Kimberly Robinson
Brandon Bogart and Annie Spring take their dog Parker to Maguson Park and along Alki for walks. Originally named Seattle, Parker was a rescue dog and now feels like she's part of the family.

Pet of the Week: Parker was originally Seattle so she's home

Parker is a Shepherd mix and the dog of Brandon Bogart and Annie Spring. The couple got Parker (who is a girl) in San Diego 3 and 1/2 years ago, as a rescue dog from Second Chance Dog Rescue in Point Loma. "She grew up as a kind of beach dog in San Jose for about a year and a half." Annie said, "and just came back to Seattle."

The couple are both originally from Washington State.

When they got Parker she had "two birthdays," the couple said that were 5 and 1/2 months apart. "It was very weird."

At the rescue facility Parker's original name of all things was, "Seattle." They had a previous dog that had passed away and Parker's was, "the first face we saw that didn't make us sad," said Annie.

They feed her Science Diet Lamb and Rice and since, "she's not a food motivated dog," said Annie they give her the Costco treats and usually in the "Kong" toy...a rubber dog toy into which treats can be stuffed.

Since coming to Seattle Parker, who the couple describe as somewhat timid has yet to make any canine friends but in San Diego she had a few. "She's a dog park dog so we take her to Magnuson Park."

"The worst dog mischief she gets into is she will get on our bed when we're not home and she's recently started doing that when we're in the shower and when the water turns off she'll get off and get back in her bed and act like she's been there the whole time but you can see the dog prints and fur." Plus, they add ,"she's definitely stinky."

But aside from that Parker is very well behaved. "She doesn't eat food off the counter or that kind of stuff."
Unless there's a squirrel around. If there is, "She will dart after it," said Brandon.

Brandon said that Parker is a good travel dog and was very calm on the trip up the coast from San Jose. "We go to the Tri-Cities from time to time and she just lays in the back."

Parker has had some health issues suffering from Demodex mites at one point and losing all of her fur. She had been stung in the face by a bee and had a reaction, causing her face to swell. "We took her to urgent pet care and they gave her two steroid shots but later the vet told us, this encouraged the Demodex mites. Then her fur fell out over the course of a few weeks," said Annie. "We had a dermatologist for dogs," said Brandon, "I didn't even know they existed."

Since then she has recovered and is nearly 100% again.

Annie described Parker as, "She's very sweet and loving. She's timid and with the past couple of moves I've really noticed that she's gotten very protective. It's really since we've moved back here that she feels like she's officially part of our pack or family. It took a long time. She has a couple of scars on her snout and we don't really know what happened that caused her to be that way but it's nice to see her totally developed and fully functioning and a happy dog."

Brandon said, " Parker is a friendly, out going fun loving dog that is very timid, a little bit sneaky, but well behaved."

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