Police Blotter Week of 1-21-13

Served Up
On the evening of Jan. 14 police were called to Hamilton Viewpoint above Alki to investigate an assault. By the time the reporting officer arrived, the victim was being loaded into an ambulance with facial bruising and bleeding indicating a beating. The 911 call came from three males standing nearby who insisted they had not seen what happened, but called police when they saw the victim on the ground. One of the men admitted the victim was his friend from high school and that he had seen him get into a verbal argument with a “big stocky white dude,” but said he was “away” when the assault occurred. The officer went straight to the source, asking the victim what happened before he was taken away by medics. The man “scornfully” told authorities he had caused the damage himself, leading the officer to remind him if he filed the report that way, the victim would be responsible for paying all ambulance and hospital fees. The victim first said, “Okay” but shortly after his wife arrived on scene and told police she heard a very different story. After a brief conversation with her spouse, the man admitted “I got served up,” but could not provide additional details on who was responsible.

The repercussion of a tow
A man living on S. Director St. in South Park called police on Jan. 13 to report someone kicked down his front door, but didn’t take a thing from the house. When asked why someone might kick down his door, the man said earlier in the day he looked outside and saw a Honda fully blocking his driveway. He called police and a tow truck came to haul it away. Later, a neighbor confronted the man to say her family member’s car had been towed, and then asked if he knew anything about it. He told her he called in the tow and the female retaliated with “vague threats” about damaging his property in return. Police paid the woman a visit. She claimed she had nothing to do with the door, but maintained she was still very angry about the tow.

Mysterious stabbing
In the early morning hours of Jan. 20, police responded to a “possible stabbing” call at the intersection of Delridge Way S.W. and S.W. Kenyon St. When they arrived, the place was deserted. The victim called 911 again, this time from the new location of 22nd Ave S.W. and Delridge (13 blocks to the north). Police headed to the new location and found their victim with a wound to his lower back. The man claimed the assault occurred at Delridge and Kenyon, but said he waited 15 minutes before calling 911 and then refused to provide any information on the assailant. No evidence was found at either location. Medics responded and took the man to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Crimes reported from Jan. 14 - Jan. 20:

Robberies by block: 4200 S.W. Edmunds St.

Burglaries by block: 7900 10th Ave S.W., 7900 35th Ave S.W., 3900 40th Ave S.W., 5000 California Ave S.W., 2600 S.W. Andover St. (2), 1700 S.W. Barton St., 7300 27th Ave S.W., 7300 28th Ave S.W., 7300 36th Ave S.W., 6000 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 6000 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 9400 21st Ave S.W., 7900 15th Ave S.W., 3300 30th Ave S.W., 4000 California Ave S.W.

Car prowls by block: 1100 Alki Ave S.W., 2600 S.W. Kenyon St., 1700 Alki Ave S.W., 4500 36th Ave S.W., 4500 Delridge Way S.W. 2400 51st Ave S.W., 3700 S.W. Kenyon St., 3900 S.W. Kenyon St., 4800 50th Ave S.W., 8600 39th Ave S.W., 8800 39th Ave S.W., 9700 33rd Ave S.W., 2400 S.W. Holden St., 10000 42nd Ave S.W., 3100 S.W. Webster St., 4200 S.W. Morgan St.

Vehicle thefts by block: 2700 61st Ave S.W., 6300 High Point Dr. S.W., 6000 21st Ave S.W., 7700 17th Ave S.W., 2300 S.W. Barton St., 8400 18th Ave S.W., 9400 18th Ave S.W., 4800 35th Ave S.W.

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