Kimberly Robinson
Brynne Flidais and her dog Ginger Anne travel up and down the coast performing. Ginger Anne is well trained and obdient, and able to get everyone she meets to fall in love with her.

Pet of the Week: Ginger Anne is a road dog

Brynne Flidais got her dog Ginger Anne as a rescue from Barks Are Us which is a foster care organization for pets, may of whom come from the Yakima area. Going through Flidais found the perfect dog. "She was taken from a kill shelter in California and brought up here to live with a foster family for a little while."

Ginger Anne is now a year and a half old. Flidais got her last April.

She was seeking a "road dog" because she travels up and down the coast and her mother advised her to get a dog. Ginger Anne is a great companion, said Flidais, "She comes with me wherever I go."

Ginger Anne is a "mix of a couple of different terriers and a Brussels-Griffin," said Flidais, "they're the dogs that look like Yoda's. She's a Jedi warrior."

The dog food of choice is, "really good quality dog food that doesn't have any corn. It's dry food but sometimes I mix some vegetables in or some raw nutrients. Sweet potatoes are really good for dogs."

Treats are not on the menu much.

"i think I'll always be a traveler," said Flidais, "so I'm working out how to make that kind of life work for me. I dance and just recently picked up hula hooping so I've been street performing with my hula hoops. It pays for my gas."

You might think that as a road dog Ginger Anne is not well trained but, "I got her a test by a certified Dog Trainer, an obedience test called a Public Access Test because I've done all her training myself but because we go a lot of places we use Seattle as our home base but oftentimes I keep her off the leash, so we've done a lot of obedience training. She passed her tests."

But Flidais might have a more important role in mind for Ginger Anne. "Give me another year with her and she'll be a circus dog, but right now it's just basically sit, stay, heel, lay down."

Ginger Anne is a really a good guard dog, seeming to sense things that others might miss. "We're definitely connected. People approach us all the time but if my energy is weird about their energy she definitely senses it and will bark or growl. She can tell how I feel about people."

Because of the travel, "She makes friends wherever we go and here in Seattle she has her cousins, my sister's dogs. She gets along with everyone honestly and makes a fast friend for the day." When in town they go to Westcrest dog park.

While toys would just be an extra on the road, she does have her own towel with her name embroidered on it, a gift from Flidais' mom.

Sleeping is sometimes an issue because, "She usually wakes me up about two hours before I want to get up," said Flidais, "to go outside."

Summing up, Flidais said, "I definitely think the term 'Love Giver' applies because people fall in love with her all the time. She does that and she's really adaptable and social. The changeability and adaptability and the fact that she's ready and willing to go and give dog love all the time."

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