Kimberly Robinson
Puma, Gabby Delgadillo and Mike Schmidt like to walk down on Harbor Avenue for exercise and Puma, who is like them, from Fresno California, has to wear a coat on the cold days. He's still adjusting to the Seattle climate.

Pet of the Week- Puma is a bilingual dog

Mike Schmidt and Gabby Delgadillo got their dog Puma (who is a Chihuahua mix) in Fresno. The couple just moved to Seattle in September for work and leave near the beach.

Puma is adjusting slowly to the change in climate Mike said, "He doesn't like to go out in the rain, but he's getting used to it. He's used to being warm and dry."

Gabby explained how she got Puma.

"A friend of mine, her dog had puppies so she gave him to me. That was six years ago."

They feed him Innova dog food but Puma has some issues. "He's got teeth problems, "said Mike, "so we give him a lot of dentastix," They also double as snacks for Puma. "Chihuahua's typically have problems with their teeth and he just had a vet visit where they pulled eleven of his teeth. But he's doing really well."

Puma howls on command, usually with the word "Howl" but far more unusually and perhaps because of his upbringing or bloodlines but he knows Spanish commands. "Like to get off the couch we say, Bahase, which means to 'get down' or to go to the rest room we say Banò which is rest room," said Gabby.
"If we're going to go somewhere in the car we say "Vamanos"

"He's learned a few English words since we've met because I've taught him," said Mike.

Suprisingly (or not) Puma occasionally likes a little spice in his food. "I've given him a little Tapatio from time to time, "said Gabby.

He has not made any friends here just yet, he likes people better than dogs in general and Puma enjoys little stuffed bunny rabbits as his toys.

Gabby described Puma. "He is a spoiled, spoiled and I can say spoiled twenty five times, dog."

Mike said, "He's a very energetic dog who is a great house companion who loves to sit on our laps and keep us company. He's been an amazing pet."

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