Victor Okinczyc is celebrating his 100th birthday on February 10, 2013, surrounded by his family and friends in West Seattle.

Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Victor Okinczyc

By Sabina Dinkakos

Victor Okinczyc is originally from Poland and was the 2nd of two sons to parents Anthony and Sabina. Typically referred to as “Papa” and to some more recently as “Vittorio”, he is a grandfather to two grandchildren, Nik and Sabina, father to Ann and let’s not forget a friend to anybody that will listen.

Papa is known to never refuse a good glass of cognac or a political discussion. As a prior prisoner of war during the second world war-he is the word survivor personified.

He also survived the Great Depression intact and managed to see nearly all of the world-living in places including Italy, Argentina and more recently the United States where he found his permanent home.

A resourceful individual, Papa purchased renovated and managed various properties as a rental business for some cash on the side all while maintaining a “day job” at the Fisher Flour Mills.

Our Papa is a man with a tremendous work ethic and incredible moral character.

He has by all means faced many challenges but still managed to show remarkable loyalty and fidelity to his family.

He did save his money and used it wisely all while being extremely generous and always willing to help his friends and family. And when his birthday or Christmas came around, he would try and argue his way out of receiving gifts-he never asked for anything.

Known for his vigor and at times dapper style, Papa is really quite something. He still doesn’t look his age. We are truly proud of our favorite centurion and are still in awe of him every day and always will be.

We love you Papa and Happy Birthday-we are ecstatic that we have the opportunity to spend it with you on February 10, 2013.

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