones to gourmet treats like dog cookies.

His name (full name Finnegan Joe McCullough) was determined by Rae and her father who had just lost a dog and wanted to be part of the naming process plus Rae had just lost a friend named Josephine. "My dad likes Irish names so it became Finnegan Joe."

He has the "standard spiky balls and love anything that rolls and he chews a lot. I have to keep him busy or he will invent his own fun."

Finnegan goes to work with her sometimes to her shop in Belltown and he has a friend down there named Rusty who is an Irish Setter that goes to doggy daycare.

She notes that he needs exercise and he needs to be kept busy.

"He's really big on chewing up pillows in my store, he's probably nailed about $300 worth of pillows!" That store is called Chartreuse, located at 2609 1st Ave and it offers a mix of vintage and newer items. Finnegan is there on Sundays.

McCullough sums Finnegan up this way: "He's the sweetest handful I've ever met. He's a real lover."

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