Kimberly Robinson
Bo, is a Newfoundland, a breed of dog that can grow to a very large size. These gentle giants are water dogs, often used in water rescue scenarios where their size and strength are most useful. Obie Wilkerson said that Bo is loved by everyone and will give you a lick when you least expect it.

Pet of the Week: Bo is a dog who licks a lot

Obie Wilkerson got his dog Bo, who is a Newfoundland, with the help of his girlfriend who found the dog online a little over a year ago.

Bo has had a big impact on Obie's life and Bo is still growing. "He tackles me, he pulls me and he's just a wonderful dog. He's always curious," Obie said.

"When I come home he jumps on me with excitement. I have to prepare myself," by going into a stance, Obie explained.

At 175 pounds, Bo surprisingly "doesn't eat much." He will grow to 190 according to Obie.

Because of skin problems caused by fleas, Bo gets a non-grain dog food and treats from Petco. Bo enjoys beef knee bones too.

Obie lives with Julie Crabtree who operates a small daycare facility in their home.

Obie notes that Bo does have someone special in his life, other than his human caretakers. He has a girlfriend. "He escapes and goes to his blind, pitbull girlfriend. What's funny is that they both escape their yards and come and see each other. Her name is Marla. When we can't find him he's right there in front of her fence and when she escapes she's right there in front of our fence.They love each other."

"He doesn't do much in the morning. He sleeps in like a human being."

Bo makes friends with everyone and because of his size and loving nature will often give people a lick before they can do much about it.

Obie concluded, "He's a wonderful, loving dog who will go out of his way to help people, including children. He loves people and he licks a lot. He lets you know he loves you."

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